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  1. Definitely.. Lessons learnt ..I will always stay in touch with them and not bury my head in the sands .. I don't want to be in that situation again.. EVER
  2. Yeah .. in addition to the £6,400 I received another £7k too making a total of about £13,500 !!! all together and they did say my monthly repayments have to be £280 minimum .. in fact I can't describe how I feel .. the tight clutch in my chest is melting away! the peace is indescribable..
  3. Hello .. @London 1971 .. i am short of words cos i am still in tears ! Against the Cab's advise .. I wrote to hmrc, sent them all hospital letters, even my son's photos in a coma in intensive care unit.. I opened up truthfully in the letter and poured out all my situation .. in fact I was only disputing just the 2016 overpayment not 2017 .. I also quoted the Cop 26 as you suggested above .. I had a call just now that ALL overpayment is cancelled considering my circumstance and they will notify the court of appeal to withdraw the case .. they said i should expect a letter in a few days ...please somebody wake me up if I am dreaming ! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO ADVISE ME .. MAY YOU ALSO FIND HELP EVERYWHERE YOU GO ... Thanks for this platform.. I am still shaking ...
  4. Ok Thanks a lot .. will let you know how it goes
  5. Thanks for your invaluable advise! very helpful for my troubled mind .. In the meantime .. while I write them a letter with the reference to the cop 26 .. they wrote me a letter and stated that if i didn't pay by 18th Dec 2017 , they would pass on to DCA,. Although I had also filed to the tribunal . Should I make a payment arrangement with them while they reconsider the overpayment ( not that I have the money will need to be borrowing additionally from family again ) ? as they mentioned that if it goes to the DCA then it is no more within their power?
  6. Hello, Sorry I have been occupied with my Son's health, 3 years old can't form 3 words yet and still in an out of hospitals ..while I still look after the other two .. HMRC claims I owe about £6,400 for 2016/17 child care costs .. i seeked advise from the CAB and they told me that I would still have to pay back this amount , reason being that I didn't notify HMRC that my Son stopped the nursery . the 1st CAB adviser I met said HMRC should waive this repayment as my reason for not updating them ( hmrc) was definitely not my fault .. as it was due to health and I could ve applied for other benefits had I known.. my questions are Although the one month mandatory reconsideration has passed and they now want to pass to Debt Agency.. Should I send them all my Son's hospital letters, My income and expenditure for that period, say I am sorry for not updating them as I had no other income to look after my children and was completely reliant on the payment . Does HMRC have a compassionate decision for a case like this if I come 100% honest ? .. i am very confused as I do not want to shoot myself in the foot and make it all worse . This is now about the previous overpayment, after all my explanation is it fair for them to still insist that I pay it back? ..... What do you advise please?
  7. Thanks a lot .. I just need to reset my mind I think .. I m from a family background where going to dwp is like breaking the 1st and last family rule ! not even Job seekers allowance .. The Great Ormond actually game me a booklet of information on Disability living allowance when it all started last year, this year my son had another major surgery an was in intensive care for a month, a couple of months ago His health visitor offered to help with the DLA She Told me that people in my situation are actually the ones who qualify.. but I was just adamant .. Thanks a lot this is a light bulb moment for me .. so will the Dwp work out and backdate to repay the tax credit ..? yes I am still very cash poor , my son has just had another airway reconstruction.. reason why I m still weak in all ways ..
  8. Thanks a lot !Yes .. I am .. but they stopped the childcare element immediately I Called them in June this year, but they have reduced it all again last week .. I don't even know if it's working , child tax credit or both combined that they are now paying..it s just drastically reduced
  9. Hello, Your advise is needed pls.. I Was receiving the chidcare costs, My Son had to stop the Nursery last year July 2016 because he fell very ill and had been in and out of the Great Ormond Strreet Hospital with lots of surgeries, His Consultant also advised that he stays at home away from viruses . I am a single Mum , My work suffered as I can not work as I used to , So relied on the childcare as income to sustain myself amd 3 young kids. I have Never been on Benefits from the DWP so don't even understand the process, besides the thought of being on "Benefits" via DWP makes me feel low self esteemed. as I never bargained to be in this situation, Always been working. This year June 2017 I got a letter to provide last year Nursery payment evidence, So i called and told them that My son stopped the Nursery this year March 2017 as opposed to last year July 2016. But they called the Nursery and the Nursery told them the actual date. I know I was WRONG .. but we just had to survive My son has been very ill , I have had to look after him , not being able to work as such, being self employed. The payment has drastically reduced.. Now because I am too ashamed/scared to call them , return their calls I got a letter that they are investigating and I might have to pay back all overpayment and also be liable for a fine. Please advise.. as i do not know how to handle this.
