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  1. Hi all, On my Noddle Credit File, I have an entry from Wonga.com. with an opening balance of £704 in 2014. I have never ever used Wonga. It does say Settled, but not without some adverse credit scoring Apr - UC, Jul - 1, Aug - 2, Sep - 3, Oct - 4, Nov - 5, Dec UC. What is this, where has it come from. I haven't made any payments to them ever. Is this still affecting my credit file? Thanks
  2. This is a thread to contain my payday loans, my original one is here: HERE Here is a list of the payday loans i taken out from 2011-2014 (ish) The last contact i made with them was December 2017 as instructed by Redbridge Finance a company who was "supposidly" going to help me claim compensation from them. Wonga Quickquid Payday express Mr lender Myjar The money shop The cheque centre To name but a few, there are probably more but it really hurts my head when i try and think back. I am not being chased for any of the above debts at the moment, and not all of them are on my credit report. The only ones that are on my Noddle credit report are: Lantern: a debt collection agency wanting £262 default date 11/08/2014 Advance against income Active securities LTD a debt collection agency wanting £442 Default date 07/09/2014 I'm not sure which company they are from (original creditors) , i haven't heard anything from them ever although all of my debts were taken out at my old address. There are probably more than the ones i listed at the top of the page, but it's going back a long time and feel free to read the thread linked in the top for a short back story going back to 2012. I was hoping for some advice on where to go from here, redbridge tried to put a claim in against Wonga, filed a complaint against the FCA to find they went bust. Thanks so much in advance.
  3. There is a very real risk those who are owed money by Wonga in compensation for having been lent money irresponsibly may be chased by creditors for this money, whilst losing access to the compensation to which they are entitled. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/news/wonga-compensation-claimants-may-lose-out-due-to-automation-plan/ar-BBPkdZX?ocid=spartandhp
  4. Its been a long time coming but one of the biggest PDL firm is about to fall. Part of it has to do with PDL Reclaims... This is a consequence of this... Wonga is on the edge. Grant Thornton could possibly assist with the administration. Remember this is a firm who in 2014, was ordered by the City watchdog to pay more than £2.6m in compensation to 45,000 customers who were sent letters purporting to be from law firms but which in fact did not exist. At this time their site is still offering loans. As per usual CAG advice is to stay away... Further updates will be posted as they unfold.
  5. Wonga going into Administration. READ MORE HERE: https://www.wonga.com/
  6. Hi guys some time ago a friend of mine signed as a guarantor for a friend of hers. My friend has now passed away. Wonga are now pursuing her daughters for the loan as her friend has since defaulted. My question is, can they do this as her estate has now been sttled. ?
  7. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. But I felt it important to bring to the forums attention. I've just seen a grossly misleading advert in my Facebook News Feed from Wonga. Whilst this is absolutely true for Parking on Private Land, It is almost certainly not the case for Council Issued Penalty Charge Notices... But it gets better: "Especially when the charges seem extortionate" Pot kettle black there I think... Worth reporting to the ASA??
