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  1. This is a thread to contain my payday loans, my original one is here: HERE Here is a list of the payday loans i taken out from 2011-2014 (ish) The last contact i made with them was December 2017 as instructed by Redbridge Finance a company who was "supposidly" going to help me claim compensation from them. Wonga Quickquid Payday express Mr lender Myjar The money shop The cheque centre To name but a few, there are probably more but it really hurts my head when i try and think back. I am not being chased for any of the above debts at the moment, and
  2. Hi Folks, I'm having a number of issues with Quickquid and them supplying me information of all loans I have had with them. I am planning on putting in a IRL claim against them History: 30/07/18 - Sent E-mail request asking for all loans I had with QQ over the years (was a lot) Provided Date of birth, and all addresses I have had over the last 9 to 10 years 16/08/18 - No response received, sent a chase request 20/08/18 - They provide 6 account statements. I can only reconcile that against 2 of my loans (4 were potentially from an old bank account I had no access
  3. Hi I will start a consolidated thread listing all my payday loans due to gambling and the severe nightmare it has caused me including losing my job and nearly my family. I have downloaded your guide and going to sort all the information I need to post properly this weekend. However I have (after reading your frankly brilliant guide) looked closely into the situation with QuickQuid. I spiraled from loans of 100 to £1200 with them over 2015,2016 and 2017 whilst also borrowing every month from Wonga, MyJar, Lending Stream. I lost my job in June 2017 and owed them £1200. I defaulted
  4. Good Morning, Today i received a letter from PRA group in relation to a quick quid loan taken out in March 2011, they are offering around a 70% discount, The letter is titled "Could you settle your account?" I did query this loan in 2015 so i have a statement of the account. I was just wondering what my next steps would be to get them to stop hassling me and would this be statue barred as the last payment was made in May 2011. Thanks DC
  5. I read with great pleasure a gentleman on another thread who successfully claimed back over 8k in fees from Quickquid after taking after multiple loans. I was in the same position pretty much as the gentlemen in question and was offered 350 quid in 2015 for full and final settlement which i may now have stupidly accepted. Do I have recourse to go back for another claim and say this was not considered correctly? would appreciate some advice, also in the same position with Wonga, accepted a fraction of the interest payoff paid over some 20 loans with them.
  6. Hello all, Long time lurker, first time poster. The wisdom and knowledge of this forum has gave me the confidence to ignore all previous calls/threats but this latest letter is something new, that I haven't seen listed before, so feeling a little anxious. ARC have taken over my QQ account after QQ failed to accept my monthly standing order payments and insisted on a DD only (we all know why). I have since moved to another bank and get my wages paid into that new account. The old account still exists. I received this letter this morning. ARC have been phoning me 3-4 times a day b
  7. This may have been covered so apologies however my wife had a debt with QuickQuid in 2010, there hasn’t been communication with them since and don't recall having DCA's involved we’ve seen the debt now appear on her Noodle credit file with an account start date of 2010 (when she took out the advance and wasn't able to make any repayments) but a default date of 2015 – i assume they’ve done this just before the debt is Barred so we’re screwed until 2021. Can they do this or is this unlawful? Some help would be appreciated. I've heard that a default can only be
  8. I have a default with QQ dated 16/07/2012 it should fall off my file July 2018. Will it stay on my file after this date if there is still a balance on it or will it be removed regardless. Can they add another default at anytime?
  9. Hi guys, Hoping you can help me, while at uni I like many had to live on these damn things, I would pay one off then get another one out the same day to keep on top of the money which had just been paid back, The other day I got a letter from Moriarty Law Solicitors threating court action, like an idiot I agreed to pay back 50 a month to them for a 450 balance from a 300 pound loan, I can not afford to do this I made one payment and then stopped it. Today I called up and explained the situation and the customer service agent was so rude!! Quickquid unfairly
  10. So i would start a thread in the QuickQuid sub forum for my CCA sent to Mack Hall as the original creditor is QQ correct?
  11. I took out a payday loan with quickquid for around £200, couldn't pay back as I lost my job and fast forward to now, I owe ARC Europe £333.80, what is the best way to deal with this? Thanks.
  12. Hi There I raised an irresponsible lending claim with QuickQuid back in July. At the 8 week point they replied saying they hadn't done anything wrong. I raised it with fos who replied with their assessment in November. The adjudicator upheld my complaint. At this point quickquid said they wouldn't consider the loans i had prior to July 2010 as they had been taken out more than 6 years ago. Fos said they should refund all interest plus 8% on my last loan and they would look into whether I should be refunded for the others. Fos gave quickquid 2
  13. Hi Everyone Good news regarding my complaint against Quickquid. I referred it to the Ombudsman after receiving their standard response they did all the necessary checks etc, etc. I loaned from them constantly from Dec 2008 to Sept 2013 when I requested a repayment plan. Had a call from my adjudicator at the Ombudsman to say Quickquid are willing to refund all interest paid from October 2010. Just waiting for her to confirm the figure. My initial loans were fairly small so I can accept they were affordable but from 2010 onwards the amounts escalated each month. If their figure is anywhe
  14. Hi, I sent in a complaint to QQ and they have emailed me saying that "in order to better assist you, we ask that you fill out below information so that we can thoroughly review and respond to your complaint". The questions briefly 1. Income per pay cheque at time of loans 2. Monthly expenses (mortgage,rent, travel, bills etc) 3. Recently, we have seen an increased number of complaints where the complainant has obtained a template from a website or blog. Did you use a website template? If so, can you pleaserovide the name of the website? 4. Did you tell us that you were ex
  15. Hi I took out a loan off quickquid back in feb 2012 I could not afford to pay the loan back at the time. They sold the debt to gothiagroup in 2014 Its been in arrears ever since feb 2012 the total amount is £1149. Its been nearly 4 years in arrears now and shows up on my credit report. Would it be worth writing to quickquid to see if I could get this loan write off due to I could not afford to pay this loan back at the time thanks.
