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Found 84 results

  1. Hi there, Is there anyone out there who can help me? We have a former GMAC mortgage that went over to mortgage Express. We were keeping up with the mortgage until I finally succumbed to my illness and disability. We are currently five months in arrears which works out to be £4250. I was working part time and my wife was working full time and up to earlier in the year keeping up with our mortgage. We thought we had sorted ourselves out with my working part time and my wife getting a full time job a while ago. I had an operation several years ago, that resulted in damage to my spine, this means I take 35 tablets a day, and have fentanyl (type of morphine) patches, oramorph (another type of morphine). I am stuck in a wheelchair now, I am typing from a special bed installed in our bedroom that is like a hospital bed. All this means I cannot really work a lot now. I am waiting for the first of five operations at the start of August so will be out of any sort of working fulltime loop for a few years. I will be able to work part time and an employer is willing to let me do this fitting around all my issues. My wife works fulltime, but had to take a few months off without pay due my being in and out of hospital. overall a loss of income. We have managed to stabilise our position, but need to sort out the mortgage arrears. We were in arrears a few years ago with MX and it was hell. Four of five phone calls a day, refusal to accept a deal, threats of a home visit etc. we changed our phone number, managed to pay off the debt and were debt free for three years. How can I write a letter offering an extra £150.00 a month, which we can pay and try to forestall any action? We had a knock at the door which was out of the blue. It was an advisor and valuer from them. We told him to go away, we were only going to deal with Mortgage Express in writing as our last experience told us they bullied on the phone, never agreed a deal, and kept on phoning us. Despite our telling him to go away, he came back four times, each time was when our neighbours were coming home from work. He would stand outside the house and with a raised voice tell us he was there to deal with our mortgage arrears. our neighbours know our business. Can someone point me towards a letter template our help me out with one to send them as soon as possible? I just want to stop and action which the valuer told us they would do, that being taking us to court for repossession. I know the court might end up giving possession and then stay it, but it is a worry I could do without. I get full DLA, I am as previously stated in a wheelchair. I have four outpatient’s appointments a week, which I know is not MX’s fault, but being thrown out of the house will result in my ending up in hospital. Please help.
  2. Hi everyone, I had two accounts with Amex opened in 2003, One was Amex blue and the otherone was Gold Charge Card. I ran into financial problem and the accounts were terminated and sold to Capquest. I was first offered the Gold Card then followed by the Blue Card. Well, there is no outstanding debts on them now but there were penalty charges on both cards which I would like to claim back. I wrote to them requesting them to repay but they refused. I then sent a LBA and their response is basically the same. Below is their reply to my LBA: (Two letters for the two accounts but the contents are the same) WITHOUT PREJUDICE SAVE AS TO COSTS Dear Mr... Thank you for your letter dated --.12.2014 concerning the default charges applied to the above account. While we are disappointed that you rae not satisfied with our response, we confirm that your claim has been reviewed in accordance with time frame limited by law and that, as confirmed in our final response letter dated -- December 2014, no refunds of default charges are due in respect of this claim. If, however, despite our final response, you decide to pursue legal action, American Express will have no alternative but to defend such proceedings and recover its costs of doing so from you. We trust this will not prove necessary and that we can avoid unnecessary use of the court's time and legal expense. Yours Sincerely, Now, my question is, Has anyone had experience with Amex? Any success story to read? It is my intention to follow it through. I want to issue a claim but would want to hear your opinions before I do that. Thanks Dot
