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Found 403 results

  1. This is a thread to contain my payday loans, my original one is here: HERE Here is a list of the payday loans i taken out from 2011-2014 (ish) The last contact i made with them was December 2017 as instructed by Redbridge Finance a company who was "supposidly" going to help me claim compensation from them. Wonga Quickquid Payday express Mr lender Myjar The money shop The cheque centre To name but a few, there are probably more but it really hurts my head when i try and think back. I am not being chased for any of the above debts at the moment, and not all of them are on my credit report. The only ones that are on my Noddle credit report are: Lantern: a debt collection agency wanting £262 default date 11/08/2014 Advance against income Active securities LTD a debt collection agency wanting £442 Default date 07/09/2014 I'm not sure which company they are from (original creditors) , i haven't heard anything from them ever although all of my debts were taken out at my old address. There are probably more than the ones i listed at the top of the page, but it's going back a long time and feel free to read the thread linked in the top for a short back story going back to 2012. I was hoping for some advice on where to go from here, redbridge tried to put a claim in against Wonga, filed a complaint against the FCA to find they went bust. Thanks so much in advance.
  2. Hi all, I was posting about CCA request which led to unearthing my other accounts and I was advised to start another thread in this forum as I may be able to get my PDL wiped under the irresponsible lending rules. I have the following to my name: EuroCashNet (Quick Quid) £770 Instant Cash Loans (Month End Money/ Payday UK) £300 I have been paying towards these on a DMP and i'm due to make a payment in the next couple of days. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
  3. I took a loan out with this company 2 weeks ago. All went well and thought having looked on their website it says obviously subject to credit assessment I could defer the loan twice - great I thought I will pay the balance over two months and bob's your uncle Went to defer on their website and put in all the same income and expenditure details a week before the payment was due to come out. Their response "sorry but based on your affordability and credit assessment we cannot allow you to defer this loan":mad2: Erm they gave me the loan two weeks beforehand, nothing has changed and yet wont allow me to defer. They wanted the whole loan back together with all the interest only 2 weeks after I received the loan. No way I thought, cancelled my card and any CPA they had set up. I will pay them back on my terms and if they dont like it they can place it where the sun does not shine.
  4. Dear Forum Members, I used to be in a mess getting by on PD loans and had up to three concurrent ones Thankfully with the help of family members I managed to pay them off. At least I now pay off my debts with no interest ... I recently found out out about your website and decided to make a claim for irresponsible lending. Both QQ and Wonga rejected by claim so I went to the ombudsman. As some of my loans were more than six years old, QQ replied that they will not deal with them. The ombudsman has offered me two options: Continue claiming for all loans which will take more time and may fail or progress only with the loans I took within the last 6 years. So my question is if its worth pursuing the old loans? Do I have any chances of success? Or should I pursue the rest of them and get what i can ? Any advice would be appreciated. Andy G
  5. I'm hoping you people can give m3 some advice. A few years ago (2014-15) I took out several payday loans, the first from Safetynet credit totalling £9072.14, Wageday advance totalling £2970 Myjar totalling £1800 and 24/7 moneybox totalling £1908. These loans have been repaid in full except the Safetynet credit one (I was made redundant). I was wondering if I would be able to claim anything back from them. I have 3 young children, and have been diagnosed with Bipolar type 2, intrusive thoughts and borderline personality disorder since 2013. I'm rubbish with money and have a tendency to bury my head in the sand. Any info would be much appreciated:)
  6. Hi there, I am currently in a 5 year IVA and completed 3 years so far Appox 30% of IVA was payday loans and I am now seeing many ads from no win/no fee companies claiming that they can get back not only roll over interest but more compensation too? Please can you advise if this is a good thing and also if its possible to do this while an iva is active? Thanks
  7. My wife has just had 3 letters today: Letter 1 from Payday Uk stating they have now sold the debt to PRAC Financial Ltd on 9th December 2016, giving a formal notice of assignment of the debt Letter 2 from PRAC financial stating they now own the debt of £349.77 & B W Legal will be acting as there Agent. Letter 3 From B W Legal stating as the agent for PRAC they are demanding full payment of a debt which was £100.00 and is over 5 years old. If this debt is over the 6 years is it classed as statute barred and are all debts over this timescale removed from a credit file
  8. Hello, I had taken a number of payday loans in the past, in particular the period of 2014-2015. Most of them are settled or just ignored, but there are a couple that keeps getting chased. One is for Cheque Centre which has been bought up by Lantern (Formerly motormile) and the other is The MoneyShop who I'm now getting chased by BWLEgal on behalf of PRAC Financial Limited. Now, so far I've just ignored them, get standard threat emails etc. Heard nothing regarding the moneyshop one for months until now. However, is it worth making a complaint and the proceeding to FOS for ireesponsible lending when in particular Cheque Center no longer exist? Would that get me anywhere, and who would I complain to, Lantern? As for The Moneyshop one, should I complain directly to them or Prac Limited? I've read the guide so I'm prepared to take them to FOS (I had many many payday loans at the same time, and Cheque center was in particular bad where I was offered £1000 every month with £300 interest, and I used them for rollover several months in a row..)
