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  1. my partner and his friend had our 4 month husky bitch out on a walk in a public park area just down the road as always she was on lead it was pretty dark and out of nowhere 2 Bull Mastiffs (off lead) attacked her cause sever injuries to her back left outer leg and inner with puncture wounds around her backside she was absolute squealing and terrified, my partner had to physically kick them away as the owner did nothing otherwise Im sure they would have killed her, the owner then ran off with his dogs still off lead,luckily our neighbor works for a local pet charity and rang vets etc which was 10 miles away as it was out of hours, Summer was kept in overnight for op etc, when we returned from vets our neighbor showed us where the owner lived and we went to talk to him, we were in no way aggressive in fact I actually felt sorry for him, he couldn't apologize enough and promised to pay the vet fees and to keep his dogs on lead and muzzled in the future as apparently this had happened before, which we agreed we would bring him the invoice to pay he was an adult and we believed he would keep his word, however the following day after we took the invoice to him and came home he called the police and accused us of being aggressive and threatening which we were certainly not and we refused to sign the statement from the police. I contacted the local newspaper as I was concerned that it would happen again follwing the article I was shocked at how many people contacted us to say it had happened to them but didnt know where he lived to do anything about it. Although luckily we have Summer insured the vet fees are rapidly increasing almost at £2000 our limit is 3000, and Summer still has to have xrays, physio etc as she is limping badly, and our premium will increase next year due to the claim, and he is still taking dogs out off lead. The police basically tols us there wasnt anything they could do its disgusting and will probably attack other dogs or even children. I need some advise as to how I can deal with this eg claim for vets fees and ensure his dogs are under control. Phew
  2. Hi I've been getting a number of letters from different debt companies and i stupidly ignored and even stopped opening them. I now have a letter from Northampton county court ordering a payment of over £8,000 for a certain credit card bill. I however suspect that this debt might be over 6 years as i remember getting into financial difficulties and defaulting when i was on maternity leave six years ago. I have read a few threads on here that mention doing a set aside and am guessing this is the route i need take, but am not sure who to contact regarding how old this date is. It was originally with Lloyds bank and has been passed to different companies. They are demanding for payments to start on the 5th April and another 2 companies are issuing their demands too but not gone to court yet. Any advice on what to do is very much appreciated.
  3. Hi all, Thanks to anyone who would mind taking the time to read this and advise me if possible. I received a 2 fines from the magistrates court. 1 for no tv license (fair enough) and one for driving without insurance (although the car wasn't been driven it was just parked on my street as it was broken down and id transferred my insurance onto a new vehicle. Taxed to be on the road but didn't realise it had to be insured as well, my bad but I guess that's by the by). In the midst of this I was granted a debt relief order and was granted £300 by the official receiver to cover the TV license fine (strange as that fine was for £200) but left the insurance fine outstanding. initially as I wasn't working deductions were been made from my benefits. When I returned to work in January 2017 this stopped I didn't make any payments as id lost my paperwork and expected to hear from them regarding payments and thought id pick it up from there. In the meantime I got myself another fine. ( I know, I know but it was cheaper to be found guilty and pay £400 than pay a solicitor to find me not guilty) I began making payments for this fine immediately. In mid May I received a letter from the South Yorkshire Enforcement unit giving me one reference number to cover all my fines. It showed the amount i'd paid and the balance. (though there was no reference to the £300 that the insolvency officer had written off under the DRO). Again I continued making payments and have regularly paid £50 a month every since. In total since April I have paid £560 towards the fines. Then I received a letter from collectica. A notice of enforcement. Showing the correct balance of £883.50 but they have also added on £75 for god knows what. I rang them and explained to the guy who answered that I had made regular payments to my fines and had been doing since April. I asked if I could continue making payments at the amount I had been - £50.00. This was a big no no. He wanted half the money up front before agreeing to a payment plan. I explained to him that I had just been discharged from my DRO and that I was very careful with my budgeting. I tried to explain to him that by paying him more that I could afford the money would have to come from another pot i'd be sorting one problem and creating another. He told me his was a priority debt, I explained I have no other debt anymore and that this was the only one outstanding my payment history should clearly show that I am trying my best to clear it. We went back and forth for about half an hour. I stood my ground. I refused to pay anymore than I could