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  1. I recently entered a contract with an estate agent called Remax signing on the 21st of March 2018 due to the failure to get one visit booked within the first week whereby there was 350 online views and a failed attempt to cooperate with another estate agent to work together in selling the property. I didn’t hear from the agent in a week and he didn’t respond to a message I sent him asking for an update. Hence, I decided to cancel and go with another agent. This is the wording from the contract: If you are a consumer client and this contract was not agreed within our premises you have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days without giving any reason. The cancellation period will expire after 14 days from the day this contract was agreed. To exercise the right to cancel, you must inform us of your decision to cancel this contract by sending us a clear statement in writing to: RE/MAX Right Step, 1b Hall Lane, London, E4 8HH or emailing us. To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for you to send your communication concerning your exercise of the right to cancel before the cancellation period has expired. If you choose to cancel the agency agreement, you will be required to pay for the services supplied prior to cancelation, such as For Sale boards, advertising, property particulars, Energy performance certificates etc. Where we introduce or have negotiations with the ultimate purchaser of the property before you exercise your statutory right to cancel the contract, this contract will be deemed to have been fully performed and the agreed agency fee would be due, notwithstanding that cancellation took place. Is this legally right given he was notified on 1 April 2018? Thank you
  2. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/selfdriving-lorries-to-hit-uk-roads-from-next-year-despite-experts-safety-fears-a3619651.html Dont panic,
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums. On Sunday 30th July I attended my baby nephews baptism and celebration, which was in the town centre. There is nowhere for disabled drivers to park near the venue so I parked on a single yellow line, which I believed I was allowed to do for 3 hours. I left the car at 12.56pm by the clock in the car and set the timer for the blue badge at literally just before 1.00pm. One of my family went to move the car for me at 3.45pm and found a PCN stuck on the window screen. The contravention on the ticket says, "Parked or loading/unloading in a restricted street where waiting and loading/unloading restrictions are in force." The thing that annoyed me most is that the Traffic Enforcement Officer must have seen me leave the car as the ticket was issued within seconds - apparently observed between 12.54pm and 12.55pm. I have viewed the images....the blue badge can be clearly seen on the dashboard but looking at the image showing the timer it is difficult to see that the arrow is set to just before 1.00 because of the angle it has been taken from. What annoys me is that the TEO has taken a close-up of the badge but not the timer....that has been left out of the picture. I had three other people in the car with me who can all verify the time we left the car. Any advice on how to deal with this would be much appreciated. Thank you
  4. Received a letter on the 20th July 2017 (Despite the fact it is dated 10th July 2017) stating an imposed amount of £250 from the HM Courts and Tribunals Service. Apparently the fine was imposed at a magistrates court in October 2009. The offence occurred in March 2009. The car was registered in my name at my old address (I moved houses in July 2009). Those were the details given to me when I phoned the historic debt phone number (since the letter simply states the cost of the fine, not the reason why it was imposed etc). Was also given the name of the street the vehicle was spotted on. They advised me to fill in a statutory declaration form? How do I obtain one? Does it cost anything? I have also spoken to DVLA. The only information they could tell me was that their has been an update on the vehicle (I imagine it may have possibly been scrapped since the vehicle doesn't exist when trying to find if it is taxed or not) and that it was registered in my name at my old address. What is the best way to proceed. I bought my first car last year so clearly someone has registered the car in my name unknowingly to me. At the time I was still in college and living off EMA (£30 a week lol) so buying a car was never on the horizon. I have specific dates for when the fine was imposed and when the offence occurred if need be.