  8. I am after some advice please if possible Having had a number of loans with Wonga I eventually reached a point I could no longer afford to make the large payment back on my last loan, taken out in February of last year. Before the payment was due at the end of March I raised a complaint of unaffordable lending and asked for a payment plan offering an amount I could afford to pay. Wonga sent me an I&E sheet which I completed and sent back, then I heard nothing from them. Next message was a couple of months later with a threat of court if I didn't pay, which was a surprised as i'd offered an amount that they never came back to me on After that a payment plan was agreed and I made 2 payment towards to loan. In the meantime my complaint was rejected by Wonga, sent to the FOS where it was upheld and Wonga agreed to a refund of £2.5k, although £850 would be used to pay off the outstanding loan and all negative information removed from my credit account. Not an issue, all sorted, balance was paid back to me at the start of October In mid December I was contacted by Moorcroft about an outstanding loan with Wonga. I logged into my Wonga account and it showed I still had an outstanding loan. I then checked my Noddle report (I usually look at Experian but Wonga don't report to that). My credit report showed not only was my loan not paid off, but showed as defaulted in July. I contacted Wonga who at first told me that the last loan hadn't been part of the arrangement (utter rubbish) but they would look into this. Over the last few months of the year I had an MBNA credit card suspended and a catalogue account suspended due to "adverse information on my account" Now Wonga have admitted they should have removed the loan and have asked Equifax and Call Credit to delete this. Now that would be great if they hadn't done so much damage to my credit over the last 5 months. Also looking at my Equifax file it shows my loan a month in arrears in Nov 2016 and then 2 months in Dec, up to 4 months in arrears. All this before I even opened in the loan at the end of Feb. The loan shows as AP (?) from March to June 2017 and then defaulted in July 2017, which is all total lies Where do I stand with this? I'm absolutely furious with Wonga, but currently stuck in their 8 weeks complaints procedure (again), but this whole saga is a shambles. I have all of this documented on email. Any advice would be great
  9. Hi, I had various loans from wonga in 2011 date - 11/07/2011 amount - £135 interest+fees - £29 date - 03/08/2011 amount - £280 interest+fees - £60 date - 29/08/2011 amount - £523 interest+fees - £172 date - 30/09/2011 amount - £660 interest+fees - £189 date - 28/10/2011 amount - £780 interest+fees - £223 date - 30/11/2011 amount - £973 interest+fees - £179 I made a complaint of irresponsible lending as i regularly was unable to pay bills etc. they have offered me £159.91 plus 8% interest which totals £222.58. Should i take this further to the fos or should i accept the money and forget about it. Just wondered if anyone has similar previous experiences or if anyone has any ideas if it would be beneficial going to the fos. thank you
  10. Hi, hopefully im in the right place im after a little advice without anybody judging me as finding it hard enough already Age -22 (now) Ive had a problem gambling addiction and have manged to cause myself around 10k+ of debt Without the Loans and the credit cards ive been in a vicious circe with payday loans Such as MyJar-2 Loans wonga-11 Loans Piggybank-8 Loans Sunny- 9 Loans Basicly taking one loan out to pay the other ect been going on for around 2 years now and wouldnt like to know how many loans ive received off the above 3. now ive heard stories unsure if there correct people are recieving refunds due to irrisponsible lending (does this class as that or not) Im not clued up with any of it so as much help as possible please. Many thanks
  11. Hi everybody, I complained to Wonga about a series of loans that I took out with them from 2011-2012, that I felt in hindsight, should not have been lent to me as I was in a cycle of taking out payday loans, paying them back and then immediately taking out another to pay for the one that I had just paid. I was in a terrible financial mess, however, I thankfully entered a DMP in 2013, which I am very happy to say is now complete. Wonga dismissed my complaint, so I escalated this to the FOS. The adjudicator agreed with my complaint and gave Wonga until 25th July to respond. Unfortunately, they still have not responded to the FOS or myself. I have just had an email from the adjudicator, and he has told me that he has now escalated this to get a response from Wonga. Has anybody else had this? Do Wonga normally respond within the FOS timelines? I would be grateful for any thoughts on what the next steps might be? Thank you!
  12. Hello, I have accepted an offer from a refund plus interest from wonga. Does anyone know how long it takes for them to process the refund and put the money in my bank account? Thanks Paul
  13. Hello. I had some loans with Wonga. I wrote formal complaint and after 7 weeks I get a letter from them. I'm due to refund. Now I live outside the UK and don't have bank anymore. I have sent them my nominee (friend) bank details and now they are saying that they can't transfer money to someone else. Is that correct? They are asking my bank account details in my country, but the thing is that I have some troubles with that. I had a small refund from them few months ago (technical problems as they called it) and it went to my friends account without any problems. I had the same situation with HMRC and it went well. Any thoughts?