afford, explained that i'm certainly no sat with a 50" T.V on my wall and that if they come to my house the only thing they will find of value is my sons PS4 which is about 3 years old. (and my car which my mum bought me for work, now been parked out of the way of my house. His final offer was of an initial payment of £280 and a payment plan. Otherwise I would be charged for bailiffs attendance and get more fees, worst case scenario been arrested. I told him at this point id welcome a change to plead my case in court. Although I suspect they would rather just add more fees onto the debt that I have been trying to clear. I told him this was the most insane act of bullying ever. They can clearly say I have been making regular and timely payments directly to the court, now they want to eliminate all that money I've struggled to pay by sticking it back on in fees meaning that it will take me even longer to pay. How the hell is that even I thing?!!!! I told him I may as well have kept all the money I paid so that when they wanted an initial payment I could have made it. This makes absolutely no sense to me. I have worked my ass off to get out of debt and despite paying on time they are determined to land me back in it. I got off the phone and resolved nothing. He told me I have another few days to agree to his terms before a bailiff will call at my house (he'll be very disappointed by the nothing of value that I have ) its hassle I just don't need. I got off the phone and made my due payment of £50 but again to the courts not to collectica. Does anyone have any advise for me please? This is infuriating for me that they can see I am not ignoring the fines I am paying each month yet they seen hell bent on making the debt larger. Also can anyone advise what to do regarding the £300 the DRO shows they have allowed towards these fines that is not showing on the letter I received from the courts. Many Thanks
  4. Hi All, My first post - please be gentle this is a very stressful and difficult time! Back in Feb I received a PCN from Manchester CC. I can't recall why I was even in Manchester or anything about the circumstances. I was pregnant at the time and unfortunately lost my baby in April. From there everything went to pot. I couldn't cope with day-to-day life, I left my job and things that should have been sorted just, well, weren't. Fast forward a few months and I received a letter from Equita stating that they had a court warrant to deal with this. Having had nothing from the court myself, I wrote back asking for a certified copy. Nothing materialised and I forgot all about the matter - still not quite back to myself in terms of organisation! Last Tuesday a bailiff from Equita attended my property. I explained the situation to him but he clamped my car giving me one week to sort something out. I offered a payment plan but this was refused. I was NOT given a Notice of Immobilisation nor was one placed on the car. I did NOT sign a Controlled Goods Agreement. The only paperwork left for me was a notice which would have been posted if I had not been in (informing me they had been and would return on X time etc.) I emailed Equita that day again requesting copies of the warrant and a copy of the Notice of Enforcement giving me 7 days notice of attendance. On Thursday I received a letter from Equita, a Notice of Intention, which stated it may still be possible to make a payment plan. It was dated the Monday, one day prior to the bailiff turning up. I called Equita and the chap was extremely rude and talked over me constantly. He said the letter said 'may be possible' and that it was not possible. I argued it was unfair to send a letter out on one day then send a bailiff before I had chance to even receive it, let alone respond. I also received another letter on Tuesday this week stating they enclosed copies of what I asked for - but with nothing enclosed. I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and have been quite poorly over the last week with a severe chest infection. Today I contacted the National Debt Helpline and they helped me to draft a vulnerability letter which I have emailed to the bailiffs and Manchester Council. I called the council to let them know the situation. The lady was lovely and asked me to phone the TEC to make an appeal (which I have done and sent after speaking with them and explaining the situation). In my letter to the bailiff by email I put them on notice that I have appealed to the TEC. Should they now remove the clamp whilst this is going on? Without a Notice of Immobilisation or CGA is the clamp there legally? I would appreciate any advice! TIA
  5. Hi everyone. I'm hoping I might be able to glean some information and guidance from this great community. The problem is one you may have heard many times involving benefits and concerns my daughter: Factoids My daughter is 22 years old and lives with 1- year old daughter and fiance in two-bed Sanctuary Housing flat (council housing association). Fiance has no income and is on a company training course with the promise of a job at the end of February. This is their first home and lived there since May 2018. Father (me) is also her Power of Attorney - she has severe mental health issues and I speak to authorities regarding her bills on her behalf. Benefits ESA (currently in receipt of payments but in review) Child Tax credits My daughter made her first application for housing benefit in May but here we are in November and still waiting for a single payment. The keep asking for more information and then tell her she needs to reapply because her ESA payment may