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  1. Hi all, just found out I made an Illegal left turn in cardiff may 2017. Need help on which forms to use. Cardiff Pcn people have said I need to complete forms TE9 and TE3. TE9 just asks fo r some details, in my case I never received the initial notices as didn't re register my Car to my new address, but nowhere on the form does it ask why I didn't pay. TE3 I just don't understand. How do I let them know why I didn't pay the initial charge . Should I be using form te7 or other forms
  2. Hi the email address I used was [email protected] To whom it may concern, My Safeloans ref = XXXXXX The complaint read as follows; PLEASE ENSURE ALL CORRESPONDENCE TO THIS COMPLAINT ARE SENT VIA EMAIL TO ENABLE A FASTER RESOLUTION I am writing to complain about a loan provided by Safeloans which was defaulted by me and subsequently a CCJ issued in August 2012. My complaint is that should Safeloans Ltd have carried out affordability checks and even basic credit reference checks that this loan would not or should not have been approved. As at the time the loan was provided it would have been clear on any credit reference check that I had previously taken out payday loans with various lenders, was currently in debt with other payday lenders and any credit reference check would have also shown defaults with other lenders. All the information available on my credit file would have shown that I was reliant on payday lenders and therefore a risk. Therefore the loan should not have been provided and as such if it had not been provided then I would not have placed myself in a situation where a ccj could be raised against me. I hereby request that you remove all references to any loan, default or ccj for Safeloans Ltd from my credit files. I understand that you are entitled to 8wee To whom it may concern, My Safeloans ref = 8wks or 56 days to respond to my complaint, but I do ask that you respond sooner so as not to lengthen the time to resolution. Many thanks
  3. Hi, they found in my favour for the 2nd loan as this was over twice the amount of the first loan. I still have to pay the loan amount back but all interest, defaults etc are to be removed and when it is repaid removed from my credit files.
  4. ok, sort of worried about stirring things up here as this debt does not appear on noddle, equifax, clearscore or experian
  5. ok so lowells are leaving me alone, but my postal order for welcome has not yet been cashed - paid for it on the 9th feb, posted on the 10th to welcomes head office - is there a time limit for when they should respond by, and what happens if they don't?
  6. you have a choice, either ask them if this is their final response or accept it as so and take it to FOS.....FOS will then start the whole process again ...it really depends on how you worded your complaint?
  7. they are just trying to fobb you off.....ignore their requests...if you have made a complaint to them and they haven't answered your questions or complaint ask them if this is their final response...if it is take your complaint to FOS
  8. yep but still a win..just glad to get loan removed from CRA's
  9. OK, so I took out a loan for £700 in May2015 - paid back all but £99 - then defaulted due to falling into the spiral of debt with other PDL's - Ideal refused to acknowledge unafordable lending - took complaint to FOS - FOS upheld my complaint - Ideal took escalated it to the ombudsman - again found in my favour - removal of all loan fees, default charges etc - have to pay the remaining £99 off then removal of loan from CRA's. Admin could you please update this as necessary
  10. this could be a very stupid questions but I notice on my CRA files some loans/debts show as settled whilst others show as satisfied. Which is better? I ask as I have an aqua card debt I need to pay and want to request a full and final settlement figure but part of my request is also asking that the debt be shown as nothing else owing on it.
  11. This is for fancyapayday - they have accepted the decision of fos, but I wasn't too happy with the refund offer, thought it was too low, after looking at it fos also thought they should re-visit their calculations, lets hope its not lower than before
  12. ok so i guess i'll get begging letters from other dca's then - and so the circle continues
  13. today I got an email from Lowells; "We have noted your request for documentation under Section 77-79 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. We have closed the account as a gesture of goodwill; therefore you will no longer receive any correspondence from ourselves regarding this account. We will return your £1.00 fee within 30 days. We trust this is satisfactory. Yours sincerely," what does this mean? has the debt been written off? - I know they cashed the postal order - welcome haven't cashed theirs yet
  14. its ok...reason I was asking is that FOS have found in my favour for a pdl and have said that the pdl needs to refund me - the pdl offered an amount but when I looked at it I thought that it should be more - I have asked FOS to ask the pdl to provide details of their calculation
  15. Hi, does anyone have the link to calculate payday loan refunds?
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