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  1. Hi, My girlfriend took out an 18month contract phone a while back and towards the end of this contract wanted to go abroad for a year but found out that Orange had her on the system as a 24month contract. She tried to fight this but they wouldn't listen and as such she cancelled the direct debit and left the country. 12 months later she has returned to a pile of letters threatening bailiffs and court action from the likes of NCO and westminster solicitors. In this sort of dispute can we just ask Orange to provide proof of this 24month contract and if they can't we shouldn't have to pay them. Its a case of 2 sides to this story and without evidence I don't think they can keep hounding her or can they? As I don't know either way and my girlfriend is adament that it was only an 18month contract i feel that Orange should have proof of these contracts. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Andy
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