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  1. Its been a long time coming but one of the biggest PDL firm is about to fall. Part of it has to do with PDL Reclaims... This is a consequence of this... Wonga is on the edge. Grant Thornton could possibly assist with the administration. Remember this is a firm who in 2014, was ordered by the City watchdog to pay more than £2.6m in compensation to 45,000 customers who were sent letters purporting to be from law firms but which in fact did not exist. At this time their site is still offering loans. As per usual CAG advice is to stay away... Further updates will be posted as they unfold.
  2. Wonga going into Administration. READ MORE HERE: https://www.wonga.com/
  3. Poundworld Retail Limited in administration: how to claim redundancy or register as a creditor READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/poundworld-retail-limited-in-administration-how-to-claim-redundancy-or-register-as-a-creditor
  4. I was wondering if I can charge a energy supplier 'administration charges' for their continual abysmal customer service? I am aware that someone took TalkTalk to court for something similar, Marc Gander from CAG gave some advice on that one. But can I actually charge by the full hour for having to continually phone, email write to this company?.
  5. Hi, Just looking for some advice before I decide to contact/ pay Harlands. I took out a 11 month membership with Xercise 4 Less gym last year but didn't really use it so decided to cancel. My SnapDDA membership email states: The following payments have been taken by direct debit: I have made my 11 monthly payments and am therefore outside of contract. I cancelled my direct debit. I realise I should have contacted Xercise 4 Less to cancel the membership BEFORE cancelling the Direct Debit. I then received a letter stating: I have since also moved home and letters are currently going to my old address (my tenant kindly keeps them for me monthly). Please could anyone advise me on where I stand with all this and what the best course of action would be for me to take. Any advise and help would be greatly appreciated. I was thinking along the lines of this taken from Shabba180s thread: Im thinking of sending a copy via both email and normal mail to both Xercise 4 Less and Harlands: operations.manager.bolton email Xercise4Less Unit 1, Kirkstall Industrial Estate Kirkstall Road Burley Leeds LS4 2AZ c.service.icsharlandsgroup.co.uk email Harlands Services Ltd 2nd Floor, Rockwood House 9-17 Perrymount Road Haywards Heath West Sussex RH16 3TW I am in 2 minds whether to just pay the £34.99 and be done with all the hassle of sending further letters/ them adding on constant charges and taking possible legal action in future? How successful have people been in challeging their fees and has anyone been taken to court/ legal action taken against them? If I did want to just pay the £34.99 and be done with it what is the best way to ensure I get a proper cancellation/ no more demands from them? Many thanks in advance
  6. Hi all, One of our distributors suddenly declared they went into administration overnight, we have a refund due from them but they're offered a credit against their current stock. Is there a way i can ask for the money back rather than the credit? They said a refund cant happen due to them being in administration but i thought that works both ways with giving me credit. Just making sure they're not having me on. Thank you
  7. Hello all, My car insurance is with Bank of Scotland. BoS insurance operate a paperless system so everything is electronic and accessible online, no paper copy of documents is delivered unless requested. Yesterday I changed the car insured under my policy. A charge for which was levied as was expected due to the difference between the two cars, however I was also charged what appears to be a standard £25 'administration fee'. What's the justification for charging this amount when everything is electronic, with no human intervention (not even to update my policy) and no documents are printed/posted?
