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  1. Hey, Got a bit of a strange one here - I have today received a green letter from Lowell Solicitors saying that I have not paid the £50 instalment on a CCJ they have obtained on a VERY old Orange mobile phone account. This is the first letter I have ever received about this naturally, it made me check my credit file where low and behold - a CCJ has been placed under my old address (not lived there in almost 7 years). This letter says that I have got until the 11th December to make the £50 payment or they will recommend enforcement action. My issues are as follow
  2. Hello, I am looking for some advice please. I have a standing order weekly to Fedex Europe paying off some outstanding import tax, however today I have received a Notice of Enforcement asking for £958 - includes a number of charges! I can happily print off the invoices for these payments and get these off to them, but I need to know what I can do re the letter? I have emailed them today asking for confirmation of whether any payments have been added to this account. I have until 31st March to get this sorted. Please advise. Thanks
  3. And Hello everyone, I have just registered on the Forum and this is my first post! I was hoping to pick your brains a little regarding a similar issue I have found myself in. I have travelled from St Pancras to St Albans on the Saturday just gone. My partner and I have stupidly used my bank card - thinking that St Albans was still covered by the London zone! It's a complete mistake on our part which I have admitted to the staff at St Albans station, and apologised. I have asked if it's an option for us to purchase a ticket now (hoping they would exercise t
  4. Hi, I have a strange question, and hope someone familiar with debt collection procedures / DPA 1998 are able to assist. I am disabled, living with elderly parents. My father has never been in debt, and would absolutely freak out of he knew I still owed Tesco Bank a considerable amount of money. I am in comms with them regarding token payment on debt, its been over 10 years of intermittent token payments, DCAs etc but recently I keep receiving letters from their recoveries department but with the fact it is the recoveries department clearly showing on the front of the envelope.
  5. Good afternoon, I received a withheld phone call on tues 19th April asking for my ex husband, told them he doesn't live and as never lived here, they asked if I knew where he is, I said I've not seen him for 19 years, then asked about me as this is a joint dept from 19+ years ago, I was so silly to answer their security question and give them my mobile and email address. Wednesday I received a letter from gdr trace saying that they think I'm the person there client wishes to contact, I've not phoned them as yet as this was posted on the 18th befo
  6. Hi can you help me? Sometime ago I parked briefly in a pay and display car park owned by corporate services I didn't have the correct amount of change on me so I popped into a shop to get some. By the time I returned I had received a ticket. I ignored the letter they sent me & I have now received a demand for payment from a debt collecting agency for £160.00. Is there anything I can do? Thank you.
  7. I received a court letter a few days ago from Lowells solicitors for a court summons for a dept that is over six years old. the last time i paid anything was in 2008, what should i do?
  8. Hi I took out a loan off quickquid back in feb 2012 I could not afford to pay the loan back at the time. They sold the debt to gothiagroup in 2014 Its been in arrears ever since feb 2012 the total amount is £1149. Its been nearly 4 years in arrears now and shows up on my credit report. Would it be worth writing to quickquid to see if I could get this loan write off due to I could not afford to pay this loan back at the time thanks.
  9. Hi all,i am going through a divorce and whilst i was married we had a joint account with Nationwide,which all our bills where paid from.Whilst going through the divorce and ending up at the High Court to thrash out a financial agreement,it was agreed that we both pay off our half of arrears on the joint account, (which to my knowledge ive no idea how this happened, as there was sufficient money to cover the bills).that was in December 2013.I then set up a payment plan with Nationwide to pay for MY HALF of the arrears,which i fully paid.it wasn't until May 2014 that i received a phone call from
  10. hi again . i have had a letter from red offering me a discount on the account it says i owe lowell the money it is a halifax account overdraft. i dont know who owns it now do i ring them to find out who owns this then send them a cpr or a cca request. the letter also says that this will go to hamptons legal if they dont hear from me in 10 days well 10 days as been and gone letter was posted 25 oct 2013 not heard from hamptons yet. they say hamptons will put in a claim. if i get a cca or cpr request to them now will it stop th
  11. Hi I need some help I have fallen behind on my payments with brighthouse as I was made unemployed as my work closed down I have signed up with jobseekers allowance bright house are phoning me asking to make £64.30 payment today but I cant afford to as I only have £ 20 to last me to next friday as I need that 20 pound for food for my daughter who is only one I dont know what todo as I have a couch and tv from them I have had them for at least 1 and half years help
  12. Hello, Please help I received a couple of demand letters from HRMC which I called them and disputed verbally and asked them to send me a break down . I got nothing from them. Suddenly I got a letter last week from DCA saying I owe 5k and have to pay. I am a singly parent with 2 kids and struggling to make ends meet. Can you please help advise me how to dispute and ask for the breakdown and also advice me on the best way forward on this. I am currently unable to pay them anything as I do not even have any funds to my name. once all
  13. Hi first off great site lot's of great info. My problem is I lived in the Netherlands for a number of years and was going to say there for good, till I lost my job and the cost of living has sky rocketed there so was put in a corner. So decided to move me and my family back to scotland. The problem is the Dutch mortgage I have we have stopped paying so the house will be repossessed soon and sold at a loss so will owe about 50 to 60 thousands euros im guessing. Can the dutch chase me in the UK for that dept. I can not afford to pay it. would a collection agency buy a dutch dept or could it be