  5. Hi all, I sold a very expensive figurine on eBay and sent the item to the seller very well packed first class next day. Two days later the seller requested a full refund stating the item had been damaged in transit. I requested photos of the damage which showed the packing box (shipper) squashed on one corner, the box inside with the figurine inside appeared to have a cut along the corner running up the side of the box. When I received the item back the damage to the box of the figurine appeared inconsistent with the damage shown to the box that housed the figurine. What I mean bear with me on this, The shipping box was squashed on one corner, however the figurines box had no sign of being squashed and looked like it had been cut. The figurine box was wrapped in bubble wrap at least 5 or 6 times and I am guessing when the buyer tried to remove the bubble wrap say with scissors he has cut the box. Do I have any right to claim the buyer has damaged the item and will eBay see the obvious inconsistency? I have the photos he originally sent as do eBay!
  6. Hi, I have a debt for £3,565.00 from a catalogue. On October 2015 I sent Moorcroft a CCA request. They wrote back saying collection activity has been put on hold and they will not seek to enforce payment of this debt until the documentation has been supplied. It went quiet for a while then I received a few random and occasional letters from the catalogue company themselves then I received a letter in December 2016 saying the debt had been sold to Cabot who have sent a few letters. Ive now received a solicitors letter from Mortimer Clarke saying if I don't pay within 14 days from 24/4/ they will start court proceedings. Should I just send them a copy of the letter Moorcroft sent me saying I'm still waiting on the CCA request? Thanks, Puddleboots
  7. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4488560/Shoppers-trapped-car-park-100-fine-overstaying.html
  8. I've found myself in an odd situation which no-one seems to be able to give a straight answer on. I've googled endlessly and found no similar cases. I'm sure my situation can't be unique but maybe it is. I was made bankrupt in 1998 and as a result the forfeiture clause in my personal pension with Prudential (originally Scottish Amicable) kicked in. This just meant that they would hold my pension in trust while it carried on building as before. The only difference being that on redemption any lump sum would have to be paid to someone else. Now I want to take advantage of the new rules by taking small amounts as and when but the Pru are adamant I can only buy an annuity or have the whole amount paid out to someone else. They say they cannot transfer the pension to another provider and cannot pay it in installments, drawdown fashion. The problem with this is: The pot isn't big enough to make an annuity worthwhile. They say that payment of a lump sum will not qualify for any tax free element per the new rules. I have letters from both the OR and the TIB confirming they have no further interest in my pension and I am free to do as I please. The fund is worth about 80k. I am dealing with an independent financial advisor and he has been tearing his hair out from talking with the Pru. He feels the next step is to go to the ombudsman. I've dealt with ombudsman services before and know how long it can take. My question is basically are the Pru just being awkward or should it be possible to reinstate my pension and thus benefit from the recent changes in law, without having to lose half of the pot in tax? Will going to the ombudsman be likely to produce a result? I would be really grateful to hear from someone who knows about this subject.
  9. Way back in 2008 i was struggling. Business,Housing,Debt the lot. And lost the lot,no big deal many did. Came on here and slowly got sorted out.I am fine now. But at the time i somehow started looking around America and was quite shocked in what i saw. It began when i saw how people were struggling in Detroit.Read a article one day in the Daily Telegraph from a journalist i got to know quite well. And slowly started through forums and newspapers to show my support for the people who were living in Tent Cities over there. Had a debate or two with some over there who just did not seem to care very much. And wrote to the President and others over there to show i was concerned. Received a couple of replies from their helpers as i call them.Nothing major at least i received replies. Slowly over time and living a busy life although looking every now and again i stopped looking as hard thinking things were going to be sorted out. Now i hear that many people despite working and being on minimum wages unable to afford to rent or buy despite 2 or more wages coming in. And feel it is getting the same here. People perhaps being priced out of many cities and some towns despite working locally all their lives. Now the other day i read a report saying councils are that strapped for cash here that they are hardly able any more to help people made homeless. It just costs to much. So as you see things perhaps deteriorate if inflation really gets going next year surely a huge crisis could be coming. Many people are one paycheck away from serious trouble with mortgages and rent. If interest rates go up just imagine what may