  3. Hi, This is an issue I'm having with Parcelforce at work. We had a package that we needed to ship from the UK to Belgium on a next day service. This was originally booked in for collection from our offices on 18th December last year, and the package didn't eventually arrive until 27th December (it may have been the 28th, but the tracking information is still not updated). I complained to Parcelforce over the phone because I had performed due diligence in searching for the best shipping service and our parcel hadn't arrived next day. The tracking information hadn't been updated either, which was contrary to their statement that they offer a fully tracked service. The service I selected was Parcelforce Global Express service. I was told over the phone that it wasn't a next day service and that they only quote "from" next working day. If I'm honest I was quite shocked I'd been caught out like that, and amazed that it would appear as though a company the size of Parceforce would intimate they're offering a speedy service and use wording to absolve themselves of any responsibility if the shipment was delayed. They also confirmed that they had in fact farmed it out to Fedex - Personally I think that if a company is masquerading as a shipping company they should be upfront about using third parties as this would naturally play a part in altering my business decision to use them as a company or not. For instance had I known they were using a third party and the delivery date was not guaranteed at all, and that they don't in fact offer a fully tracked service I would have not chosen to use them. I was advised to send a mail to parcelforce@parcelforce.co.uk (I don't even believe this is a true e-mail address as it sounds like something they would give out to get rid of customers). E-mailed it a couple of times with my complaint. Had no response, and finally settled on raising a dispute with Resolver. To their credit, they did respond quite quickly. The first paragraph of their response outlined that "most" shipping companies describe their services as "from" but they offered me 50% refund. I went back to them to push our case for a full refund, and they then responded with the most astonishing thing I've ever heard - I disagreed with their earlier comment that most companies describe their shipping services as "from" and listed a few companies that did offer guaranteed services. Their response was that I was mistaken and confusing carriers and couriers. I believe what Parceforce are saying is that they are a carrier and the other companies I used as examples are couriers. My question would be - What is the difference? From looking on line, all I can find is that a carrier collects lots of parcels and delivers them all on one van. Whereas a courier collects your parcel on a given date and delivers direct to the delivery point? That's where I get confused because if Parcelforce are saying they are a carrier, the delivery service I selected was a pickup service delivered to my delivery address. Surely that puts them half in the carrier camp? Personally I find their response in arguing over semantics and terminologies to be quite laughable for such a company, because as a layman how am I supposed to be aware that they are a carrier, and what the difference is between the two? If someone selects a global fully tracked express service with collection from our door, surely it would be reasonable of me to expect that they would provide that sort of service?
  4. This is a thread to contain my payday loans, my original one is here: HERE Here is a list of the payday loans i taken out from 2011-2014 (ish) The last contact i made with them was December 2017 as instructed by Redbridge Finance a company who was "supposidly" going to help me claim compensation from them. Wonga Quickquid Payday express Mr lender Myjar The money shop The cheque centre To name but a few, there are probably more but it really hurts my head when i try and think back. I am not being chased for any of the above debts at the moment, and not all of them are on my credit report. The only ones that are on my Noddle credit report are: Lantern: a debt collection agency wanting £262 default date 11/08/2014 Advance against income Active securities LTD a debt collection agency wanting £442 Default date 07/09/2014 I'm not sure which company they are from (original creditors) , i haven't heard anything from them ever although all of my debts were taken out at my old address. There are probably more than the ones i listed at the top of the page, but it's going back a long time and feel free to read the thread linked in the top for a short back story going back to 2012. I was hoping for some advice on where to go from here, redbridge tried to put a claim in against Wonga, filed a complaint against the FCA to find they went bust. Thanks so much in advance.
  5. Hi, my friend took NE to London to apply French visa for January trip. The bus arrived in London one and a half hour late because of the driver went to wrong direction (which is unbelievable!) She missed the time slot for French visa, and it is unlikely to apply visa anytime before January. (She has bought tickets and booked hotel already) I searched NE website regards of compensation, but there is not much information. She allowed one hour between coach arrival time and visa. Could she claim the foreseeable loss?