  9. Hello - I am new and clueless so thank you to this site and to any who respond for any help. I have received a letter after several previous horrible threats from the same stating that they have initiated a court claim. Assuming they are telling the truth and the claim arrives soon is there anything I should do now or should I wait to make a post when it arrives? Many thanks
  10. Hello All, I’ve a feeling that I’ll need to go to the Ombudsman but would be grateful for any assistance.: Long Story short, I approached PayDay UK/MEM Capital last July 2017 and requested a settlement figure as I released equity in a property I own to clear my feet. I was given the figure and when the funds cleared acouple of weeks later, I received 2 text messages (16/8/18) 1st text said I was £8 short due to accruing interest since the initial settlement figure was issued, and literally acouple of hours later I received another text saying my loan was settled in full. As a result, I received zero correspondence from the lender until December 17 when they started requesting a payment of £180 which was pure interest – I contacted them, they said that because I never completed a settlement form, they didn’t action this so I requested another copy of said form as I hadn’t received it - this was on 29/1/18 and today, no response to the email I sent saying I didn’t have the settlement form but I did get confirmation that they’ve issued a default! I’m in the middle of trying to clear my credit file up and have been slwly imporving my credit score –any advice on how to approach this? Last email (copied in a company director too) has requested confirmation they’ve removed this default before close of play or I’ll escalate to the Ombudsman. Absolutely fuming with this. :-x:-x
  11. So I had a phone call just now... From a number 01639 617412 Claiming to be "We Take Them On" - They asked me had i ever taken a PDL? I played along and said "Yes"... "Well have you ever had to roll them over?" He asks... I stopped him right there... "Dude, you do know you are talking to someone who has written a full guide on reclaiming PDLs for free right?" He stopped dead... I offered to send him a link to CAGs free guide... He said "No Im Okay thank you..." The call then ended... In which I laughed... He wast happy when I told him I help do it for free...
  12. A payday loan was taken out back in may 2012 with paydayuk when in financial hardship of £400 which increased to £516 with interest. It was then passed to various dca's before nothing was heard from the end of 2012 to 2016. Then paydayuk sent a letter saying the debt was sold to PRAC in jan 2017. Then PRAC sent a letter saying they had acquired the debt and were using Bw legal to represent the debt. Bw legal have sent a few letters including offering a 20% discount. Their latest letter says that if i don't setup an arrangement in the next 14 days then the account may be considered for legal action, which will result in me receiving a letter of claim prior to county court proceedings being issued. Should i be sending a cca request to bw legal at this stage to see where i am? thanks
  13. Hi, We have a PDL which is not really affordable. We had to borrow £500 due to unexpected bills etc and not enough money for food etc at Christmas so we took out this loan. I know they charge extortionate interest rates which is fair enough but as we borrowed so much we had to have a longer repayment period (6 months) and in total we will be repaying over £1000!! We are really struggling to repay this and yes we did know at the time and yes we did tick the box to say it is affordable but it means we are in the situation where we have run out of food and not enough money to get us through to each payday! The repayments are reducing the amount we have to spend on food each month and with kids and pets and a roof to keep over our heads and no friends or family to help with money its proving hard! Our credit file is shot due to our DMP so I don't know if they credit checked us or not but really they should not have lent to us. Is there anything we can do?? We don't want to default and don't want another account on our dmp as we are trying to improve our credit files. Most of our defaults drop off this year. I guess I am wondering if we can manage to get through and keep up payments can we do anything about irresponsible lending? I have health issues meaning I can't work so as a family it has been hard, hence the need for the PDL. I am determined never to have to take out a PDL again so no judgement please. Life is hard enough for me Im in pain every day and getting depressed about money and the fact we will NEVER pay off our DMP at £1 per creditor per month!! Thanks for listening and any advice
  14. Hi, In September 2017 I lodged an Irresponsible Lending Claim with PDUK, who made an offer of £2,600 to settle the claim. I accepted this offer on the condition that all loans that were deemed to irresponsibly lent were removed from my credit file. They confirmed via email: Thank you for your email on XX January. In response to your query, I can confirm upon receiving your signed acceptance your credit file will be amended to remove the loans we have deemed to be irresponsibly lent to you. We can accept your acceptance via email in one of 3 ways. You can complete the final page, along with signature and bank details and send a scanned pdf to ourselves or post this to us, or, you can send us an email with the offer paragraph from your settlement page clearly shown and completed with requisite details (Bank details). I will also let your case handler know that you have been unable to get a copy of the statement that was requested. Kind regards, Anthony Palmer Customer Relations T: 0800 0093562 Last week I called to see how long this will take, only to be told that they would not be removing all information, only negative information and that the above email was an administrative error. I thought that emails were legally binding, unless there was a specific disclaimer in the email. Is this worth raising with the FOS?
