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  1. So far I have had several successes with Wageday Advance, Lending Stream and MyJar, and I still have several ongoing complaints with other pdl companies. With regards to Pounds till pay day, having read through a lot of the other threads its seems that as they were not based in the UK when I originally got loans from them then its quite unlikely to get a resolve. However, they have not even responded to my complaint, despite following their complaints policy. They have totally blanked me. My question is now that the 8 weeks is here, can I complain to the ombudsman based on this? that they have failed even to respond to my complaint. Its was sent after they became UK registered and therefore having to abide by the regulations. I know the FO problably will not look into my complaint re: loans, surely now they should follow their complaints procedure? Any advice before I attempt to go to the FO gladly received.
  2. Rogue pension and finance companies closed down after abusing millions of pounds READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/rogue-pension-and-finance-companies-closed-down-after-abusing-millions-of-pounds
  3. Hi all, Below I have attempted to outline my dealings with Pounds to Pocket. Agreement No:7166*** Interest Principal 14/06/13 £1150 borrowed 28/06/13 £173.79 repaid 061.75 112.04 31/07/13 £173.79 repaid 131.38 042.41 30/08/13 £173.79 repaid 114.55 059.24 14/09/13 LOAN REFINANCED £155.00 disbursed to my account £1145.18 new loan amount (no idea how this was calculated) Confirmation email: "Please note that the status of loan #7166*** will be "paid off" as it's been rolled into your new loan #7734***" Agreement No: 7734*** Interest Principal 14/09/13 £1145.18 borrowed 30/09/13 £172.89 repaid 070.27 102.62 09/10/13 LOAN REFINANCED £065.00 disbursed to my account £1145.84 new loan amount (no idea how this was calculated either) Confirmation email: "Please note that the status of loan #7734*** will be “paid off” as it’s been rolled into your new loan #7857***" Agreement No: 7857*** Interest Principal 09/10/13 £1145.84 borrowed 31/10/13 £181.29 repaid 101.65 079.64 29/11/13 £181.29 repaid 124.70 056.59 31/12/13 £181.29 repaid 122.15 059.14 31/01/14 £181.29 repaid 119.89 061.40 14/02/14 LOAN REFINANCED £235.00 disbursed to my account £1147.59 new loan amount (no idea how this was calculated either) Confirmation email: "Please note that the status of loan #7857*** will be “paid off” as it’s been rolled into your new loan #8427***." Agreement No: 8427*** Interest Principal 14/02/14 £1147.59 borrowed 28/02/14 £172.36 repaid 061.62 110.74 31/03/14 £172.36 repaid 123.28 049.08 30/04/14 £172.36 repaid 113.66 058.70 30/05/14 £172.36 repaid 106.90 065.46 30/06/14 £172.36 repaid 102.68 069.68 31/07/14 £172.36 repaid 094.40 077.96 29/08/14 £172.36 repaid 079.63 092.73 Repayment becomes erratic at this point - my stepson took his life. P2P sympathetically charged me £24 in late fees, which I did not pay. Interest Principal 31/10/14 £172.36 repaid 076.49 095.87 01/11/14 £172.36 repaid 062.70 109.66 29/11/14 £172.36 repaid 044.86 127.50 The final two payments were not made: Interest Principal 31/12/14 £172.36 036.73 135.63 30/01/15 £172.36 017.78 154.58 I received a "notice of default sum" (i.e. a £12 late fee) on 01/01/15 and again (a further £12 late fee) on 31/01/15, plus a "notice of arrears" informing me that my "customer status has been changed to In Default". An actual Default marker landed on my credit record on 02/02/15 (for loan 8427***). This was accompanied by 2 emails, both with the subject "Notice of Acceleration", one for loan 8427*** stating "your entire loan amount of principal, accrued interest and fees of £404.72 is now due", and