  6. Hi I am just looking for some advice, or a template letter for this please. I CCA'd Lowells and they eventually supplied me with a copy of my CCA at the end of 2017. The balance owed is £453.84 and they have put a Default on my credit file which expires in 2020. I have worked out that the balance consists some £302.52 in interest & charges with a true balance owing of £151.32. I have written to Lowells and offered a F&F settlement of the £151.32 and the removal of any detrimental info on my credit files - I know it was worth a shot! They have refused my offer and will only accept a 40% discount of the balance owed and a "partial settlement" once paid against the Default on my credit file. This is not something I want as I believe this can raise a red flag in the future as it shows that I only part pay my debts. Please can someone advise how best to proceed, or better still the next step in the wonderful world of the letter templates that are on this website Many thanks
  7. Howdy, I got myself into a real mess with payday loans, going back to divorce/unemployment in 2009. At its worst, between May 2012 and January 2015 I had nearly 140 loans with over a dozen lenders, in an endless bucket brigade of borrowing from one to repay another. I walked away from the whole toxic lot in January 2015 and am now redressing the situation. From May 2012 to October 2013 I borrowed 10 times from Payday Express - deferring, refinancing, reborrowing etc. 10/8/17 - Sent formal complaint requiring refund of interest (£968.97) + 8% interest (£331.21) + removal of adverse data. 11/8/17 - Payday Express acknowledge receipt of complaint outlining response timescale (within 4 weeks, not later than 8 weeks) 6/9/17 - Payday Express are sorry to inform me that - after 4 weeks - their investigation is not complete 5/10/17 - Payday Express are sorry to inform me that - after 8 weeks - their investigation is not complete. They don't say when it might be complete (at a guess, never) but inform me of my right to refer the complaint to the FOS. So, next? Prelim followed by LBA? Straight to LBA (previous formal complaint as Prelim)?
  8. Hello, I am looking for some advice please. I have a standing order weekly to Fedex Europe paying off some outstanding import tax, however today I have received a Notice of Enforcement asking for £958 - includes a number of charges! I can happily print off the invoices for these payments and get these off to them, but I need to know what I can do re the letter? I have emailed them today asking for confirmation of whether any payments have been added to this account. I have until 31st March to get this sorted. Please advise. Thanks
  9. I recently applied for an Amex card to help spread the cost of a large house repair bill. Amex declined my application and specifically cited adverse information in the specific credit reference report. I have applied direct to the credit reference agency and my credit score is 98% and there are no negatives on the credit file. Has anyone come across this before? (apologies if this is posted in the wrong place but I couldnt see an American Express sub forum in the Banks, finance and credit forum. ) I thought it might be linked to my partner so we applied for her credit report and it is a 100% score so I cannot see why Amex would use this as a reason to decline the application.
  10. Hello All I am currently involved in a legal dispute with UKAR regarding a property mortgaged with MX. In order to defend the case, I need an original copy of their Terms and conditions 2004 booklet. I have several "Manipulated" copies that have been sent to be by UKAR however, each copy varies in detail. If anyone has a copy I could borrow/purchase it would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hi I took a loan out with these guys and struggled to pay it. I did make a complaint with FOS and they declined my complaint (which surprised me as I was in default already with this company and in major debt) However my account is in limbo land. Instead of defaulting the account they keep putting on my credit file its a late payment. My main issue, I have the money to pay. They won't take it (i have offered since December). I have asked and they keep giving me a standard answer advising they are waiting for the FOS to reply, I tell they have and they go quiet. I sent a faster payment to clear the debt and it was returned. I made a second complaint regarding customer service. Terrible company. Any suggestions? thank you
  12. Hi All, I was wondering if you could provide some advice please. We took a mortgage out on our current property with Mortgage Express back in 2003. From then until 2009 we made EVERY payment ontime, every single month. in September 2009 we hit some financial difficulty and I phoned them to see if I could request a 1 month holiday payment. I was advised yes I could and it would be added onto the end of the mortgage and a need to reschedule payments would not be needed. Superb. No need to cancel the Direct Debit, nothing at all. About a year after that we started to receive phone calls and letters telling us we were in arrears. I explained the situation and they denied all knowledge of what I had been advised. They knew Id asked over it, yet did not agree they had said anything of the sort. I asked them to produce a copy of the phone call that took place, however they "cannot find it" - Roll on until 3 months ago, the odd phone call here and there, me explaining the situation, them denying it. 3 Months ago, I phoned them and advised that I was sick of letters and phone calls I will agree to start to repay them. I went through a financial breakdown with them, (which with 5 kids is near on impossible) as i offered 50 pounds per month on TOP of my mortgage to reduce my arrears. They said that I couldn't rely afford that, as my outgoings were more than incomings, (they never are - however when someone asks you how much you spend on kids shoes per year - what do you say). I argued with them and told them I could afford that. They told me then could I cut costs in other places and get back to them. To be fair we havent heard anything since today.... In all the time we have and still are continuing to pay the monthly amount on time. tonight I come home to 2 crappy typed up letters, one addressed to the "Tenant" and one to the "Occupiers" telling me that Proceedings to Re-Possess our house have commenced, and I am due in my local court at the end of May. Can someone please advise me here on where I stand. Does this need to go to court?, Can it go to court? - If I have offered payments to reduce arrears and argued the toss with them, how can this be the next stage. We simply dont want to lose our house and we are absolutley petrified with rage. Any advice, comments, tips would be MORE than appreciated. Many Thanks B Pool.
