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Found 8 results

  1. Hi I have 2 debts that were started in approx 2006 one barclaycard PRA group sold to these in 2015 one abbey loan now with Cabot. both been in a dmp since 2010 and I've been paying monthly to a company. I've stopped that now and I pay direct. But what I was wondering is do I send a CCA to the company which have aquired these debts. One is PRA group sold to these in 2015 and the loan is now with Cabot. Cabot is off credit file and PRA group shows are arrangement to pay as Barclays didn't default me early on like abbey
  2. Hi This is my first post but I have been an interested reader of the forum for a couple of years. Any help I receive would be greatly appreciated. I have defaulted on my car finance with money barn. I haven't paid a third yet but my circumstances have recently improved so I would be able to pay the arrears monthly along with the standard repayment. Moneybarn are not interested though so I was hoping to avoid the time order fee by waiting for me to be taken to court and asking for a suspension of the repossession order. Would this be a good tactic or is it i
  3. Hi there everyone on CAG. I've read lots of threats on here, which have been full of very useful and invaluable advice, but I couldn't find anything very specific to my query. I'm hoping my thread will help people in the future with the same question. I'll quickly describe my situation. It goes like this: Basically, it's exactly what I've been charged with. I was on the London Underground, I didn't have a valid ticket, I got caught by a ticket inspector as I tried to exit the station who then asked for my details. I am not going to cry and whinge about my financial circumstances and any p
  4. Hi, I have searched the forums for a couple of hours trying to get my head around the next step to take in reference to my letter titled: "Notice of Allocation to the Small Claims Track (Hearing)". Copy of letter [ATTACH=CONFIG]59738[/ATTACH] The case is regarding a landlord who took close to 2,000GBP without a signed contract in place and refused to refund my money. I never received the room or anything in return. Question I have (Sorry if they seem obvious, I haven't been to court before and I have searched for a while trying to find the answers) 1) Is this ca
  5. HI, Broke down and the RAC recommended a garage to me. Car was towed there and it was an electrical problem with the dash. They said they would send it to external repair service and would confirm price. They called me back and told me they couldn't find anyone which I thought was odd. I looked online as I didn't want to have my broken down car back and have to tow it from my house to somewhere else and found there were many companies that would repair the dash 99% success or no charge good reviews etc. Rang back garage and so they said they would s
  6. My husband told me last week that he had been made redundant from his job of 6 years. I completed an online application for JSA yesterday and today he confessed that he had actually been dismissed for gross misconduct for continual poor performance and bring the company into disrepute. He is frantically looking for employment... anything he can get. Most advice websites I visit state that he will probably get his benefits sanctioned for potentially up to 26 weeks. We have no income other than my carers allowance (we have a severely disabled child, who needs constant care) and tax cred
  7. Hi Caggers The misses has just phoned me to say that we had post and one was from SIGMA DEBT COLLECTORS, Now i'll start saying that debt collector do not worry me in the least, but heres my problem... I was with the energy supplier scottish power, then we changed a few years later to a different company. A couple of months ago scottish power sent me a letter saying that I owe £79.00 for unpaid bill. I called them and stated, how do I owe it when I'm on a pre payment meter. His reply was, when you changed supplier did you give us the meter reading? I said no
  8. I took out £200 with TFT end of October I think and deffered it a few times then it was due end of December and I contacted them 2 weeks and a week before saying I was struggling due to other bills and my work hours going to 10 hours a week which meant I was only getting £50 or something a week.. They weren't interested now it's been passed on to MHB and NDR, getting the same threats as everyone else and apparently now owe nearly £700.. I sent a letter but don't think they got it.. I spoke to them once on the phone and were not helpful and said to pay £400 and I only want to pay £272 (what I o
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