  14. Hi again to all on the forum Going back around 4 years ago when i was at rock bottom 'well finacially' i stupidly borrowed £500 off Wonga, it was rolling loan over a period of months, i would borrow and pay back on time and re borrow almost the same day etc etc. This went on until i received a letter from Wonga saying that they had reviewed their lending criateria and i would not have qualified for a loan under their new regulations, I do believe that at the time they wrote off many loans however in my case and as many others they cancelled all the interest as a goodwill gesture which left the origianol loan to pay back. At the time i wrote a letter to Wonga saying they were reckless and broke the lending conduct that they should adhere to (i now it sounds a little silly but i was hoping for a letter back simply saying 'ok we will drop the lot and cancel out the loan) this didnt happen it went dead for 4 years untill yesterday when a letter hit the matt from BPO Collections. Can anyone assist with any form of advice here, Should i make an token offer of repayment with BPO Collections or should i continue with my complaint that they should not really have lent the money out (which they new full well at the time) and therefore are not receiving a penny back?
  15. 'The payday loan firm Wonga has said up to 270,000 of its customers may have been affected by a data breach. The firm said it was "urgently investigating illegal and unauthorised access to the personal data of some of its customers in the UK and Poland". The firm said it began contacting borrowers on Saturday and was offering support through a dedicated phone line. The information stolen includes names, addresses, phone numbers, bank account numbers and sort codes.....Around 245,000 of the customers affected are based in the UK with the rest in Poland....' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-39544762
  16. I have received an email today that I thought was going to be an offer, but it has completely disregarded my complaint and has a statment that says ” Indication of Financial Difficulties: In your recent complaint you suggested that you were experiencing financial difficulties and we should not have lent to you. As such we have considered your position at the time and have found no evidence that you: continued to borrow over an extended period of time, took out a further loan immediately after repayment, borrowed high loan amounts when compared to your stated income. We are not aware of any other factors that indicated affordability. ” I dont even feel they have looked at my statements because this completely contradicts everything my statements show. I have sent an email to the FOS but have also replied to Wonga in a hope that they may look at it again.
  17. i had numerous loans with wonga over a period of 3-4 years and other companys and was just borrowing to pay them off . below is my email to them and there correspondence . I have had numerous loans from you between 2011 and 2014. I have been borrowing more often and the amounts tended to go up. Your payday loans trapped me into a debt spiral, with the loan repayment taking so much of my wages that I had to borrow again from you to cover my next month’s living costs. For this period my income averaged about £1000 a month. My living expenses varied but were roughly: rent/mortgage £400. Council tax £130. Utilities and bills £200. Transport costs £200. Clothes £50. Food £100, toiletries £20 . Other debt repayments £130. Total £1230 per month. This shows that there was no way I could afford these loans. When I repaid them, I had to borrow more to survive the next month. You should have realised from my loans that my debt problems were getting worse and it was not responsible to continue to lend to me. My credit reports would have showed my other debts and problems including late payments / defaults / CCJs / debt management. You should never have given me these unaffordable loans. I would like to ask you to refund the interest and extra charges I paid. The Financial Ombudsman suggests that statutory interest is added to this sort of refund. I only became aware I could make this sort of responsible lending / affordablity complaint in this year So I understand the financial Ombudsman will consider all my loans, including those that are more than 6 years old.] I do not want you to pass my email or other contact details to any third parties. If I have ever given you authority to do this in the past, I withdrawing this authority. The amount of loans i had total £ 5432.00 and my repayments were £ 7031.81 I look forward to hearing from you Their reply was they would get back to me in 8 weeks. Then received this.. We apologise for the delay in responding to your complaint. We are currently experiencing a high volume of complaints so our normal timely response has been delayed. We thank you for your patience and aim to respond within the next 6 weeks. The attached letter confirms the status of your complaint as well as providing you with important information regarding your rights. We would like to reassure you we take your complaint very seriously. If you have any questions please call us on 0800 316 6745. Kind regards, Complaints Team 0800 316 6745 Wonga.com Then this 15 weeks after emailing them numerous times Thank you for your email dated x December 2016. Please accept our apologies for the delay in responding to your complaint. We appreciate this delay will have been frustrating to you. As such, we are offering £50 as compensation for the delay and inconvenience. We have investigated your concerns and our findings are set out in more detail