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  1. Thanks for the reply DX I havent paid the 300 pounds yet no as i am concered about the debt only being marked partially paid. I will get the history to you end of next week as currently working away from home. Thanks
  2. So where do i go from here with the british gas account DX. I have sumbitted SAR request to british gas and recieved a reply with the bills etc. I want to clear my debt on my credit rating so the only way i can see is to offer a payment Thanks
  3. I negotated this last week on the british gas account as they have sent the oringinal final bill from british gas and are threatening court action
  4. Yes there are all on my credit file...british gas account is from 2012 to nov 2013 for 897 pounds and they have provided the final bill from british gas. I have manged a full and final settlment agreement of £300 but it will be marked on my credit file as partially satisfied which im not to sure about. Hopefully it will go away after 6 years from the default notice. Cheers
  5. Ok will do, can i send this to Lowells or the oringinal creditor?
  6. No they have not yet but are threating to do so. Thanks
  7. Good Morning I have 3 accounts with Lowell im dealing with at the moment...one is a old mobile phone contract, a payday loan and a british gas account. I seem to everything in order but when i have sent the CPR requesting statement of accounts, loan agreements, notice of assignment, notice of default, termination notices etc etc. They have responded with its not legal for them to supply a notice of default or termination notice from the companys? Is this correct ? They have instructed me to go direct to the companys for this info. Thanks In advance
  8. I have sent the SAR request asking for all bills, payments , notice of default and meter readings.
  9. Thats what i was thinking but thats what it says the default date under lowlifes marking. Last pay was august 2013.
  10. The zero balance for british gas has no default date on clearscore im afraid . Clearscore never shows default dates for some reason only account open date and last updated. On my noddle account the default date for lowlifes is 03/01/2015. As mentioned can not find british gas entry on noddle. Thanks dx
  11. I have just found the british gas mark on my credit file on clear score and it says balance is zero. Is this because they sold the account. On my noddle credit report there is no mentioned of the british gas account just the lowells account. Thanks
  12. Ok thanks. Received no final bill or default letter from BG probably due to not updating the address
  13. The british gas letter says the account has been transferred to lowell portfolio ltd on the 22/12/2017. British gas has sold the account to lowell The lowell letter which came with the british gas letter of assignment says lowell portfolio has asked lowell financial ltd to manage your account. The reason this has come about as last month lowell put a report on my credit file for the 865 quid and i contacted them to find out what the hell it was. They then had my new address and sent this letter as i was worried about a backdoor ccj.
  14. Hi Today i have just received a letter from british gas and lowells about my old electritcy at my old address (renting 1 bed flat) dating 24/02/2012 to 28/11/2013. The debt has been passed on to lowells and outstanding balance of £865.30 Since its along time ago i remember owing some money but completely forgot about it to be honest..the 865 quid has come as a bit of a shock. I have looked at my bank statements and made payments of 200 quid in that period to british gas. Where do i go from here? Do i ask for a copy of the bills and breakdown of costs? Bury my head in the sa
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