be affected. She's been passed from pillar to post several times now and she's concerned about demands for Council Tax and rent which she's fallen behind on paying. Now she has received a letter telling her she has to see someone to review her ESA at the end of November, so any payments for other benefits (Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit) will be on hold until December at least. Predictably, I'm certain if the ESA is resolved and maintained Housing Benefit et al., will make her reclaim again taking her into January or February of 2019. Her mum and I are helping her in any way we can to keep her from caving into demands and stress. However, I find it disgraceful how a young mum and daughter can do the right thing in getting a home and being a family, yet be so disgustingly treated by the authorities there to assist her. I can see no end to this merry-go-round of passing the book and it's six months since making her application for Benefits and she still has not received a penny. If anyone can offer any guidance I would be very grateful! Many thanks for reading. Craig
  6. Hello everyone, I would like to know if anyone as won any cases against Blemain in regards to unfair charges etc.... I took out a loan in 2006 for £25k secured on my property, I clearly checked the box indicating we did not want PPI only to find that over £5k was added to our loan which was for PPI. However in late 2017 I still had £27k outstanding on a loan which was taken out over 180months. Simple math shows with have paid over £50k back since 2006. My beef with Blaimain/Togrether is : £5k was added to the loan at the front end for PPI to which we clearly said we did not want. Since 2006 our monthly payments have been based on £31k rather than £25K I would like to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience. Thanks.
  7. Hi all Today I had a moment of insanity, wanted to buy some pants for my daughter, thought £5 was a bit pricey for one pair of pants for a baby and added another pair to the hanger, went to the checkout with my other items paid (only for 1 pair of pants as store operative did not realise what I had done) then left the shop. On leaving the shop saw the security guard and a staff member speaking to him who then immediately looked at me - but no one tried to stop me.. I immediately regret what I did and can honestly say it will never happen again. I would happily go back and pay for the item which is only worth £5. I have a history of anxiety and have not stopped panicking since I left the store. Worried the police are going to turn up and arrest me - that I’ll go to jail and my 3 month old baby will be taken away from me.. I can’t believe I was so careless and stupid over £5! Anyway question is - will the above happen? Am I likely to have the police turn up or will I get a letter with a fine in a few weeks if anything is to come of it? I don’t even know if it was just coincidence the staff member was looking at me while I exited. Surely if it was suspected I would have been stopped then and there? I know it was wrong it won’t happen again just looking for advice Many thanks
  8. I have never been down this road before, i need some advise I have been signed off work from June unfit for work. I have a long term condition that will never get any better only worse. Today I saw my gp who has written another unfit for work note. Everything has been crossed off and in the comments he has written... Will never be fit to return to current work and I think she should therefore be 'retired'. This will be the case for 3 months from 26/8/2018 to 25/11/2018. Goes on to say will not need to assess your fitness for work again at the end of this period. Sorry for the long explanation but it has confused me some what. Thank you in advance
  9. Hi, I have recently moved and have a dilemma how to advise some old credit card debt creditors that I have moved as do not wish to have them contacting a rented property that I no longer live at. Most of the debts are with DCA's as have been sold by the original card issuers. There are no CCA's available for the alleged debt but they are not Statute Barred yet. A couple of cards I have not heard from the original issuer for some time and don't know if they have been sold. What is the best way to phrase an advice of new address without accepting liability for the alleged debts? Something along the lines of: - "I am in receipt of your recent letter requesting payment of the above alleged debt. However, as you have failed to provide a valid original CCA I do not acknowledge any debt to your company but advise that any future correspondence in relation to the monies related to the original CCA should now be sent to me at "New Address" in writing. Yours etc..." Any help or suggestions please? Murphy
  10. Hi guys I wonder if you could offer advice please Jbw enforcement agent appeared at my home this morning looking for my 21 year old son. I did not open the door no will i. Son is not here at the moment but i do have a bed wardrobe ect in my dinning room for him to use if he was to be here - no belonging other then some clothes and odd toiletries and no car in his name. Notice just says enforcement for warrant £616 And a ref number . phoned son who told me to open his mail and discovered letters about non payment of dart charge from march this year. 2x £115 one of the numbers matches the number on the enforcement notice the other does not Whats the best way to proceed from here please ? Are they likely to try and take goods from my home ? Should son contact the bailiff with a offer ?
