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  1. So i would start a thread in the QuickQuid sub forum for my CCA sent to Mack Hall as the original creditor is QQ correct?
  2. Hi I have just joined this site,I had worked for Mackenzie Hall and after that PRA Group once they purchased Mackenzie Hall,I no longer work for them,the reason I have joined this site (and others) is if I can help anybody in anyway with advice etc I'm only to happy to help or give advice,if I know the answer to the question! I understand it may be strange an ex employee posting on this site but I have personal reasons as to why. Regards Mashigana
  3. Hi Ive had an Vanquis card that i fell behind with after arranging reduced payments for 4 months but after 3 months vanquis rang and said id had the reduced amount and now needed to make the full payments.. Mackenzie hall have since contacted me with a reduced settlement offer of half the debt, looking for an amicable settlement prior to court proceedings, Which i worked out was the correct amount owed less there charges applied which doubled the amount, so i wrote back agreeing to the half debt amount and sent a letter agreeing to the true figure that was owed less the unlawful and e
  4. Hello, forum noob so be patient with me please. I am receiving letters which I suspect is for a debt which is probably 14 years old but the letters do not have my current name on them. I divorced then changed my name briefly due to my ex having debts I was being hassled for. I am now known by my maiden name. I was receiving these letters at my two previous addresses but always returned them 'not known at this address'. I have just moved and I am now getting them here. Advice please - I have not opened the letters and have never responded to any of them durin
  5. I have a debt with Vanquis which I could no longer afford to meet the minimum payments due to overtime being cut at work so have less money coming in. Debt has been passed to Mackenzie Hall and they phoned me last week. I offered to pay £20 a month by standing order starting 1st Oct, they accepted and they gave me their bank account number and sort code to make the payments to. Fast forward to today and I receive an email from Lowell Group regarding the same debt demanding full payment now or to contact them to arrange a payment plan. Did I not just arrange a paymen
  6. Hi There, I had a JD Williams account in 2006 I cleared it the following year (07) before I moved house since then they have sent me threatening letters both from them and debt collectionicon agencies claiming that I still owe them money. My account was online and I didn't sign a CCA I believe that they acquired my new address illegally contrary to the data protection act I have written to them informing them that I cleared my account and to point out that they have acquired my new address illegally but they continue to send the letters. This has gone through several DCA's and is now
  7. hi there I am getting letters from the above 2 so far - saying they are attempting to contact the above named (me) at this address etc etc etc In the subject matter it says Not Known/ Gone away which I know is normally on a creditors note on a credit file if the address hasn't been up dated so Im guessing theyre after me for something I just don't know what - My credit rating says excellent - although there are defaults on there but these are being paid through a DMP Do I answer the letter - the LAST thing I want is a CCJ now that IVe managed to clear up
  8. Hi Guys I got and hone call on Friday from PRA, ignored it because it was automated, then they did the one thing that is a massive no-no; They rang my work place! Somehow managed to find the number and embarrassed me, because my boss dragged me aside this morning and went "what the hell! " Anyway I spoke to PRA and they REFUSE to remove the contact details for me after i said in writing only. They have marked them *Incorrect contact* instead and refused. I warned them I would refer it to the ICO, and they still didn't budge! What do you suggest?
  9. Seems there's a lot of bad press to do with MH on here.. I dont know much about them, but I receieved a letter yesterday. Theyve been calling me for a few weeks and leaving odd voicemails with an automated message asking me to call back. Which I haven't. I'm currently on a DMP with 'The Money Group' as my debts with Wonga and QuickQuid got out of hand. Wonga seem to have gone quiet on me, so I assume they have accepted the agreement with my DMP but QQ contacted me about a month ago saying I had 7 days to arrange payments. I spoke to a rep and offered a token £10 p
  10. Hi, I've been getting spammed by text message and phonecall by Moorcroft. They didn't identify who they purchased the alleged debt from. They did leave a reference number in a text message, which allowed me to log into their website and submit a message along the lines of: "Your communication by text message and telephone will cease immediately, and you will contact me in writing. Failure to comply will put you in breach of the Protection from Harassment Act 1999, and s.127 of the Communications Act 2003. Any future communications will be recorded and logged to be used
  11. Hi this is probably very minor in comparison to many folks problems, here's my issue. Had a new mobile and number last Dec apparently it was previously owned by someone with debt who was being hunted by debt collection companies. Three of the companies accepted the fact from me that I am not the person they seek, MacKenzie Hall however don't. Despite sending me an email in June assuring me my details would be removed they are back at it this week. I have written another waspy email which I will send to MacKenzie Hall although only have two
