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Found 4 results

  1. I recently sent Ace a CCA request and they have returned the attached 'reconstituted copy'. When I started using the catalogue I was at a different address to the one they have written on this copy CCA form - does that matter? PPI claim and charges issue will be put on another thread. Ace have sent me statements going back to 11.01.2001. I am not too bothered re the 'service' charges but I have 3 x £20 default sums from 2006, which are after I had informed them of financial difficulties. If I could get these plus PPI [another thread] back then my account should be cleared. I understand there might be a limit of 6 years for these to be claimed back? any thoughts? PPI form sent to ACE for PPI amounting to £240+ - they have passed my 'information regarding the PPI to the relevant department who will contact' me separately. Just wanted to get this thread started as I am expecting issues to arise.
  2. Hi there, Can anyone help me, I have recently been going through some old paperwork whilst clearing out and have found some statements from credit accounts I had. These were paid off earlier this year after a lengthy repayment period however I do recall questioning the charges once before on the phone. One of these accounts was with Studio/Express Gifts. I have found a thread on here from 2007 but was looking for some up-to date information about reclaiming charges. The Default sum on this account was £20 a time, and I recall that there were many of these placed on my account over a 5 year period which ended in the account being handed over to debt collection as I was unable to pay the arrears. the account was eventually frozen before the balance was cleared but I still maintain that the balance was mainly created through charges and not the original purchases. I also have accounts with New Look, Simply Be and Marisota with similar issues. Any help or advice anyone could give would be great appreciated.
  3. Last week there was a hoo-ha at work and management are saying that gifts from staff to staff should be: For birthdays only Up to £10 only. And for xmas only gifts for £10 purchased via a secret santa should be allowed. Now, at what point can the county council tell me what I can spend my money on and the amount I can spend? I'm told it's covered in the behaviours policy. After taking union advise they recommended not giving or receiving at all. At what point is a member of staff a friend? I was told if I give a present outside of the work premises this still counts. Any suggestions / points if view (in law)? Thank you.
  4. I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I'm in a bit of a panic. I am claiming JSA but due to several health issues, one of which is stress which is being exacerbated by being out of work and all that it entails, I have been advised to claim ESA by both my doctor and an adviser at the Job Centre. I have an appointment to discuss it on my next signing day. However, today (or yesterday, as it is now), I received a letter from a Compliance Officer saying I had to go in the day before my signing day. As I was a little confused as to whether this was the same meeting that had been booked, I phoned the number on the letter. I was told that it had nothing to do with the meeting on my signing day, that it was a financial issue related to my account and that it would not be discussed on the phone. I cannot think what I have knowingly done wrong. I have been forced to sell some of my belongings to pay the bills because of the shortfall between my rent and housing benefit as well as keeping my car on the road (tax, insurance and MOT in a six week period), I would be totally stuck where I live (in the middle of nowhere) without my car. I used to have my own fiilmmaking business and reluctantly sold gear (including a pro video camera) worth about £2,000 over about a year and bought a cheaper camera with what was left. The only other thing that sticks out having been through my bank statements is a cash I paid into my account after Christmas which was money that friends had given me knowing my financial situation for Christmas. I was trembling after I spoke to the Compliance Officer but having looked at my bank statements I can't see anything I have done wrong. Am I allowed to sell my belongings to keep my head above water? Should I have declared it? I did tell my adviser just under a year ago that I had been forced to sell the tools of my trade which I thought was somehow not on but she said nothing. If I am sanctioned I will be truly screwed and I am sh*tting myself.
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