  11. Hello, Your advise is needed pls.. I Was receiving the chidcare costs, My Son had to stop the Nursery last year July 2016 because he fell very ill and had been in and out of the Great Ormond Strreet Hospital with lots of surgeries, His Consultant also advised that he stays at home away from viruses . I am a single Mum , My work suffered as I can not work as I used to , So relied on the childcare as income to sustain myself amd 3 young kids. I have Never been on Benefits from the DWP so don't even understand the process, besides the thought of being on "Benefits" via DWP makes me feel low self esteemed. as I never bargained to be in this situation, Always been working. This year June 2017 I got a letter to provide last year Nursery payment evidence, So i called and told them that My son stopped the Nursery this year March 2017 as opposed to last year July 2016. But they called the Nursery and the Nursery told them the actual date. I know I was WRONG .. but we just had to survive My son has been very ill , I have had to look after him , not being able to work as such, being self employed. The payment has drastically reduced.. Now because I am too ashamed/scared to call them , return their calls I got a letter that they are investigating and I might have to pay back all overpayment and also be liable for a fine. Please advise.. as i do not know how to handle this.
  12. Hi guys, I have a CAPITAL ONE credit card which back in september I had offered to make £1 token payments, my response was that they had referred to fredericksons intl for repayment... i set up a £1 standing order online to fredericksons with a letter to them copying in my letter to capital one regarding token payment and my current financial circumstances... my first token payment went out in december which got accepted and my balance reduced by £1. HOWEVER - i now have a letter from Bryan carter which is there "LBA_S2LIT" template letter giving me 14 days to make payment arrangements with fredericksons.. do I simply copy my previous letters to capital one and freds to bryan carter? as its clear that previous two have taken a complete disregard to everything?? help Dave
  13. my UC payment was due, logged on to check all was ok like I do every month. They're paying me £24. I usually get around £700. They've said it's a system error and they can't give me a timeline just probably after Christmas I'll get it. I'm due it in 2 days. I have no food gas electric or money. Civic centre can't help me, disability means I can't go out right now so can't get to a food bank. And to top it off I was just finishing paying my overdraft back I got to clear rent debt from the initial 6 weeks of no payment. Now my bank said if it's not paid when I was due to be paid my account will be closed and there's nothing I can do about it. I've sold everything I have. (It's in cex to pick the money up tomorrow they had to test it all) so I've made about £150 but I can't even pay rent now. UC said it's a Computer error and they don't know when it'll be fixed, just not for a while. Social worker couldn't help me, support worker couldn't, both said they have 0 access to funds at the minute and told me to beg family . I don't have any family. I haven't done anything wrong it's UCS fault. What the heck do I do, it's absolutely freezing I haven't eaten in a couple days and I can't afford to take my medication. (Has to be taken in specific drinks I have to pay for which is £100+ a month ATLEAST, very rare issue) And the £150, I have to give bank £100 or my account will close I only really have £50 now. Sorry unsure how to edit but just to add due to medical condition I have to follow a STRICT no gluten no meat no dairy 10g of fat a day diet , if I don't I'll be very ill so foodbsnks are pretty out of the question anyway :/
  14. I was really worried, I get caught for shoplifting at tkmaxxx. I have given my address, name, phone number and signed the banning form with exclusion list of stores for 12 months and a letter with RLP that I need to wait to pay them a lost cost of Tkmaxx which they have gotten all the goods back worth 60 Pounds. What will happen if I pay them? Will there be any further problems in the future? I am really ashamed of myself It happened because i'm not myself that day and suffering from depression from most of everything in my life. I really need some advice and help. Thank you
