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Found 4 results

  1. my partner and his friend had our 4 month husky bitch out on a walk in a public park area just down the road as always she was on lead it was pretty dark and out of nowhere 2 Bull Mastiffs (off lead) attacked her cause sever injuries to her back left outer leg and inner with puncture wounds around her backside she was absolute squealing and terrified, my partner had to physically kick them away as the owner did nothing otherwise Im sure they would have killed her, the owner then ran off with his dogs still off lead,luckily our neighbor works for a local pet charity and rang vets etc which was 10 miles away as it was out of hours, Summer was kept in overnight for op etc, when we returned from vets our neighbor showed us where the owner lived and we went to talk to him, we were in no way aggressive in fact I actually felt sorry for him, he couldn't apologize enough and promised to pay the vet fees and to keep his dogs on lead and muzzled in the future as apparently this had happened before, which we agreed we would bring him the invoice to pay he was an adult and we believed he would keep his word, however the following day after we took the invoice to him and came home he called the police and accused us of being aggressive and threatening which we were certainly not and we refused to sign the statement from the police. I contacted the local newspaper as I was concerned that it would happen again follwing the article I was shocked at how many people contacted us to say it had happened to them but didnt know where he lived to do anything about it. Although luckily we have Summer insured the vet fees are rapidly increasing almost at £2000 our limit is 3000, and Summer still has to have xrays, physio etc as she is limping badly, and our premium will increase next year due to the claim, and he is still taking dogs out off lead. The police basically tols us there wasnt anything they could do its disgusting and will probably attack other dogs or even children. I need some advise as to how I can deal with this eg claim for vets fees and ensure his dogs are under control. Phew
  2. Got asked to look after a cat that needed rehoming. Got told "it is an outdoor cat and won't be any trouble"... As soon as it was let out of the cat box, it made a beeline for a cupboard and hid up behind a stack of tinned food. Over the last few weeks, it has emerged to stuff its face from the food bowl under the cover of darkness and make use of the litter tray. It has shown absolutely no interest in going outside, even after being shown an open door. I'm wondering if it is worth getting a small pooch harness and taking the little beastie out for walkies....
  3. Bought a Van in November last year (2013) It was from a dealer (Van hire place that sells cars and vans from the front lot.) Paid £2400 for it, and while not expecting a pristine machine, as it had 122,000 miles on its diesel engine, I did expect a reasonable runner capable of doing what a van is supposed to do. Ran for a month, broke down. (Would drive ok when started, but once stopped overnight, or allowed to cool down, forget it.) Last usable day was 20th December 2013. Returned to the dealer, who said to take it to his preferred garage. I did this, and after two weeks, they charged me £160 for the privilege. Next day, van wouldn't start. The "preferred" garage said that they weren't interested. Tried the dealer, failing to return my calls now. I took it to another garage. The list of things they found wrong were... Glow plugs faulty, and the wiring to them had been cut. Fuel system incorrectly plumbed in, causing flowback(???) Generally dirty fuel system. Injector rail completely useless. Compression low on all cylinders (Although they put a camera down the bores, and say they look okay. I've paid over £1000 getting all this repaired, and still the same thing. And to put icing on the cake, I've found that the tax disc is from another car!!! What redress do I have? Thanks.
  4. hello i went to see some akita pups today they where advertised as kc registered. now when i got there i asked if i could see paper's she showed me the dad's but not the mother's papers. her words that could not show me the papers for the mother as they have been sent of for the registration of the pups is this true as i don't think it is. she said that they where also had been microchipped which i did not receive any paper for the chip. phoned her and she said that she forgot to tell me the pup has not been done due to time wasters and that her boyfriend has a certificate to do the microchips and that he would come out to do it or i could take the pup back and get it done over there but sounds strange. thought it sounded ok about papers since i have seen other breeders not get anything back upto 4 months. so i just went for it. now having second thoughts as she lie about it been microchipped. anything i can and should do any help would be much appreciated.
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