  12. Anyone have an email address for these people please?
  13. Hi guys, after a bit of advice and hopefully confirmation of what I believe. I took out a couple of loans with Welcome Finance. ..one a car loan one a personal loan. I'm not sure of the exact time I took them out but at best guess it would have been 2001 or 2002. Not long after I ran into trouble and couldn't afford the repayments. I made an agreement with Welcome to pay £10 per week on each of the loans which they accepted. In 2004 I moved house. In August 2006, I changed my bank account. Having had the conversation with Welcome before, I knew
  14. Evening all. Been reading a lot of stuff (mostly bad, tbh) about the above mentioned company. Had a letter from them on saturday morning regarding an old debt of mine. The letter was addressed to me, they were asking if I was the addressee, and if I was, to contact them, and if I wasn't, did I know where I could be found. I fed the letter through my shredder........... Let's start at the beginning. In early 2008, we took a loan of 10k out, stupidly with Welscum Finance, which as most of you prolly know, was flushed down the tubes by the high up shirts
  15. Was stupid and took out a Wonga loan to get through a dodgy month about 18 months ago; according to my credit file the original balance was £205. It defaulted at £450~. Wonga passed this on to Moorcroft whom sent a few letters, tried to ring, gave up and went quiet. (This was around 9 months ago) Well, I've just had a missed call (or did at 0812) from a number that is registered as MacKenzie Hall. They've tried to leave a message but I know it's going to be a computer voice telling me to ring them, so I haven't even bothered listening to it yet. I'm fairly sure this is going to be about t
  16. Hi everybody thanks in advance for help I have various debts all of which i am paying a small amount a month to (accepted by creditors) I have however had no joy communicating with Mackenzie Hall who have bought my Quick Quid debt. I originally sent them letters to stop phone calls which have now resumed after a break, and they are constantly sending me completely irrelevant letters. However today i have received a letter headed REDUCED SETTLEMENT OFFER Our offer of full and final settlement : £149.40 to be paid no later than noon 18th August 2013 Now the
  17. Help, I received this letter today from mucky hall. I had a wonga loan for £400 in 2011 I couldnt afford to pay it back and buried my head in the sand. I had all the usual threats, default notice and a letter telling me it had been sold to mucky hall. I got the usual threats off them, I have not heard anything for around 6 months until today. This doesn't sound like the usual threats and now I'm worried. What does it mean and what should I do. mucky hall are not on my credit report just wonga it shows default in december 2011 though the amount is now showing as £917. There is no way I can affo
  18. Hi all, recieved a default notice from these clowns today. It doesnt say where the debt originated and I dont recognise it. It doesnt even appear on my credit files! So can they do this, I mean put a default on your file. Also, what can I do to stop them doing this? Thanks in advance!
  19. Hello everybody, This evening I received a call from MacKenzie Hall asking if I was who they expected it to be which is my son. I explained that no, that is my son who is at work, can I help. They said no its a personal matter and would try another number tomorrow. I contacted my son and asked him if he had heard from them or if he was in any debt. He said no to both and I do believe him (well, I definitely hope he's not deceiving me). Should I have concerns over this? I told him not to accept any call from the number I was called on until he receives something in writing. Th
  20. Hi, I have just been onto Experian credit file and seen a default from Mackenzie hall for a debt i had with QuickQuid. Now when QQ lent me the money spell my name incorrect. Now the question i have is: 1) if i was to pay the Full Outstanding amount can i get the default removed 2) Is there anything i can do about them have spelt my name incorrect? e.g. they have an extra A The reason i ask this, is that i have found my dream job, but they require a credit search on me, so i need a clean file. Is there anything i can do, please help. Adam
  21. Just had the following e-mail from Muck Hall: Am I on a phishing list and should I ignore them? I've read A LOT of bad press about these clowns... I have only one call from them and that was nearly 5 weeks ago. Didn't answer as my phone was switched off! It seems they don't even know if I am the person they want and mr is spelt Mr! Have checked the CRA's (All Three) and nothing on there that it could be. Ignore the best course? Had no written correspondence either!
  22. Hi there, Really looking for some advice and what to do next....I had a loan with Pounds 2 Pockets and fell into financial difficulty and fell behind in payments. I contacted Pounds 2 pockets to try and set up a replayment plan however they said they were unable to provide me with bank details to set up a standing order and passed this to Mac Hall. This was in September of last year. Mac Hall then hounded me, contacted my place of work and generally harrased me. I ignored this however looking back it was maybe the wrong thing to do. I have had a letter from them threating door step c
  23. Could someone please help me, I have a debt which was originally with First Direct which I defaulted on 13/06/06 for £14625. The debt was then sold on to Cabot on 21 June 2007, now I am sure the last payment was made on 27 December 2006 & there has been no acknowledgement from me since this date so I know that they would need to have issued proceedings by 27 December 2012. However, I am also aware that once proceedings have been issued they have 4 months to effect service. Mackenzie Hall have now been representing Cabot since 1st February 2013 and I have rec
  24. I have opened my email this morning (a Sunday) to find the following waiting for me. (I've hidden anything in this which identifies me). ----------------------- Private & Confidential - For Attention of MR [name removed]. We have been supplied this e-mail address to contact MR [name removed]. If you are this person, please respond via telephone to 08444115751 quoting reference number [number removed] whereupon further detailed information can be provided. We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Yours Sincerely, Mackenzie Hall
  25. Hello, I was wondering if I could get some advice. My husband is getting letter from the lovely MacKenzie hall chasing a debt of £321.06. He hasn't had a phone from carphone warehouse since at least 2006 and this debt does not show on his credit file either. Are they able to chase this? Should we ignore them? Would a statute barred letter apply to them if we sent one?
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