below. Our Understanding of Your Complaint: You state that you had numerous loans between 2011 and 2014, with borrowing becoming more frequent and the amounts generally increasing. You feel payday loans trapped you into a debt spiral, with the loan repayment taking so much of your wages that you had to borrow again to cover the next month's living costs. You have questioned the affordability of these loans and feel that we should have realised, from the pattern of borrowing, that your financial difficulties were getting worse and it was not responsible to continue to lend to you. Our Response to your complaint: Our approach to assessing affordability Having reviewed your complaint we can see that you had 25 loans with Wonga from August 2012 to September 2014. Before approving a loan, we carry out a credit reference agency check. This information is accessed instantly by us when we receive a loan application. When you applied, we combined that data with the personal data you provided to us including salary, employment, marital status, dependents, home ownership status, motor owner status amongst other information, and we also considered your repayment history. All of this information was entered into our underwriting system so we could carry out an assessment of affordability. You achieved an acceptable underwriting score and the loans were approved on that basis. Financial difficulty and pattern of borrowing indicating unaffordability In investigating this complaint, we have considered the question of affordability of the loans based on information available to us at the time of application, including: Frequency of borrowing; Personal circumstances; Amount initially borrowed and any additional borrowing against stated income; and Any other factors which indicated financial difficulties, such as arrears and repayment arrangements You have indicated in your complaint that you experienced difficulty repaying one or more of your loans. You did not, however, contact us at the time to let us know that you were in financial difficulty. Had you done so, we would have been aware of your circumstances and could have put in place a suitable repayment plan or other arrangement. We should mention that if you are experiencing any financial difficulties, we would encourage you to get in contact with your lender to discuss your circumstances with them. They will be able to put in place a suitable repayment plan in order to help you to repay in a sustainable way. You can also get free debt advice from a number of organisations including: Step Change Debt Charity - 0800 138 1111 National Debt Line - 0808 808 4000 Citizens Advice - 03444 111 444 Please note that your loan dated 19 September 2014 has already been assessed under our affordability forbearance programme. As a result the interest and fees were written off and all records of the loan were removed from your credit file. However, having reviewed your case, we accept that the loans in the table below may not have been affordable in their specific circumstances. Outcome Based on the above, there may have been more that we could have done to assist you in relation to the loan in the table below. Additionally, we will also request for the redressed loans to be removed from your credit record. It may take up to 30 working days to be updated fully on the credit file. We would like to offer you £175.31 by way of compensation which is an amount equal to the interest and fees on the following loans: Loan reference Date Interest and fees xxxxxxx xx/xx/2013 £175.31 Interest of 8% simple per year has been added to the total redress for each loan from the date the loan was taken out until the date of calculation. Please see the outline below. Interest and fees £175.31 8% Interest net £46.80 Compensation £50.00 Total settlement £272.11 Tax 8% Interest gross £58.50 Basic rate tax deduction £11.70 Compensatory interest is subject to income tax at the basic rate under UK tax legislation and, therefore, tax will be deducted at the basic rate of 20% from any payments made to the customer. If the customer does not pay tax, they may be able to reclaim some or all of this tax reduction from HM Revenue and Customs. If the customer is a higher rate tax payer, they may have to pay additional tax on the compensatory interest via their tax return. Please see HMRC.gov.uk for more details. Please note the offer outlined in this letter is made in full and final settlement of all aspects relating to this complaint. If customer wishes to accept this offer, please reply to this email typing their details in to the relevant boxes of the acceptance form below. Alternatively, you can also print, fill and sign the below form and send it back by post or as an attachment in a reply to this email. Upon receipt of the completed form we will arrange payment to your account number ending 2654. If your account details have changed, you will need to provide us with proof of the new banking details. This can include a screenshot of an account statement, but will need to show their name, the sort code and account number. This is our final response; however, if you are not satisfied with it, you have the right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, free of charge but you must do so within six months of the date of this letter. If you do not refer their complaint in time, the Ombudsman will not have our permission to consider the complaint and so will only be able to do so in very limited circumstances. For example, if the Ombudsman believes that the delay was as a result of exceptional circumstances. For more information on the Financial Ombudsman Service, please see the