  15. On Thursday I had a Marston bailiff at my door, regarding Court driving fine of £1100, I explained to him that i cant pay in full, and he tile me that he is going to take goods away, I explained that I cant pay now and will pay instalments to sort this out, he then said he will go and get a magistrates court order to gain entry by force, Today Sunday 26th November he called and said he has applied to the court for warrant to gain entry, and said he will take goods, i explained that the goods belong to my wife and she own the house, he told me that will make no difference at all and the case is criminal, how is a speeding fine criminal, he told me that it is not worth his while taking instalments, i have tried to call the courts but they told me i need to deal with the bailiff directly, i called Marston they also told me that they cant do anything and i have to talk to the bailiff directly, can anyone help and advice, I am willing to pay but cant in one payment thank you
  16. There's no point in whining about them. We know they're ripping the public for all they can, any way they can. 58% rates, 28 day account periods when almost everyone gets paid monthly nowadays. My wife has a debt of £2096 with Marisota and I don't know how much with Very. (She says she doesn't know the password! I'm resetting it.) And a credit card, and who knows what else hidden. She doesn't work, I have to pay everything. I want to work out a prediction of where this will all go unless dealt with now. I can use spreadsheets but I'm not sure how they calculate the minimum amount. T's&C's say: The word is INITIALLY. That insinuates there will be something different later. Or is it so simple as 4% of the £2096? That is £83.84 but they are saying amount due is £251. How is it worked out? Thanks.
  17. Can anyone advise me please . I have had a 3 seater and 2 seater sofas off a rent to buy company called Local Appliance Rentals , payments £15 a week , now due to a change in financial circumstances have fallen behind by 5 weeks , have had no letters of arrears , just an undated card put through my door which i seen last Friday morning giving me 5 days to pay , tried to borrow money ,but no success. Today a letter been put through my letterbox by hand headed REPOSSESSIONS OF YOUR RENTAL GOODS , stating after repeated attempts to contact me it appears i have no intention of paying or honouring my rental agreement and are now required by law to give me 30 days notice of collection of my sofas ,will be at my house in 30 days time . Can they enter without a warrant ? can they refuse a reduced amount monthly ? also i suffer severe depression, anxiety, which I have lots of evidence of , any advise please. I have only had them for about 4 months over a 2 year term Thank you
  18. Long story sorry, I bought a car on Monday 200 miles from where I live, test drove ok around town country lanes. 50 miles into my journey home I discovered it had a fault which only showed up on the motorway, causing it to shake violently. They have been fairly responsive to emails but I feel I'm banging my head against a wall, here is the email conversation below. I'm wondering what happens if I drive 200 miles on Thursday and they don't refund me, any advice on the whole situation appreciated. Thanks Ben Hello, I recently bought an S-Class from you, registration XXXXXXX. On the drive home it shook violently when accelerating from 60-70 on the motorway and the air conditioning doesn’t work. I have just been to my local Mercedes specialist for a brief diagnosis, they have said the torque converter is causing the large vibration and the gearbox is juddering also. They estimate this will cost £1600+vat to repair the torque converter and gearbox, plus approximately £200 if glycol is found in the radiator, which is common and contributory to the symptoms. The warranty you put on the car seems to insist on a service history, which I have not yet received, and I am aware that within 30 days you must repair the car free of charge or offer a full refund as obviously the fault was present at the time of purchase. I await your prompt response. ----------------------------------------------------------- Hi Ben, I have spoken to J regarding the issues you are having with the car. He has asked for you to bring the car into us on the 6th of October when he returns from his holiday and