  13. Hi there, Can anyone help me, I have recently been going through some old paperwork whilst clearing out and have found some statements from credit accounts I had. These were paid off earlier this year after a lengthy repayment period however I do recall questioning the charges once before on the phone. One of these accounts was with Studio/Express Gifts. I have found a thread on here from 2007 but was looking for some up-to date information about reclaiming charges. The Default sum on this account was £20 a time, and I recall that there were many of these placed on my account over a 5 year period which ended in the account being handed over to debt collection as I was unable to pay the arrears. the account was eventually frozen before the balance was cleared but I still maintain that the balance was mainly created through charges and not the original purchases. I also have accounts with New Look, Simply Be and Marisota with similar issues. Any help or advice anyone could give would be great appreciated.
  14. Hello, Been a while! I'm trying to arrange a PPI refund on my load with GE Money. I've sent them a form detailing my complaint - and they've come back to me today, saying- They've looked into my unfair PPI claim They've looked into the commission paid to by the insurer to the lender. They're not going to uphold my complaint, because, according to the copy of the agreement shown - the loan was dealt with by a broker 'The Personal Loan Express' it was taken out in September 2003. all the boxes were typed in, and all the boxes ticked for insurance. I recall this was all done over the phone, and they told me to sign the forms and send them back, and because of the type of loan it was, i would have to pay PPI. they're not upholding it because - it's not their problem - The Personal Loan Express. have gone out of business. i can't go to the FOS because it falls out of their remit because the ICOB 'Insurance conduct of business' wasn't started until 2005 They've reviewed my account in connection to the relationship between me and GE Money, in respect of the loan agreement being unfair under s104a of the CCA because of undisclosed commission paid by the insurer to the lender/broker. They're not upholding that either - apparently s104a of the act doesn't apply to the loan agreement, because the loan agreement was entered into before April 2007, and redeemed prior to April 2008. This also falls out of the FOS jurisdiction. They've suggested i approach the FLA, closed my complaint and told me politely not to bother contacting them again. Somehow, even after the length of time - i feel a little short-changed (pardon the pun) It's almost like they're saying 'Yes we knew you had PPI, you can't claim because the firms gone bust, and plus too much time has passed.' I've got a copy of the letter which i'm happy to redact and post, as well as the one page of the agreement. Any advice, would be very grateful Cheers Dman
  15. I'm just coming to my 8 week deadline for payday loan complaints, and just had a response from Payday Express and Payday UK. They have refused the complaint stating that firstly its older than 6 years and secondly its been longer than 3 years for me to realise there was a problem. Payday Express I had 2 loans 8.5.2009 £400 and 26.11.2009 £100, I then continued to rollover until January 2011. At that point I defaulted and started paying via a DMP. For £500 I have so far paid £2,472.07 and still owe £335.27. Payday UK I was loaning from these from 2008, but my last loans were 30.6.09 £350 26.2.2010 and 29.9.10 inbetween these dates I was rolling over and paying interest until again January 2011 when I defaulted. In total I borrowed £1,050 and I have paid back £2,642.39 and still have £195.11 outstanding. My question is is their refusal valid? they state that the ombudsman will not deal with this complaint. regards Joan
  16. Hi admin, couldn't find a Payday Express forum, could you please move this conversation to correct place for me. OK I have made a complaint to payday express re a loan provided even though my credit rating at the time was shot to bits with lots of defaults and other pd loans. They have come back to me and said they have'nt been able to look into my complaint due to a heavy workload. So now I want to take my complaint to FOS but need help on how to word my complaint now that PDE have failed to respond within the weeks they were given.
