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  1. Thank you Andyorch. Very interesting. Is anyone else on here dealing with this at the moment. There are some sheets to complete but my parents don't want to get this wrong.
  2. I wonder if someone can advise me with this please? My parent's have given me a letter to deal with that they received from Abbey Life regarding a Joint Life Annuity policy they have. It says in it that the FCA recently undertook a review of annuity sales as to whether customers were given adequate information about their options at retirement and in particular regarding 'enhanced annuities'. It says that enhanced annuities work on the basis that if a customer has a medical condition or lifestyle factor (ie smoking etc) they will probably live a shorter time than someone in a bette
  3. I was in horrendous debt when my husband left me with all the family debt and bills and no income slowly I managed to work my way out of things and paid off what I could. I took the ensuing years of bad credit rating on the chin and ploughed on watching my credit file with all my statute barred dates marked in my diary, overjoyed when they started dropping off. Suddenly I noticed my credit rating dropping again but couldn't work out why. Today I logged in and saw that with one year to go before SB, Moorcroft have appeared with a defaulted debt Also having lost my
  4. Ok found a letter from DG Solicitors (which is I believe, HSBC) It is a letter stating that they confim payment of the debt on 22 Feb 2011 and the judgment date is 12 Jan 2011 and that the debt is satisfied. 10 days over. They won't remove it will they?
  5. So it's a case of waiting it out then What about the CCJ? That was through HSBC for a loan and I banked with them at the time. I also had my joint mortgage with them too. We were waiting on the house sale so I could pay the loan off in full but a catalogue of disasters meant that the house finally completed pretty much the same time the CCJ happened so I paid it as soon as I physically had the money. It was for a few thousand (and it wasn't just my debt...) but as soon as I could pay it I did so it's frustrating to see it still there on my file. It will 2
  6. Thank you for the reply Dx! That's what I feared you'd say! Does it 'look' better if it is Settled? (what is the difference between settled and satisfied by the way?)
  7. I am taking a deep breath because I've always adopted the Ostrich approach to dealing with my debts and as that didn't work too well I am trying facing them instead. A few years back my marriage dissolved and I was left with the majority share of the financial burden from that marriage. When the house was sold I cleared the majority of debt as far as I was aware and got on with things accepting that my credit rating was poor. I am now happily remarried and my husband has no debt and pays everything on time. I expected my credit rating to have hugely improved however l
  8. We parked in a shop car park that had 90 minutes free parking but we were over that. Today I got a letter saying the company G24 have issued a Contractual Parking Charge of £90. Do I have to pay it or can I challenge it and if so on what grounds? Please help!
  9. We have an HSBC Advance account and know we were paying a monthly fee for it but now looking at our online statements this monthly charge seems to have completely disappeared. Can I ask if you have one of these accounts how does the monthly fee appear on your statements?
  10. Hi Firstship, apologies for my absence, I've been in an out of hospital. I don't think it was CPP, although I had that with HSBC. It was a bundle of insurance policies like car breakdown, travel ins etc but sold as a monthly fee in order to have the bank account.
  11. It was an Advantage Gold account
  12. Thanks for replying Firstship. No it was a bank account. Martin Lewis was saying the other week on tv that the packaged bank accounts that had a fee every month (usually £12 or £15) were missold. This is what I mean
  13. I opened a Natwest account in branch about 8 years ago and was very much guided into getting this account that had a monthly £12 fee. The associated policies were 'sold' as an aside really, just a bonus of that account and I was told that this was a very good account for my credit rating. In any case I had mobile phone insurance and breakdown cover elsewhere and nothing much else applied to me but I didn't know I was paying for insurance policies every month, I thought the £12 a month was what the account cost. a year ago I stopped using the account as su
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