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Found 24 results

  1. And Hello everyone, I have just registered on the Forum and this is my first post! I was hoping to pick your brains a little regarding a similar issue I have found myself in. I have travelled from St Pancras to St Albans on the Saturday just gone. My partner and I have stupidly used my bank card - thinking that St Albans was still covered by the London zone! It's a complete mistake on our part which I have admitted to the staff at St Albans station, and apologised. I have asked if it's an option for us to purchase a ticket now (hoping they would exercise t
  2. Today I got a message from Payment Protection Scotland about payment of PPI and to pay their invoice. I will start with how everything started. Back in March I had filled in a form about claiming PPI with them and heard nothing back. 2 weeks ago I got a call from the Bank Of Scotland's internal PPI team asking me about PPI, what credit cards I had with them, when I got them, was I miss sold it or did I know etc and the man said thanks for everything, I'll let you know in 4 weeks what decision has been made, he said if any payment of PPI is due because I only paid it for one ye
  3. Hi, I have a debt for £3,565.00 from a catalogue. On October 2015 I sent Moorcroft a CCA request. They wrote back saying collection activity has been put on hold and they will not seek to enforce payment of this debt until the documentation has been supplied. It went quiet for a while then I received a few random and occasional letters from the catalogue company themselves then I received a letter in December 2016 saying the debt had been sold to Cabot who have sent a few letters. Ive now received a solicitors letter from Mortimer Clarke saying if I don't pay within 14
  4. Hello I am in receipt of CB ESA with the support component having been migrated from Incapacity Benefit several years ago. I also receive DLA High Rate Mobility and High Rate Care. I had no entitlement to Income Related benefits as partner was in full time employment. New scenario - Partner has to leave employment due to chronic lung condition. We ask at Jobcentre how and who should claim. Were told partner should make separate claim for ESA which he did. Was placed in support group without a medical. When he asked for housing costs (SMI) to b
  5. Hello, we have a car loan with a company and in the last 12 months we've received two email both containing a lot of attached letters that contain personal information on a significant number of people. They contain name, address, bank details, car reg details and so on. I'm a bit concerned about this as I worry that our details have gone flying around to others! I also feel sorry for the people whose details I'm seeing! I've alerted the company each time and just received an email back saying "sorry about that, just delete", very offhand about this! Is there anything else I should be doi
  6. Hi there I defaulted with a loan with Northern Rock (or NRAM) who then secured a charging order on my home on the 13/3/2007. (My name is the only name on the mortgage and for clarity no regular payments where instructed to be paid) Roll on to now and NRAM have sold the debt onto Marlin who are now hassling me for payments. I got a court letter through the other day which was a "substitution of claimant notice" which im assuming means Marlin now legally owns the debt completely. I've done a search on Trustline and no judgements are showing against me which i
  7. Hi there looking for an answer to a thing that's bugging me slighrly I last claimed JSA from April to September last year when I was made redundant. I picked up some contract work for a few months then in the new year decided to take some time out to work on some private projects. I made a new claim online for JSA recently and received a letter yesterday saying I was eligible for payments until October. Slightly surprised as I've read you only get 6 months maximum for two years of ni contributions. Job centre lady more or less told me not to question it when I went f
  8. I will try to fill you in as briefly as possible! In September I received documents from Northampton of a claim issued by Hoist Portfolio. the particulars of claim were very vague ie no date of debt, no date of assignment etc. I acknowledged immediately and stated intention to defend. I sent off CCA and CPR requests in accordance with the rules. These were disregarded and I received no response. It was allocated to small claims and transferred to my local court. The hearing date was set and a deadline of 25th Feb was set for returning witness statements.
  9. Hello, I was made redundant(no pay i don't have like thousands of pounds, not even close it was a apprenticeship type vacancy so no redundancy pay) recently and im starting to do a show which allows people to donate (optional) which does not go toward any real life spending, purely towards the stream. however i'm worried if this is benefit Freud in any way? can someone explain this to me? thank you.