will get the car repaired for you. Thank you. Have a good afternoon. Kindest regards, E ------------------------------------------- Hello E Thank you for your prompt response. A month to repair the car is not within a reasonable timescale, also that coincides with my annual holiday. You will need to collect the car as it shakes violently at motorway speeds, it is not reasonable to expect me to drive it 200 miles under such dangerous conditions. I think at this stage it would be best to just return the car for a full refund and I will disregard my costs already incurred. Alternatively, you agree to get the car repaired at my local Mercedes specialist at your cost. I feel returning is the best option, you can repair at your own timescale and resell it for more money to recoup your losses. Regards Ben -------------------------------------- Hi Ben, As J is going away and we have no courtesy vehicles until the first week of October I would ask for you to bring the car in then. We are more than happy to supply you with a courtesy vehicle so you are not without a car whilst yours is with us. We are not able to inspect the car and diagnose it without seeing the vehicle or any proof of the issues your are experiencing. I understand this may be of inconvenience for you to bring the car back for repair, however we are happy to repair the car for you instead of you having to get it done locally to you and being out of pocket. Kindest regards E ------------------------- Hello E You seem to have disregarded what I have said. The car shakes violently at motorway speeds, it is your responsibility to collect the car, I will not risk my life with something that shakes violently at motorway speeds for 200 miles. Again, a month to repair a car is not reasonable. That is the time of my own holiday. If I do not get a satisfactory response today, my next calls are to trading standards and VOSA. By satisfactory I mean 1 of 3 things. 1. You collect the car promptly, leave me a courtesy car, then fix the car to a suitable standard. This doesn't mean in a month's time. Or 2. You agree for it to be repaired locally to me and you pay the bill, if you chose this I will forfeit my right to a courtesy car to save you some money. Or 3. Collect and refund the car in full. If this is agreed today and refunded and collected within a week then I will take it no further and pursue non of my already incurred costs. I am trying to be reasonable despite you gaining my mistrust. If you do not agree to a reasonable outcome, I will be forced to have the car repaired locally and claim from you through the small claims court. I trust you understand I am seriously not happy with the car or your service. In 24 hours I will book the car to be repaired locally and pursue you for ALL of my costs. Regards Ben --------------------------------- Hi Ben, Apologies if you feel I have disregarded what you have said but my hands are tied of you cannot get the car into us for further inspection. As I am sure you will agree when you and I took the car out for a test drive the car drove very smoothly without any issues. As you are refusing to bring the car back to us I will forward this matter to our legal time who will be in touch with you very soon. Kindest regards, E ------------------------------ Hello E You leave me no choice but to return the car under my short term right to reject. Under the consumer rights at 2015, I do not have to give you the opportunity to repair the vehicle within 30 days. I will be returning the car for a full refund. I have spoken to trading standards and they have taken your details. I will be returning it on Thursday the 22nd of September and you will refund me in full. Regards Ben ------------------------------ Hi Ben, Would you be able to please send me diagnostics that you have from your specialist you took the car to? This would help us to determine whether or not we could cover the cost for your repairs to save you having to bring the car back to us in London. I would like to do all I can to help, so I would like to know a breakdown of the cost that I can put to J. Thank you E ---------------------------- Hello E, I refer you back to my original email. On the drive home it shook violently when accelerating from 60-70 on the motorway and the air conditioning doesn’t work. I have just been to my local Mercedes specialist for a brief diagnosis, they