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  1. It's interesting that today in the commons, May said the following - ""As prime minister I am not prepared to delay Brexit any further than 30 June," she says." You can read that statement a couple of different ways, but it could suggest she's willing to step aside if forced. And she will need a longer delay because there's no majority for anything in the commons, and I can't see anything being passed to push parliament past this impasse.
  2. But apparently according to some of those facebook posts people keep sharing, we saved Europe in the war... I am convinced a lot of these memes come from dodgy sources. Similar to a lot of these posts you see about Labour and anti semitism. Honestly, the powers that be must love social media. It makes getting lies out so easy, and you can get them to so many people.
  3. I had something similar when I left FU. They tried to charge me something like a years worth of gas within a month period before I left due to an incorrect metre read. I corrected the error with my new supplier but FU couldn't compute and eventually sent it through to a debt collector - They don't seem to have a system in place to prevent and deal with obvious errors. Eventually I went through resolver and FU caved wiping the bill completely. Resolver seems to be a good place to clear any issues you may have with businesses.
  4. I genuinely believed that watching the votes yesterday we would surely see movement towards a second referendum. But at this stage I don't think a majority will vote for anything that veers too far to the left or right. Teresa May's deal will get voted down a hundred times because forgetting the issue over the backstop - It is still a bad deal. This is the point the seem to have escaped all the hard brexiters, unless they're either ignorant or being deliberately dishonest (maybe a bit of both). Leaving the EU is absolutely worse than staying in the EU, so any "deal" we negotiate at this stage won't be any good for the UK. They seem to be pretending that there is something better out there, maybe through fear of the public backlash. When May says it's her way or no deal. I absolutely believe her. This is a legal process and the EU are trying to implement whatever the wishes of the UK were. By default, our wishes appear to be to negotiate our position down and to give away what sovereignty we had because that is what leaving means. Where we go from here, who knows. The EU still has to agree to an extension of article 50 and they will want to know what the plan is - At present the plan seems to be to have Parliament vote on the same deal until it gets voted through, so a very long extension is looking likely!
  5. She's now trying to argue a weak legal point, in that we had no allowance in our contract for two cats so we have broken the agreement. This is despite her admitting we already had an agreement (via the landlord's words) to have cats in the property, and a hard copy agreement (that I have), which they have conveniently misplaced. Does renting have to be this hard? If there was no agreement why have they let it pass after four yearly inspections. She's gone off to speak with the DPS about their guidelines. The same guidelines she was initially adamant provide for the allowance of fumigation upon leaving a property. Honestly, they need to give lettings agents more training because they don't know what they're talking about, and you could drive a tank through their agreements.
  6. The lettings agent are the people performing the checkout. I believe they performed the check in too. Their reasoning is that they don't want any biased opinion. To which I pointed out that they aren't exactly biased in this matter either. Then I just had some waffle about how honest he is and he's never had any issues. I will be taking photos of everything because I don't trust them.
  7. I see this morning they appear to have managed to get the Attorney General to change his legal position, and yet they seem to be proudly exclaiming that a breakthrough has been reached
  8. Received the general order through the post, and I e-mailed them a copy of the DQ. Had an e-mail yesterday confirming a mediation date and time, so it's all progressing.
  9. That's what I thought - We should at least be given a choice because how can we disagree with something mentioned in the report after the event if we're not physically there to verify the information. It would then become their word against ours.
  10. Hi all, another query regarding my move from our current rented property. I have just had confirmation from the lettings agency that they can meet us at the property on XYZ to hand over key as they are performing the checkout on that day. They have stated that neither landlord or tenant are permitted to be present during the checkout process - Is that normal? I was under the impression that we should be present so that we can sign to say we're happy with the report? If we're not present how can we sign to say that we are in agreement with the information that is being prsented to our landlord? Or have I misunderstood something?
  11. They are saying I need to either arrange for fumigation, or they will. If they do it, it'll come out of the deposit. The tenancy agreement has nothing in there that covers when we leave. I don't mind the aggro. At the end of the day we don't have very much money and this move is costing us an arm and a leg. I just wanted to know if it was normal to request separate fumigation. We could end up losing a third of our deposit if they want the place turned into a show room. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a certain standard after living there for four years, and I don't see why we should pay so that they can make even more profit. If they want to clean it professionally they can.
  12. That sounds fair, although we have wood laminate flooring throughout most the house... the only part of the house where we have carpet is the stairs and landing. All the furniture is ours too. Neither cat are allowed anywhere near the upstairs either as we have a three year old. I have settled on getting it professionally cleaned before we leave but surely fumigation is over the top? Unless there are signs of a serious infestation.
  13. Hi, theres nothing in the lease referring to fumigation. They make reference to us having been granted permission to have two cats at the property, but that's all the paragraph states. I've looked on the DPS website and read the guidelines, and there doesn't appear to be anything in there about pets other than if there has been evidence they had caused any damage to the property, or had defiled the property. There is a bit I'm there about cleaning, but all that means to me is that the onus is on us to leave the property as close to how it was when we moved in. Taking into account the length of time we have been in the property. I've said to them that having the property fumigated is unnecessary, but they're still referring to the DPS guidelines.
  14. Hi all, I'm due to leave our property at the end of March after living there for 4 years. For those four years we have had two cats (agreed with the landlord) living in the property. Out of the blue the lettings agent have told us that we need to have the property fumigated. I feel this is an unnecessary step as both our cats undergo regular check ups and are flea protected. Can I please have some advice on whether this is normal, as different lettings agents seem to have different ideas of what is a requirement and what isn't. They have stated that there is a provision in the DPS regulations as fleas can lay dormant. This is the first I have heard of this expectation and there's no provision for any fumigation upon our exiting the property within the tenancy agreement.
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