happen. Bankfodder and others are warning that inflation may happen next year and batten down the hatches by if possible paying off any debts you have now.Or before the middle of next year.If that is possible. I suppose i am thinking if this continues you must feel tent cities could appear here. People will occupy public land on the outskirts of cities where they work. Kind of not have much choice. However this may help. Councils could face new duty to prevent homelessness As rents rise and benefits fall, more people face losing their home. A bill aims to stop people from becoming homeless by giving English councils specific duties to help everyone at an earlier stage http://www.publicfinance.co.uk/analysis/2016/11/councils-could-face-new-onus-prevent-homelessness The number of people demanding help over homelessness has rocketed by more than 50,000 in the last year as new figures laid bare the scale of the problem facing Britain this Christmas. Nearly half a million people now contact housing and homelessness charity Shelter every year. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3935570/Shocking-50-000-rise-number-people-demanding-help-homelessness-Britain-120-000-kids-prepare-wake-without-home-Christmas.html#ixzz4RONNMIi3 A tent city in America. American Story: Tent City USA The State of Homelessness in America 2016 On a single night in January 2015, 564,708 people were experiencing homelessness — meaning they were sleeping outside or in an emergency shelter or transitional housing program. http://www.endhomelessness.org/library/entry/SOH2016 Homelessness in numbers Quantifying homelessness isn't straightforward. This is an introduction to the figures available, and insight into what they mean. http://www.homeless.org.uk/facts/homelessness-in-numbers So how do you feel about things. Are you living on the edge. Having sleepless nights worrying about things.
  10. I moved into my new flat in June 2015. I called up the TV License people to say I don't need one, which they said is fine, and I just need to call up every 2 years to remind them. I know it's BS and I don't even need to call them, but I thought I would anyway to see what happens. I've now got a generic letter with "Unlicensed property" in bold across the top, and a threat to pay up before 6th of Jan 2016 or they will pass my address to "Bromley Enforcement Division" for "investigation". The letter even says if I don't need one, then to let them know, and they will send someone to check. Why should I have to notify them a second time within 6 months?
  11. Hi - My daughter received a ticket from Apcoa at a railway station. Although the photos in the accompanying letter shows that there is something stuck on the windscreen she swears blind that there was nothing there when she got back to her car. She had also just moved so the letter came through to us here. Rightly or wrongly she sent them a cheque for the £80 they were demanding. Further letters had arrived from ZZPS (the phoenix which arose from Roxburgh?) saying that this had been passed to them and that she now owed £140. She rang and said that it had been paid but they were their usual abusive selves and said that it hadn't and that they were going to come after her for the money. A letter then arrived from their pet solicitors Wright Hassall who claimed that she now owed them £176. She was really worried about this and again, rightly or wrongly, she paid them the £176. She then checked over her bank statements and the original cheque she wrote out to Apcoa had clearly been cashed. Where do we take this now? I feel that ZZPS and Wright Hassall have conned her out of money and that Apcoa have caused a load of distress by moving this parking charge to them in the first place despite cashing the cheque. Any advice would be gratefully received thank you.
  12. I would welcome some suggestions from Forum Members please as to what I should with regards to a landlord who is taking her time in restoring central heating in the house which I am renting. I have been without heating now for a week. Prior to this, the boiler had broken down a number of times and the landlord was told by two of the engineers that the boiler was obsolete and needed replacing. I have been in touch with the LL and made the point that the situation is becoming untenable, but all I got back was that she is dealing with the matter. I would be grateful for some suggestions about what options are available to me so that I can use some leverage to get the LL to act and act urgently? I hope members can help. Many thanks in advance. Mack
  13. Hi, My partner has had an agreement with IDEM services for a repayment plan of 95 pounds. She was diagnosed with Parkinsons in January. She has been without work for 2 years and now she must accept early retirement as she is no longer capable of working. We wrote to idem and her other creditors asking to reduce the figures to a token 5 pounds of which all but idem agreed. I will fill out and income/expenditure form for her to send, as now I am the only earner in the house and so am responsible for all expenses. is there anything I can do in order to get them to drop their figures or see sense, ultimately she will never realise the conculsion fo these debts as she is no longer in a position to earn money outside of her pension.
