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  1. Is there any rights I have over all this? Is there anything I can do?
  2. Yeah that makes sense, I'll just use this time to apply for other positions?
  3. I guess I just thought you were innocent until proven guilty, but the way they treated me, they made me feel like I was a criminal. And yeah, they're not the nicest company to work for anyway, you wouldn't expect a big chain to be like this in this day and age, but I guess they're only following procedure? Thank you for all your help, I'll definitely start looking for other jobs, I definitely don't want to continue working there after all of this.
  4. Erm I've been working there since last October so no I won't be on a probation period will I? Thank you for helping me out, I just feel so upset about all of this.
  5. There have never been any unexplainable issues before now when I've cashed up a till. They've told me that I'll be suspended whilst they investigate the situation, but I'm so worried that even though there's no proof, if there's no other explanation for them that I'll be fired?
  6. As I was shutting down the till at work the other day, there was a £30 discrepancy, this didn't worry me at the time as a few weeks previously there had been a £70 discrepancy and it turned out to be an office error, on top of this, another till on the floor on the same day as the most recent one also had a discrepancy of £60. I came into work yesterday and was called into the office for an investigation meeting where I was accused of taking the money from the till. I told them that I had someone stand with me when I was closing the till down, watching me count the money and also that th
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