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  1. Hi can I please get some help regarding three letters that have come from Lowells. We have recently returned to uk after living abroad and previously had advice regarding some if not all of these accounts back in 2014 I believe. The debts are coming up SB mid this year, default dates 2013. I believe we were previously advised to SAR I think, which, I think we did. I also believe one- a capital one debt, we sent a PPI claim for which was denied I think. Here are the accounts. ME-CAPITAL ONE $420 MY WIFE- BRITISH GAS $75 didn't even realise we had this...pretty certain we were
  2. Good afternoon fellow forum users, apologies in advance as I've never posted before and want to give as much info as possible but there is a bit to tell and I don't want to bore you all to death so I'll try to be as brief and concise as possible. Yesterday I received 4 parking notices from a company claiming to be PCS and one penalty parking charge from the London Borough of Newham for a 52m - failing to comply with a prohibition on certain types of motor vehicle contravention. In total the bill is currently standing at almost £500 ( 4 counts of £60 from PCS and £130 from Newha
  3. Hi All. I recently started selling beauty products on eBay in my spare time for extra money. I chose Hermes as the carrier as they seemed the best value. Iam now regretting that decision massively. I have sent approx 200 parcels so far, all over packaged, and most of them i have taken photos of, and photos of them on the scales. After about 70 parcels i received an email from Hermes requesting an extra payment as a parcel I had sent was over weight. The parcel weighed 200g, but they tried to charge me for 3.25kg. After emailing i got the charge removed. (Not a good sta
  4. I have just received X10 PCN's from Newham - all in one go. They date back to 17th August. I can see from reading threads relating to this area in Newham that lots of people have been caught driving through this "No Entry" sign which is really badly positioned. But to receive 10 in one go! If i had received the first PCN sooner (not over 3 months later) i would have been made aware of the contravention, and not driven through it again! Does my arguement stand up at all, or will i just have to pay all of the fines? There could even be more on the way as i honestly didnt realise i
  5. Hi All, Last year Islington Council put a really nasty bus lane * camera at the entrance to the street I parked on.. I thought I had got away without falling foul of it, as I'd used the lane several times prior to a friendly neighbour warning me of its presence, this morning I found that's not the case as my car is currently clamped for 5 outstanding PCNs! I'm not wishing to dispute the PCNs as it's a fair cop and I should have been more aware, but I would like some advice on how to handle Equita today. I called the EA at 07:20 asking for PCN details and explained
  6. I am a landlord, I did think this might go into the lettings forum, however I think it could be a general legal issue relating to contracts. We have a joint and several tenancy agreement for tenancy due to start next month, students. (Downloaded from National Landlords Association so hopefully current. Note my LL NLA membership has lapsed but they do keep giving me free access to the document library as an ex member) One tenant wants to exit the agreement and has been very helpful in finding a replacement T. The other T's are happy with the new T so wish to employ a "deed of transfe
  7. I am a landlord, I did think this might go into the lettings forum, however I think it could be a general legal issue relating to contracts. We have a joint and several tenancy agreement for tenancy due to start next month, students. (Downloaded from National Landlords Association so hopefully current. Note my LL NLA membership has lapsed but they do keep giving me free access to the document library as an ex member) One tenant wants to exit the agreement and has been very helpful in finding a replacement T. The other T's are happy with the new T so wish to employ a "deed of transfe
  8. My daughter told of this site and how it had helped her over the years reclaim unfair charges and it has been extremely helpful to her over the years, I know she donated several times and so I decided to register myself. My daughter has suffered severe trauma over the last 12 months and I am very pleased to say that she is in a much better place now. I am trying to sort her finances out, she is unable to work presently and unsure at this time when she will be capable of working. I was considering writing to the companies she owed money to explain what's happened to her and ask i
  9. I have received 3 Bus Lane Fines from Manchester City Council, All in Oxford Road and All in one position in the beginning of the Bus Lane and the times difference between them 4 - 11 minutes. I admitted travelling to Manchester one day and was following directions from my TomTom Navigation and when coming out of city centre suddenly noticed sign forbidden traffic and advising it is Bus Lane. I turned back and took first exit and followed alternative direction and TomTom guided me to same location of start of Oxford Road. I repeated this 3 times and never crossed the sign on
  10. Wonder if anyone can help alleviate the burden of these series of PCNs.... I left my car legally parked on the road for approx. 1-month in March during which time my father was critically ill in hospital. When I came back to find my car to my horror it was not where I left it. Luckily I spotted it 50-100 yards down the road, half parked in a permit holders only zone and half parked outside it, with 10+ PCNs attached! Luckily a good Samaritan who lived on the street had written a note stating "your car was moved here by a lorry and lifter by the people doing the road works".
  11. Hi, I hope I have posted this in the rigjt place. I wonder if anyone can help me. I was served a default notice by Nationwide in December of 2007 for arrears on a personal loan account. I eventually managed to bring the account up to date but in 2011 defaulted again and was served a default notice in July 2013. I have read on other threads that an account can not be served with more than one default notice. Is this correct ? if the account was brought up to date then defaulted again? I have the paperwork for both defaults which state different am
  12. Hi all, ive been reading this forum for the last few days and decided to get my old bank statements out to have a look at the PDL I had in 2011-13, I had loans to a total of £4500. Several were done in the same months etc many were paid off apart from a couple towards the end when I got in deep and couldn't keep my head above water. I cut my losses. Could you have a look at the attached list and see if it would qualify for IR? There a couple that aren't on there as I got them through my local Moneyshop. I also have a mini credit one which is being de
  13. Early last year my husband received a county court summons for £11,500 for a credit card debt sold on to a DCA. He replied and defended the action on the basis of the limited information on the summons and that he was awaiting a reply to the CCA letter sent to them on the day the summons was received. He never received a copy of the CCA, just a letter from them saying the debt was no longer enforceable and they could not proceed any further through the courts, but would he please call them to discuss a repayment plan. They also promised to forward the copy of the CCA.
