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  1. Thanks my car is ULEZ free.. it is the congestion .. i think my issue is paying for Saturday date as opposed to Friday date ..
  2. Hi all .. i drove to London South East 2 Fridays ago around 8pm, somehow the satnav led me into a congestion charge zone! To be honest I wasn't really aware/sure until I spoke to a friend until after midnight, of which they advised me to pay just incase , I called immediately and paid.. but I think i paid for Saturday as i made the call just past 12 midnight Friday.. on Monday I called the congestion team to explain as I live in Essex that i wasn't sure if drove into the zone or not as it was dark .. they told me they couldn't tell me as their system would not know
  3. ... Absolutely ... Its been a very helpful setting .. saves us a lot from Solicitors fees !
  4. Hello , Thanks , you actually beat me to it ! Just checked my account and they have issued a full refund ! I meant to give them another chase tomorrow with a deadline ! .. The Agent never called or notify me of this, and I did not get further response to my emails . It was more like just have your refund and let's breath in peace ! Haha .. THANK YOU so much everyone , I couldn't have done this without your advise and support all through even when i was lagging, you gave me a push till the end! HIGHLY APPRECIATED
  5. Hi all .. I am sorry, been bereaved in the last couple of weeks .. just coming around .. I managed to send an email to purple bricks, accounts email address the agent gave me has been returning undelivered, fortunately I had another agent assigned at the beginning .. so I sent her this : Hello, I write in relation to the attached transaction, I have been in Conversation with xxxccc your Agent and he passed this email to me. I am requesting for the refund of my deposit which is equivalent to the 1week's rent (£438.46), as
  6. I told him over a phone call that I dont have a guarantor earning anout, £80,000 they were asking and he asked if I had about £60,000 in savings, of which I said no .. The screenshot was when the stress was getting too much but I never concluded that I wanted to withdraw
  7. Thank can they hold this against me ? As I sent it to him as explained above pls ?
  8. I got a notification that it's been let to someone else on the 28th of dec
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