  15. Howdy, I got myself into a real mess with payday loans, going back to divorce/unemployment in 2009. At its worst, between May 2012 and January 2015 I had nearly 140 loans with over a dozen lenders, in an endless bucket brigade of borrowing from one to repay another. I walked away from the whole toxic lot in January 2015 and am now redressing the situation. From May 2012 to October 2013 I borrowed 10 times from Payday Express - deferring, refinancing, reborrowing etc. 10/8/17 - Sent formal complaint requiring refund of interest (£968.97) + 8% interest (£331.21) + removal of adverse data. 11/8/17 - Payday Express acknowledge receipt of complaint outlining response timescale (within 4 weeks, not later than 8 weeks) 6/9/17 - Payday Express are sorry to inform me that - after 4 weeks - their investigation is not complete 5/10/17 - Payday Express are sorry to inform me that - after 8 weeks - their investigation is not complete. They don't say when it might be complete (at a guess, never) but inform me of my right to refer the complaint to the FOS. So, next? Prelim followed by LBA? Straight to LBA (previous formal complaint as Prelim)?
  16. Hi all. I have a couple of old payday loan debts that date back to late 2012 that are both Defaulted on my credit files. In the absence of a time machine, would like to get these resolved and marked as satisfied in full. I have managed to find original credit agreements for both of them. Paydayuk - £100 loan with £129 to be repaid. It is showing as satsified on Callcredit and assigned to Prac Financial on others. I suspect Prac bought it like they do and just wrote it off? 247moneybox/active securites - £100 loan. £176 to be originally repaid. Showing £292 in Default. Recently contacted me out of the blue with a 50% settlement offer but were vague about updating credit agencies. I do not want to make affordability complaints as I cannot be sure what I stated on applications. Would I just approach it like dealing with any other old debt and send them a letter offering X amount in full and final settlement? I want to be smart about this and minimise what I pay and potential blowback so figured best to ask now if there as a right way to go about this? Any other help, tips or advice? Massive thanks in advance.
  17. Hi There I have recently recieved a letter from PRA group regarding an old payday loan i took out with lending stream back in March 2010, which it says is the date of loan agreement on the letter. Am i right in saying this debt is now statute barred? Do i contact PRA group at all or do i just ignore the letter? Thanks in advance
  18. I have had several payday loans in the past some of which I shouldn't have been given. Can you tell me how to start a claim and what the process is?