one for loan 7857*** stating "you are in default of the above referenced loan and have failed to take corrective action as detailed in the Notice of Default Sums sent to you at least 15 days ago" (which did not "reference" loan 7857*** at all), and "your entire loan amount of principal, accrued interest and fees of £181.29 is now due". Both emails stated - for the first time - that "We may notify the credit reporting agency of your default on this loan", but, as the default was registered the same day, there wasn't much I could do about it... My loan summary for the final loan only is as follows: Total borrowed: £1147.59 Principle repaid: £0857.38 Interest repaid: £0866.22 TOTAL REPAID: £1723.60 Principle outstanding: £290.21 Interest outstanding: £054.51 TOTAL OUTSTANDING: £344.72 DEFAULT FEES APPLIED: £060.00 DEFAULT AMOUNT £404.72 It has taken me months to piece this together, partly because P2P advised me that I had been defaulted on the 3rd loan (even though I hadn't - that's when I gave up paying - what's the point if I've been defaulted anyway?) due to an amount outstanding (even though there isn't, because it was refinanced into the 4th loan). The information presented online is very confusing. In my account overview it says: 7857*** IS IN DEFAULT, DUE ON 30/09/14 (it was rolled over/paid off 14/02/14) 8427*** IS IN DEFAULT, DUE ON 30/01/15 I OWE £576.01 (which could be the £181.29 from loan 7857***, plus £344.72 from loan 8427***, plus Default sums of £60.00, total £586.01..eh??) In my loan history it says: 7857*** £122.15 OWED FROM 31/12/13 (a full payment of £181.29 was made on 31/12/13 and the loan was refinanced on 14/02/14 - I assumed and was told that all payments due on the loan had been paid off due to being rolled into the new loan) NO LATE/DEFAULT DISHONOUR FEES AMOUNT DUE £0.00 8427*** £36.73 INTEREST/£0 PRINCIPAL OWED FROM 31/12/14 £17.78 INTEREST/£0 PRINCIPAL OWED FROM 30/01/15 £60.00 LATE/DEFAULT FEES AMOUNT DUE £0.00 In summary, according to my online account, I owe £576.01. This consists of £122.15 + £36.73 + £17.78 + £60.00 = £236.66. However the amount due is £0.00, against a default amount of £405 (!!!) I'd like to reclaim the interest charged, default fees + interest, and have the data wiped. I'm particularly annoyed with P2P as if they hadn't told me I'd defaulted when I hadn't, I would have paid them off, and then NOT DEFAULTED! More than anything I am disgusted with their attitude. I did contact them to explain I was having difficulty paying due to a child suicide (which isn't an easy call to make from an open-plan office) - their reply was "right, so can you make a payment today?". I sent a SAR on 12/04/16. However, if the above is any example of the quality of information I can expect from them, should I bother waiting, or just press on with a claim based on my own evidence? Thanks in advance! P.S. Sorry about the tabs completely and utterly not working - I did try!
  4. Vodaphone sent me the wrong phone in January 2016 as an upgrade, they sent out the wrong phone so I sent it back. Unfortunately the phone got stolen in transit and this was proved with the weight recorded on the receipt that I sent to vodaphone. Everything was supposedly ok , until I noticed my bill were almost double than normal every month after this, I phoned vodaphone on May 2016 to find out why. The reason was that this upgrade they had sent had actually opened up a new account on the same name and address ect and were billing me double. They said this would be sorted and I would get a refund. After phoning them every month after this they still continued to take the 39 pounds from my account every month and just last month they have now closed my account and billed me 530 pounds for an early cancellation fee!