  16. Hi There. i've been reading some of the post and i thought i give it a try i used this template "I wish to make a formal complaint based on what I believe to be irresponsible lending and the amount paid towards the loan. On 26/02/2010 , I was granted a Debt Relief Order. Had you done sufficient checks you would have seen this on the Insolvency Register and on my credit report. This, added to the fact that I made you aware of the difficulty to repay and the offer of further finance should have been blatant that I was in financial difficulty at the time. I do not believe you per
  17. Hmmm - Quickquid said via email, when asked for info on my previous loans; "Please forward your request along with your cheque for £10.00 ( the cost of the copies requested, per loan or extension)" Per loan or extension? Surely that's not correct? I have sent £10 for everything... Anyone had similar?
  18. Hi all, I sent a complaint letter to quickquid about my payday loan on the 30/10/2014. I sent it recorded and they signed for it on the 31/10/2014. They have now had 8 weeks and I sent a letter to another Payday lender (Payday Express) around the same time. They replied with a Deadlock letter so I've gone to the FOS with them. I'm thinking should I just go to the FOS with quickquid because they've had the 8 weeks and not done anything. Here is my letter: Quick Quid 483 Green Lanes London N13 4BS 30 October 2014 Reference Number:
  19. Hi all posted on here last year when i was really in debt since then i have had repayment plans and managed to pay 4 creditors off so slowly getting there! Now to my problem one of these creditors quick-quid flexicredit i had a standing order repayment plan with since the end of April 2014 and so far had 5 payments gone out of my account and have the bank statements as proof. I had an email off them today first one ever saying it was a statement so i logged on to my account and wanted to know how much i had left and was shocked to see i still had £727 from an original balance of £787
  20. Just received an email from QQ saying they've sent out a statutory default notice through the post. What does this mean for me? They're demanding immediate payment of £530, which I can't do as im unemployed. Have tried to set up a repayment plan in the past but they haven't been interested after I was unable to stick with one earlier. My worry is people knocking on my door, i live with family and wouldn't want that stress on them, does this happen still? Can someone help, what should i do, im willing to pay small amounts on a repayment plan, 40/50 a month etc. Really worrie
  21. Hello I have a Flex account with them, i contacted other day about setting up a repayment plan, i do not want to give them my bank details again in order to set up a new direct debit, I will be getting a money windfall on 12th May, I was wondering what would happen if I didn't pay or contact them until this date and paid it off them. Would I incur a lot of charges which would put the amount due up a lot higher?
  22. Hi I Currently have an account with quickquid which is now in default. I have tried to speak to them several times but do not seem to get anywhere and I am now being inundated with calls. I have a flexi loan with them however in summer my work hours were cut and I am loosing over 200 a month. I spoke with somebody at quickquid and they agreed to put me on a 4 months payment plan of 175 a month and they wouldnt add intrest. When the payment date came I checked my account and they had taken over 230 out of my account. I spoke with them and was then told
  23. Hi all, Received court claim papers Issue date 8 July 2013. States loan from 2010 – I had ignored it after rolling over at least 12 times and spiralling into problems, couldn’t afford to pay back and now got to this point. I guess my first step is to apply for more time online – will do this shortly. And then, send a letter asking for some kind of SAR/ CCA documentation. Then post back here? Many thanks for any help; I have no clue about how to approach this and if anyone has had any success with defending against a payday loan, by saying repaid many times over (r
  24. London payday loan company, QuickQuid, records all its phone calls – but they objected when I said I was recording the call too. I was trying to complain that someone pretending to be me had borrowed £400 from them at 5,200% APR interest - and that I was not responsible for paying back the loan, as QuickQuid was demanding. Hear what happened:
  25. I'd done so well for months, completely debt free (many thanks to people on this site that helped during the time) and then landed myself in financial trouble recently after losing my job. I took out a loan with these guys again to cover christmas, but my plan to repay was scuppered by an unexpected medical complication. My due date was last Thursday, for which the direct debit was bounced back. I contacted quickquid that afternoon and came to an arrangement whereby I paid £8.50 then from £31.50 debt, and the remaining balance for £23 (amounts are not exact) today. When I went to ma
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