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Found 13 results

  1. So far I have had several successes with Wageday Advance, Lending Stream and MyJar, and I still have several ongoing complaints with other pdl companies. With regards to Pounds till pay day, having read through a lot of the other threads its seems that as they were not based in the UK when I originally got loans from them then its quite unlikely to get a resolve. However, they have not even responded to my complaint, despite following their complaints policy. They have totally blanked me. My question is now that the 8 weeks is here, can I complain to the ombudsman based on this? that
  2. Evening Peeps, newbie here. I used to be a member a long time ago and found the info on here very helpful. So thankyou ! I have now got a clean bill of health on my credit score, but still owe debts to various DCA's. My question is - can a DCA still try and issue a CCJ, even after say 8 years of the original default account ( notice of default has been isssued ) - my accounts have ALL dropped of the various CRA's as they all defaulted many years ago ( over six years ago ) - I am still paying them via a DMP. To summarise all debts are over 8 years old now. And I a
  3. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobisystems.editor.office_registered
  4. I was in horrendous debt when my husband left me with all the family debt and bills and no income slowly I managed to work my way out of things and paid off what I could. I took the ensuing years of bad credit rating on the chin and ploughed on watching my credit file with all my statute barred dates marked in my diary, overjoyed when they started dropping off. Suddenly I noticed my credit rating dropping again but couldn't work out why. Today I logged in and saw that with one year to go before SB, Moorcroft have appeared with a defaulted debt Also having lost my
  5. Hi This is my first post but I have been an interested reader of the forum for a couple of years. Any help I receive would be greatly appreciated. I have defaulted on my car finance with money barn. I haven't paid a third yet but my circumstances have recently improved so I would be able to pay the arrears monthly along with the standard repayment. Moneybarn are not interested though so I was hoping to avoid the time order fee by waiting for me to be taken to court and asking for a suspension of the repossession order. Would this be a good tactic or is it i
  6. Strictly, speaking this is not a subject that would normally feature on the 'bailiff discussion' section of the forum. However, with the subject matter regularly featuring on the popular TV series; Can't Pay We'll Take it Away' it may well assist some viewers. Anyone watching the TV series would have seen the many instances of a tenant is being evicted. Routinely, the tenants had been advised by their local authorities that in order to gain assistance with emergency housing, that they must remain in the property until the actual eviction. It would seem that this practice must stop.
  7. But rejoice fellow members who've already had a Loan from them... I bring Festive News.... They are part of a larger umbrella of companies that offer loans all around the world. The above is taken from a US Article.
  8. does anyone have any contact emails for pounds till payday as I want to dispute a loan i have with them, any success stories about disputed defaulted loans would be good to know as well
  9. Back in 2007 i had taken out a loan with these [problem] artists Just checked my Noddle Report and it has appeared, no default or negative markers but:: Account End date: June 2014 WTF?? Name Mr XXX XXX Address XX XX XXX Date of birth XX/XX/XXXX Account type Advance Against Income
  10. The screens, which can tell a customers' age and gender, are being placed into petrol stations across the UK. Tesco is set to install hi-tech screens that scan customers' faces in petrol stations so that advertisements can be better targeted at them. The retailer will introduce the OptimEyes screen, developed by Lord Sugar's Amscreen, to all 450 of its UK petrol stations, in a five-year deal, according to The Grocer magazine. The screen, positioned at the till, scans the faces of customers to determine age and gender, and then runs tailored advertisements. The technology also adjusts
  11. As I was shutting down the till at work the other day, there was a £30 discrepancy, this didn't worry me at the time as a few weeks previously there had been a £70 discrepancy and it turned out to be an office error, on top of this, another till on the floor on the same day as the most recent one also had a discrepancy of £60. I came into work yesterday and was called into the office for an investigation meeting where I was accused of taking the money from the till. I told them that I had someone stand with me when I was closing the till down, watching me count the money and also that th
  12. Early on last week, was called up stairs to speak to one of the support colleague, at this meeting I was told for the month of Jan, I have been £350 short while on the tills, thats alot of money to be short or missing from tills I have been on, about £30 per day based on my shifts done during Jan We went through the usual routine, did you count your change, were there any problems, did you give any one cash back, was you till left unlocked and unattended; these were answered to my best of my knowledge, and it was left there, and I returned to my checkout The next day, i was called u
  13. At the end of the month i will have to default on two loans one with Wonga and one with pounds till payday. I am unable to close my bank account as i have an overdraft but will get my wages paid into a different account. I will report my bank card stolen and cancel the CPA for wonga. I will then contact them asking for a repayment plan for over 12 months. I'm concerned about the payday loan with pounds till payday, i will cancel the direct debit but i cannot find any recent post regarding pounds till payday and repayment plans, has anyone got any recent experience???? Thanks
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