  8. Just checked my credit file on Noddle. Hitachi Capital have run 2 searches on me, 1 in February and again in August. Feb. was marked "Administration Review" and August search was marked "Price Comparison Hdd". I have never had any dealings with Hitachi, and have never had a price comparison for anything that I am aware of. Why have these searches been done? Should I be concerned? I have had no direct contact from Hitachi. Thanks t
  9. Hello I took finance with Credit4cars in March 2015. The agreement I signed includes a total of £13526.38 , in the agreement my right to terminate the agreement states to write to Credit4cars at the address in clause 1.1 yet, that address no longer exists for the company now its in administration and we haven't received notification of an alternative address to write. I understand from the receivers CVR GLOBAL LTD that the company AVELO LTD is now taking payments for credit4cars however the direct of C4C has resigned from Avelo Ltd in March 2016 and now the 1 remaining director is an accountant. As Avelo Ltd is not registered and regulated by FCA they have employed Shoosmiths solicitors LLP to collect payments for them. I cant get in touch with Shoosmiths just diverted to a/machine message and they are not responding to emails. Apparently because they hadn't anticipated the high number of queries etc when they got the loan book. Others are just saying they are a debt collection company. All our payments made since October 2015 when credit4cars were investigated and Fidor Bank pulled out financing - well no payments shown on our files since October. We were asked to set up a standing order to AVELO ltd and we understood this to be a change in name of company not that they were in receivership. The agreement its interests and rights etc have been assigned to this non regulated company Avelo Ltd according to shoosmiths llp however the same letter also states we are in 1 month arrears and we have never missed a payment. I dont know who to pay, when to pay if at all or keep the money aside. My agreement stated that I could VT and hand car back after 50% paid but the figures they have on the agreement do not equate to 50%. Its a few hundred out Really would like to cut my losses and walk away because i dont want to line the pockets of directors etc but im at a loss which way to go forward. The FCA have told me NOT to pay AVELO and pay Shoosmiths yet they havent put that in writing to me when I asked either. Section 2.6 of our agreement states we can repay the agreement sum early by writing to Credit4cars at Supreme House Essex SS13 1EB however, we have not received an address to write to for future now that Credit4cars is no longer using this address as the registered office and, we have not received any notification of an alternative address. I refer to section 11. It clearly states that we are required to pay Credit4cars as per page 2 of the agreement at the address shown on page 2 yet, the company no longer exists at that address and, we have not received notification to pay any other company or address other than the company on page 2. We have not signed any documentation the the contrary. Section 11.9 states you have the right to assign this agreement and its rights and obligations providing you notify us in writing and no change to terms and conditions - We have a tracker fitted to the car from finance company but FCA investigated them for the fact they shouldn't have been immobilizing vehicles and Fidor bank pulled their finance etc. What do you think I should do? Do I continue to send a cheque to shoosmiths in full or wait until they can furnish me with a schedule showing all payments made against my account? What if like others they send a new finance agreement to sign albeit a lower APR? What can shoosmiths do in terms of recovering the vehicle if I dont pay because they haven't given me the information I need to prove to me that my payments are reducing the balance. Can a non regulated company actually take over a finance agreement and instruct a debt collection agency to get the money? Any help is much appreciated Thanks
  10. Heard this on LBC news last night, and here it is... http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/carcraft-closure-thousands-motorists-left-9157732 unsurprising given their customer service. Perhaps Arnold Shark are next!
  11. Hi I am not sure if this is the right place for this query. However I have a question i hope someone can help me with. My house is subject to HLM Property management, they are responsible for the maintenance of the estate and I get a bill each year as a service charge. I had cash flow problems so was late paying the £152 fee, this was due on the 1st of January, but I received the letter, apologizing for the delay in issuing the charge, dated 16th February. I was informed that the balance owing was over £290, the extra £140 odd pounds is an administration fee. I was gobsmacked but I have sent a mail to them regarding that and have paid the £152.31 I owed pending the outcome of what will happen with the extra administration fee. I paid the £152.13 today , 20/04/2015. Now if 28 days are allowed from receipt of the letter, which at the earliest would be 17th, then I am 27 days late in paying. 28 days late if 28 days from the date of the letter. Can an administration charge of this amount really be justifiable? I have put my case to them but I am banking on them being unsympathetic but I do feel an administration charge that almost doubles the original fee is somewhat disproportionate and would appreciate some advise as to what I can do in this situation. Many thanks in advance. DJC.