  5. Hi I keep getting emails from MMile for an old PDL I had. I can't remember when I took out this particular loan it would have been pre May 2014 - I am almost certain that I took other loans with PTPD. The emails are as follows; OUR REFERENCE: ORIGINAL CREDITOR: Pounds Till Pday Dear Mr This is a further communication in relation to the above as you have not responded to our previous attempts to communicate with you. Despite our offer of help you have not contacted us. It is vital that we speak to you - there is a solution available but in order to conclude this matter we need to understand your circumstances. We are a specialist team of agents who can genuinely assist you. Please act immediately. You can contact us on 0113 887 6876 or email us at [email protected]. Alternatively you can visit our website www.mmile.com. Our opening hours are Monday to Thursday 8am to 8pm, Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 2pm. Yours sincerely Motormile Finance UK Limited (MMF) Please note: if you chose to communicate with MMF by email, unless otherwise advised by you, we will accept this as your consent to use your personal details to contact you by electronic means (email) with information about your account(s) which may include collections activity, negotiations and other services and products. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in respect of consumer credit regulated agreements. MMF is the trading name of Motormile Finance UK Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with company number 06637307. Our registered office is Protection House, 83 Bradford Road, Leeds LS28 6AT. http://www.mmile.com There is no mention of any PTDP account number, when the loan was taken etc - I had a previous email from mmile back in may 2014 advising they would arange an agent to visit my house - i sent them this email; Furthermore, should it be your intention to arrange a “doorstep call”, please be advised that under OFT rules, you can only visit me at my home if you make an appointment and I have no wish to make such an appointment with you. There is only an implied license under English Common Law for people to be able to visit me on my property without express permission; the postman and people asking for directions etc.Therefore take note that I revoke license under Common Law for you, or your representatives to visit me at my property and, if you do so, you will be committing an act of trespass and you will be liable to damages for a tort of trespass and action will be taken, including but not limited to, police attendance". The thing is MMile seem to have a lot of dealings with SB debts - this PTPD loan could also be SBDo I just ignore them or send them a prove it letter?
  6. But rejoice fellow members who've already had a Loan from them... I bring Festive News.... They are part of a larger umbrella of companies that offer loans all around the world. The above is taken from a US Article.
  7. does anyone have any contact emails for pounds till payday as I want to dispute a loan i have with them, any success stories about disputed defaulted loans would be good to know as well
  8. Another one falls... CashEuroNet Who operates Quickquid and Pounds2Pocket is to offer redress... Remember folks... Read closely... Loans AFTER 1st April 2014 affected... HERE
  9. Hello Consumer Action Group members, I have been suffering from a mix of problems since last June. Long story short: Summary: 1. I purchased a laptop from Amazon, from a reseller. 2. Laptop's motherboard broke down, and I found out that I can receive a refund/ repair free of charge. 3. Amazon's seller (located in the US) agreed to fix the laptop, and provided US address 4. Sent it via ParcelForce, Amazon reseller cut down every means of contact and I have no clue where my laptop is. Hello everyone, AMAZON I purchased a laptop from Amazon, from a reseller. I needed a new laptop for many years so I decided to invest a hefty sum for a good laptop. I purchased the laptop, and within 2 months, I found out that its motherboard was broken. In order to get a repair, I contacted Amazon support team and they gave me the email address of the reseller. I got the email and I contacted them swiftly. They were based in the US, and told me to send the item to United States. PARCELFORCE After I received their instructions, I sent it to their US address immediately. After a week, I contacted them whether they received it, and the Amazon reseller cut down every means of contact immediately. In vain, I contacted Amazon whether they can assist in the repair. After checking my ParcelForce tracking, I found out that it is still in the depot and the reseller refused to pick up the item. This entire process took two months. Then I found out that there is an option from my Santander bank, which allows for a chargeback service. I contacted Santander and they agreed to look into my case, which took another 2 months (because I was in Korea at the time, and they requested a letter which is sent by post). Now it's October. I contacted Santander again and they told me that due to a mistake from their reps, they told me the wrong timeline and I will not be qualified for a chargeback service. This got me nuts. I contacted Amazon and Amazon refused to handle the case and every one of their reps stopped replying to my emails. I considered the last option, and I contacted Parcelforce to send me my item back. They told me that I should apply for the loss of an item, because they cannot track the item anymore. I did exactly that, and they rejected my claim because I should have applied for the procedure within 3 months. Now I am really angry. Every one of these corporations told me blatantly wrong information and now I am left with -1352 pounds in my budget, huge drain in my time and energy. What should be the next step that I take? Please assist me in the process, that would be incredibly kind of you folks. Best wishes James1738
