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  1. Can anyone give me the latest situation in respect of claiming compensation in relation to Payday loans which are over 6 years old. I've read suggestions from 12 months ago that the Ombudsman was starting to look at these loans. What's the latest?
  2. Have a loan with Payday Express which I've repaid early, on the 13th day. They've insisted that I pay the full amount of interest. I've tried telling them that I should pay a lesser amount because I'm cancelling the agreement. They are saying that I can't cancel, as my agreement with them started when I took my first loan with them several months ago, and so consequently the 14 days have expired. This loan just settled was a new loan and was only 13 days old. Are they correct or am I?
  3. My partner, who lives with me, but with whom I have never had a financial association has recently been turned down for a credit card. She received a letter back from Tesco Finance explaining that she'd been declined and giving details of Experian. Her credit rating must be sky high because her finances are, and always have been, spot on. She's never been refused any form of credit in the past. She was shocked to be turned down and phoned Tesco who adnmitted that it must have been the association with the address. My Credit Report would give cause for concern and it's clear that th
  4. Bought an Acer descktop PC from Tesco in January of this year. A month ago it had a major crash and at the moment is totally unusable. When I bought the PC I recall the shop assistant telling me that it had a 12mth guarantee and that if there was a problem within the first month then I was to return it to the shop, thereafter, I should contact Acer. So, I contacted Acer and they recognised that the PC had developed a fault. However, upon checking their records they decided that the PC was out of warranty and that I should get it fixed locally at my expense.
  5. I've been making payments through Payplan for about 3yrs. My circs have changed quite dramatically in the last three months so I've only only been paying £1 a month, but again through Payplan.
  6. I've sent off a CCA to Robinson & Way who are chasing me for a debt in excess of £8000 which was incurred on a HFC credit card. The response recieved is a 19 page copy of the HSBC terms and conditions relating to current accounts and savings accounts, effective from 15th Feb 2010. No copies of any agreements or anything relating to the original credit card. (I don't know when I obtained the credit card but it's probably 15-20yrs ago). Clearly they haven't provided me with what I've ased for. Can someone point me in the right direction as to what I do next? Thanks.
  7. I've read a lot on here about third party cheques being sent to the creditors to settle a debt. Would a cheque issued by a bank work in the same way, or does it have to come from an individual?
  8. I haven't done that, but I will do. Can anyone link me to an 'idiot's guide' to CCA's. I understand the general principal, i.e. that the agreement is invalid in some way. I've tried searching on here but there are some horrendous threads about it, many of which decend to slanging matches. I just need something simple. One thread concerning the MBNA suggested that it's a bit like kicking a hornets nest and that it tends to provoke the company into chasing after you. I really don't need that sort of hassle.
  9. I'm presently with Payplan and have been for 3yrs. They have been excellent in keeping the wolves at bay, however I still owe about 75% of my original debt, to 11 different creditors. I will shortly have a lump-sum available to me in order to try and settle these debts, but nowhere near enough to pay them off in full. I've contacted Payplan and they say that when the money is available in my bank account, they will pass it on to thier settlements team to try and sort out full and final settlements. My question is, can they be relied on to get me a good deal. I clearly want to get away wi
  10. I've got approx 10 creditors with Payplan, 50/50 CCC's and DCA's. I'm wanting to sort out F&F's for them now that I can get my hands on a lump sum. My question is, can I rely on Payplan to get me a good deal or would I be better off approaching the creditors directly and negotiating each one seperately? Has anyone got experience of F&F's sorted through Payplan?
  11. I didn't think Payplan take a cut. I'm sure that with them 100% of your payment goes towards paying the debt.
  12. I'm sorry, I don't know what CCA'd means. They were all major credit card companies so I'm presuming that they are enforsable. I've got about £30,000.00 with Robinson & Way.
  13. I've had a number of my credit card debts bought by this company and have been paying them slowly through Payplan for a couple of years so. I'm wondering what sort of settlement figure (in percentage terms), they might agree on as a full and final settlement. Has anyone any experience of settling debts with them??
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