  14. No doubt this is one of hundreds of similar cases. I part exchanged my car on 25th August 2015 to a car dealer. Completed the log book properly and handed in the V5C over the post office counter at the same time as purchasing tax for the new vehicle on the day of purchase. The post office gave me a receipt which states V5C handed in. I cancelled the Direct Debit for the tax a couple of days later for the vehicle that I was no longer the registered keeper. Fast forward to January - I get a letter from a debt collection agency saying I owe £80 for an outstanding late licencing penalty which, I would like to point out never received any communication from the DVLA about this directly. This was the first time I was aware of it. I sent a letter to the DVLA explaining I was no longer the registered keeper and was not the registered keeper on the date of the alleged offence (1st September 2015). I provided the bill of sale and the receipt from the post office as evidence. Unfortunately, I had no longer got the acknowledgement letter they sent to me as I disposed of it, thinking once I had received it, all was well. I have had two letters from different depts. at the DVLA - one stating that they have updated my records and the other, to say that the original decision that I am liable still stands. Anyone got any ideas about what I should do - I don't see why I should pay for something I am not responsible for. If I had not cancelled the direct debit the DVLA would have refunded the payments anyway so surely the fact I have evidence to show I was no longer the registered keeper and that I handed the V5C to the post office on the day of exchange of vehicles prove that I am not responsible for the payment of tax on a vehicle I no longer owned!
  15. Hi all I would welcome some advice on this please. In September, I upgraded my phone with T Mobile and entered into another 18 month contract. Had a nightmare with the first handset that 2 T Mobile stores were not interested in despite quoting the usual sale of goods act etc. and me taking the handset back on the 10th day after having received it. Eventually, Customer Services on 150 relented and replaced it as a swap out the next day. I got round to reading the manual last weekend to see what exciting things I was missing out on and I decided to download some new screensavers to make the phone a bit more "funky." I then discovered that despite changing all the settings that the screensaver would never activate. The phone display switches over to power save mode, i.e. goes blank instead of displaying the screensaver. I undertook some research into the issue on both T-Mobile's user forums and Nokia's own support discussion forums and it turns out that this is a known software bug in the N79 handset. It also appears that the manufacturer knows about it but has failed to fix it in subsequent firmware releases. It is also unlikely that Nokia will now release any further firmware for the handset as technically, or rather in the technical world, it is now quite an "outdated model." I have emailed T Mobile Customer Relations about this and they have contacted me to say that if the manufacturer is not going to fix it there is nothing that can be done. I however am not happy with this. Surely the goods are not functioning "as described," i.e. the manual states that you can change the screensaver and although you can, the end result is that it doesn't work. I know that a non-functioning screensaver is not a life or death situation i.e. the phone makes calls, sends texts, browses the web but am I the only consumer that is getting a bit sick and tired of companies that earn millions of pounds from their customers getting away with everything? At the end of the day, my contract is subsidising the cost of the handset in a large capacity. If I had purchased this phone directly, it would have cost me a few hundred pounds at least. The crux of it is that I used Nokia phones for years previously and every handset I have had has always had "some problem" of one thing or another. Back around 2003, I had Orange replace 15 handsets, one after the other and each one exhibited the same problem as the last. It was a nightmare. I thought that 6 or so years later, with the advancement in technology that Nokia may have improved it's standards and the first phone I pick up in this 7 year period manufactured by them exhibits yet another fault. I have contacted Nokia, although I am under the impression that it is not down to them to sort the problem out and they have suggested that I send the phone "for repair," which judging by other users on their support forums, does not resolve the problem anyway and just leaves you without a phone for 2 weeks. I was wondering if I could glean some opinions please ? Am I right that the phone is not "functioning as described" and therefore breaches the sale goods act ? Thanks very much J
