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  1. Hi Ericsbrother, Thanks for the reply, when we completed the sale the property was leasehold. The garage was transferred back to the vendor using the Land Registry form TP1. As we weren't overly happy at not getting the garage, it was the land it sits on that was more important, so we purchased the freehold for all the land including the area where the garage is. This was done after the sale had been completed and the freeholder took care of all the legal paperwork. As the new freeholder, when the garage is transferred/sold to the neighbour do we have to be notified and can we object
  2. An interesting scenario for some advise please: Completed on a property end Jan 2016. At the bottom of the property is a garage which was within our boundary and part of the premises on the land registry search. The property was being sold as leasehold. When coming up to completion our solicitor told us that the garage was not being sold as part of the property as the seller had already promised it/sold it to the neighbour. The seller had done this without completing any of the required legal paperwork with the land registry. At completion we were told that as a condition for the
  3. Hi again everyone, just thought I would give you an update. SLC decided that my payments should be 90 pounds a month, which I have begun to pay. Having worked out repayments according to the SLC overseas threshold, I should be paying back 36 pounds a month. I have questioned this repayment amount on multiple occasions but have received no response . Then I receive this wonderful email : Dear Mr XXXX Thank you for your recent email. In relation to your queries regarding your Overseas Repayment Schedule, we have passed your email
  4. Hi CelicaSupra, SLC sent out some letters following the email wanting proof of income. I sent the evidence that they asked for and am now paying them a monthly installment. I will add that the monthly installment is higher than I had worked out I would be repaying, so I am in the process of asking how they came to their repayment figure with a view to getting it lowered.
  5. Many Thanks for the prompt replies and excellent advice. I shall email them now
  6. Hi Unclebulgaria, I took the loans out in 2008 and first semester of 2009. Circa 7200 in tutition fees and 8000 in maintenance. I have never had contact from the SLC with regards to repaying the loans and I have never deferred payment either. Left the UK in Sept 2009 after mortgage express repossession and various other credit issues. I have no UK address or UK bank account but am returning to the UK within the next 2 years so don't want to cause anymore credit issues.
  7. I have just received the following email from the SLC and was wondering if I should respond ? I left the UK in 2009 and my final default dropped off my credit report in Dec 2015. I really dont want the SLC ruining my credit status for another 6 years. I left university in Jan 2009 and have had no contact from the SLC until this email. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Please respond within 72 hours of receipt of this email. Dear xxxxxxxxxx We have been attempting to contact you. Please contact us to confirm your current contact details and empl
  8. I'll just keep my head down for a while longer then. I'm not due back in the UK until November for an 8 week visit. That would be six years since possession and longer since any payment or acknowledgement of debt. I'll let the DCA's keep looking. Thanks for the help its much appreciated
  9. Not sure who the letter was from as it was sent to my parents address and my father put it straight into the bin. Contents were that they were looking to find me. A follow up phone call to my parents was from someone saying that they worked for mortgage express and were trying to find out my present whereabouts. No information was given to them.
  10. Hi CitizenB, Thanks for the reply. My sister has never been financially linked to me, however we were both on the electoral role at the same address from 2003-2004. She wasn't refused a mortgage, that was all in place, Mortgage Express refused to sell the property to her, eventually selling it to someone else for less than my sister had offered. It was at exchange of contracts when MX pulled out of the sale. Survey had been completed, mortgage was in place and solicitors were instructed. Amusingly, Mortgage Express stated to my sister that they couldn't sell to her as I may gain
  11. Is anyone familiar with UKAR and their collection/chasing stratagies?
  12. Hello Everyone, In October 2009 my Flat was repossessed by Mortage Express. I saw the writing on the wall and left the country a month before, I am still abroad now. I also had unsecured debts of circa 25k. Those with CCJ's have now all fallen off my credit report. I believe all the unsecured debts are now statute barred as its been well over 6 years since any payment or acknowledgement of debt. Mortgage Express sold my property with a shortfall of around 70k. My sister tried to buy the property at a higher price than it was eventually sold
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