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  1. That is the reasoning, but I agree it doesn't hold water. It just proves once again that brexit is being pushed by a hidden hand. He's more afraid of not towing the line at this stage
  2. Starmer is just scared of going against what the people voted for. He thinks the risk of not supporting brexit is greater than the risks to peoples livelihood.
  3. I agree but it doesn't change the fact they're all in the system the same way we are and they vote in certain ways for varying reasons that are far far away from our own motives. The whole wretched system needs taking down and starting from scratch
  4. Its absolutely scandalous isn't it. However, I'm assuming they were whipped. The current whipping system parliament use for ensuring all red or blue MP's vote for the party line is another issue as it doesn't allow for most MP's to have a backbone. So, where's the democracy there? We have a situation where the government propose something, MP'S aren't largely able to vote with their conscience. Worse still, the government have a huge majority, so it doesn't matter too much whether there's an opposition or whether an MP believe something is truly right or wrong. Th
  5. No commented for a while, but I'm not sure I agree with this. Most people vote either blue or green and the vast majority have never ventured outside of this narrow political spectrum. There are decent politicians out there, it's just that they either get less exposure or the decent ones gravitate towards either the blue or red team usually dependant on family history etc. So, you end up with a congested center ground abd fringe parties that no-one votes for because they don't know enough about them. There are decent politician about.
  6. Looking back I think Clegg probably banked everything so that he could have his referendum on changing the electoral system assuming the wave of feeling the Lib Dems were getting at the time would sweep them towards a change that would see them win more seats in the future. He lost big time. I'm not seeing any huge backlash against boris on social media. I think it was Piers Morgan of all people who said that politics is getting very tribal. He's right. At the minute you have the red team and the blue team. If you support the blue team you're with them through anything, and eq
  7. Yesterday I saw an article suggesting Boris is ready to "take back control" at this point suggesting someone else is to blame for this mess. I agree with Toby. They'll just rewrite history and convince people that they were held back or something by the left. Even if we have a no deal brexit it'll just be masked by the pandemic, and any hardships will just be a fallout of having to spend all this money. Any backlash on the Tory party is just wishful thinking. We just need Kier Starmer to not let it go
  8. There is no such thing as Corbynism. It is socialism. What are people going to do if Rebecca Long-Bailey becomes leader ... call it Long-Baileyism We should remember the above when looking at Labour going forward because some of Socialism is pretty sound. Otherwise we'd have no NHS.
  9. Ughhhhh, are we going there again? (take away brexit and you would have had a very different result ) I don't buy the notion that they need to go with someone different again. Corbyn came to power simply because he was considered so very different. Now that his tenure is coming to an end is there that much of a clamour to return to what it was previously? People did want something different and not another blairite clone. I know you won't like it but labour would be mad to not go with a woman this time around. It's crazy that they've never had a female leader,
  10. Yes because I agreed with the majority of his policy ideas and he was the first socialist I've had a chance to vote for. That's not following left wing propaganda. That's simply agreeing with the issues being raised and also agreeing with some of the solutions put forward.
  11. I'm not getting into this again... shall we just change it to propaganda in general so as to come together on the issue.. Although I'm at a loss to know what left wing propaganda I fell for to make me vote for Labour. But I guess that is the point. Everyone takes a particular point of view
  12. I didn't say they were stupid. It's just almost impossible to tell fact from fiction living in such a hyper normalised world. Hence why most brexiteers don't believe you when you state a fact to them.. they think facts are the work of fiction and fake news. Equally, a lot of what is said on the opposite side of the fence sounds like fake news and made up nonsense. Although, we know for an absolute undeniable fact that brexit was based on lies. I'm just trying to sound impartial!
  13. Not me .... my conscience is clear. If only all the right wing propaganda hadnt been ingested by a lot of people.
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