  10. Back in 2007 i had taken out a loan with these [problem] artists Just checked my Noddle Report and it has appeared, no default or negative markers but:: Account End date: June 2014 WTF?? Name Mr XXX XXX Address XX XX XXX Date of birth XX/XX/XXXX Account type Advance Against Income Account number **************XXXX Account start date XX/XX/2007 Account end date XX/XX/2014 Opening balance £ 100 Payment start date XX/XX/2007 Repayment frequency Periodically Status history Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec 2014 UC ST
  11. Advice please. I was stupid, got seriously in trouble but worked my backside off to get myself out of trouble. Please, no lectures on stupidity, there is nothing anyone can say to me that I havent already bollocked myself for. Took out a number of pay day loans several years ago, Paid 'majority' of the amounts off. By that I mean I paid the amounts I borrowed and then some, however I borrowed £950 off Pounds to Pockets and have repayed £1174 but I don't feel additional the £350 they claim I still owe is fair or right. They have defaulted me (fair enough) and have now passed the debt over to ARC Europe who are threatening me with a county court claim. They have written 3 or so letters each one getting snottier and snottier, I have responded saying the amount was disputed with P2P but now have recevied a letter saying a County Court Claim has been prepared and could be issued. What should my next step be?
  12. Someone sent me a link to this... I thought it was quite amusing - I doubt the squirrel thought it was funny the next morning though !! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hereford-worcester-33541502
  13. Which? found nearly half of people (46%) who came to the end of their mobile contract did not switch immediately, collectively overpaying by a total of £355 million per year – an average of an extra £92 each towards handsets they had already paid for. Most contracts combine the cost of the tariff and the handset over the minimum term, usually 24 months. But this is not always split out, so people don’t know how much each element costs or when they have finished paying for their phone. Six in 10 (60%) people we surveyed told us that having a provider who separates its bill so you can clearly see the tariff and handset costs was important to them when switching. O2, Virgin Media, Tesco Mobile and Utility Warehouse have tariffs where the handset and airtime costs are separate while giffgaff have never bundled the handset in. Customers on Vodafone, EE and Three still continue to be charged one bundled price. For example, a contract with O2 Refresh for an iPhone 6 costs £49 a month for 5GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts. Of this, O2 is clear that the handset part of the bill is £25, so when the contract is over you only pay £24 per month. On a similar plan with Vodafone (4GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts) it costs £48.50 a month – but that price doesn’t change once you come to the end of your contract and have finished paying off the cost of the handset. Which? says "All mobile phone operators should separate out the cost of the handset so people don’t continue to pay after the contract comes to an end." http://press.which.co.uk/whichpressreleases/millions-of-pounds-wasted-paying-for-mobiles-people-already-own/
  14. I am self employed and my earnings vary a lot often for a short period oftime. My housing benefit claim was already close once because my earnings weretoo high. However the problem is that my earnings vary a lot often for asmall period of time and it is inconvenient for me to make a new claim forhousing benefit each time my earnings vary. I would like to know how to explainmy situation to the housing benefit department to avoid that my claim is closedeach time my earnings vary temporarily I would like to know if there is a specific law for self employer or if I have to file a specific form
  15. Managed to set up a payment plan over six months with these buffoons. Paid 1st amount this month on time. No issue with paying, amount is right for me at the moment. Had a butchers on the old Noddle file and see they've marked it my loan with them as a default even though I've paid on time. First steps to take? My credit file is already in the cr4pper so another default doesn't really bother me BUT of all of them on there, this is the one that is the most unfair.
