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  1. hi guys, Im gona take your advice and escalate and include storage fees. I have my 83 year mum living with me who I care for she has onset dementia, they are aware also of this,
  2. I will upload pics of cooker
  3. hi, thank you for you replies. Right guys points taken and understood, I paid £400 for the cooker February 7th 2020, 23rd December 2020 It broke i couldn't get through to Currys via phone and I e mailed customer services, I received a reply 15th January 2021 advising not their issue take up with manufacture under the warranty and a phone number to contact so called manufacture. In the meantime i had continued to attempt contact via phone, facebook, I thought it was difficult due to lockdown etc, I rang the given number on 15th January arranged an engineers appointment for 19t January I received a text from them advising job number and mobile number of engineer, however it was a non show, I text the mobile number supplied the reply was he was self isolating job had been transferred to another engineer, I rang repaircare number they arranged another appointment for 19th February. engineer attended advised a complete new door would have to be ordered as they are factory made, no fix that day. So I waited, received text from engineer 20th March advising part was due to be delivered end of April, another text from engineer 22nd March checking if I still had cooker, another text asking me to let him know when parts delivered, then no contact . I also e mailed Customer Service (via original thread) 29th January advising I was making a formal complaint, as I understood it Currys sold me the item and it is their responsibility to sort it out, reply came same day said " This is less than a year old and needs to be dealt with by the manufacturer on 00000, the manufacturers will need to sort this out, sorry" I continued waiting for this part to arrive, I contacted this repaircare 22nd April they advised the engineer had declared the cooker unrepairable and was given a code to use with currys for a replacement cooker. I also made a complaint to Currys 22nd April via resolver pointing out that this product should be fit for purpose, of satisfactory quality and last a reasonable amount of time, I received the same response. I rang customers services and finally got through on 2nd may with the code I chose a different cooker same price, great it will be delivered Friday 7th May. 3rd May received e mail from currys advising "your return request has been refused " ????? My brother went to the store where i purchased it to speak to manager on 3rd May following this e mail, he apparently checked online and said its still getting delivered Friday and ignore email as these are automatically generated. No delivery as yet.
  4. You have most likely came across lots of complaints regarding Currys "After sales care/support" well lack of it! I find myself currently in a similar position as hundreds of other ex customers of Currys, cutting a long story short. I purchased a Logik range cooker paid in full online with my debit card February 2020, i did not take out the Repair Care service, but why would I when my product has a 12 month manufactures warranty guaranteeing repairs or replacement etc, December 23rd 2020 the outer oven door came apart from the inside oven door at the bottom "top opening" kept together at the top and swinging obviously I couldn't use as very dangerous, no Christmas dinner for us. Checked my paperwork for manufacture number, not there however it did state "contact our customer service team who will guide you in the right direction) impossible, so I e mailed, personally I like to keep a paper trail, received a reply email 15th January says "Cant do anything you have to contact manufacture on this number", so i did several times. Its now May 2021 I still have no cooker, I have been through all that unrepairable and uplift number etc. What concerns me more than anything and really gets me angry is the number they give you is not the manufacturer Logik or indeed any other manufacturer it is Care Repair UK, a contracted white goods repair service any make!! and they also provide the same service when you buy the extra care service. My point is, I am more annoyed that they are getting away with this con ripping innocent people off who more than likely are struggling even me than replacing my cooker. There must e something I can do and I am asking for support to help me do this. Many thanks
  5. http://www.sunderlandecho.com/news/local/all-news/sunderland-dog-owner-s-1-200-bill-to-save-husky-puppy-after-horror-attack-by-bullmastiffs-1-7751918 I have also informed local council "Dogs out of Control" dept.
  6. Hi Tezza, Thank you for your advice. Mine was on lead they were both off lead and have witnesses also, Summer isnt too bad with regard to other dogs as we have another adult husky and a very old man sharpie/staffy cross, the only thing that seems to bother her is when she sees 2 dogs together when walking. she hides behind our legs. Its not so much the money side that bothers me its that this has happened several times to different dog owners the police dont want to know and when the owner has been approached he screams harassment to police, I need to know that this man will legally be told to keep his dogs on lead and muzzled.