  10. Hello, My house is a semi detached, next to my garden fence is a piece of land of which I m trying to acquire . What it is, is that there is public footpath which runs diagonally across it next to my fence. But then round the edge of the land is a ready alternative foot path too Which people also use. I have tried contacting the council, they own the land, but it has been adopted by the Essex highways they said, because of the footpath. One of the reasons for wanting the land is because passers by keep kicking and damaging my fence as the said path is just next to my fence, I have children and does not feel safe leaving them in the garden. Also because of the lay out, dog walkers without lead always stun us when leaving the house. I have reported the fence damages to the police and have a reference number. Another reason is because I have a very substantial garden and an additional portion of this piece of land will give me an opportunity to build a new property on it, I have invited an agent who has done the measurements and would only need like one third of this land. Is there any one to advise on the best way to approach this please?
  11. Oh really ! Yes it was a credit card ... but how do I stress on this 5 years warranty pls ? I do have an Inovice with the warranty and their name .. I ve searched for it on Web check but could not find it .. they have a website though. . And I am really worried of them fighting dirty with me because he said he is a traveller ..
  12. Thanks for your comment. . The first payment of £800.00 was Card although they pressed for cash .. the 2nd £500.00 was cash .. he told me he would want his £500 balance by cash ..
  13. HELLO your advice would be highly appreciated please as I don't know how to handle this .. Late last year, we had a guy knocked at our door and proposed to fix our driveway, we told him we couldn't afford it as we were getting our windows replaced in a couple of weeks. . He said we could spread payments that he understands besides he has many people owing him anyway that he knows we would eventually balance him .. he said it would cost £1800 , bear in mind that we already had the cobbles kept in our garden which we agreed would be for half part of the drive way. He came 1 week earlier than scheduled! ! We just heard a loud machine outside our window. . Anyway he completed the job the following day.. to our utmost surprise he demanded for his total money!! Face changed.. no more jokes level .. we reminded him of our 6 months payment. . Anyway we paid him £800 because we had the money that day and mainly to reduce the balance. . Then he started calling almost everyday, demanding for his balance, sometimes turning up at our door uninvited. . We paid him another £500 .. But then we noticed grasses growing out of the oobbles laid part! He gave us 5 year Warranty. . Also the edge of the pavement was patched with cement instead of coal tar .. we told him that the 6 months ends at the end of March 2016 and of course not paying until he fixes the problems .. He started threatening to come over and remove bricks ... at this point I had to report to the police ... and then he called us back that the police can't stop him because it is a civil case .. then he said he is a GYPSY that he would bring his gang ( his words ) to remove the bricks .. at this point I got very jittery. . I ve got 3 young kids 7, 5 and 21 months and live in Essex. . I called the police again and they assured me to call them if he shows up with any problems. . ( I never had any personal issues with travellers in fact I always stood up for them at work .. but now ... ) Anyways I told him on one of his numerous calls that he has no right to step on my property uninvited and that would be trespassing I called his bluffs ! Then he called one day to fix the patch , apparently there was no membrane under the cobbles! They just dug up soil and spread the cobbles directly on it .. I questioned this cos all he wanted to do was ask his boys to just pick the weeds.. he went off to get the membrane and ask the boys to fix it . Then I asked his boys why they were topping up the grasses on the edge round the pavement with coal tar .. they told me the heat would kill the grass .. less than 2 weeks now grasses are sprouting through the coal tar in fact it is unbelievable within a short period of time .. I got a call from the police for update of which I explained the situation, they told me to call them when he comes for his balance at the end of the month. . To my shock, the police called and left a message for me yesterday that because the builder is making EFFORTS the case would now be dropped and filed.. I wish I could upload a photo to show the grasses. . I think it is unfair for me to just cough up £500 balance just like that .. please what do I do ?
  14. Thanks so much everyone yet again ! So much going on these days . .. after a couple of more calls and explanations. .. one of the representatives was kind enough to give me a *valid email * apparently the 1st one I was given was not the right one ! creditfilequery@ee.co.uk ... while this 2nd is the right one Credit.Queries@t-mobile.co.uk ... .I think they just gave me that one to get me off their backs ! Typical !! After receiving a response from experian on Friday that ee said the entry was accurate .. of which I called ee straight back again and insisted that they put a note on my file that I did make effort so things didn't get this far . . and I was actually told that it was an error from their side . . and yes I did record our conversation as advised by **Bankfodder** and I also got their names . . I ve just received this email today Tuesday .. Thanks for your email about the credit data we sent to your Equifax, Experian and Callcredit credit files. * We have looked into this for you and can confirm that the credit reference agencies have been instructed to remove the late payment you are referring to. * This change will reflect in 72 hours* Please obtain a brand new copy of your credit report to see this change. * Sorry for any inconvenience caused,* I hope this resolves your query. THANKS EVERYONE! ! ANOTHER ONE DOWN :)
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