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  1. Shall I send the letters via post or email? Also... I'm struggling to find the letter in that thread, can you let me know the page? Thanks
  2. Also one question to answer... I am possibly coming into a reasonable amount of money (few thousand) Should I pay the outstanding loans off, or is it good to hold off paying as it enables me more negotiation (especially with say, WageDayAdvance)
  3. To confirm I now have the following: Bank Statements 6 years (excluding a bank I have closed down) PDL Statement of Account From all except WageDayAdvance (I have an outstanding Loan from them still amongst others) Credit Report Received from both Noddle and Clearscore
  4. Sorry guys that it's taken a while... I got my Bank files however there was an awful lot missing, so I have waited to get information from the companies themselves and I just got the last lot. Please see attached summary. - Items in green are 'estimates' as I still don't have a response - Items in Orange/Red are loans still outstanding Total Loaned: £20,659.23 Total Repaid: £27,326.40 Total Net: £6,667.17 Still Owe: £3,200 + Interest Total Interest Paid/Due/Owe: £9,867.17 + Interest in outstanding loans PDLs.pdf
  5. 2 (Banks) x 12 (Months) x 6 (Years) soooo 120! I have the summary in an excel spreadsheet (just the loans and repayments) and no confidential information
  6. Update #2 I have just gone through the last 6 years of my Natwest bank statements and have highlighted all payday loans and repayments, what is the best way show them here?
  7. Update: Earlier today I have contacted the following companies via email requesting a Statement of Account: Sunny (1MonthLoan) 247 Moneybox Cash Lady CFO Lending MiniCredit Mr Lender Payday Express Payday UK QuickQuid Safetynet Credit Swift Sterling MyJar (Txt Loan) Uncle Buck Wayday Advance Wonga
  8. Thank you everyone for your support so far! - Gambling Involved? Yes, during the whole period and up until very recently when I have sough professional help for both Gambling and Depression - Issues with Other PDL Companies? Spiral Debt with more than one PDL Company? As a minimum I would have 2-3 PDLs at any one time (sometimes up to 6). Could never keep up with payments unless I was 'bailed out' by my family - How much was your income on a monthly basis compared to the loan? (Were you ever unemployed) Never unemployed. I was earning approximately £1,200 after tax and
  9. Good point. To be clear I am not asking about any other lines of credit in this thread except the PDLs. They were there just for everyone's reference so they have a full picture.
  10. Hi I am trying to get my head around my situation so sorry to bombard you with information, however I have done a lot of reading and need your help! Since ~2009 I have been using Pay Day Loans, A LOT OF THEM (full list below). Since 2009 I have always had at least ~3 outstanding loans at any one time. The issue has been made worse by severe depression and severe gambling. I am finally getting help there, and am sorting out my PDLs, however at a guess must have taken out ~£20k in PDLs and paid back ~£30k to date. I believe I have a claim for r
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