  17. Hi all, About 6 or 7 years ago American Express wrote to me to tell me they'd missold PPI to me and sent me a cheque for about £350. I'd made no contact with them prior to this so it came out of the blue. The letter stated the matter woyld then be resolved and that i could take no further action against them. I dont think I have the letter any more. Is this true? I suspect that they've duped me somewhat and that they actually owe me lots more. Has anyone else encountered this scenario? What should i do? Thanks, Drammy
  18. Hello, I'm looking to get some advice after reading about the redress that payday companies are paying. I had three loans, one with QuickQuid which I repaid in full, one with Payday UK and one with Payday Express, both of which I defaulted on in 2013 and remain a black mark on my credit file. I defaulted on these owing to losing my primary employment and sinking into a sea of debt. I took out the Payday Express loan on the 13/03/2013 and the Payday UK one on 01/07/2013. My first question is - since these defaulted in December 2013, and no payments made since, would it be possible to get redress? My credit file was already shot to bits at the time of these loans - having already defaulted on my credit cards (not able to make the minimum payments on those), and I will openly admit I went for them in hindsight to try and buy myself time and sustain myself as my job was coming to an end and I was just trying to get to the end of each month. My questions are - even though the accounts are in default, would I be able to get them written off under the redress scheme? It is certainly easily provable that I was a considerable credit risk at the time. Secondly, even though I was able to pay off the QuickQuid loan, managed it with some difficulty and by utilising the other two loans to continue making the payments. Is there any redress there even though I settled the account? Thanks alot in advance for any advice, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions.
  19. I couldn't see an Amex thread so I wasn't sure where to post this. I have an Amex credit card with a £5k credit limit and yesterday I was £200 over that limit. I have been in India for a few months and have been in dispute with a Hotel since I checked out on the 5th October. They had my Amex details from my reservation, but I had used an HSBC card to settle part of the bill during my stay. The Hotel have finally got fedup dealing with me and have charged £2700 to my Amex card, which Amex have approved. So, my current balance is now £7900 against a £5000 credit limit. In my T&C's Amex say that they may allow transactions above the credit limit to go through without it being regarded as a credit limit increase. I am awaiting a response from Amex, but I am arguing that they should never just allow a transaction through that was 54% of my existing credit limit, when I was already over my limit, and in doing so they are effectively extending £2700 of credit to me that I have not asked for. Also, of course, as my actual limit is still £5000, my minimum payment required in December is now close to £3000 in order to bring my account back under the limit!!! I'd appreciate any advice anyone has in how to deal with this.
  20. I have my United States Postal Service tracking number and the package was delivered in London at 5.02pm Sunday 29th Sepptember 2015. Status, in transit to destination. it is a priority paid package and signature is required as proof of delivery. It took four days California the London. Day five and still no delivery. I have bent the ear of our postman everyday since Tuesday. We live 125 miles from London. This package is a book, not a big problem to some. This magazine has been out of print since 200015 and there were only two left, mine being one. If i want to buy a second hand copy from EBay I could have to pay up to £999.00 I am not kidding. If you are an emroiderer/quilter you might understand why this book has become so expensive. I exhibit at international quilt competitions these days. This book is a one of a kind and has a very intricate design. Royal Mail is nightmare, I cannot check to see if the package is stuck in the system. only the sender can do this via the United States Post office. There is no human I can speak to at Royal Mail customer Services. Not to be thwarted, and beiing an old campaigner i sent them an RM an email with all the facts needed to trace this package, as each step of the way the label has to be scanned for tracking purposes. It was scanned at Heathrow, despatched to Mill Hill, scanned there and no further scanning. No wonder Royal Mail is haemorraging customers.