  16. Hello I have four more installments left on my Pounds to Pocket loan and my financial circumstances have changed. I have had to get a more expensive ticket to travel to work thus taking a chunk of out of my income meaning I have less coming in. I spoke to someone last month and managed to get a payment holiday meaning instead of my loan ending on the 15/12/2014 it now ends on 15/01/2015. This was via the live chat and the "compromise" that we got to after half an hour trying to arrange a payment plan. I want to pay what is owed but need more time. I have other debts that I need to deal with and I have to say that while others have been helpful- Pounds to Pocket have been a pain in the backside. Any advice on how to deal with them?
  17. Hi all, I recently made a complaint to pounds to pocket in which I have had a response of the telephone today (awaiting a written response) I am somewhat disbelieving of the resolution but I will attempt to explain below. This is the complaint that I made and pretty much sums up what has happened: to whom it may concern, This email is in regards to my account *******. I wish to lodge a complaint today the 05/11/2013 and wish for my complaint to be dealt with in a timely manner. I am appalled by the service and pathetic excuses I have received since taking my loan out on the 24/10/2013. I decided on Saturday 02/11/2013 that this loan was the wrong solution for me. So I went online and spoke to an advisor wishing to repay. I was informed they would need to update my bank details after recently switching my account. I agreed to giving my new card details in which the advisor could take payment. I was told my card had been declined, and to contact my bank. I spoke to them to find pounds to pocket had not attempted to take any funds, and was advised to contact yourselves again. I contacted back a 2nd time and spoke to a new advisor, I was told pounds to pocket were experiencing some technical issue, and advised to try again in 24 hours. Following your advise on the 03/11/13 I spoke to a 3rd advisor, they too explained they were experiencing technical issues, they re-assured me that the amount I would need to repay would not change from the £782.32 I was quoted on saturday, and to try again in 24 hours. So I contacted you back a 4th time on the 04/11/13 as advised. I spoke to an adviser this time who originally quoted me a higher amount, after explaining they stated they could see a note on the system and corrected the amount to £782.32, I wished to proceed to make payment explaining as his or her colleague had previously they would need to update my card details. This advisor was very abrupt in telling me this was not possible, I would have to make a payment using the details on file. I did my best to explain that I had closed that bank account, and have a account I can make full and final payment with today. They were adamant despite previous conversations with your colleagues this isn’t possible, but due to the situation this can be escalated to a manager with the amount payable to remain the same. I begrudgingly accepted and was told to contact back again in 24 hours. So today, 24 hours later I log into my account. With the intention of going onto your live chat service to make payment. I was shocked and confused to find my account is in default, and the amount due has risen by almost £100. How could this be possible when the first payment isn’t even due? So for the 5th and final time I went to speak to an advisor. I was transferred to your collections department. I spoke to the advisor here who was no help what so ever, much like every employee of pounds to pocket so far. They explained the account is under review and to contact back again in, guess? Yes another 24 hours. I have several points from the above explaination I wish for you to justify. Why did it take an online company 48 hours in order to take a debit card payment? Why would the first colleague accept the payment details, but not the 4th? Why is my account in default, with ridiculous fees added onto my balance? I would also like to know, and have you confirm to me in writing that no default has been levied against my name, or on my credit profile. I am extremely disappointed, having used your services before to find that you could treat anybody this way. The drop down box responses, ridiculous excuses, and unprofessionalism of your company has forced my hand in writing this complaint. I expect written acknowledgement of my complaint with 7 working days, and recompense for the time, effort, and stress pounds to pocket has caused me. You may contact me by post or email, or by phone after 6PM. Regards, NATHAN3699 (an unsatisfied customer) My complaint was acknowledged today by email, and as requested i received a call this evening. No apology was given but I had been told my account was closed and that there will be no balance to pay. confused I asked to clarify, in which he repeated the same. I asked if there would be n impact to my credit file in terms of the so called default. I was told there shouldn't be. I have asked for the above in writing which I am waiting to receive, but I am incredibly surprised that they would role over so easily. Especially when I am able to repay my debts and have offered to in full, could anybody possibly offer me some insight to why they would do this. Have they broken some sort of code of conduct? Fear of loosing they're licence? Or is it actually to good to be true? I appreciate that was a lot of reading, but I am even more surprised by the outcome than the service I have received, nothing in life is free. Thanks, Nathan
  18. Hi I have a Lloyds current account, with no overdraft facility and I keep noticing £1 going missing, almost everyday, I haven't a clue where this goes or what its for as nothing shows up on my statement? Also noticed the same happening with my Halifax account (£300 overdraft) Does anyone have any clue? Experience? I will ring them but thought I'd ask on here before I make a wally of myself on the phone!! Thanks in advance x
  19. hi , i have loan from pounds to pocket and have given around 7 installments but due to financial difficulties i cant pay the same amount , whts the best way to break the rest 5 installments into 10 or more ?
