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  1. How the hell do they even regulate against those sort of numbers, or am I just being naive... It's not like anyone will sit there counting the food in and confirming the number of allowed deformities Or are these FDA regulations there so that they can spend absolutely nothing on any meaningful standards and regulations ...
  2. 10 million people, and brexit. That's all I'm saying. Take 10 million people, get brexit done, and then in five years build on it when the Tory's have screwed all the northerners over. You can stick your head in the sand and ignore facts all you like, but it doesn't change the fact the policies were popular.
  3. Sadly the Conservative government still think it's the industrial revolution and building a new railway will reduce timescales so much that it will boost the economy. The improvements made today are so minuscule though, that it will have little impact, but cost us an absolute fortune. They should set about improving what we currently have and modernising existing track before giving their mates multi million pound contracts. Still don't see the point of privatisation when it's the taxpayer footing the bill (partially or in full)
  4. Add to that the actual fact that these aren't trade deals because the UK government only agrees the terms and conditions under which uk businesses trade... they have minimal influence over where businesses trade. Side from the fact increased costs will make it more expensive to export.
  5. The biggest one for me is that the UK lose EU funding. In reality we pay really little for access to the single market, and there's no guarantee that the UK government will be able to replace the lost funding. Also, as member of the biggest trading bloc in the world we have far more influence than being outside. Anyone that thinks we can achieve better "deals" outside of the bloc is skidding themselves. As a member we see heads and shoulders with the US in terms of GDP, outside of it we are far smaller. Tariffs will make things more expensive, and I can't see there being at least a small amount of disruption and tariffs somewhere unless we stay loosely tied to the EU, or we have some sort of Norway type deal. In which case we'd still have to pay in, and follow some EU rules. Rendering the whole process completely pointless.. If we don't have some sort of customs agreement, the cost for the new customs forms will cost more than EU membership
  6. Which were? I'm only calling their policies as I saw them. Exactly my point. They aimed for the working poor and missed the target because working class isn't working class anymore. That's absolute nonsense about Johnson and the living wage or whatever they want to call it. The national living wage should be nearer 11 quid. It's a hollow sentiment to appease Labour voters .... its like a king just throwing scraps of bread at all the peasants. Can anyone take that increase seriously?
  7. literally every policy they had? Their attack on billionaires, and basically anyone who had money. Their slogan of 'for the many' was well wide of the mark because they failed to take into consideration that a by product of capitalism's creation of class systems was that the old working class didn't exist anymore and that working people also have money these days. I've said on here before that socialism and the desire to even out the playing field inevitably means taking things from people... that's a conundrum I dont think socialism has an answer for, unless there's a chaotic situation that brings capitalism down. But then we end up discussing violent revolutions.
  8. That would be absolutely mental to me, but there aren't many options as far as I can see. If a man that has delivered Labour's worse performance since 1935 can still run for leadership and possibly win it, then heaven help us. I couldn't offer any opinion on who Corbyn's successor should be. As I've said earlier, I think the class system has shifted in this country, and Corbyn's Labour now represent the working poor. How do they attempt to win votes from working Tory voters that may have done alright and are still clawing their way out of the swap in the hope that work is the route to the land of milk and honey. How do they win back working Tory voters that are under the misguided illusion that Conservatives will provide them with much better jobs because of this crazy notion that they're much better with the economy, which equals better prospects. I have no doubt Boris will lie through his teeth, and bribe people in the North to win their affection. The big question will be in five years what will Tory Britain look like? Oh, and just to add, shock horror - the mail misguided voters over one of Labour's policies. The real gut punch is that I had a conversation with someone who had shared the story on Facebook and were convinced Labour are looking to screw all the young voters over. I'd pay real money to see some stats on how many retractions the Guardian are forced to make? https://www.theguardian.com/media/2019/dec/09/ipso-rebukes-mail-on-sunday-over-labour-movers-tax-claim
  9. Yes, I read that quote somewhere about John Mcdonnell stepping up, and I am too surprised that he hasn't gone. I thoroughly expected him to go the day after the election. Especially considering the result, and I agree with you that he should go. I I'm not getting into my thoughts on Labour, where they went wrong, and what was correct again ... Been there, and I'm not going to change your mind. I was just making the point that party politics kind of require a defacto dictator because of the whipping system, and you can't have it both ways. Demonise him for imposing his vision of where Labour should be headed - Right or wrong. Yet, criticise him for voting against the party line when it went against his conscience.
  10. Surely that's contradictory though? You've spent a long time demonising the man for supposedly becoming this sort of dictator, and trying to get thr party to implement his way and only his way. Now you expect him to tow the party line and to have followed any leader regardless of policy? Personally I'd rather have an MP that votes in a way they feel morally comfortable with, and gsd you considered all the times he voted against the Labour party he might have been on to something? The Iraq war for example. Considering how much we now know New Labour were just a continuation of Thatcherism that so many people voted against in the blind belief Tony Blair offered anything different. Maybe Jermy Corbyn represents what Laboir should stand for... instead of all this fakery we've been blessed with.
  11. Dont drag me into this I gave my opinion on what I thought went wrong for Labour and where they were right. Hardly spreading lies like Mahrag does
  12. It's not the opposition to any viewpoint that is the issue. It's the fact you seem unable to debate sensibly, post things which we know aren't true (and have been discussed numerous times on this thread and across the internet), and you're unable to back what you say up with anything credible. I don't think anyone here is of the same "ilk" ... There have been a few different viewpoints expressed. I wouldn't describe us all as completely left, but some of the things that have been put to you have been blanketed as "leftist" rubbish by you. How would you feel if we just called you a right wing moron?
  13. In all honesty, I think the thread has generally been quite civil and has opened up quite a bit of debate. Its only when Maharg1 gets involved because he's clearly on a wind up. "Don't feed the troll" has never been more apt.
  14. Mate, it's new years day. Do I have to go through the news articles and link them here for you. A recent one - 350 million per week for the NHS, which wasn't true. Saying there would be no customs checks in Northern Ireland with his deal, even though there would have to be. What about the lie he told his wife?
  15. Well, he was sacked once from the cabinet for lying? Just last year the telegraph had to print a retraction because he made something up...
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