  14. Hi, I sent a CCA request a week or so ago- received what seems to be a common reply today stating they'd complied with the request and they've supplied nothing more than a copy of their current t&c's. No signatures, dates, endorsements etc. The card's quite old, so I'm sure the £12 on the current t&c's is incorrect. Suspect they're trying to fob me off. Where too next- a dispute letter? Thanks
  15. Hi so, I will try to be succinct! We all know the law changed, but I didn't quite get it. I bought a car second hand, it came with a tax disk, I thought I was fine for a few months. Obviously I wasn't, I understand that, and am happy to pay a REASONABLE amount because of this. I was caught on camera on 21st December near Oxford. I was caught on my home street in London on 13th January. I was clamped on 14th of January, costing me £100 to get out. I taxed my car that same day. On 15th January I get two letters, both dated 14th January - obviously these would not be received unt
  16. My partner has received multiple debts from Moorcroft from 4 companies, Ambrose Wilson, Premier Man, Fashion World and JD Williams. JD Williams has 2 accounts, both the Moorcroft ref no and the client ref no are different, and the amounts owing are also different, £266.31 & £164.68, although my partner's name is exactly the same on both accounts. I'm not sure how it is even possible for her to have 2 accounts with the same company? We received the letters from Fashion World and JD Williams first and CCA them, they replied back (16/07/14) that we needed to
  17. There continues to be confusion about the charging of 'multiple fees' by bailiffs when enforcing more than one warrant (or Liability Order) at the same time. This confusion has lead CIVEA (Civil Enforcement Association) to seek legal opinion on the subject and as a result, they have issued the following Guidance to all their members. CIVEA Guidance Notes are designed to address issues which have arisen on the proper interpretation and implementation on a particular part of the regulations (in this case, 'multiple charging'). PS: CIVEA represent the interests of all private ce
  18. Hi All, Massively need some advise, i had parked in a car park for 28 days thinking that it was a gem and free but have now been hit by civil enforcements and their ANPR, 28 x £60 tickets. desperately need some advice, their notice to keeper was received 1 month after the violation so is this enough to get it squashed? It was outside a Co-op and i just thought it was for customers and didnt carry a fine and especially after not seeing a ticket on the window carried on. if i had received the NTK within the 14 days i would have obviously moved! Any hel
  19. Hi, I have sent all my payday loan refunds claims off but I just have a few questions. I don't have any bank statements but I have my credit report. I attempted suicide because of my bad debt and I had over 19 payday loans in Sept 2011 so I chucked everything and buried my head in the sand. On my credit report it shows I had every month in 2010 - 2011 3 loans running at the same time every month. I have claims for all my loans in 2011. My quick quid loans I had 33 loans that's roughly over 7 per year. Do you think I have enough to claim back as most of my outgoings in them 3 years were to
  20. Hi I am trying to get my head around my situation so sorry to bombard you with information, however I have done a lot of reading and need your help! Since ~2009 I have been using Pay Day Loans, A LOT OF THEM (full list below). Since 2009 I have always had at least ~3 outstanding loans at any one time. The issue has been made worse by severe depression and severe gambling. I am finally getting help there, and am sorting out my PDLs, however at a guess must have taken out ~£20k in PDLs and paid back ~£30k to date. I believe I have a claim for r
  21. Every day, without fail, I receive an enquiry about an enforcement agent charging 'multiple fees' and in fact yesterday, two enquiries were received on this forum on the same subject. Clearly there is a need to provide guidance on this subject. In 2014, the Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 (and other supporting legislation) came into effect and introduced significant changes to previous bailiff enforcement. The situation now is that when the enforcement agent receives instructions from the creditor (commonly; the Magistrates Court (in the case of court fines) or local authority
  22. Hi there, I'm new to this site and I am after a bit of advice please: A few years ago I ventured down the slippery slope of pay day loans, As a rule payments and debts were cleared and my experian was all up to date, I am still paying a qq payday loan back on agreement with no hassle at all, but about 4 weeks ago I took a call from an American from P2P saying I owe them over £500 and they want it immediately, obviously I disputed this and asked for more information as its not on my credit expert and all they said is its from 2013 and they don't have much more information, I hav
  23. Multiple agreements within section 18 consumer credit Act 1974 This is just a view and interpretation of s18 CCA and therefore we would advise anyone reading this bear that in mind Section 18 can be very useful concerning agreements where there is a main loan and payment protection insurance. Firstly lets look at what section 18 says 18.Multiple agreements. —(1) This section applies to an agreement (a “multiple agreement ”) if its terms are such as— (a)To place a part of it within one category of agreement mentioned in thi
  24. Hi, I have multiple defaults, all are unsettled. Most of the defaults have been on my file for a few years now but I'm looking to get a couple wiped off completely (if I have any chance of doing so, and if there is even any point at all). So my first question is, I have a default from Natwest dating back 4 years ago, so it's only a couple of years until it drops off anyway. But seeing as the original debt was only £25 and they ended up charging me and charging me taking my debt with them to well over £500, and they defaulted me on that amount do I have a case with them? Secondly
  25. Hoping someone can assist with my issue as I am pulling my hair out with this. With IE 11, Firefox and chrome, whenever I click on anything, a new page opens whilst at the same time the original page also loads. When I click on the tab (not the 'x') the page closes. This even happens with the first page as well. On my desktop, I cannot double click a program as it doesn't work. I have to right click then click 'open' for it to work. These are just a few of the issues but it gives an idea of what is going on. I have tried Malwarebytes, CCleaner and Combofix with
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