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  1. Having received a parking invoice for parking on private land from UK Parking Management LTD, I failed to respond or appeal. As I am unlucky enough to be subject to another private parking charge , I had confused the two and thought I had appealed but it seems I did not..... ..I have now had a letter from Debt Recovery Plus asking for £160. I called them upon receipt and asked for copies of the original invoice and some other information (such as the address of the parking company - so I could write to them directly). All of my requests were (quite rudely) refused
  2. Hi All, Not sure if this is the correct forum, I have a somewhat difficult situation I am contending with. in summary; I had a lease vehicle; prior to the end of the lease arrangement I arranged the inspection (Thurs 15th March 2018) and collection (Sat 17th March) with British Car Auctions (BCA) in accordance with what I had to do (inspection within 7 days of collection and end of contract). BCA failed to turn up (i took the day off off work!)! I called BCA who advised that they had made a mistake and schedule my inspection and collection for the incorrect dates. They advised m
  3. Hi All, I enquired about a ticket for an event in Amsterdam last year through a Danish company, they sent me an invoice for 445euros and I decided not to go. They phoned me and resent the invoice to which I replied that I would not be attending. They sent me an email stating that if I didn't pay they would be offering the ticket to someone else and I responded saying its fine I am not coming. Then a year later I get a letter from a UK debt collection agency - is it just me or is this as ridiculous as it sounds? I tried to speak to them on the phone but they are ridiculous
  4. After a sibling died the others came together to clear the property with the sibling who is executor. This help was given freely and at no time did anyone mention or talk about getting paid or expenses for said help. Now suddenly an invoice has been sent to the executor for work carried out, this is a proper invoice as person is self employed. But is the executor legally obliged to pay this from the estate? We are aware that once the estate is settled if anything is missed the executor is liable personally. So although this is clearly immoral it's the legal side that conce
  5. I have started this thread because I would like this to show up in a Google search because I know people on here will bother to give some sound advice. I am beating myself up because this morning I got an invoice from Agora Business Publications for £49.86. I received a free windows gift CD that I recall ordering a few weeks ago. It was no good to me. Apparently, if you do not cancel within 30 days you join a subscription. I am sure you have all heard of this type of business practice where they appear to hide quite well that cancellation is of the essence if indeed you want anything FREE. I d
  6. premier parking logistics are a part of BPA. i got one and now a letter form DCBL stating that a notice of debt recovery. what do i do? dont want to pay. but will pay up to £60 if needed dont want to say that and then they decline. Hi, got a letter on the 27th Feb 2018 stating that £100 invoice. Also, got a letter from DCBL stating that it is a notice of debt recovery. on the rear of the dcbl letter says case is not subject to high court or bailiff action What to do. dont mind paying up to £80 in installments but not really the £160 Thanks Quick replies ne
  7. Good Morning I am looking for some advice and support as now really fed up! To cut a long story short, self employment ending in March, role I was in was made redundant... received JSA for approx one month and then found a role as document collection agent via Job centre website on a self employed basis. Started part time first month and was paid, second month increased my hours and to date the company owe me £990 (approx 6 weeks) Invoice was due for payment this week, so early days I know, but all attempts to contact them have been ignored, and all t
  8. Today I got a message from Payment Protection Scotland about payment of PPI and to pay their invoice. I will start with how everything started. Back in March I had filled in a form about claiming PPI with them and heard nothing back. 2 weeks ago I got a call from the Bank Of Scotland's internal PPI team asking me about PPI, what credit cards I had with them, when I got them, was I miss sold it or did I know etc and the man said thanks for everything, I'll let you know in 4 weeks what decision has been made, he said if any payment of PPI is due because I only paid it for one ye
  9. I bought a car from stoneacre in 2014, i have 3 year warranty with vauxhall until september this year. My engine has failed on the motorway with no warning at all. We have had the car serviced and the book is stamped. However we lost our invoice, the garage cannot provide an invoice due to not having it on their computer system. genuine parts and oil was used. Now vauxhall are telling me that the engine wont be repaired under warranty due to not having an invoice however the book is stamped. can anybody advise me on what to do? thanks
  10. Friend parked at Wilco (Mexborough) on 22 Mar 17 at 8ish in the morning. This was closely followed up with a PCN from FlashPark (Vehicle Control solutions) dated the 24th March. AFAIK, there was no NTD, they have gone straight after the keeper? He has just received the ''Final Notice'' with their invoice escalated to £85 I have copies of the two letters he's received so far, along with three photographs he's taken, of where he was parked, the DYL's that were obscured by leaves, not that it matters, and the side of the Wilco's he was shopping in that has a plastic FlashPark
  11. Long story short. Around April last year I bought a guest bed for the spare room. The bed has only been used about 10 times as it's a guest bed, however the frame has broken and is fairly unusable as a bed. I've contacted Halifax to raise a S75 claim, however they are saying as I do not have the receipt to prove I purchased the bed, I am unable to make the claim, even though I have provided them with a statement showing the purchase. The bed cost £199. The store I bought the bed from went out of business late last year, so I have been unable to contact them. Do I
  12. Hi, could someone please advise. My friends recently had to use the services of a funeral director and with all the added stress of the funeral and the situation, she did not notice at first that the funeral directors had put the invoice in her brothers name and not hers.she called them and they said that they would change it. She needed the invoice in her name as she is claiming some help from the social fund. To cut a long story short, the funeral directors told her after that that they could not change the name on the invoice because it is fraud. It was their error in the first place. I am
  13. Hi all, Looking for some advice regarding a parking charge received in an NCP car park for having an expired ticket. I park there every weekday for work, I pay for 2 hours as I'm in the office usually for about an hour before heading out again, but on this day I was delayed leaving and returned 20 minutes after it had expired to find one of their lovely bogus charges. I received the ticket stuck to my windscreen, with the time of year and seemingly countless work and personal life issues I didn't get round to writing an appeal. The Notice to Keeper arrived in du
  14. Hello all, Wednesday 14th September 2016 On Wednesday 14th September 2016, I arranged for http://www.powerflush365.co.uk to carry out a power flush of my central heating system, (no heating just hot water), the work duly carried out, on completion of work, time to pay him for the service I requested an invoice for proof of work carried out. He said that he was going to email me the invoice and some sort of certificate for insurance purposes, I then gave him my email address, he wrote it his diary so I handed over the agreed sum and he left. After he left, I realised that I
  15. Hi, I recently lost an appeal via POPLA for a PCN. I never received a reminder with regards to the PCN having to be paid (I do have issues with mail in my flat, so things occasionally get lost etc). The original cost would have been £80. I now have a letter from Debt Recovery Plus stating that I owe £160. When I go back to the PCN website to pay the charge, it states it has been passed onto debt recovery. I know in the past the advise has been to ignore. However, a friend of mine did this continually and eventually had bailiffs round clamping cars etc.
