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  1. We received another letter saying they don't believe there to be any wrong doing with the charges they made and that they consider this the final correspondence unless new information comes to light.
  2. We received a letter today saying there will be an investigation and it could take up to 4 weeks to report their findings and if it will take longer they will contact us to say.
  3. Would I just remind them of the Limitations Act and that they are in fact wrong and we hope this can be resolved amicably?
  4. I think the biggest worry is the court fees and how much they are and if they could possibly be waived. The next worry is any fees that could be paid to GE Money for any travel they have to make, especially if my Dad ends up losing, it could end up being costly. I know offers can be made back and forth up until the actual court date but I think we will need to read up on it more and make sure we know what the outcomes could be.
  5. I have looked through all the links and read many pages. My Dad is unsure about the lba and going to court because he is not wanting go go through the stress of it all and we don't know what the costs could be if it did in fact go to court and wasn't successful. you think sending a lba stating that my Dad only became aware this year of these charges via the SAR and quoting the Limitation Act 1980 S32 1 © would make a difference?
  6. What options do I have? Do I contact them again and say that it's when you become aware or just escalate to the Financial Ombudsman?
  7. There has been another update. A letter arrived today. It says our understanding of your concerns is that you believe the fees and charges applied to your account are unfair and you believe the fees applied to your account do not reflect the true cost GE Money have entailed. In relation to any charges applied to your account on or before March 2007 are time barred under the Limitation Act 1980. This is these fees were applied to your account more than 6 years ago. In relation to any charges applied to your account after March 2007, under the FCA's Dispute Resolution Rules we
  8. Another update. Today we received a letter saying they are writing to say they are not yet in a position to tell the outcome because they are awaiting further information in order to complete the investigation that they will do their best to provide a full response to the complaint as soon as possible and will hear from them in any event within the next four weeks. They also give a contact number if there are any queries regarding the matter.
  9. Just to give an update to the complaint a letter arrived today saying GE Money Servicing is writing on behalf of the lender with reference to the letter we sent. It says they are sorry you felt the need to complain, a thorough investigation will be conducted into your concerns, once we have completed this we will write to you with our findings. If this takes longer than four weeks to complete we will send you a letter informing you of our progress. T hey also included a leaflet which is a guide to making a complaint. It does say in their guide they will respond to
  10. I had used a copy of the one I used for Blemain and put the date in manually . I've downloaded a new copy and the formula is correct and the date is today's date. Should I keep the unlawful charges and the 8% statutory interest in the same letter with the spreadsheets attached?
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