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  1. Different councils running the crematoriums perhaps? Guess it is the same with Vicars' costs. It is more cost effective to get a supply of Death certificates when registering the death, if you need more, they have to look for the entry and then print these off. £240.00 average cost here for a celebrant (is that the right word?) I have been Quilt making today. Doing same thing tomorrow.
  2. Turn it into margarine perhaps? Margarine is one molecule away from being plastic...I am going to miss the free bags, as I use them for my garbage, the garbage that can't be recycled or composted. I had a cat who was addicted to plastic bags, she lived until she was 22, so licking the bags didn't do her any harm..we lined her coffin with shopping bags and her shroud was her favourite towel. I am not planning to dig her up at anytime, so I can't check on the decomposition, but the grape vine we planted on her grave flourishes.
  3. Have you thought of blocking their email address until you get this sorted? They will keep this bombardment up in the hope you will crack. it might be practical to change your email address, if it is, why not close the old email account?
  4. 5 October and still no sign of package....I hope whoever has it, is enjoying it. Karma will catch up eventually.
  5. Tawny Owl, we aint gonna know about when our time comes. Not bad and your price includes a Vicar. Death is serious, and the funeral costs are exorbitant. Has anyone considered buying their own eco pod and storing it in the loft until the time comes. One expense less for the family to pay out. My lot know what I want. Plain and simple. No religious service, ashes scattered at sea. Have a couple of undertakers as friends, they know what I want. Tawny whie you are in my tree, would make sure those caterpillars (Box Moth) are taken care of please?
  6. Nothing like a DIY funeral. Plain coffin, no service, private committal, crematorium fees, undertaker (local) all done and dusted for £2400.00. Ashes brought back by Funeral Director.
  7. Sneaky devils. For a moment I thought it was another overseas transaction fee and they were adjusting the exchange rate..I was gearing up to have an argument with this had this been the case. So if I buy and then pay the balance on the card in full within two or three days of the purchase I might not get this fee. I pay in full each month on the due date.
  8. BILLED DEFERRED FINANCE CHARGES What the heck is this? I have been checking my credit card to make sure everything is as it should be and found two of these entries. One is for £0.38 and the other is £1.76. it says merchant and gives a code, but the code means nothing to me, as I cannot identify the merchant. I buy from overseas at times and there is a transaction fee for this, so am at a loss to cross reference this. I am loathed to phone them tomorrow on the 0300 number supplied on the statement.
  9. Save us form these Piracy/Copyright Trolls. I used to create email stationery and a few times had the copyright issue crop up and got threatened by some outfit in the States. I told them to bring it on. They never did. I could prove everything I made was mine from the first pixel drawn to the finished product. I now use this art work in my embroidery. I know this has nothing to do with downloading and file sharing, but it is the same thing. Ignore them, they have to prove that you pirated/copied it.
  10. Snowdragon, your poem touched a raw nerve for me, no matter how many years pass, there is still that empty place. I was going through my embroidery designs and found this one. I think it sums up how we all feel. My motto is ;Love like there is no tomorrow, those we have held in our arms and hearts will never be forgotten.
  11. At least you know where your parcel is, mine still hasn't arrived. I have bought stabiliser from overseas and had to pay £16.00 duty on the parcel. it was still cheaper than buying it here in England. I was not charged a handling fee. UPS delivered it.
  12. You can bet the pharmaceutical companies would not want this legalised for personal use. I wonder how hard their lobbyists are leaning on the researchers.? My Mum used to be funny, she did suggest planting pot plants in with the tomato plants. I can't grow tomatoes here in England, they never ripen before the first frosts, so unless I use my Conservatory I can't see me growing Pot in my garden here. I have my bubs planted already. I am surprising myself this year.
  13. How can I be against legalisation? I might have been the straight one in the family, can't speak for my younger siblings hahahaha. I know of a pot plant being grown on the high seas. I am not saying any more than that. This is what my Nanna grew and where http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/20/business/international/tasmania-big-supplier-to-drug-companies-faces-changes.html?_r=0 I do know how to grow the plants in the tropics in a paddock. Yes the stuff Dad grew was lower grade and for textile uses but it still had to be grown under strict control. I think the OH is gettin
  14. Oh my wasted years. I lived on a legalised hemp farm in a land down under. When the crop was harvested, the air was filled with the pungent aroma. Have you ever smelled it as it is burnt, because the excess and it cannot be marketed. My son and his mates would use the stuff for spears when they played games, amazingly none of them smoked it and we didn't either, guess when you are brought up with it and think that it used for rope making you really don't think about it. I had a dear friend in the States and she would get her son to buy it and she would bake into Brownies. They w
  15. Just back from shopping, Lidl first and then on Tesco (need gluten free stuff), got to the checkout in Tesco and asked if we wanted a bag, had our own bag, so no hassle, from what I saw in the car park everyone had their own bags. In my earlier life I used to live on a legalised hemp farm. Hemp was used for rope. The local kids loved it, as did the cattle, it is known as loco weed, similar properties to the stuff you can bake into chocolate brownies. the police used to come down and burn the excess, because apparently and I don't know the truth of this, they could extract oil from
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