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  1. Yes I am on it ! Its just not right to think its ok to fleece people especially at this period.. nor is it ever justified.. Thank you so much
  2. Phew and I can breath now !! Thank you ! Bank refunded my money and on his case ! ... They also cancelled the card .. I have moved all funds elsewhere just incase .. Thank you so much once again
  3. OH okay i get you now Thanks ... hopefully the bank will reclaim it ... They said it has been referred to the dispute team
  4. Oh my ! didn't realise he's been in this game this long ! He should be behind bars now and not on the streets anymore .. Thank you .. I will be on my bank's back later today .. this has kept awake ! £500 is a lot to me now ... Sorry what do you mean by He won't go anywhere near a court room door ?
  5. They call themself The Growth guru... The guy's name is David Hargreaves, disolved about 14 businesses !
  6. I have just checked, He is registered on companies house, i went back to check my facebook messages as someone did a screenshot of him on linked in then ... but when i checked him on linked in now, he has changed his surname !
  7. i have checked through all my emails , can't find any contract ! to be honest trying to juggle my brain now ... i cant remember signing anything, i think i actually got the £500 cancellation info. from one of my friends who called to ask for a refund of his initial fee, and he told my friend He would send him a £500 invoice for cancelling, looking through my emails, i found that one form was actually gone while i was still filling it out, and i sent an email to them that the form went before i pressed submit, and He responded to my email that it was okay ...
  8. Yes , i paid with my business debit card Monzo, i have also sent them a message but being a bank holiday today not sure if they could do anything to reverse, I have all the details of this financial advice company, I have the director's details , He was the one i spoke with initially , He and his business are also on facebook ... how can i go about this please , He calls himself an Accountant, this is not ethical at all , especially not this time when businesses are struggling
  9. Hello, I need advice on how to go about this please , I am fuming ! Someone on facebook recommended a financial advise company that could help Me apply for a Bounce Back loan for my business, To be honest I have 3 businesses, I already applied for a very low amount for one of the businesses as i did not think this Covid problem would last this long i got for approved this, a couple of months later i realised I would needed more funds to stay afloat, but I decided i might need more support or advise to apply again , This was the point i contacted
  10. Yes they are fleecers.. I actually proposed to pay £45 ! But PE declined and insisted on £70 .. i actually logged onto their site, brought out my card to pay up .. but then i had a 2nd thought of how much food i could get for that and then remembered this group! So I decided to give it a go !.. nothing like a WINNING soul Hats off to CAG ..
  11. Attached are the cancellation letters in PDF as advised ... Once again thank you and it's my pleasure to donate again .. This group is FANTASTIC !! CEO and PE cnacellation letters.pdf
  12. Okay .. Sorry thanks Phew !! This did NOT drag at all !! I wrote to Aldi CEO attaching purchase evidence and hospital letters, they responded within 72 hrs that they will authorise CEL to cancel the PCN (attached), today I got the cancellation letter from CEL . UP CAG for life !! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE ! Panic over !! HAPPY DAYS
  13. Hello. Thanks a lot ... please find attached the appeal responses, as stated above I offered to pay £45 attaching my son's hospital letters, but they still declined and insisted on the £70 on the 3rd appeal . 1st 2nd and 3rd appeal responses.pdf
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