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  1. Thnaks DX! - I'll SAR them - and see who it is. think i read somewhere it's Cardiff Pinnacle. Bet they've gone bust too! I'll let you know what happens!!
  2. Hello, Been a while! I'm trying to arrange a PPI refund on my load with GE Money. I've sent them a form detailing my complaint - and they've come back to me today, saying- They've looked into my unfair PPI claim They've looked into the commission paid to by the insurer to the lender. They're not going to uphold my complaint, because, according to the copy of the agreement shown - the loan was dealt with by a broker 'The Personal Loan Express' it was taken out in September 2003. all the boxes were typed in, and all the boxes ticked for
  3. Great...many thanks for that Shadow....it's in the post tomorrow, i'll keep you posted ......ooh in about 40 odd days!!
  4. Thanks Shadow, it sounds to me that i've been fobbed off. I've got to go to Barclaycard and ask now, spend another £11.50 on a p/o and another 40 days of my life!! bit annoyed actually, especially as they've said "our records show that this account was retained by Barclaycard and therefore you will need to contact them................" and that's it, thank you Monument for spending a further 30 seconds of this unique customer service experience actually providing me with an address!! anyway!! the 0800 917 number keeps popping up, ringing my mobile at all times of the day, i don't answer,
  5. well, just got a letter from Monumnet telling me, 'my account is no longer owned by monument, as in July 2007, Barclaycard sold a percentage of the Monument VISA portfolio to ComuCredit UK. The remaining percentage of Monument VISA accounts, were retained by Barclaycard and therefore you will need to contact them directly' they seny my P/O back and included my original letter. What next? suppose i gotta contact Barclaycard? or am i being fobbed off! need some guidance!
  6. i've clean forgotten how long to wait for the SAR to come back? I posted on the 10th of Feb (proof of postage kept) recorded delivery. Nothing's come back yet, not even a "thanks, but we're going to stall for a bit" letter !
  7. yeah i claimed for past charges on this card, got about £600 approx. just before christmas
  8. i've already had a succesful claim from Barclaycard for Credit Card Charges (only late fees, over limit fees etc.) but not PPI, i think i will drop them a SAR and see what comes up, i think i'm be good for a PPI claim, but i'll see what happens!!
  9. well, i've received a reply from cabot with a badly photocopied 'reply card' that i don't remember filling in, but it's my handwriting and signature on there (it also says my salary at the time was £32,000!! trust me, if i was earning that i wouldn't have needed monument!!) and they also sent me the loo roll of all the T & C's from Monument, in fact they sent me the T&C's for the platinum card as well as the 'classic' and also two pages of printout (it looks like payment made by me to cabot not Monument) what do you want me to post up first? all of it or just bits that are importa
  10. Hello, the above company sent a letter to me the other day inviting me to 'pay the full outstanding balance now if you can' i think it relates to finance for a PC from Dell, but i think it is statute barred as i bought the PC just before i split up from my first wife (well i've been with my current wife for 5 years) so i can safely say, 6 years have passed. I just need to confirm whether i can just ignore this, or send them a 'prove it' letter or SAR Dell? to find out if it is SB? (if i need to send a prove it letter can you point in the direction of where it's kept plz ) Thank
  11. thanks, i can't remember the last time i got a statement and i also received a letter from them today, stating that they have approached the original lender for the documents and they have returned my p/o. so i'm waiting for Monument to come up empty or come up with a toilet rolls worth of a credit agreement!!
  12. Thanks for responses! and a good point dx about the 8%, i'll look into that, also jimbo, i'm attempting to get bank details of cr@pbot, in order to set up a s/o, actually what i'm waiting on is them to mess up on the CCA i've asked them for, but at least Natwest are chasing them about the indemnity! and no phone calls from them!!
  13. £616.00 into my account this morning, then the phone rang this afternoon!! got 'em on the run! and i bet they can't find a DD signed by me to prove to the bank!! now just got to wait for the response to the CCA then i can put the whole thing to bed!
  14. right i'll try again, i think i was speaking to a phone monkey, as he kept putting me on hold, and then he couldn't transfer me to someone who deals with indemnity's when i do get a call back, i'll get this sorted, it has been cancelled, but i will keep a careful eye on my account. i've let them know about these shisters and their antics.
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