  10. Hello CAG members I have recently had a new permit system put in place at my place of residents. I sent an email to apply for permits to both my company and private vehicle back in September 2015, I had a response saying that they will send them out. I did not receive them and I should have chased this up but I'm a busy man and work away from home a lot. It weren't until December when I got back from work that I found a PCN on my car, I sent an email to ask where my permits are and they sent me an email saying they will send them out but whilst I was waiting I received anothe
  11. Hi. I have suddenly started to get someone elses mail at my address. On the mail the address is my address but the person named, I have never heard of. My wife has refused two parcels and today I have a letter for this person. My neighbour has confirmed that it is not a previous tenant as he has lived next door for almost 30 years. I have only lived here 6 years. I feel very suspicious about this. Any comments or advice appreciated. thanks. Paul
  12. I recently ordered a Vanity unit from Bella Bathrooms (online store). After receiving and installing I found a pin hole size mould crack at the bottom of the sink (manufacturing fault). This was causing a leak under the wash basin. After contacting Bella Bathrooms they agreed to replace the damaged sink for a new one however I have following 2 issues 1) I will now have to pay one day plumber call out charges £100 for removing the old sink and replacing and sealing the new wash basin. 2) After agreeing to deliver the item I've now been told that they wou
  13. Hi, just looking for some advice please! I was in receipt of JSA and was sanctioned for 3 month after a training provider failed to send me written details about a MWA placement. I have appealed to the DWP and received a Mandatory reconsideration notice just before the sanction ended. They are basically saying that I did receive the letter as it was addressed correctly, there was no postal dispute and I cannot prove that I didn't receive it, so the sanction still stands. How can I prove I didn't receive a letter!? I completed a form and sent it to the tribunal service and the DWP ha
  14. Hi I'm after any advice I have posted on here before about MWA I had been told to go to. I was told to go to a charity shop and on the day my neighbour gave me a lift there, I was late and the woman was horrible having a go at my neighbour and I walked out embarrassed and ashamed (so was my neighbour - he was shocked that someone 'volunteering' would get spoken to like that) I ended up getting a 13 week sanction Then in April I was told to do MWA again. I got a letter from learn direct saying they'd be in touch for me to come in and see them.
  15. Hi everyone I'm having problems with vodafone at the moment trying to Bill me £190.86 for getting a replacement of a brand new iPhone 6 plus that didn't work straight out of the box! I ordered the phone online on the pre order date on the 12th September and I got an email on the 19th September to say it was going to be delivered that day. I was on holiday in America when the package arrived but my parents were there to accept the delivery and just put it in my bedroom for when I got home on the 29th September onlyl or me to find it didn't work! I contacted vodafone customer servi
  16. I've been receiving Incapacity and Housing benefit for quite a few years due to various mental health issues but now I have a decent chance to start up a home business repairing computers and I'm worried about losing all my support if things don't work out. I've spoken to Incapacity Benefits and they told me I can apply for Permitted Work which would allow me to work up to 16 hours a week and earn £101, anything over £101 will be deducted from my benefits. I also got in touch with Housing Benefit and they told me that as long as I sign up for Permitted Work and keep them updated with my
  17. Hi, I am currently receiving ESA and have an overdraft with Barclays. Currently my overdraft has been limited and when I receive my ESA, Barclays are taking £22 a time every time I am using my reserve. This month they took £88 in charges and this was taken from my ESA which left me with little money to survive on for the rest of the month. Can Barclays do this even though I am receiving benefits? Thank you.
  18. Can someone be kind enough to point me in the right direction. I'm after a template for a response to a creditor after an SD has been served, many thanks
  19. Hi All, hope some kind person can help me, my husband receives JSA and also claims for me, we receive 112.60 weekly along with HB and CTB, up until last week I also received child tax credit and child benefit for him, this has now stopped as he has reached 20, he still has another year to complete at college and the only money he receives is a bursary of £110 every 3 months which pays for a bus pass to travel to and from college which is over 3 miles away. We are not in a financial position to be able feed
  20. Am I the only one out there that is gettin hassle from DVLA stating that ive not sent them back the V5 form, Its a bit strange how they word the letter final opportunity to prevent court action, as of course I failed to send bk the other half of the V5...NOT.. I've always sent this bk,but for the first time did not send it bk via recorded post D'oh, big mistake, but as stated in the letter I can pay £35 but if no payment is not received by a cut off date then it go's up by £55 with the option to pay via cheque-postal order-debit card, yep thanks 4 that option's, I ant paying this, this is a bl
  21. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if the amount you get for HB has gone down? i am receiving income support but only getting £181.00 every 4 weekly.
  22. Hi, I hope someone can give me advice on my situation. I will definitely be receiving an eviction notice from my counicl as i have substantial rent arrears. if i give my council notice that i will be leaving, can i still be evicted? i would rather leave first so that i dont have an eviction against my name making it hard for me to rent in the future.
  23. This equates to almost half of the daily total mail deliveries http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2232540/An-avalanche-junk-mail-Nearly-half-daily-postbag-direct-marketing--Royal-Mail-wants-more.html
  24. Hi Would really like your opinion on what to do about this please. I have sent the 'doorstep collection' letter to both Wescot and Iqor (re old Lloyds debt) who have ignored and have continued sending their threats. Apparently I have just had a visit (while I was out) from someone claiming he was from "Lloyds TSB" so I am thinking it is one of above DCA's. How can I find out who it is exactly and what to do about it if I have sent the letter (recorded delivery) yet they still come to my door? Many thanks, Pru
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