  12. Morning guys, I wonder if somebody can help me please. Would the above act for harassment include over frequent requests of I&E - i.e. Token payment accepted for a store card debt and company fully aware of circumstances of long term illness yet a request for a I&E be completed every 2-4 months Thanks
  13. Hi, in 2013 I hired a car from Europcar in Rome. I paid in advance and, after an uneventful rental period, returned the car. After, and with no warning or correspondence, an 'administration fee' was charged to my credit card for a supposed traffic violation. I queried this immediately but was told by Europcar that the 'authorities' would be in contact with me regarding the offence. It has now been over 18 months since I hired the car and no one has tried to contact me about any such offence. I therefore contacted Europcar again saying that I presumed that no such violation ever existed and consequently I wanted a refund of the fee. They have replied saying that, as per the T&Cs, they have fulfilled their legal obligation by providing my details to the 'authorities'. How can they be allowed to do that? I have no proof that any traffic violation ever happened. Without proof how do I know that the charge is not bogus? If they are allowed to do this then it is a licence to print money from their customers (whether or not there was a traffic offence or not). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi, I'm a new user so hope I've started this thread in the right place !! I am planning on having an extension built on to my property and the plans have been passed by Stockport council. I emailed the Ground Rent company and informed them of the intention to extend. They replied to my email and asked me to forward copies of the plans which I did. There was no mention of "Admin Fees" in the email. Today I have received a letter from them stating "We wish to confirm that the fee in connection with considering the possibility of granting the consent is £600.00" This will take 10 working days and if I want to expedite sooner then a further £144.00 is required. How can they justify that kind of fee ? Their statement only says this is for "considering the possibility of granting consent" so they could just say No ! Help !! Thanks
  15. I have been with Bournes on a debt managment plan for 6 years, have just been told that they are in administration. I have a 'savings pot' of £10k which was to be used to negotiate full and final settlements. Surely as this is my money it is protected, I am being led to believe that I might not get any of it back which will add to my debt problems. Is there any protection please?
  16. http://www.roxburghe.com/ This company are well known within the private parking industry and are referred to as the number one debt collection company. This will seriously impact on the matter of private parking tickets issued under the Protection of Freedoms Act.
  17. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/n...o-hang-up.html how is this going to effect those with current contracts with them? and also those who have mobile insurance with the company?
  18. My friend decided to take over her ex-boss' small business after her boss retired - rather than face losing her job. She has borrowed heavily to do this. Unfortunately, she is a very naive and trusting person and did not realise that people would be trying to exploit her. She let "a very nice saleswoman who was so helpful and understanding" talk her into signing a contract to provide her with a service that was going to help my friend make money. My friend signed a contract after this saleswoman explained the contract to my friend thoroughly. My friend also provided her bank details. Then, a lot more money started going out of my friend's account than she expected and the service is not making her any money. When she rang the company to ask them to explain, they told her that the saleswoman no longer worked for them. They did send my friend a credit note for some of her money but, her account has not been credited for any amount, at all. I looked at the contract and it is definitely NOT what my friend was told it was. It is a hire agreement and ties my friend to the contract for a "fixed period" of over 3 years and will cost her thousands of pounds. The contract also mentions several different clauses that are not included with the page my friend signed - so we both have no idea what else is included. Instead, this "agreement" threatens my friend with interest charges, extra costs, repossession and losing her credit worthiness if she does not continue to pay up. My friend is absolutely terrified of losing her good credit history. Yet they have access to take whatever money they want from her account. I have tried Googling the company to find out more about them and they do not have a nice reputation for dealing with dissatisfied customers. Also, the company is currently in Administration. How can my friend get out of this contract? She trusted the saleswoman and felt that it would have been rude to stop and read the contract before-hand!!! Also, is this company allowed to make long-term contracts whilst in Administration? Please help. My friend is currently losing money and this contract is not helping her at all.