consumer information leaflet found at: http://financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/consumer-leaflet.htm. If you want a hard copy of the consumer information leaflet, please call us on 0207 138 8330. The address of the Financial Ombudsman Service is: The Financial Ombudsman Service Exchange Tower London E14 9SR Telephone: 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123 Email: [email protected] Website: http://financial-ombudsman.org.uk Your Sincerely Ross Cussens Complaints Handler Wonga.com 0800 316 6745 Wonga Settlement Form If you wish to accept our offer, please reply to this email typing your details in to the relevant boxes of the acceptance form below. Alternatively, you can print, fill and sign this form and send it back by post or as an attachment in your email reply. To: Wonga Complaints Team Wonga.com Sheffield S95 1AR Email: [email protected] Ref: Complaint regarding Loan affordability I confirm my acceptance of the Wonga’s offer (as outlined in the attached letter) in full and final settlement of all aspects/loans relating to my complaint. Customer Name : Date: Customer Signature (please type your name again if replying to email): To enable us to process your payment as quickly as possible, please also provide details of your bank account. If this bank account is different to the bank details we referred to in our final response letter above, you will need to provide us with proof of your new banking details. This can include a screenshot of your account statement, but will need to show your name, the sort code and account number: I have emailed all this to the FOS but just wondered should i accept this as part payment or just wait for the FOS to decide. Also complained to sunny and they refunded all loan fees 8% interest and wrote off nearly £500 aswell Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance
  18. Hi, I had a loan written off by Wonga in 2014 for their failure to carry out proper affordability checks. I was told this would be wiped from my credit file. However, I have since found out that although it was removed from two agencies, it still exists on one. I contacted Wonga and they told me that in actual fact, I defaulted on two loans at once (I don't understand how this happened, how I was able to take out two loans at once, but that's for another day). They wrote off both loans, but only removed the default from one. I requested a statement of my account from the lender and had taken out 11 pay day loans in a two year period, some ranging up to £1,000 a time. On a number of these loans, I needed to take out a top up on the loan. I have complained to the Financial Ombudsman that the nature of my borrowing history should have been a clear indicator that I was in financial trouble and that by ignoring that, Wonga have failed to act as a responsible lender. I have also included copies of my bank statements which indicate that for that entire period, I was living in my overdraft. Can anyone suggest whether this is likely to be a successful approach in removing the entries from my credit file?
  19. Hello everyone, I had not even realised that people were reclaiming charges and fees from the like of Wonga and quick quid. Back in at the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 I had lost my job (just as well since they owed me thousands in wages) and been out of work for several months. With the new job I had i was earning £300 a week and was being chased by debt collectors and the courts for outstanding debts (thankfully sorted thanks to CAGGERS amazing help !) I took out several loans between 2012 and 2013 they are listed below. Does anyone have a template or any comments/input/advice at all please. I'm not even after the money so much as getting the loans taken off of my credit rating... Thank you again in advance Smudge xx Wonga Quick Quid 19th July 200 20th August 210 28th August 210 17th Sept 200 21st Sept 150 24th Sept 50 19th Oct 193 1st Nov 250 8th Nov 100 16th Nov 608 21st Nov 350 30th Nov 340 6th Deceber 150 11th Dec 240 19th Dec 600 8th January 150 31st January 250 8th Feb 150 14th Feb 150 26th Feb 700 11th March 200 25th March 255 5th April 159 19th April 500 23rd May 250 14th June 300 20th June 600 1st July 2013 1099
  20. Hi I regularly took payday loans out from Wonga as well as many more companies over a period of 4 years. i continually rolled over or paid it off only to have to re-loan the same day. By the time I realised i could no longer continue with this cycle i had loans with 10 companies and owed nearly £5000. I had paid many thousands in interest over this time. All my loans are now paid off after requesting repayment plans. My last loan with wonga was paid in 12 installments the last one being may 2014. When the announcement came at the beginning of october that they were writing off thousands of loans I was annoyed that it only applied to live loans. I sent in a formal complaint and accused them of irresponsible lending. They could not possibly have done the relevant checks to see if the loans were affordable. I had been lending £1000 each time with £300 interest, at the time i was only bringing home £1300. They took so long looking into my complaint I eventually referred it to the Ombudsman. I received and e-mail from Wonga on Monday saying they had upheld my complaint and agreed that a large majority of the loans were unaffordable given my income and other borrowings. I have received the money in my account today which is close to £5k. I am so happy. I have never looked at another payday loan since I paid them all back and feel that this nightmare has finally come full circle.
