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  1. Yeah, your correct they are. I have read that, tad confusing sorry! I wrote the letter out and it says send the money to end this request including the £10 fee to the address which your data holder has registered with the Data Protection Commissioner as the address of the Data Controller. Which is QQ address so how am i sending this money? Thanks
  2. Haha, no problem! So put the 10pound in with the letter? Quick question. Do I tell the DCA that I am now putting in a claim against QQ? they emailing me and calling me now twice a day.
  3. Am I being stupid but I can't seem to find the template?
  4. Do you have a link please for the DSAR? One thing that is bugging me is, I paid one installment to the DCA Now will this matter during this claim there is still a loan outstanding.
  5. However i only asked for my statement at that time nothing else so no letter was sent in, Just a request for a statement.
  6. HI! Thanks for your reply, Yes was silly but I have paid most of my debts off now, so did not want to end up with CCJ. In regards to reclaiming, I tried early 2015 and got this reply, which I have only just found in my inbox - ****** ****** Thank you for contacting Quick Quid. Please be aware in order to have a copy of a statement, you must write to the following: 483 Green Lanes London N13 4BS. You can also review the statements we've sent to you via email and they are also available online at quickquid.co.uk. Collection efforts will continue until the balance has been paid in full or an arrangement is set on the outstanding balance. Thank you. If you have any queries, our Collections Department is here to help. WARNING: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk QuickQuid Collections Team Direct Line: 0808 234 4561 Fax: 0808 101 1381 Are my next steps to send them the letter? or do i need to request statement show I can see what loans I have had? Thanks
  7. Hi guys, Hoping you can help me, while at uni I like many had to live on these damn things, I would pay one off then get another one out the same day to keep on top of the money which had just been paid back, The other day I got a letter from Moriarty Law Solicitors threating court action, like an idiot I agreed to pay back 50 a month to them for a 450 balance from a 300 pound loan, I can not afford to do this I made one payment and then stopped it. Today I called up and explained the situation and the customer service agent was so rude!! Quickquid unfairly lent me loans for a good 2 years I would say, without any means check and let me run up so much debt. I also have debt with 2 other lenders but they are not with DCA yet. I understand there is a gray area once it goes to a DCA so could you please help? I cant log into my account on quickquid either. I know I borrowed it so should pay it back but Moriarty Law Solicitors won't accept a plan I can afford now I missed a payment. This is just one of them - As we have advised you previously in the Notice of Default, you have failed to make payments required under your Loan Agreement with QuickQuid or to contact us to take corrective action. Loan: .... Date of Agreement: 41507 Outstanding Principal: £250 Outstanding Interest: £208.44 Outstanding Late Fees: £24 Discounts & Credits: £0 Total Amount Outstanding: £482.44 As a result, we have decided to refer your account to a Third Party Debt Collection Agency who will be in touch with you in due course. Their information is listed below. If you would like to make a payment, please contact the debt collection agency: ARC (Europe) Ltd 01932 251842
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