  14. I have been advised to post my situation here, to see if there is anyone who can advise. I really do hope so. My youngest was excluded from school for missing a monthly direct debit payment. I have been a parent at school for 8 years, seeing my eldest all the way through the school till 18, and have on occasion had a direct debit miss, I have always subsequently then paid the bill, and the dd continues and there is no problems, I pay the late payment charges etc. But it all gets paid, and the monthly direct debits continue, that has been our history with them for 8 years. Howe
  15. Hello Can you help with advice. In around 1992 myself and a girlfriend bought a flat with a mortgage through Cheltenham and Gloucester building soc. She left and disapeared leaving me unable to keep up payments on the Mortgage. I handed the key's back to them. I agreed a payment plan with them in around 1994/5. The Cheltenham and Gloucester was taken over by LLoyds, and so my debt was taken over by them. I have received a letter telling me my debt has been sold to a Debt collecting Solicitors. I have been paying Lloyds for all those years and am told
  16. Hi wondering if any one can help me I was contacted by Westcott regarding a dept owed to TRBOS for aprox £900 I contacted them asking what the dept was they informed me it was a style card which was opened around 9 years ago, I may or may not have opened this in a time where i went mad with credit. I sent of for a copy of the agreement under section 77-79 of the 1974 consumer credit act to which the sent me a blank copy of the terms and conditions of the account with a pre contract information sheet with my name printed on it. I informed Westcott that i want
  17. I have an address which I got off the net for the above. I have: Santander Complaints Department, Santander UK plc, Po Box 1125, Bradford, BD1 9PG Can anyone tell me if this is correct? I have written to them twice recently and got stony silence. Thanks David
  18. Hello to everybody Today |I received the first letter from dept recovery plus ltd for a parking charge that had happened in Scotland in a private parking (not store parking) I wasnt driving that day I had given the car to somebody to help him moving in his apartment and got fined for that. My biggest concern is that the letter says that if they dont receive a payment before 10/12 they will recomend to the creditor solicitor that court action should be taken . The problem is that these days I am not gonna be in the country I will be away.. please help I attach the letter with all the d
  19. hi everyone, firstly keep up the amazing work you do, it means a lot to know there is people to help and support you when in trouble. Ok, had letter from ccs for 2304.25 overpayment to dept for work and pensions. This around 10 years ago and we did start paying them a small amount each month but that stopped around 5 years ago. Get a letter every couple of years and I think 3 years ago I told them to 'prove it' and asked for a copy of my file which they suly sent several months later (reams of paperwork!). should i respond to ccs? Thanks all
  20. Can anyone give me any feed back on a company called commercial domestic investments please
  21. Hi there, i went bankrupt in may 2007, this year in january i received a letter from a company called aktiv kapital, advising that they were the collectors for halifax for the sum of £**,***, bla bla bla, basically the dept in question was part of my bankruptcy which was settled in may 2008, I've had 5 or 6 letters since, and I've repeatedly told them i went bankrupt, and that the halifax sum was included in my bankruptcy and gave them the bankruptcy details are halifax allowed to have done this???
  22. hi everyone! i'm new here so i'll do my best to explain... going back quite a few years ago (maybe 7/8 years ago) i took out an IVA (i can't remember the company) as i owed about £19k to different creditors and banks. to cut a long story short i stopped paying them after a while as it was just too much and i could'nt keep up with it. we then moved house as we rent, changed our phone number and it all went quiet. we stayed at that house for 4 years. we then moved again and we had to have a credit check for the new house (rented) and it came back clean... this was a
  23. Hi, Happy to find that I am not the only one having an unoticed defaulted account from Vodafone. My story begins back to 2009 when I had a contract for 3G mobile internet with Vodafone. And my story is really simple, due to a busy life with studies and exams in my academic years I should have missed to pay a bill, and I do not even remember if that is the case since everything happened silently and I guess quickly without my knowledge. After some time Vodafone stopped sending bills at my home and I thought my contract is over and I just left it, but I didn't know that Vod
  24. Hi, My girlfriend took out an 18month contract phone a while back and towards the end of this contract wanted to go abroad for a year but found out that Orange had her on the system as a 24month contract. She tried to fight this but they wouldn't listen and as such she cancelled the direct debit and left the country. 12 months later she has returned to a pile of letters threatening bailiffs and court action from the likes of NCO and westminster solicitors. In this sort of dispute can we just ask Orange to provide proof of this 24month contract and if they can't we shouldn't have to pay th
  25. Hi I wonder if anyone can advise me asap. Iv just received a letter from Lowell portfolio 1 ltd, Enterprise house, 1 apex view, Leeds, Ls11 9bh saying We hereby give notice of the assignment of the dept due to us from you in respect of the balance of £131.95 outstanding on your shop direct finance company ( previously known as Littlewoods finance company) Retail brand account. On 04/03/2011 your account was legally assigned to Lowell Portfolio 1 ltd and as such any further communications and payments regarding the above account must now be addressed to.... The address i gave a
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