  19. Hi everyone, I have a couple of threads on here regarding various debts but I have been informed that I need a separate thread to deal with my payday loan issue. for the last 18 months myself and my husband who were both self employed have been in a bad way financially, mainly due to lack of work but also we both struggle with mental health issues which has made the situation ten times worse. Over this timescale we have had period of weeks where we have had no income and due to being threatened with eviction for non payment of rent and with no money for basic needs like food, we found ourselves falling into the clutches of payday lenders and loans with high APR because our credit ratings are bad. Its now got to the point where we have managed to get our rent back under control but we are still having to renew loans just to make payments on others and its just spiralling out of control and we feel so ashamed at letting things get this bad and its giving us sleepless nights and affecting our health. We both have a lot of demons and issues and struggle to deal with things but we have made the decision that we have to deal with this now and have decided to cancel paying these people but just send them a token payment whilst we try and find the best way forward. The Payday loan we have at the moment is Myjar. this is the 3rd loan I have had from them and each time they have offered me more money over a longer period and to me this was a lifeline and never thought twice about taking it. I have also had a loan with quidie which has now been settled. We also have loans with 118 118 (very high interest rate) and Bamboo, again with high rate but I am guessing that I should deal with these separately as these are over longer periods so not really payday loans? I was hoping to get some advice as to the options with dealing with these sharks but I have also read that you can put in a claim against them, even ones that have been settled. I am not sure what you can claim for or how to go about it but any help would be greatly appreciated. LTB
  20. Hi, its taken me a while to finally come to terms with and finally admit defeat to the payday loans and debt I have aquired over the last few years. I have a number of outstanding debts. PiggyBank - 592 Safetynetcredit - 189 Wageday Advance - 140 Payday UK - 488 Satsuma - 64 Mr Lender and Vivus - Combined at 914 (sold on to MMF so unsure at the moment of the individual debts) Natwest overdraft - 2,000 These were loans taken out from 2015-2016 and I have still not paid them off or made any real dent in what I owe due to very low monthly repayments that have been ongoing for years as I have never been able to afford to pay them back off. This being due to an old gambling addiction and one loan was ususally made to pay of another (a lot of loans not up there that have been settled in that time). This has obviously led to me having a really bad credit score yet within the last few months after the passing of my brother leading to being in work less = less money and a battle with depression and gambling again I have managed to loan from more lenders. MyJar - 179 24/7 Moneybox - 151 H & T pawnbrokers - 304 Lendingstream - 544 Very catalogue - 399 I understand it is my own doing in attempting to get more loans but I'm sure (after reading some similar posts here) that these companies are to refuse such applications as my own? I thought maybe there was something here for a potential irresonsible lending claim or something familar after having such debts for years or for what they were used for. Any help in how I would go about this would be greatly appriciated, thankyou. Update: The figures shown are the amount owed not lent. And a lot of the debts have been passed on to debt collectors so I do not know how this will effect me, and I am sure that Vivus is no longer operating.
  21. Hello All In 2012 I took out a payday loan with PaydayUK for the sum of £400. At the time of taking the loan out I was on a low income and I wasn’t able to pay my rent I took out the loan to cover rent costs - stupid idea I know but at the time I had no other way of getting the money I didn’t pay this loan back as I couldn’t afford too. I vaguely remember contacting them to advise them of this but they were really unhelpful and I just ended up not paying and I heard nothing for 5 years. In December 2016 I received a letter from PRAC/BW Legal saying they have purchased the debt - I ignored this and heard nothing further up until now . I have received 2 emails from them also - they were just copies of the letters I had received in the post The most recent letter (final request for payment)states that if I don’t contact them within 14 days, my account may considered for legal action and it states that the next letter I receive will be a letter of claim prior to the issuing of a county court claim BW claim I owe £420 and I think this is incorrect . I decided to check my credit reports and my bank account. On my credit report it states I borrowed £500 and I know for a fact I did not take that amount. I also checked my bank statements and it shows the payment of £400 which was paid in - and it also shows that they had taken a total Of £314 over various payments with my card from February to May 2012 as they had CPA - I remember at one point they completely cleared my account and they gave a me a measly refund of £34 - I remember calling them angrily as they’d completely emptied my account and stated that they would keep on taking money from my account so I think I may have cancelled my card. I have not made any other payments and I have not had any contact with payday uk or PRAC/BW Legal I’m assuming they are getting heavy handed as I’m pretty sure it’s getting close to the 6 Years (not sure how I would find out when the 6 years is up) Just wanted to know what action I should take? What is likelihood of them actually taking me to court Any advice will be greatly greatly appreciated Thank you in advance
