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  1. Wonder if you can clear something up for me, so you say you didn't scan a packet of sushi, and by your description, I take you went through a self scan till This is my main job, in my work, and I see a lot of bagging alerts that come up, sometimes on purpose, but sometimes down to error So on your part, if going through self scans, was it intentional not to scan the sushi, now if however you had thought you had scanned the sushi, its really up to the self scan host to sort this error out, so I would call that mitigating circumstances
  2. 3 year ago, I was stopped in one of the Superdrug shops in Glasgow, security guard kept on following me round the shop, and he didn't see the bottle of Fanta twist in my back pocket As I was leaving the shop, I took the bottle of juice out of my pocket, and he noticed this, and I was ushered into the shop, and he claimed I haven't paid for the juice. Doh it wasn't bought in here, but rather my work place, don't think he expected me to reply, which I did Told him, I work in retail, and for him to stop me he has to be 100% I haven't paid for the item; so I asked him, did he see me go any where near the fridges, he couldn't answer this for me, as he was tailing me round the shop, so sometimes he lost sight of me, so I told him I leaving as I haven't done anything wrong 3 Weeks later returned and entered the shop, and was told I was barred, wasn't happy with this, as I haven't done anything wrong, I wanted to do something about this. I went to my local Superdrug store, where I knew the manager personally, who was at school with me. The manager contacted head office, and with in a matter of days, an apology was sent through the post with a £20 gift card. The security guard wasn't sacked, but rather moved to another store Checked with the security manager in my work at the time, on why I was stopped and followed round the shop; he believed my eyes look shifty, and I don't directly look at people, so the two things for the security guard might have been a concern for him
  3. I just wonder if the likes of RLP are curbed in what they do, instead of threatening letters being sent, which you can just tear up, it ends up going the other way; the shops them self's now take direct action against the shoplifters So instead of gdpr protecting shoplifters, it actually works in favour of the stores which have to deal with shoplifters, but only time will tell
  4. Before applying for your Esta, it might be best to make a subject access request to see your criminal record, if they have anything on you; so if they have nothing on you, you should be ok to apply for your Esta, and it says all the hassle of being refused entry into the USA, all because of a criminal record Details here https://www.gov.uk/copy-of-police-records
  5. I assume when you started working for TKMaxx, you were given hand book, so I would suggest if given a hand book, you read through, and see what it says with regards this. My employers hand book classes, Theft or attempted theft, either from the company or its colleagues, customers, contractors or suppliers, as Gross misconduct and is a sack able offence
  6. If you no longer have a receipt, Tesco should be able to find that transaction on their system, but they will need details; like till you paid for your items, time and date, items you bought
  7. Sounds like this manager is a jobsworth, possibly showing head office, look at me, Im catching shoplifters In my store this has happened on a few occassions, and the customers have gone to the customer service desk, and explained what happened and paid for the item, now this is called good customer service My store manager knows customers will make mistakes, she also knows customers will try to leave the shop with out paying for goods; so why would someone who has intend not to pay for something come back and tell them, can I pay for this, forgot to pay for it earlier on A shoplifter returning to pay for something, is likely to know, the shop will call the police, or ban them from the store, honest customer wont know this, as there intention is good As for the OP I would urge you to write to the head office and make a complaint, and even when the police were called, if it was my self, would have asked the police to charge me, and let this go to court, and hopefull would be found not guilty, and would put the store under pressure, and amke the manager look a fool
  8. I can give you an idea, what happens in my work place; if you have been banned from the store, security will ask you to leave, and if you decide not to leave, they will call the police, and they remove you from the store, as far as Im aware, the police dont charge anyone, but more warn them of
  9. I never knew there was a limit of how much liquids you can have in your suit case and place into the hold, so 190 possible adult passengers, each carry 5L of port, which equals 1000L, would this not be an even bigger danger
  10. As someone who works in retail, and has to deal with possible shoplifters, who go at lengths to not pay for things. Sometimes it isnt clear cut if a customer is up to no good, now I dont know what your intentions were, so lets look at what, why this off-duty employee claimed you were trying to steal. So I take it you went round the shop with either a basket or trolley. Did you place all the items into the basket or trolley Did you at anytime decide you didnt want that item, and place it someplace else in the shop, possibly high value item If you havnt done anything wrong, in my eyes you have been acused by an employee, who possibly has got it wrong, and if this was my self being accused, I would be writting to the store manager, or even the regional manager, telling them you have been accused of trying to steal something from one of there stores. Ask them to clarify and check there cctv, and at any time does the person being accused act out of the ordinary way. Now have you tried to go back to this store, and what was there reaction, and if they repeat there claim, I would think that would be slander, and open to be challenged I wouldnt say your being parnoid, even my self I pick up on this when I go to other shops, I get followed alot, and even now I find it funny. Now I even asked my security manager, on why this was happening, and he gave me an honest repsonse, he said I have a shifty looking face, and I always keep my eye slooking down, rarely do I make eye contact And this is where I find it funny: Was away on holiday for 2 weeks came back to work, and there a new secuirty guard on the door, he thinks Im up to no good and follows me round the store, and have to tell another colleague, want to tell him, I work here The shops local to me have a database, but is only used to identify shoplifters, who have been caught, and is used more as a warning system, and once on it we dont remove you
  11. The Sainsbury you were banned from, does it have an Argos shop, like my Sainsbury So how does the ban apply when Sainsbury let out there shop floor space, especially if you were to apply for a job, and start working there very soon
  12. I can tell you what happens in my store, as far as things go, the general store manager, leaves security issues, like theft, argument to security If someone walks out with food with out paying, and has been seen by another member of staff, ie not watching them on cctv; security will check cctv, and if it is shown that the customer has not paid for the food, it will be recorded in the theft book, and cctv kept for around 6 months, no report will be sent to police, if you come into the shop, you wont be approached by any security, however if the customer was to do this a few more times, then this would be passed on to the police
  13. I was always told in my store, if a shoplifter is going to run, let them go, don't put your self in danger, after all we have the proof he hasn't paid for his shopping on cctv, and this them gets passed on to the police
  14. I have now gone ahead, and contacted my money advisor, with a revised offer, so hopefully the creditor will accept; one thing I have learned being on this debt program is to manage my money, and now see no need for credit cards or even bank loans, I just budget what I need and use excel to do this
  15. Looking for more of, how other person have got on, and have already looked through the web site
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