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  1. Hi, it's all sorted now. They came back late yesterday and only claimed £156 for fumigation costs, which I raised another thread about. I accepted the fumigation cost just to move on because there were other areas they could have easily shafted us over - We decorated for instance. It did seem odd they fixated on the one issue that was inconsequential, and ignored other areas they had a clear right to deduct monies.
  2. Thanks for the response - What would I do if I again hear nothing?
  3. Hi, Has anyone got any advice for what my next step might be with obtaining a return of my deposit? I requested return via the DPS on the 28th March. We physically left the property on the 30th, and the keys were handed back on the 1st of April, which is when the checkout inventory was carried out. The agent came back and said they would need to review the checkout inventory first before making any deductions. My worry is that the guy doing the inspecting said that he would do a final inspection and advise us of any issues that might cause us to lose any of the deposit (This inspection took place about a month before we moved out). He only listed one thing we needed to address along with general advice about mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges. When we received the checkout inventory it contained a lot more detail with at least ten things listed as the tenants responsibility. Obviously I would imagine they would look to charge for these things as we are now not in a position to remedy them. I've not heard anything from them since last Tuesday, and I know they have to return the deposit within ten days - Is there any advice on what my next step should be? When would the ten days elapse?
  4. Hi, I'm on "Flow Fixed January 2020". I think this was amended to flow fixed until 2020 when I set the payment plan up, but I was unaware of the fact the charges were higher. Had I been, then obviously I would have queried it there and then... I know about DCA's; i'm not concerned in the slightest about whether they send it out to someone because the bill is in dispute. I'd just rather Flow dealt with it honestly now...
  5. I agree, but to be fair I signed a 24 month payment plan and the costs were set at 12p for the electric and almost 3p for the gas. Flow then increased the charge midway through the payment plan, which I have only just noticed. Any ideas of how to deal with this? Their position is currently that they'll send it to a DCA.
  6. Apparently Parliament have set the 1st of April to debate the revoke article 50 petition. Although I received an E-mail stating the government are committed to enacting the will of the people and delivering on the referendum result etc etc... I am concerned as to why May and the government seem so intent on pushing ahead with Brexit to the detriment of Westminster, the union, and the close partnerships we held within Europe.
  7. Hi all, I would post a new thread, but I started this one a while ago but it didn't see much response. I'm still having issues with Flow. Due to moving properties, I contacted them to switch addresses and checked my statements (I don't receive regular bills, and it relies on me logging in). Stupid of me to leave it so long but there's a lot going on at the minute. I noticed that in October 2017 the charge for Electricity went up to 17p and gas rose to 4.82p. This is inclusive of the standing charge and kw/ph charge. My debt to them because of the increase they implemented is now £1100, and the direct debit agreed as part of the payment plan is still not high enough to pay the debt down. I queried with them why this was and that I felt the increase is unfair because I'm in debt and have already communicated to them that I was financially struggling. They responded basically saying that there have been market wide energy price increases and the increase was justified and that they can continue with the payment plan of £101 per month. I replied and said this was a waste of time because the direct debit is still clearly not high enough to cover the increase they implemented midway into the payment plan we agreed. Having checked on-line I can also see that the national average for electricity is much lower as well as the gas, so I think blaming this on price increases is being dishonest - Unless anyone can disagree with me? Looking on-line, the average for gas and electricity is a lot lower, so I don't see how it's fair to charge me more than the national average, and allow me to accrue such a large amount of debt. Also, surely if they are blaming price increases technically I'm still paying for energy and gas I consumed before any price increase? (As this has been ongoing since 2017) Any advice? Their last note was to inform me that they would pass this on to debt collector.
  8. Managed to get them to waive this fee in the end, and they removed it from their list of fees. So won't be chargeable at all.
  9. Sorry, just saw this .. my defence is below ... Still not heard anything more so I'm guessing this is stayed, and MCOL hasn't updated since 18th January, which was when the defence was received.
  10. Just an update on this one. I contacted mediation a day before the deadline. The claimant were yet to contact mediation to agree the date and time and the mediation team said they would e-mail me once the claimant had also made contact. Failing that the courts would allocate a date and time for the hearing. I've not heard anything yet so I can only assume that they didn't confirm mediation and it will go straight through for a court date.
  11. In terms of Italy I think they have only been a democracy for 70 odd years, and only really went through major political changes as short a time ago as the 90s due to extreme corruption. So I think they're an extreme example because they have always had an element of corruption. In terms of extreme voices being heard I would argue that in a truly representative democracy all voices should be heard no matter how unpleasant - The trick is in education; if you educate people well enough and it's easier to fact check you shouldn't in theory see situations that arose in Germany (If Nigel Farage had been born much earlier he'd have easily convinced more voters to join his movement). They talk about a rise in the far right but I still believe they're on the fringes, and it's much easier to fact check / educate people today than it has been in any point in history (The real challenge is fighting back against fake news). Just look at the difference in rallies between the peoples vote and brexit - Nigel Farage gets 86 people and Tommy Robinson had a few thousand. The peoples march had hundreds of thousands. A lot of people are genuinely not motivated by the far right and can still be convinced to take another path. People in this country just need greater access to further education and a true representative democracy will follow.
  12. Did he ever do any inspection? He sound like a landlord that expected an easy pay day and is shocked that he has to spend any money on his house. Regular inspections should cover any issues that arise; you can't just turn up at the end of a lengthy tenancy, list everything that's wrong with the property and expect the tenant to pay for improvements. In most of these cases they are the landlords responsibility, and in all of them you'd be improving his property for him. Also, why did he give anything back at all if there were any further issues! Absolute chancer.
  13. I don't see how you can have democracy with anything but full proportional representation. You talk about weak governments but that is only relevant if you're talking in terms of one political party being right, and the other is wrong. We should adopt the asian mentality of no one being right, in order to reach a common goal based on cooperation, trust, honesty and fairness etc. Supposed weak governments don't get anything passed in the UK (Or other similar countries) because we have a party political system that sets people up as adversarial as possible. Even the commons is set up like a boxing ring; we should have a circular commons area. Look at the European Parliament - It's round.
  14. But the Lords can still over turn a government ruling, or government legislation? The EU have Proportional Representation as well, so not sure why anyone would think they are undemocratic.... those dodgy facebook memes have a lot to answer for!
  15. I'd argue that we're not as representative as other democratic states, like maybe the EU .... Our parliament is hugely unrepresentative and is less democratic than the EU because of our house of lords, and it's ability (as an unelected body) to veto any new legislation put forward by the government and passed by parliament.
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