  16. Do I need to immediately pay an Invoice marked as Payment Immediately? We recently had some carpentry work done. No payment terms were discussed or covered in the quote. We were not impressed with the work done nor the way the work was conducted. The work was estimated to take 3 days but took 3 weeks. That is incidental to the legal requirements for paying the invoice. I'd just like to know when would be a reasonable time to pay the invoice. The carpenter has chased the invoice and is threatening further action. (We received the invoice 2 days ago).
  17. Hi, I bought an item from a company in the USA. It arrived safely by Fedex. A while later, I received an invoice from Fedex asking for payment of VAT and a handling charge, £26.29 in total. The following is the relevant paragraph from my second and last email to them. I have now received a demand for payment from Control Account PLC. "If Fedex had made it known to me before I agreed to purchase I would have been able to make a choice. As it is Fedex is trying to make a retrospective charge against me. According to my understanding English law does not allow retrospectiv
  18. Hi All, Wonder if you can help. Last year we parked in a retail outlet car park, which is 2 hour free parking. We went into the shops within the retail park but also to shops in a neighbouring park and on our return found we had been invoiced by UKCPS as we had 'been observed leaving site'; although we were only parked for around 90 minutes. I ignored the window sticker and awaited the first begging letter which arrived 66 days later so duly responded asking them to harass the driver of the vehicle and that I was under no obligation to inform them who that was. I, stupidly, tho
  19. Hi, I've been a member for quite a while and the great advice on here has saved me a fortune in the past. I have recently had my first invoice stuck to my windscreen since the liability changed from driver to registered keeper. Previously, I have successfully ignored all correspondence but, as the advice is to no longer do so, I was wondering what steps to take. I received the notice from the PCN (NW) employee on my windscreen approximately 10 days ago in the staff car park at St Helens College. I am in possession of a valid staff parking permit but it was not displayed in the windscre
  20. Looking for the answer for a friend. Is there a significance of an invoice being sent for payment nearly twelves years after the event stated on the letter? No requests for payment have been sent in all that time.
  21. Hi, I hope this is the right place to post for advice as this is a first for me. Like most people I hate getting unsolicited phone calls and have registered my domestic number with the TPS and our business number with the CTPS. Neither have had much effect. Complaints are ignored if you cannot provide a company name and, if the numbers are withheld then you are unable to trace who called you. So I decided that, rather than buy a call blocker I would try and fight back. I was cold called, on our business number, by The Hearing Clinic whose representative tried to convince m
  22. Hi there, My husband works for an international company and paid in US dollars. However, the HMRC class him as self-employed. I carry out bookkeeping for him monthly with end of month reconciliation as well as annual returns with other specific tasks on his behalf. However, this work load will increase as of May 2015, hence charging him. My question is.... Can I invoice him for monthly duties carried out. I plan to go self employed doing exactly this once I have completed my Honours Degree in May, therefore, it would be far easier for myself to also go self-employed rathe
  23. I am sending an invoice for £800 to a travel company for some work I done on a holiday brochure. It is actually the first invoice with the completion invoice to be sent in the new year. I am full-time employed now, but just done some work on the side. I have used a template from online to make a quick invoice, but do I need to add anything for VAT?
  24. Hi all My bank is based on land with private shops but in a way has two parking areas one for the bank one for the shop. I parked in the shops, always have and used bank. Came out and a man approached saying have you used the bank, yes was my reply he then said unfortunately . ..... as I realised what he was I then stopped him and asked if land was private or council he replied private land so I just got in my car and drove off to shouts of see you in court!!! I took no other details than that but as I drove out I did see the sign contract thing on the wall, must ad
  25. Picked up another parking ticket - unbelievable. The car park has ANPR cameras and have clocked me on site for 17 mins. I was meeting my daughter off a train as she was feeling unwell due to wisdom tooth impacting, she has a history of fainting and this is the nearest car park to the station front. I never left my car nor did I stop the engine, I thought 20 mins free parking would be standard on most car parks - apparently not. Having recently been helped by the good folk in this forum recently, I used the GEPOL reasoning via POPLA and got the right result. Amongst th
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