  19. Those of you with OLCI may be interested in the following announced today from the creditman website Pre pack deal saves jobs and protects courses at OLCI Construction Training May 6 2014 Allan Graham from KPMG Restructuring was appointed administrator of OLCI Construction Training on Tuesday 6th May. Immediately on appointment, the administrators sold the business to the group that includes Engineering Real Results Limited, which will deliver the ongoing training to students. All 77 employees transferred to the purchaser as part of the deal, which will also ensure that studies are not disrupted for over 3,000 current students enrolled on courses. OLCI Construction Training is a leading provider of plumbing, electrical, gas and green energy training, with 13 centres across the UK. Allan Graham, administrator and restructuring partner at KPMG said: “After suffering an extended period of financial losses, OLCI was unable to meet its commitments to creditors and in early April had a winding-up petition presented against it. The directors took the decision that insolvency was unavoidable and consulted KPMG to help find a solution that would best protect the interests of students, creditors and employees. KPMG conducted an accelerated sales and marketing campaign and the pre-pack sale secured ensures the best outcome for all parties.” The business was sold for an undisclosed sum. http://www.creditman.biz/uk/members/news-view.asp?newsviewID=19864
  20. I sold a house which was part of an estate and for probate purposes, there are 2 administartors of the estate. When i sold the house, i was the only one who signed the agreement with the estate agents, plus i was living there at the time (but i hope that is not relevant). Once sold, and the probate solicitor completed everything, there was all but £100 left over which came to me as i had put in all the money with other estate matters. This meant that the estate agents bill was left unpaid as there was no money left over. Now the esate agents are only after me for paying this bill. But if there was money left over AFTER everything was paid for, it would have been split between both parties. However as there was none, and this is my question, should this DEBT be spilt between both administrators?? I don't think it's correct for me to be left with this debt and the other party seems not to be liable for anything. I would appreciate any advice. Also please ask if anything needs to be clarified. By the way, i am starting to pay the estate agent with monthly installements, and they have said they would be willing to write to the other administrator to ask for payments from them. Can i also do this??
  21. Hello CAG, I'm a long time follower but first time poster. Firstly I'll give a quick background to the situation... My 15 year old son and my 13 year old daughter travel back on the train service that runs from Meldreth to Royston every day. The fare they pay is £1.20 each for a single ticket. They always have the cash on them to do this as I give them £10 every four days to cover it off. They were both issued with a Penalty Fare Notice by First Capital Connect on the 13th November for failing to present a valid ticket. This was because they were unable to purchase one at Meldreth station. The ticket machine was spitting their coins out and there was not a member of staff manning the ticket office at the point they were at the station, so were forced to board the train and try and purchase a ticket from the member of staff on the train itself. The ticket inspector refused to believe their story nor accept their cash and chose to issue a PFN to each of them instead much to their disbelief. Once I found out about this I composed a letter to send to appeal against both PFNs. I took the liberty of quoting back to them extracts from the First Capital Connect Revenue Protection Policy (the section entitled Penalty Fares):- "In order for us to issue a Penalty Fare, it must have been possible for you to purchase the correct ticket before you boarded. So for example, if the ticket office was closed and the ticket machine was not working, a Penalty Fare will not be issued. Please bear in mind our staff are able to check whether ticket offices are open or if our ticket machines are faulty." And the National Rail Conditions of Carriage document:- "Train Companies must make tickets and reservations available at stations, over the internet or by telephone as appropriate. Where there are no facilities at the station, tickets will be available for sale during or at the end of the journey." I received two emails back from the Revenue Protection Support Services with attached PDFs with regard my appeals. Both are identical, one for each child. They both uphold my appeal against the PFNs and only require that we pay the current outstanding balance. Good news one would think. However there is a problem... There appears to have been a cross-over during the appeals process. Whilst my appeals against the PFNs have been upheld they have seen fit to apply a £20 administration fee against each of the outstanding PFNs. We received two letters in the post from the RPSS on Monday of this week indicating to us that £40 was now outstanding against each PFN and