have said the torque converter is causing the large vibration and the gearbox is juddering also. They estimate this will cost £1600+vat to repair the torque converter and gearbox, plus approximately £200 if glycol is found in the radiator, which is common and contributory to the symptoms. This doesn’t take into account the air conditioning not working, there are also a few other faults I have not mentioned, whilst less severe, which should be fixed, the coil light comes on which possibly means 1 or more glow plugs have gone. There is also a knocking noise from what I suspect is the rear suspension. As I said before, at this stage I insist (as is my legal right) that the car is returned for a full refund, I feel this is best as the repair bill is going to end up over £2000+vat, I’m quite sure you likely don’t have £2000 mark up on it, so best it is returned, sorted in your own time and you can resell it with a fresh gearbox for an increased value. As per my previous email, I will be returning it on Thursday the 22nd of September and you will refund me in full. Regards Ben --------------------------------- Please send the reports from the professionals you have taken it to so I can forward these onto our legal team. As I stated James is not in the country until 5th August so I will not be able to do anything until he is back in the country. The vehicle cannot be taken out of your possession without the logbook that was sent off to the dvla on the day you purchased the vehicle as it will be sent to you over the next 3-6weeks. Thank you for this. Good evening E --------------------------- Hello E, Never did I mention reports or diagnostics which you request, I said: I have just been to my local Mercedes specialist for a brief diagnosis, they have said the torque converter is causing the large vibration and the gearbox is juddering also. They estimate this will cost £1600+vat to repair the torque converter and gearbox, plus approximately £200 if glycol is found in the radiator, which is common and contributory to the symptoms. You are welcome to call them and discuss the car http://www.broadleyandholmes.co.uk/ I’m sure they’ll remember as it was only 2 days ago. If you wish them to do a full inspection and diagnosis of the entire vehicle then please arrange it and I will take it there, but it will be at your cost. Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 the law considers a fault to be what a reasonable person considers a fault. It doesn’t take an engineer to see there is a serious and dangerous fault with the car, along with several minor faults. I have no interest whether J is in the country or not, I dealt with you for 90% of the sale acting on behalf of xxxxxxxxx Ltd, issuing a refund is as simple as taking a payment. The V5 is of no consequence, it is not proof of ownership, I can forward it when it arrives or you can request it from DVLA. Now please stop trying to delay, avoid and deflect your legal duty, you are bound by law to accept this car, whether you like it or not I will get a refund and return the car, if I have to involve trading standards further then I will do so, but I’d much rather it just be a smooth return and refund. I will be returning it on Thursday the 22nd of September and you will refund me in full. Regards Ben ----------------------------- Hi Ben, Apologies for the late response. Our legal team will respond to you by close of play Monday . Thank you Have a good weekend. E
  19. I was in horrendous debt when my husband left me with all the family debt and bills and no income slowly I managed to work my way out of things and paid off what I could. I took the ensuing years of bad credit rating on the chin and ploughed on watching my credit file with all my statute barred dates marked in my diary, overjoyed when they started dropping off. Suddenly I noticed my credit rating dropping again but couldn't work out why. Today I logged in and saw that with one year to go before SB, Moorcroft have appeared with a defaulted debt Also having lost my CCJ last year suddenly out of nowhere I have one for £400 odd again with the SB date for a years time! I had no clue about that one, where has it been all this time and why just appear now?! It feels like I will never be debt free! Is there anything I can do? Surely if I had this CCJ it would have appeared before now. It's been 5 years since the date of it.
