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  1. ask them again, you mean... My SAR stipulated ALL data. They replied asking "by ALL data, do you mean ALL data?", rather unnecessarily, which I confirmed. So they sent me partial data... I shall ask again, again.
  2. Thankyou! It's been a while... I have finally received SAR info from MBNA. It turns out I had PPI on an earlier account with them from September 2001 to August 2003. A photocopy of the original application shows that I ticked the "Yes" box. Here's what the application says - in its entirety - re: PPI "Safeguard against life's unpredictable events with our payment protection cover for just 58 pence per £100 of your statement balance. Payment Protection Cover is designed to protect your ability to make repayments to your MBNA credit car
  3. Thanks everyone, I'm aware of the limitations of the Limitations Act, the fact that the debt remains recoverable though unenforceable, and the implications for future benefit claims. I'm happy to deal with this if it's owed but it'll be when I can afford it and not before, and I won't be paying Jacobs a penny, just the local authority. I hope I never need benefits again too. The last time, which was a 6 week gap in employment, I didn't bother claiming because of how long it would have taken just to receive anything (more than 6 weeks...). The time before that, my housing benefit was
  4. Just spoke to the council - Decision Notice was issued on 21st April 2011. It's statute barred and Jacobs are talking out of their hat.
  5. "Application will be made to the County Court to obtain a County Court judgement against you" But the invoice date (which I would presume is the council's) is from April 2011, so they're too late to bring it to court aren't they?
  6. Didn't know whether to post here or in a benefits subforum. I recently received a letter from Jacobs chasing me for an alleged housing benefit overpayment of just under £2000 from over 7 years ago. I have responded in writing by disputing the debt and stating that as it is statute barred it is now unenforceable although I understand it may be recovered by the local authority through an attachment of earnings order (I am self-employed though) or deductions from future benefit payments. I had no prior knowledge of the alleged debt, have never acknowledged it, and no court informat
  7. FOS decision is in - P2P to refund all interest and charges, plus simple interest, plus £150 compensation for being horrible
  8. Rang the sols on Monday - "someone from the team will ring you back today without fail". They didn't Rang them again on Tuesday. The plonker who was supposed to send me the info in the first place, and again last week, is now on holiday, but they'd send the info "this week". I explained that if I didn't get it by Thursday I'd have a CCJ for 6 years, and right in the middle of a house purchase. Also, if a global financial institution is incapable of supplying an account number and sort code, it's not very impressive! Finally received the details, paid it, and sent proof of
  9. Spoke to the solicitor on Tuesday - "Oh, sorry, I thought I'd sent the information to you - I'll send it out today". Postman's just been. Still nothing. Ringing the court on Monday. Complaint to SRA, or waste of time and energy?
  10. Yes, and that was the plan - under the circumstances I'd have paid it on the spot, but I still haven't been supplied with any payment details.
  11. Normally I'd agree, but I'm buying a house and need to not have a CCJ!
  12. 3 weeks later, still no reply from the sols. Are they taking the p*ss?
  13. My dilemma in a nutshell. Probably won't to be honest, galling though it is.
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