  16. Hi Quick bit of advice. Earlier this year I was awarded 3 year ESA in support group due to Fibromyalgia and Functional Neurological disorder along with severe depression. I have been on every antidepressant my dr with prescribe and i'm being seen by mental health services, im also on Butrans patches for pain. Anyway been paid fine every since the award until 13th August when the payments just stopped, no letter, no phone calls nothing just no money. I have phoned the hotline a few times and they always say I can't see any reason on my system for not paying, i'll email another department and they will call back later the same day. Of course i've never had a phone call back. In the meantime the local job centre wrote to my wife inviting her in for a work related interview which is odd because she's self employed and does a little work here and there when it comes in makes no more than £500 a year after expenses. Anyway I wrote back to the job centre explaining she can't get there because we haven't had any money and the job centre is a 25 mile round trip, I made it quite clear it was not a refusal to attend but just not right whilst they are in breach of their side of the "contract". JCP have written back putting the appointments on hold indefinitely until they start paying me again, still no explanation why they are not paying. I've written a complaint and sent that in asking what is going on that was nearly 3 weeks ago, heard nothing. My MP has written to them again nothing. Am at my wits end over it, i'm not good on the phone when dealing with things like this because I am easily confused due to the neurological issues and I have a phobia of the damn thing so I rarely answer it unless I know who is calling. On top of the ESA problem, I returned our child tax credit renewal to HMRC and they have ignored it and rolled salaries over from last year meaning they have invented a £25,000 income we don't have slashing our tax credits down to £79 a month. So at the moment all we're getting is £79 ctc and £137 child benefit to pay for 2 adults and 2 young children. My wife and I visit the community cafe every thursday for a free hot meal to save a bit of money that way but to be honest i'm just getting to the point of snapping over all of this along with the car problems (posted in garage area) and these 2 problems (i'm hoping HMRC screw up is what has stuffed up my ESA but I have no idea on that!) Permanently on the brink of tears and feel so depressed. On top of my usual pains and problems im now losing a lot of weight because I am vomiting several times a week for now apparent reason when it happens sickness lasts 24-48 hours where I can't keep anything down, drs don't know whats causing that either/ Really feel like it's not worth bothering anymore just feel so under someones boot. We're only just managing to put food on the table at the moment let alone paying any bills. Does anyone have any advice on where I go from here i've written to everyone giving them the correct info but no one seems to be listening. I can prove that the DWP have never called back because I have extensive phone call logs showing they haven't called (no withheld numbers called either)
  17. Hi guys, Been a while. I'm helping a friend with this. He's received a court claim form from Cabot regarding a Vanquis credit card that was defaulted back in 2008. Surely thay cant proceed as its statute barred under the limitations act? How do we go forward? Do we submit a defence on the grounds of it being Statute Barred. Or do we defend by disputing the debt then put in an application to strike it out due to it being Statute Barred? Not sure if this makes any difference... He was a sole trader when he took the card out. He was a sole trader when the default notice was issued. He's not serviced the debt since 2008. He's now formed a LTD company and they have put this on the form along with his Company number. Does that make any difference? In hope. Toxic
  18. I recently had an offer of £700 as a full and final payment accepted by Barclaycard. This was paid and I received a letter from them stating that the account was now settled. Today I got a statement saying I had a balance of £541.38 and that includes £18.75 in interest. What should I do? Should I just ignore it or call them? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  19. Basically I had a hsbc business account which I shut due to the fact I slowed trading for for a while. Started to use my personal account for a bit and then a lot of business subsequently got asked to leave for breaking t&c. Left me without an account, 7 defaults and 3 arrangements on my credit history in the last 6 years. Ive put in an application with Coop for a cash minder, they seem to of lost my application in branch which is a pain. Had a look at the bank groups and basically hsbc aside I had history with all except Santander, figured I had nothing to lose by putting in an application for a business account. Went basic no overdrafts, loans etc. Had an email off them yesterday with a questionnaire which I completed honestly, emailed it back then today received this. "Thank you for choosing Santander Business Banking. We’re pleased to let you know that your Business Current Account is now open and ready for you to use. What’s next? In the next 7 – 10 days we’ll send your card, card PIN, Online Banking passcode and registration number separately (for security purposes) to the home address you gave us." Is that it?, I've been accepted?, can I have a beer to celebrate? or is there something that can go wrong from here?. Other than my credit history I have no other skeletons in my closet or anything. I know all banks are as bad as the other but I did not expect to get a highstreet account in a million years with my account history. I was thinking best case I get a cash minder and a pre pay. I had a large loan and Credit card with Abbey national which were paid in about 2007 but did reclaim a lot of ppi.