  21. Hi all, I have a corporate card through a very large organisation and I am leaving the company next week to start a new role. I have never missed a payment but the past month I have ran up a £2000 bill roughly. Stupid I know and I haven't missed a payment or anything. My question is..... My american express doesn't show on my credit file at all. I can not pay the full £2000 off in one go like you have to every month. If I didn't pay the bill my understanding and this maybe naive is that the company I used to work for has to pay it? If I did not pay it how could it effect my credit report? I am thinking it won't because it doesn't even show. If I don't pay the amount I will get a few nasty letters I presume. My point is if I don't pay the £2000 nothing will really happen? Am i being stupid, probably am. If I didnt pay what is worse case? As long as it doesn't affect my credit report I am not really that bothered. Thanks for help
  22. Hello Everyone, In October 2009 my Flat was repossessed by Mortage Express. I saw the writing on the wall and left the country a month before, I am still abroad now. I also had unsecured debts of circa 25k. Those with CCJ's have now all fallen off my credit report. I believe all the unsecured debts are now statute barred as its been well over 6 years since any payment or acknowledgement of debt. Mortgage Express sold my property with a shortfall of around 70k. My sister tried to buy the property at a higher price than it was eventually sold for, she went for exchange of contracts and the vendor pulled out stating that it was because she was related to me. I have heard nothing from Mortgage Express until they sent a letter and phone call to my parents last week, I have not lived at that address for more than 15 years. My parents stated I was not at that address and they did not know my whereabouts. Is there any significance that they are starting to look for me know after nearly six years? I have no assets anymore so they have nothing to recover, however I did get married 2 years ago and my wife has 2 properties in her name, I think that these will be safe from mortgage express? Please advise as to what I should do
  23. Hi there, I am not new, I have another account but I have forgot my login details also in the past I have post content which was not acceptable and I have learnt from that mistake and I am very sorry and it won't happen ever again and I created a new account as I need some very urgent advice. On 5th of February, I made a complaint against my advisor at Job Centre because she keeps threating me with a sanction on my Universal Credit claim all because of my gay slogan t-shirt which has the slogan (NOBODY KNOWS I'M GAY), she said that if I keep wearing my gay t-shirts then my payments will stop and it will go to a decision maker for a possible sanction. Then on Wednesday what's just gone, I received an outcome of my complaint it states my complaint has not been upheld, I have appealed against the complaint as it's not good enough, the advisors are not my employer. Can Job Centre do this? sanction me for a t-shirt? I always see untidy people in Job Centre with football t-shirts, love hearts, batman etc but they can wear all sorts of t-shirt but I can't wear my gay slogan t-shirt. I have been to Citizen Advice and the man who I saw said it's pathetic that they threating me with a sanction because of my t-shirt and he also said I could go to papers and put an article in the paper, I also spoken to my MP yesterday (20 February) and he wasn't much help but he did state this in his own words: ''In my opinion, no Job Centre can't sanction you because of your t-shirt, however you can try to challenge them and if you do get sanctioned then you can get a solicitor involved''. I always see people in trackies and you certainly don't go to interviews wearing jeans and trackies, I feel they just picking on me because it has the word gay on my t-shirt. On my advisor case load, she always has people in trackies but she doesn't say anything to them, I just want your input or your opinions if Job Centre are allowed to do this to me? I have appointment next Thursday (26 February) and I will be wearing my gay t-shirt, if my advisor starts then I will have no choice but to go to Burnley Express (Paper). By the way, just want to make one thing clear, I never wear these gay t-shirts at a interviews but I don't see what's the problem is wearing it at Job Centre appointments. I am not trying to cause any trouble on here, I just need to hear your opinions. Thanks. Note: I had a Job at Boohoo for 3 months but sadly got my contract terminated because of my picking performance as I wasn't going fast enough, I was going fast I could, I only made the Universal Credit claim last month and got my first payment on the 19 February.
  24. Hi all, I sent out a complaint letter to Payday Express Limited on the 30/10/2014. The letter about them unfairly adding on interest and charges. Them failing to provide me with the proper statutory pre-contractual information before I entered into the loan – including a clear explanation of the consequences of missing a payment, default and rollover charge. The company not complying with the relevant consumer credit laws and so on. It was a letter a payday loan help guide told me to send to my payday lenders. I will upload a copy of my letter in this post. Now they sent me a letter on the 07/11/2014 saying we are sorry you have had to contact us. We will ensure your complaint is fully investigated. And then it asked to provide full details of your concerns by the 14/11/2014 or we'll assume we have all the information for the complaint. Have I given all i needed for the complaint? also any advice on how to proceed from here will be much obliged.
  25. I was wondering if anyone may have any thoughts on this email i have just received from Payday express. At the moment I am Paying them £1 per month. payment already assigned for 1st March. thanks for looking
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