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  1. Ah right ok understood. Will get to work on it tomorrow then. Get everything together. Thanks that's made me feel a little better.
  2. I have but just wanted to know if any decisions have been overturned to show that it is worth it. Really hope so as one of them was definitely wrong based on what other's have said.
  3. Hi All, I have around 6 complaints with the FOS. 2 of which have already been looked at by an Adjudicator who rejected them both. When she did she told me that an Ombudsman will probably side with her? Is this right? I have complained to her Manager as I really felt that she was biased from the start. I have asked for an Ombudsman to look at them but now after what she said I am wandering if its worth it. Luckily my other 4 complaints are now being investigated by another adjudicator as I requested. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I have put in my complaint to her Manager so hopefully none of my other complaints will be dealt with by her. Fingers crossed xx
  5. I'm going to. In Sept - Aug - I borrowed £1085 before the £300 then in July I borrowed £2046 before £200 was added. Just for those months I really can't see how she could deem then affordable. I had problems before with her over the 3year rule. On Tuesday I'm going to put all my figures into a spread sheet to see if I am correct and send that to her. If that is the way she deals with things I don't want her to look at QQ or Wonga as those are pretty big and rely on the 3year rule thanks for your response
  6. UPDATE: The FOS have reject 2 of my complaints. Which to me makes no sense. My Jar gave me loans when Inwas already in over £1500 worth of payday loan debt which is clearly visible on my bank statements. I am going to lodge a complaint about the adjudicator as She was very biased. It's gone to the Ombudsman so fingers crossed. I have QQ, Wonga at the FOS waiting to be passed over to a adjudicator. I hope I don't get her again she's useless.
  7. Just update on the CEO of QQ route. It does no good they just reject the complaint too. I have forwarded it on now to the Ombudsman and I am just waiting for an adjudicator to be allocated. Clare Hardy did give me the evidence they will be sending to the FOS and it was laughable. They had that I owned by home when I clearly do not and never have done. They also said I have worked at the same company throughout my history with them that's bull. The evidence spreadsheet they sent was created in 2013 hmmm very suspious.
  8. It did help at all! But she has given me what she used as evidence and what she will be sending to the FOS....I have found errors with it like it says I own my home when I live at my parents, It says my wrong job and title from Apr 2008 - May 2010. So that gives me ample evidence that their system is obviously wrong.
  9. ARGGGG I am having a nightmare with the Adjudicator who have got 2 of my Payday Loan claims. She says she will not deal with any of my complaints that are over 6 years, even though I have explained that I had no idea until I read Debt Camel's article she still insists I could have known that I could complain. I explained to her that I could have reasonably known in Feb 2015 when Wonga refunded me and that I had a Payday loan CCJ that was clearly unaffordable I settled in April 2014 and if I had of know I would have complained then and wouldn't have paid up. Quick Quid are saying that I could'v
  10. I wouldn't normally but its Quick Quid's CEO office that will be reviewing the decision. They've already sent the generic final response. I copied the CEO in an email I wrote to all the media outlets and got a reply an hour later apologising and saying they will review it again.
  11. Hi Just been reading through your thread. Have you tried to email the Uk CEO and the US CFO? I got the same copy and pasted final response. It didn't answer any of my concerns and even got the main issue right. It mentioned my most recent loan and that was it. Yesterday once I had calm down and had a good nights sleep I did a little digging. I wrote an email to Mr Drew (UK QQ CEO) Clare Hardy (named on the FCA register) Daniel Feehan (USA Chairman of the board of QQ parent company Cash America) Brent Stuart (Cash America CEO) I wrote an ema
  12. Hi All. Update on my complaints Wageday Advance upheld my complaint and have paid me back all interest and fees plus 8% Quick Quid rejected my complaint and sent me their final response but the rejection was generic and didn't mention any of my issues it even got wrong What I was complaining about. I wrote a steaming email to the CEO of Eurocash net and the CEO of the parent company in the USA. I also wrote to the All the news papers who covered the stories about refunds and copied in them in. I soon got an email back from him saying that they will look into my complaint again. Don't
  13. I had a look and it seems to be 50/50 especially for Quick Quid which is my biggest. Was pleasently surprised when I got the email today about WDA. Hopefully I can get a good result from a few others but only time will tell.
  14. Update: Wageday advance came back and offered all interest plus 8%, Mr lender 50% but taken to the FOS, My Jar no good taken to the FOS and CFO lending taken to the FOS. Poundstillpayday offered to clear the balance and £139 but have declined and taken to the MFSA (Maltease FOS)
  15. Thanks for that! They tried that one I however quoted that it falls under the 6 + 3 year rule. They haven't said anything since lol. Ive just been digging around and have a screenshot from the Wayback when Machine and it shows that QQ asked for no qutgoing information at all. All they asked was living status that's it. Ive taken a screenshot of that and also checked my account info with them and all the parts about outgoings are blank which clearly shows none of those questions were answered at the time of my application. Hope this information helps with my claim as my credit report shows very
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