  20. Well, the revelation that British airman are active with American forces bombing targets in Syria despite the UK commons vote against this, and Cameron saying 'he gets it' is a real eye opener for me. My recent softening of opposition to the Tory 'ethos' and suitability to govern a democracy has taken a major nose dive down below where it was before. Whats your views? http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/jul/17/mps-demand-commons-statement-over-uk-military-action-in-syria That UK forces are embedded with other troops is simply not an excuse. Many forces have other countries forces embedded, but they ARE NOT sent on duties which there own Governments have NOT APPROVED.
  21. Hello all, First of all, wonderful site and greetings: Over a year ago, I had some letters from a company called Erudio over an alleged student loan, (pre-1997 old style contract) As well over a decade has passed without acknowledging any debt or indeed action, I understand it to be statute barred. I moved well over a year ago and for six months had my mail redirected from my old address to the new. I began receiving demands for monies from Erudio (written to the old address), claiming that I owed them money, I hadn't heard from SLC prior to that; Erudio also claimed that there was an existing CCJ against me on record, having been issued by the SLC. I had been in the same house for 18 years prior, and never had any correspondence or claim at that address. I wrote to Erudio, disputed any alleged debt in full and informed them that any alleged debt was statute barred and in dispute, I also remarked that if there was a CCJ, then it was that CCJ that should be enforcing , not issuing a notice of assignment, as I understand the CCJ to be the 'debt'. (Claiming there to be an existing CCJ appears to be a stock accusation with these people. I received a few letters to my new address, which they obtained from a credit search, so they new I had moved, despite this, I recently found that they had won a judgement by default in April 2015 . I only found out about this judgement when I tried to switch my utility supply. It transpires that despite knowing I lived in a new address and I have documentary evidence to this affect, they have applied to the Court under my old address for a CCJ. While careful with what I said, Erudio claimed to have passed a file to a debt collection agency, if they thought that I was still at the previous address, why wouldn't they enforce the judgement using a Warrant of Execution? It's very clear to me that they knew full well that I wouldn't be at the previous address. I will need to set aside the Order but my questions are as follows: 1) I understand the set aside costs are likely to be £155, which is an extraordinary amount of money . Will I get this back and what's the best way of going about setting aside the judgment? Would I have to make a claim against Erudio? 2) If I manage to set aside, would anybody have any advice for the next steps? Thanks in advance for any replies and/or assistance.
  22. Hi, I'm posting on behalf of my sister. A few weeks ago she was parked in a supermarket carpark and was just about to open the door to exit. She had the door already ajar, while she gathered her handbag etc, before opening the door any further she looked over her shoulder and a car swung in wide into her space (at speed) and caught the side of her door (see picture attached). The chap at first admitted liability and apologised. Luckily my sister had the common sense to look otherwise she could of easily had her leg crushed. What we thought would be a open and shut case has now been going on for 3 months. My sisters insurance company are next to useless and keep saying she should claim on her policy and claim back later. My sister refused to do this. She said she wanted to claim direct from the third parties insurance. Today she receives an email stating the other party will not admit liability and she is liable for the full repair. We have supplied a number of pictures which clearly shows the point of impact, however the third party are now saying she swung her door open. I believe the pictures shows this is not the case as the damage would be on the inside of the door. We are now thinking about claiming via the small claims, would this be a route to follow?, perhaps this would persuade the other party to admit liability? She has legal cover, this hasn't been any use what so ever so far. Can anyone help with suggestions?
