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  1. Many thanks that was really useful. Online claim for UC doesn't seem to have any way of letting them know about a bereavement. Will give them a ring tomorrow, hopefully not going to have to drag mum down to the job centre just yet.
  2. Hi everyone. My father passed away 2 weeks ago, leaving my mum and adult daughter at home. Dad was quite ill before he died, claiming DLA care and mobility, pension credit guarantee, housing benefit, council tax support. Mum was his full time carer. Mum is only 59. We had the funeral this week, and have applied for the funeral expenses fund (probably won't cover the modest expenses). I have also applied for the new bereavement support (£2500 lump and £100 per month x 18). This will take around 3 weeks. In the meantime, mum has lost all sources of income. The registrar did the tell us once which stopped all the benefits. His Motability car will be returned this week. I though I read online that due to a bereavement housing benefit would run on for 6 months? Cannot find this now. Housing benefit office said as she is under retirement age she has to make a new claim for universal credit. I have applied for universal credit online. At the end it says she has to be looking for work. Does she not get any grace period due to the bereavement? Mum is in bits at the moment as the death was sudden and unexpected. She hasn't worked in over 20 years since he first became ill and cannot comprehend getting a job. She lives in the middle of nowhere in a council house. Am I going about this all in the right way? My adult sister still lives with her and works full time, but her wages alone would only just cover the bills. She is not a named tenant. Would there be any benefit in trying to add her to the tenancy? Many thanks
  3. It didn't seem worth the risk. The previous page referred to the 'enclosed default notice' so it may have gone the same way as the other case referred to above. We are much better off financially now so if I'm going to pay it anyway, it would be better without the CCJ. This site and its members have successfully helped me with several others though so I'm still very grateful for that.
  4. They have paid the court fee. As it didn't look like we where going to have any luck in court, I've verbally agreed a Tomlin order. The default will disappear from her credit report in less than a year, yet a CCJ would be starting a new 6 year mark, so this seemed like a more sensible option if we were going to be ordered to pay it anyway. Thanks
  5. How do I find out if they have paid the court fees? Tia
  6. Got ya. No address on it either. But wont they argue that it came in the same envelope as the notice of default and so the date is obvious like in the other thread? Need to put all this into a witness statement. Can you see any other obvious failings?
  7. The big worry here is that this is my wife's debt. And she is very shy and nervous and absolutely dreading having to speak up in court. If it's not a sure win that's why I'm thinking it would be better to negotiate now, instead of with a CCJ. This is the only negative on our credit files and it will drop off next year.
  8. I'm struggling to see how to win this one, especially now after looking at the other thread. Is it too late to go back to our original dispute that they kept adding late payment charges even though they was successfully taking the minimum payment by direct debit? Reckon they would accept 50% as full and final settlement now, as opposed to £1 a month forever?
  9. Thanks for sorting the pdf. Think they covered all their bases with this one?
  10. Apart from the swapping of him to her and other things showing they obviously copy and paste all this, some parts stand out to me straight away: 19 do they need proof they sent the default notice? 21 what are they refering to? We did not try to accept any offers or even contact them other than the CPR requests. 22 RC4 shows they sent the notice of assignment to our previous address after we had moved Claimants witness statement redacted1.pdf Claimants witness statement redacted3.pdf
  11. Got a notice of allocation to the small claims track hearing. Case set for end of June. Claimant has till end of May to pay the trial fee so I'm guessing sit tight till then?
  12. Ok lol. We'll see if they continue with the claim then.
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