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  1. OK so I need to cover the £75 costs also? I can just about stomach that. I'll phone the courts tomorrow and see if they can help. Thankyou so much for your advice x
  2. hello and thankyou for the reply. I have paid £200 to the direct account number and then a further £360 since the consolidation letter came. The assault fine was £400. I have just continued paying the £50 monthly so that it can bring the balance of the other fines down. Collectica requested half of the money in order to even consider a payment arrangement. I genuinely don't have it otherwise trust me i'd be paying it because the stress is awful. I have written a joint email to the magistrates and collectica detailing my situation and practically begging them to allow me to con
  3. Sorry for any confusion. The agreement of £50.00 per month was made in april in respect of the assault fine of £400. Regarding the previous fine no arrangement was made following my benefits ending I just received a notice of consolidation and continued paying £50 per month so I assume this is why it has gone to collectica. Any ideas what their next move will be and what they can and can't do? Looks like I'm going to deal with them regardless and i'll continue payments no problem, its the addition of extra fees that is bothering me considering they can see I've been making
  4. Hi, I've started a new thread due to confusion. Here goes.....please don't judge I'm just looking for advice on what collectica can/cant do next. I received 2 magistrate fines last year - one for tv license and one for thinking my broken down car only had to be taxed outside my house (i'd swapped the insurance onto a new vehicle and was landed with the driving with no insurance fine even though it wasn't drivable). At the time payment deductions were been deducted from my benefits. I also managed to sort myself out and take out a DRO. I'm now discharged and d
  5. Oh no i'm genuinely not doing that, I've learned the hard way that it will all crash down If you don't pay what you owe trust me. When the deductions were taken I was in a pretty bad place it all just pretty much got ignored up until me finally hauling my ass and sorting a DRO. The letter from the official receiver shows the amount allocated towards the magistrates fine I had no idea that it wouldn't make a difference. I guess it is what it is. I will let them in, they will see I have nothing of value, i'll keep making my monthly payments, my debt will go
  6. that does not sound great does it. The courts however have never been in touch with me regarding non payment.. The only correspondence I received from them was to advise that the fines had been consolidated and to make future payments to a certain account number. I had made 2 payments prior to that and never missed a payment since. Ah well looks like I've fluffed it.
  7. Hi all, Thanks to anyone who would mind taking the time to read this and advise me if possible. I received a 2 fines from the magistrates court. 1 for no tv license (fair enough) and one for driving without insurance (although the car wasn't been driven it was just parked on my street as it was broken down and id transferred my insurance onto a new vehicle. Taxed to be on the road but didn't realise it had to be insured as well, my bad but I guess that's by the by). In the midst of this I was granted a debt relief order and was granted £300 by the official receiver
  8. Thanks ill keep it simple. Im not sure if they will pay but ill be trying even if it costs me. I hate ppl like this they have our hard earned money and i will try the correct way first and see where we go x
  9. Hi everyone and thanks for the advice. I am now in the process of wring a letter before action. I have outlined everything that has happened the problems and enclosed proof that what they offered was in fact an acre. However the part i am stuck on is the bond. Just to clarify the £120 i paid was not a bond. It was agreed to as 4 weeks rent in advance. The only proof i have of this is the information she initially sent me which states this is what they required. She never sent me a tennacy agreement either. Can anyone advise me on whether or not the rules around deposits applys when it's land i
  10. Hi everyone and thanks again for all your advice. Heres an update and another ask for advice if possible. Kelly was moved yesterday and is now happily stretching her legs in 5 (actual ) of land thats the good news. Now the bad and my dilema. On Sunday I told paul that we would move Kelly and our things from the land, that we would tidy it up and then we would like back the £120 for the 4 weeks rent up front that we paid. He then tells me that the money paid was a bond and that we would not get it back due to the state of the grass. ( it is bad, in 5 weeks it is sparce and the r
  11. Thanks for all your help and advice. Heres a bit of an update. We have tried to discuss this situation with Paul however they told us we had till this friday to remove our horse or they would move her. We have paid 4 weeks in front. Unfortunately we don't have proof of this. They are now saying this was a bond for the field. I only have the information she sent saying that rent had to be paid in advance. However she cannot prove it was a bond either. Obviously our horse was going to eat the grass so im not sure what the bond would be for anyway. We told them we would be speakin
  12. Im not sure if this has worked but one is the origional ad showing approx 1 acre of land for rent £30 pw the other is the info she sent to me showing they had 2 x 1/2 acre paddocks at £15 per week each. had cropped any info x
  13. great advice thankyou. Will this still be effective even though we were daft enough to not realise what an acre was
  14. the ad clearly states the area and prices will post asap. £30 per week is over the odds for where i live but the location was straight next to my kids school and it's quiet and kid friendly which was what we wanted. I just feel conned and the only one suffering is my horse as she doesn't have enough land and needs to be moved. Im just not happy to have paid out £300 for the acre when i have barely 1/4 of that x
  15. at no point did they say the paddock is £30 per week but it's less than a 1/4 of an acre now. We wouldn't of took it. We were just clueless as to what an acre was and trusted that that's what we had
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