  22. Hi first time posting on here. I like most got caught up in a payday loans trap, I took out multiple loans with wonga and quick quid, I was paying one off then borrowing from another to live on because the repayments was most of my wages, I am posting on here to try to claim the interest back on my loans as I believe they was leant irresponsibly, when I first started taking the loans out I was already in debt to Halifax due to a £1000 unauthorized overdraft, that's now sold to 1st credit. I have emailed wonga and quick quid this email. To whom It may concern, I am making a complaint to you about irresponsible lending. To help me explain the details, I would like a list of my loans, showing when they were taken out and how much was repaid and when. Please note I am only asking for details of my loans, I am not making a Subject Access Request. Thanks Mr T B. I have received this email back this morning from wonga. Your complaint is being dealt with Dear Mr B, Thank you for contacting us. We were disappointed to learn that you are not happy with our service. We take customer concerns very seriously and we will do our best to investigate this for you as quickly as we can. We are referring the matter to our team of customer support specialists and they will contact you to offer a resolution or an update regarding their progress. A copy of our complaints policy is attached for your information. Your case reference number is ********. Please quote this number if you need to contact us regarding this matter. We will do our best to issue you with a full final response as soon as possible and will keep you updated on our progress. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us by telephone on the number below or by sending an email to customer complaints Kind regards, Complaints Team wonga.com 0800 316 6745. Do you think I will be able to claim back the interest on the loans. as I am currently unemployed, not claiming benefits, and suffering from depression, so any money I might be able to get back would be a massive help to me atm, i would like to say thanks for reading this post and any advice given to me will be a huge help ��
  23. I've posted on another thread about how I'm finally facing the payday loan mess I got myself into a few years ago. I've picked through the chaos and now have a picture of who I borrowed from and roughly how they were left – a lot of these loans were going on at the same time, and my credit file must have already been shot to bits as I was being approved applications. What I'm confused about however is how to proceed with an irresponsible lending complaint if there are still amounts outstanding, or if it has been sold on? It all seems so *messy* and as more time passes the foggier it gets??!! Would anyone mind lending a hand? PAY DAY UK Repeat loans / repayments over a period - one loan unpaid now at CCJ claim stage by BW Legal PAYDAY EXPRESS Repeat loans / repayments over a period - one loan unpaid now being threatened with CJJ by BW Legal (they might follow through as they have above) 1ST STOP Repeat loans / repayments / rollovers over a period – one loan resulted in a CCJ (still have to pay this) VANQUIS CREDIT CARD I settled/paid Lowell and default on credit file MR LENDER Unpaid - default on credit file and with DCA QUICK QUID Repeat loans / repayments over a period – one loan unpaid but I eventually settled/paid the DCA - weirdly nothing on credit file SUNNY Unpaid - default on credit file and with DCA WAGEDAY ADVANCE Repeat loans / repayments over a period – paid some/maybe all but unsure if there is outstanding amount left unpaid WONGA Repeat loans / repayments over a period – I had an email saying the amount was being written off and it dissapeared from credit file SWIFT STIRLING I'm finding it difficult to piece together what I borrowed with them but I think it was two or three loans – paid some/maybe all but unsure if there is outstanding amount left unpaid LADDER LOANS Several loans that were repaid in full Urgh, such a big depressing list. The list of doom! Any help where to start would be appreciated.
  24. Hello all, Thanks to all on CAG as a great result was recently achieved. PAYDAY UK has completed investigation on loand between 1st st February 2008 to 30th April 2009. Result was: Agreed funds lent irresponsibly. Total Redress: £1,710.53 /today received transfer from uncle PAYDAU UK/ Still under investigation: 28 September 2007 to 31 January 2008 as I need to do more home work and provide some details they asked for. Will keep posted on result. BTW My success CAGers is also yours. So donation was made to keep this place runnin till the end of World! and one more day
  25. Hi guys, Hoping you can help me, while at uni I like many had to live on these damn things, I would pay one off then get another one out the same day to keep on top of the money which had just been paid back, The other day I got a letter from Moriarty Law Solicitors threating court action, like an idiot I agreed to pay back 50 a month to them for a 450 balance from a 300 pound loan, I can not afford to do this I made one payment and then stopped it. Today I called up and explained the situation and the customer service agent was so rude!! Quickquid unfairly lent me loans for a good 2 years I would say, without any means check and let me run up so much debt. I also have debt with 2 other lenders but they are not with DCA yet. I understand there is a gray area once it goes to a DCA so could you please help? I cant log into my account on quickquid either. I know I borrowed it so should pay it back but Moriarty Law Solicitors won't accept a plan I can afford now I missed a payment. This is just one of them - As we have advised you previously in the Notice of Default, you have failed to make payments required under your Loan Agreement with QuickQuid or to contact us to take corrective action. Loan: .... Date of Agreement: 41507 Outstanding Principal: £250 Outstanding Interest: £208.44 Outstanding Late Fees: £24 Discounts & Credits: £0 Total Amount Outstanding: £482.44 As a result, we have decided to refer your account to a Third Party Debt Collection Agency who will be in touch with you in due course. Their information is listed below. If you would like to make a payment, please contact the debt collection agency: ARC (Europe) Ltd 01932 251842
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