  23. I'm posting this regarding one of my friends situation I'm trying to see the possibilities. If I understand correctly, an EU national have to live in UK for 5 years to be settle (without studying, just working or self-sufficient) in this case UK needs to stay in EU for another 5 years (5 year qualifying period). And if the referendum in 2017 will decide "out", then my friend will stop having right to reside in UK and thus will not be able to meet the conditions above?
  24. Last year, having endured poor signal for some time and then receiving a clearly misleading marketing email in September 2014 that Vodafone subsequently refused to honour, I registered my intention to cancel my Vodafone contract. It was due to expire on January 25. Having subsequently received a call from the retentions team later in September, I agreed to a new contract on provision that I received an early upgrade of my handset and a reduced tariff. And so all was well again with better signal, and an early upgrade. However, on Sunday January 25 2015 at noon, my phone ceased to receive any mobile signal. Believing this to be an issue with my bill (I don't owe anything apart from my current bill, which isn't yet due to be paid) I tried to log into my account online to be told that my mobile number was no longer registered. I can only assume that the initial request I made in September 2014 to cancel my contract has been actioned despite my subsequent agreement to remain with Vodafone and renew my contract. This is not the first time this has happened, and the exact same scenario presented itself on my last upgrade also, and I was without phone service for more than one week. Normal customer service channels have been a joke, and they either don't understand or choose not to understand and are accusing me of cancelling and being in breach of my contract, which in utter muck, and trying to charge me the cost of the handset. I've since made an email complaint to the CEO office, and have a reference number. However, they insist on trying to call me on my wife's phone (which is also with Vodafone and is/was linked to my account) which I can't access as she works away. I've tried calling the direct line number they left me to call back, but I'm not sitting in another 30+ minute queue any longer, as I've tried three times already and I'm not getting anywhere. An email response to the original complaint will just trigger another reference number so little point in doing that. An absolute shambles of a company, and I'm regretting sticking around for another two years. The ombudsman beckons!
  25. Hi all, Hoping someone can help me here.. .unsure if I can claim against unfair or constructive dismissal due to the timeframe etc and am seeking advice on what to do and where to go so here goes.... I dismissed from an employed back in August for what they have described as gross misconduct. We worked in a sales environment and from their side they believe myself triggered a commission payment to a junior member of staff deliberately. I did not accept this claim and they dismissed myself but was however offered a lower ranking position where the salary was 5K less and due to the commission I had from my role would total 15K less per year if accepted. There was other incidents in the office where people had done the same and never been penalised and feel this was mainly due to the fact I had 3 weeks off. Senior members of staff including my line manager often let us change "files" into other members of staffs names to ensure they hit target so to me this was quite the norm. We worked in a heavily commissioned sales environment and quite often were tasked with doing junior members of staff roles, telesales etc and this impacted heavily on our commission also. In the May/June I was signed off sick by my doctor for stress and anxiety due to work and a marital split and was continually told by my friends who I worked with/colleagues that if I did not return to work after being signed off I would be demoted on my return. I decided to return after sick leave and was then confronted with the fact my targets were now increased (along with 2 other members of staff) over and above everybody else in the office and having 3 weeks off I was never going to hit these targets and miss out on significant commission payments. I was offered a lower salaried position but declined for financial reasons and the fact I had time off sick and was now even more worried about my job and home etc and felt due to this claim being brought against me I had no choice but to decline their offer of employment and to leave. I worked for the company for 3 years but had 2 breaks from the employer, once in year 1 after 6 months and after 20 months for various reasons including the company threatening to withold commission payments. Any more Q's please feel free to ask - I know I may have missed the deadline to claim but this is now impacting me on future job applications Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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