  20. I took virgin media to CICAS and they lied about the contract. They told CICAS the screen shot of the t&cs I provided was from an old contract from someone else while the screen shot they provided is from my contract (by this time they had changed my online profile and had updated my contract to show new t&cs). I did not have the original contract copy at that moment but later, after CICAS decided in their favour, I found out the email they had sent me which had the contract I signed and could prove my stance was right. The only proof they gave was fake screen shots which I can prove now was fake. CICAS would not listen to me as their decision is final. Can someone help me legally and take them to court. I do not want to spend more money on them unless I have some legal advise. They not only broke their T&Cs with me but also lied to CICAS deliberately as I had pointed out to them in a call that my online profile shows the old t&cs and after three weeks they changed those. I am sure they have done it to 100s of thousands of people and ripping them off. It's a big [problem] I can tell. Please note I am no more looking for the contract I signed as I have it in my email when they originally sent it to me.
  21. Hi I received the letter below yesterday from a debt recovery agency, I did receive a PCN last year whilst parked at the shopping centre but I can't remember the date I have until now ignored all communication and binned the letters they sent as this is what I did last time I got one of these things quite a few years ago, although now I have seen the advice is no longer to just ignore them, worked last time though The car park does have signs up all over the place about restrictions time limits etc and I do remember when I parked I wasn't able to park in the bay properly due to a van encroaching into the bay where I parked which meant I encroached into the next bay, I was parked for less than 10 minutes while I went to the chemist to pick up a prescription for my step son and when I came back had the pcn attached to my wind screen. The car park is free to park in so no loss of revenue was incurred and I didn't cause any damage by how I parked. I'm looking for advice as to how I should proceed from here as reading the forums ignoring it no longer seems to be the way to go. Thanks in advance. Darren Inkedparkcing charge_LI_NEW.pdf
  22. Hi there I've had an Amex card (Amex BA rewards card) for several years. Back in September 2015 I sent a letter to tell them I had moved house and provided our new address. However I was getting my monthly statements on line by email so did not question whether they had updated my postal address on their records. In September 2016 I set up a standing order to cover £1000 per month payment but unbeknown to me the instruction failed. Even though Amex had my phone number and email contact details they did not let me know payments were not being received. Instead they wrote to me at my previous address. What's important here to understand is that up until this point Amex always contacted me via their online messaging system and my overseas mobile (due to the fact we lived overseas and this was an easy and immediate way to reach us). My expectation was therefore always that if Amex needed me urgently this is how they would contact me. Amex claim they never received my letter requesting they change my address. In January of this year (2017) I received an email from someone claiming to be a debt recovery agent for Amex. I thought it prudent to check with Amex this person was legitimate and also ascertained from Amex direct that they had cancelled my account and referred it to their debt collection agency. I immediately paid the missing payments and have continued to pay £1000 per month whilst I decide how to move forward. So my question is this? Even though Amex have cancelled my account they are continuing to charge interest on the balance each month. Which means that the payment I am making is mostly going to servicing the interest. I want to clear the original amount I owe them but do not think it is fair that I should have to pay interest when my account is cancelled. Should I talk to the debt collection agent and propose this? Or do I need to take a different approach (Ombudsman?). All advise greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance
  23. Hi Guys, Back in 2013 I was being harassed by both NCP and UKPC due to being the registered keeper of a vehicle that they were claiming had had several parking tickets issued against it (3 for each company, 6 in total). Being in Scotland I followed the advice that was applicable at the time and ignored them. The matter was passed between various debt collectors and I haven't heard anything since early 2014. I moved address last year and have had a royal mail redirection in place since then as I didn't want them gaining a default judgement in the event that they issued court proceedings. The redirection is due to finish shortly and I am considering contacting each of them to advise them of my updated address details. Just wondering what peoples thoughts on this are? If it is advisable to do this what is the best way to approach this?
  24. I have finally heard back from CapQuest regarding the CCA Request issued in January, they have provided a signed copy of the CCA together with a statement of account from prior to taking over, which causes some questions, primarily the balance has not reduced from the time I went on to the DMP. They have also failed to send any further documentation (such as a deed of assignment) which I requesting in my letter. Please would someone advise what my next steps should be? I am able to post a copy of the CCA & statement on here if that will help?
  25. Inside the TalkTalk 'Indian [problem] call centre' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-39177981
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