  21. I recently (again) applied for a credit card to do a balance transfer. I was knocked back, which I found surprising so I decided to signed up to checkmyfile to see what had happened. I had applied for some credit cards a year or so back and thought perhaps it was my credit rating, so I did various things to improve it. I have not had any defaults ever or any late payments ever. It turns out Wonga had wrongly report on 25th of Jan 2014 that I had defaulted. Ironically when Wonga had their issues with sending threatening letters from fake lawyers I didn't think this would affect me. Furious I got in touch with them and they have now accepted it was a mistake on their behalf, I am however also chasing for compensation as this blemish has directly affected numerous applications. They replied with this The amount I borrowed £1096 which was paid in full by direct debit at the end of the month with the ridiculous interest (around £1337). Our report to the credit reference agencies Dear Mr Sl***, I am writing to you in response to a query about your credit file. We are sorry that the default was added in error for loan number 00009509****. We can confirm that a request has been issued to Callcredit and Equifax to update your credit file and show the account as settled on 27/07/2013. Any default related to this loan will be removed. Please allow 10 - 30 days to reflect on your credit file. Please be advised that we are not responsible for how lenders who use the reported data make decisions in relation to credit scoring. Other lenders set their own credit policy that we cannot influence. Should you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team on 0207 138 8330. Kind regards, Customer Care 0207 138 8330 Wonga.com Wonga.com is a trading style of WDFC UK Limited. Registered in England and Wales. Registered Number: 6374235. Registered Address: 88 Crawford Street, London, W1H 2EJ. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 671454. You can contact us in relation to all queries at To me it seems like they are trying to weasel out of the dues I am owned. I read another thread on here which lead me to believe that highlighting the following points is a good place to start? 1. Failure to inform me (via a Default Notice*) and provide me with a means of correcting the decision; 2. Failure to ensure the accuracy of their data, per one of the Information Commissioners principles; I am grateful for any advice. Thanks, Ryan
  22. Hi Hoping to get some advice on how to deal with complaining to Wonga about my payday loan that is still outstanding. I have tried to talk to them about a repayment option but I'm getting nowhere. I've seen on here some people had a good outcome after complaining. Is there a template I can use to complain that the loan was not affordable to me and I had to keep rolling it over? Or any advice the first step I should take? I've also got a loan with sunny if anyone can help with that also? Thanks
  23. Hi ThereJ ust hoping for a little advice please. I was with a DMP and all was going well (I have a different thread about this). To cut a long story short, they messed me about and I have now managed to set up payment arrangements with 10 of my 11 creditors with very little fuss. The one that isn't playing ball is Wonga. Firstly they didn't respond to e-mails and I kept sending them the same e-mail for 4 weeks. Eventually, on 4 April I decided I would write to them and copy in the OFT and their trade association. I then received a response to my e-mail: Dear Thanks for getting in touch. If a debt management firm is making a repayment proposal on your behalf, please ask your selected debt management company to send any correspondence to our specialist debt management team. Our debt management team will assess the proposal, and require details of your income and a breakdown of your expenditure The email address is: xxx the postal address is Wonga.com Hardship Team PO Box 66147; London NW1W 8PF. We will freeze interest and charges on your account for a period of 38 days from the date of this email. We will also stop sending any collections related correspondence during this time. If we have not received an acceptable payment proposal from your debt management