  20. Hi My son is on employment support allowance, he has adhd, odd and possible asg, he was told how to access a loan company. He got a loan for 400 pounds from pounds to pocket. It was too late for me to stop him, and I had no knowledge until after the fact, then he starts to get the letters of default that I found under his bed, now Makenzie Hall are ringing our home telephone. He has never worked and is not expected to, he is not in the support group for esa, as I think they have written him off due to his disabilities. His impulsiveness is a horrendous problem and it gets him into all sorts of trouble. I have looked at the p2p website and they state you have to be employed to get a loan from them, he told them he was only on esa, and disability benefit(however he does not get disability benefit)He gets confused. They gave him a loan to his bank account, so that sees him taking all his esa out, before they can get hold of it, that means trips to the bank at 2am, and his money is spent the very same day. He has no idea of spending carefully. I asked him did he tell them he was working and he said no mam, only told them I was getting my esa, and disability, which he does not get, although he should. So now I have got a very stressed 21 year old who has the social age of a 14 year old. He's scared to answer his phone, and keeps saying he can't cope. What is the best way to deal with this one please?. Thankyou
  21. I have 2 outstanding PDL debts ; one with Wonga, one with PTP ; (total debt c.£2000.00) I have cancelled CPA's with my bank, sent both companies an income/expenditure form, and in the case of Wonga, have set up a monthly repayment of £30.00 to start repaying my debt. PTP state that ' we do not participate in standing orders' However, both companies are completely ignoring my communications, including my appeal for all interest charges to be frozen ; Both companies are demanding that I phone them to discuss the matter, and provide my bank details. Also, both companies have stated that they'll continue to try and withdraw money from my account, despite acknowledging the CPA agreement with my bank. One Wonga e-mail dated 24/08/13 states 'we have now cancelled your CPA as requested and have removed all debit cards from your account' A further letter on 06/09/13 states ' you should also be aware that we'll be making further attempts to collect the money you owe from your debit card' I would like some advice on the following matters ; - what further action can I take to try and get the interst charges frozen - how can I pay PTP ; would it be OK to send a monthly cheque ? - are they allowed to continue to plunder my bank account, knowing that there's no money in it, and knowing that I have an agreement with the bank to stop all CPA's all advice will be gratefully accepted...
  22. hi, i had a loan with this company and managed to pay it up but they refuse to close my account. i have a gambling problem and know at some stage i will take out another loan with them which is why i asked them to close it and to never re-open it again can they do this?
  23. http://www.scotsman.com/news/uk/socially-irresponsible-loan-firm-advert-banned-1-2752623
  24. http://www.scotsman.com/news/uk/socially-irresponsible-loan-firm-advert-banned-1-2752623
  25. At the end of the month i will have to default on two loans one with Wonga and one with pounds till payday. I am unable to close my bank account as i have an overdraft but will get my wages paid into a different account. I will report my bank card stolen and cancel the CPA for wonga. I will then contact them asking for a repayment plan for over 12 months. I'm concerned about the payday loan with pounds till payday, i will cancel the direct debit but i cannot find any recent post regarding pounds till payday and repayment plans, has anyone got any recent experience???? Thanks
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