  7. we`re going through the messages and contacting the people who`s dogs has been attacked for statements if they are willing. I did reiterate to the officer that my partner was fear of being injured by these dogs too, not even interested shocking
  8. my son already did that, got thousands of shares and replies from that, a couple who`s dogs were attacked by the same ones, same story went to house and he claimed harassment, however no one has gone any further legally
  9. wellll, i sent the letter with copy invoices, pictures of Summers injuries etc as advised, and guess what the police turned up at my door today, the dogs owner had rang them and said i was harassing them by sending this letter, i explained i was following a procedure prior to a small claim going into court, which the officer was fine with then went on his merry way. I have since been contacted by a lady whose jack russell was attacked by the same dogs last year and off lead, she went to their house and they sent police to her accusing her of harrasment, so this must be on police records?? the officer that came to mine stated there was nothing they could do quoted "dog on dog" I argued my case as clearly the owner could not control his dogs, I am furious and I am going to submit a written complaint to the police.
  10. Not sure if this is the right place to put this but im sure I`ll be guided I have an army pension after serving 18yrs and a war pension at 30%, I then worked off shore for a further 18yrs, during this 18 years offshore 2014/2015 I was offshore holland when i returned to the uk to work offshore I was told that I had to catch up with my NI which I did at the end of last year 2015, I left offshore due to disability in december and have claimed ESA however they have told me I cant get contribution based ESA as I hadnt paid enough NI in 2014/2015, my point is I still caught up with it and paid it, this is driving me crazy Regards skye
  11. Thank you I will contact my insurers tomorrow and check my house insurance. Regards Mrs Skyee
  12. Hi Slick and thank you for your response. 1. My insurance has acknowledged receipt of my claim however Ive not spoken to them direct as yet, 2. I do not know whether the owner has insurance, 3. The fees so far stand at £1500 minus £500 from the owner of the dogs =£1000 outstanding, 4. My insurance will cover up to £3000, that figure is without x rays and internal investigations which Summer is having tomorrow under sedation which Ive been advised by the vet will be around £500, and depending on the results she will need more treatment eg physio if not further surgery. Many thanks Mrs Skyee
  13. Hi thank you for your advise here is my draft, I wont be sending it until next week as Summer has to have xrays etc as she is limping quite bad and lost muscle in her leg' RE; Vet Fees On the evening of 22nd February 2016 your 2 Bull Mastiffs who were both off lead in a Public Area attacked our 3 month Husky puppy who we had on lead causing severe injuries to Summers outer and inner left back leg and several puncture wounds around her backside and genital area, after the attack on Summer you immediately left the area with your dogs not leaving your name and address nor any offer of support nor concern for Summers condition, luckily there were several people who had witnessed the attack and informed ourselves of your address, you admitted you were at fault and offered to pay £500 towards Summers vet fees and promised to keep your dogs on lead and muzzled in the future, Summer had to be rushed to emergency vets at Gateshead where she was kept overnight for an emergency operation, Summer had internal and external stitching, antibiotics and pain killer. Summer has had several post op visits to the vet and was given more pain killers/antibiotics and her wound had to be re- stapled. Summer has not regained full activity , she is limping progressively and has lost muscle in her leg she has to have x-rays and further investigations carried out, and remains on pain killing medication. The trauma of the attack has affected Summers confidence, causing a lot of stress and anxiety to her, ourselves and our other pet Husky as we have had to keep them separated during this time, we reported the attack to the police who have passed it onto their Dangerous Dogs Team to investigate. Our current vet fees stand £???? Minus £500 received from yourself (copies enclosed) , however this will likely increase due to the severity of the damage caused and aftercare she will need to support her recovery , our insurance has a cut off limit and our premiums are likely to increase causing financial pressure and further stress to ourselves, therefore we intend to issue a claim against you at The Small Claims Court 28 days from the date of this letter to recover the vet fees incurred for Summers injuries and aftercare if we receive no response from yourselves. It may be advisable to check your pets insurance and home insurance policies as you may have 3rd party liability cover . Regards
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