company in this time, then collections activity will re-commence and interest will start to accrue. Up to a maximum of 60 days of interest charges may be applied after the agreed repayment date. Thanks, Collections department I replied with the following: - Thanks, a debt management specialist is not dealing with this on my behalf - my original e-mail of 8 March outlines that I am no longer using XXXX as they had not been making payments to my creditors on my behalf. I sent the completed I&E with a proposal on 20 March which I re-attach. Thank you for agreeing to freeze charges and interest on the account for 38 days. I hope an arrangement can be put in place during this time. Regards I received this on 5 April Hi, We have used the information you provided to evaluate the circumstances of the customer. We really do appreciate your current financial difficulties; however, on the basis of the information you provided, We also need a list of creditors and the amounts outstanding with them, please provide us with your reason for your current financial hardship, along with any evidence to support that fact. We do require the following: REDUCTION IN SALARY- Salary Receipt Bill prints or proof of debt ; P45 if currently unemployed or Proof of Benefits .Wonga.com Hardship Department Sheffield S95 1AR 0844 842 9110 What should I do now - surely they can't ask for this and they are using delaying tactics?? Sorry for the long thread - any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers
  24. The UK's biggest payday lender - Wonga - saw its losses double last year as tougher regulation in the industry continued to bite. The short-term lender saw pre-tax losses grow from £38.1m in 2014 to £80.2m last year. It has overhauled the way it assesses applications for credit, and extended the repayment term for some loans. However, it suggested 2016 would be a "turning point" in its financial performance. The company, along with other payday lenders, faces tougher rules from the regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which has ruled that customers must go through stricter affordability checks. The regulator's main weapon is a cap on the cost of payday loans of 0.8% of the amount borrowed per day, which came into force in January 2015. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-36201486
  25. Hi all I have a question regarding irresponsible lending. I had a massive amount of loans from 2011- 2014 with them. I tried getting my full my previous loans from the site however. I have checked my email account for all confirmed payment emails. £294.51 on Fri Mar 25 2011 £338.64 on Fri Aug 26 2011 £186.17 on Tue Sep 27 2011 £254.14 on Thu Oct 27 2011 £74.54 on Fri Dec 23 2011 £432.64 on Sun Feb 26 2012 £383.84 on Tue Mar 27 2012 £298.34 on Fri Apr 27 2012 £176.97 on Sat May 26 2012 £305.90 on Wed Jun 27 2012 £404.59 on Fri Sep 28 2012 £1377.68 on Sat Jan 26 2013 £198.15 on Wed Jun 26 2013 £726.60 on Fri Jul 26 2013 £551.16 on Mon Aug 26 2013. £1276.99 on Sat Oct 26 2013. £1297.10 on Wed Nov 27 2013 £1052.27 on Fri Dec 20 2013. £1357.43 on Fri Jan 24 2014 £581.33 on Wed Feb 26 2014 £1164.50 on Tue Feb 26 2013 £122.15 on Mon May 27 2013 £1357.43 ON Fri Jan 24 2014. £112.89 ON jan 24 2014 £581.33 on Wed Feb 26 2014 Total = 14907.29] I have just sat down and worked this all out I am and really angry with my self for being so stupid. this is a base figure but I seriously need some advice on how to claim back from Wonga and irresponsible lending to me. my loans rolled over for multiple months and I did email them at one stating I was having financial difficulties I have email references etc - I borrowed the funds from my family to clear down. Things just spiralled out of control. I have a young family and these things just kept on piling and piling on. I finally managed to escape them. How ever I feel my circumstances were never considered and my account was never reviewed fully. I tried to apply for one again in just after the one in feb 2014 when I was struggling but I think Wonga had finally reviewed my case and deemed that it had gone against responsible lending and refused me. Can anyone give a step by step procedure.
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