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  1. HIi, I had got a speeding fine and disclose driver identity, i work away a lot and at that time was not in the UK for several month, the courts issued a fine and penalty points, `I got a letter from the bailiff and tried to make a arrangement, they refused and then sent a bailiff over
  2. On Thursday I had a Marston bailiff at my door, regarding Court driving fine of £1100, I explained to him that i cant pay in full, and he tile me that he is going to take goods away, I explained that I cant pay now and will pay instalments to sort this out, he then said he will go and get a magistrates court order to gain entry by force, Today Sunday 26th November he called and said he has applied to the court for warrant to gain entry, and said he will take goods, i explained that the goods belong to my wife and she own the house, he told me that will make no difference at all an
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