we were expected to pay it within 14 days or they would add a further £20 administration fee on each notice. Obviously I do understand (as they saw fit to outline this in the first paragraph of their rather unnecessarily condescending letters) that, and I quote "any appeal which may have been made is a wholly separate matter from the legal requirement to make payment" but seeing as how the RPSS has just squashed the two fines why have they left the administration fee outstanding? The reason I am posting this is to ask for some advice/guidance about my options moving forward. I understand that the appeal process is separate to the payment of the fine, and so I would like to avoid being told that perhaps I should have just paid the fines in full at the same time as submitting the appeal to avoid this happening, I sent the appeal in early enough to be well within the deadline. It is not my fault that they may take a little while to process things at their end but I do also understand that they would have refunded me any monies owing should this have been the case. However, this is not the case and the situation I find myself in begs the question - what do I do now. Do I have grounds to either refuse to pay the administration fee and only submit the full payment of the travel fares themselves (£2.40 in total)? What about sending them £2.40 plus an additional sum that I consider fair to cover the cost of their automatically generated letters which went into franked envelopes and were sent in the post? Do I pay in full and then try and claim it back through the Small Claims Court process? Fundamentally I believe this fee to be unfair. Are they entitled to recover far beyond the punitive damages caused to them during the process of issuing two PFNs that should never have been issued in the first place? Does the appeal going in my favour have any likelihood of going towards a compelling argument to have the administration fees squashed and for me to simply pay the £2.40 and be done with it? I feel very aggrieved that this is happening. I sent a very well put together (if I do say so myself) letter appealing the whole thing and it was successful, so to have defeat snatched mercilessly from the jaws of victory by expecting me to effectively still part company with £40 along with the original train fare - well it would have just been cheaper to pay the fine and not bother appealing...at least then I would have saved £2.40 plus the cost of a first class stamp! Ideas, suggestions, advice, guidance (possibly complementary brownies) all gratefully received. Many thanks, Nathan
  22. I previously had an account with Equidebt which I was paying. I then went through an IVA but was querying the amounts quoted by Equidebt which they claimed I owed, however as it was an IVA I was consistently told that they would only receive a fraction of the monies owed, so it did not matter. In any case the IVA failed due to the repayments becoming unaffordable. I have now received a letter from Cabot Financial stating that they have gone into administration and would like a breakdown of all the payments that I have made and exactly what I owe. This debt is going back to 2002 so will I have a chance of getting any of this information?
  23. Hi, I'm hoping someone can offer advice or point me in the right direction to get some as I'm not in a position to pay solicitors fees. My ex employer refused to pay an Employment Tribunal award made last October so I instructed a HCEO to attend to recover my money. The HCEO attended on numerous occasions but was not successful. Yesterday I received a letter from them saying he contacted my ex employer via telephone last week and was told the company is in administration. They have attached proof of this. Today I contacted the administrators who told me I am an unsecured creditor and unlikely to receive any money but would still like proof of the money owed to me. My ex employer is still operating his business but under a new name Can anyone advise if there is any way I can recover my money. It seems totally unfair that he can seemingly have his debts written off and get away with not paying me yet still carry on trading. Thank you
  24. Hi, I was involved in a non-fault accident and the other drivers insurance accepted liability. Drive Assist took the vehicle to Motorfix to be repaired. The vehicle was repaired by Motorfix and returned all ok. I received a letter from Motorfix telling me that as Drive Assist is in administration that I am liable for the £1250 repair bill. They have given me 7 days to pay before they take court action. In the letter they sent me, they said "that by handing the keys over to them that I am now responsible for the debt". This seems to be very unfair, as my insurance company arranged the repair through Drive Assist, who then got Motorfix to repair. Plus the accident wasn't even my fault, so surely I should be the last person to be stuck with the bill or do they actually have a right to claim from me? Any advice on this would be great, I don't think they do have a right to claim from me as it was my insurer and Drive Assist who instructed them but I am not 100% on this. Thank you for your time
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