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  1. It's for me and the complaint was regarding irresponsible lending and claiming back fee's.
  2. Thank you for the information, I will explain that obviously they should have all the info provided to them by me when I applied for the loans. Have already been successful with Wonga and got there refund last week.
  3. Hi, I sent in a complaint to QQ and they have emailed me saying that "in order to better assist you, we ask that you fill out below information so that we can thoroughly review and respond to your complaint". The questions briefly 1. Income per pay cheque at time of loans 2. Monthly expenses (mortgage,rent, travel, bills etc) 3. Recently, we have seen an increased number of complaints where the complainant has obtained a template from a website or blog. Did you use a website template? If so, can you pleaserovide the name of the website? 4. Did you tell us that you were experiencing financial hardship? If so,when? 5. Copy ho banks statements from roughly time of loans 6. Payslips from roughly time of loan. Surely they should have all the information they needed before providing the loans regarding g income, expenditure etc
  4. So all 5 loans that have been refunded for will be taken off my credit file too.
  5. Checked my bank today and the money had been paid by them today
  6. Got email back today to advise that the credit record entries will also be removed. So I emailed them back to say that in that case I was happy to accept their offer and sent them my bank details. Shortly after, got email to advise that just over 1k has been sent for processing and will be in my acct within 3-5 working days.
  7. Hi, they took the full 8 weeks, then 5 weeks and this week was the sixth week.
  8. Hi, I sent off my email in feb regarding 6 loans I had with Wonga. I received email to say that they will get back to me I 8 weeks, then another to say it will take another 6 weeks. Yesterday I received an email saying that my loans were unaffordable and they are refunding me the intest and fees and 8% interest too. They have asked for my bank details to pay the money into my account. I will email them and advise them that I will accept the offer providing they remove all entries off my credit file
  9. hi, it seems my partner kept these letters about this ticket from me, what should i do?? so even though they sent letters , i personally did not get them to read, so was aware of the ticket until last week
  10. i can't afford to pay, so if i was to complete a out to time statutory declaration, what does that mean and what would actually happen?
  11. i am ok to not have the car without a week, as it was on sorn on the driveway. surely they can't take the car if its on hire purchase???
  12. it states on the notice he left, he has wrote in the box: warrant of execution manchester council non payment pcn so is that a council ticket then?
  13. i genuinely knew nothing about the ticket, and it was my other half who had been driving it when he got the ticket. I don't even know if it was a council parking ticket.
  14. Hi, Help needed pls. I popped out the other day and my kids were home, and when i got back my kids are all upset, scared and distraught. The kids told me that someone was banging on the door , window and garage doors very loud and hard for about 20 mins. Obviously i was upset too, and not very happy that my kids felt terrorised in their own home. A enforcement agent from marstons had clamped my car which was on the drive, and also posted a letter. This is the first time they have called regarding this matter or sent any letters about this pcn. I was not the driver of the vehicle at the time when the parking ticket was issued , and neither was i aware of it! I have not received any letters from them regarding this matter previously, until they came the other day banging down the door. They are saying i need to pay in full 392.00, which consists of debt of 82, compliance stage fee of 75 and then an enforcement stage fee of 235.00. I did call the agent and he says i need to pay it all before he takes of the clamp. He want take any instalments. I told him that the car is on hp, and he is using it as leverage for me to pay it all, but he says i just need to pay it all before they take the clamp off. I spoke to the office to tell them i know nothing about it , they would not listen, and told me i need to pay it all . I told her that why have they clamped the car because they can't take it as it on hp, she told me that she has spoken to the hp company, and they are happy for then to take the car. Which is so untrue, as firstly she does not even know who the hp is with. She was very rude , and then hung up saying she is going to terminate this call. Are they allowed to clamp my car on my drive, and then leave a letter saying taking control of goods on a highway? Are they not supposed to give me any notice they are going to come, or the fine has been passed to them, and why are they adding compliance fee and enforcement stage fee at the same time. I was not the driver, i knew nothing about this ticket until last week. I have never had a parking ticket, and if i did know i would have paid it whilst you pay only half the amount. Please help, and advise greatly appreciated.
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