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  1. I have made a complaint to lending stream about irresponsible lending "I am making a complaint to you about irresponsible lending. To help me explain the details, I would like a list of my loans, showing when they were taken out and how much was repaid when. Please note I am only asking for details of my loans, I am not making a Subject Access Request." They replied "We see that you are requesting to investigate your concern regarding the affordability analysis and credit checks conducted when the loans were approved. We would like to inform you that such nature of query falls u
  2. I thought it may be possible to get all interest and charges back. Also there is no outstanding balance
  3. Hi, I had various loans from wonga in 2011 date - 11/07/2011 amount - £135 interest+fees - £29 date - 03/08/2011 amount - £280 interest+fees - £60 date - 29/08/2011 amount - £523 interest+fees - £172 date - 30/09/2011 amount - £660 interest+fees - £189 date - 28/10/2011 amount - £780 interest+fees - £223 date - 30/11/2011 amount - £973 interest+fees - £179 I made a complaint of irresponsible lending as i regularly was unable to pay bills etc. they have offered me £159.91 plus 8% interest which totals £222.58. Should i take this further to the fos or sho
  4. Right, i'm thinking about getting a loan with one of Andrew harts companies, then default (going through all the correct procedures) and letting him add his ridiculous charges etc on and seeing how far it will go (hopefully end up in court). Reason being i'm doing a degree in media at the moment and think this could be a really good subject to do a (low budget) Morgan Spurlock style video on. I've got some really good editing ideas for this and from every email/letter/text i get will be recorded on film and once it is all finally over the video will be released (free online) giving Andrew Hart
  5. they will add a £20 default charge but that will be it as long as you tell them your situation via email on the day you go into arrears, do remember though they will attempt to take the amount from your account on the day it is due and if its not all there they will try for random amounts and get as much as they can.. you need to get to your money before they do (best way is to open a new account and have it paid in to that). Once your money is secure email them. Tell them what you can afford to pay back each month (Do not negotiate) and you should have a repayment plan set up within 24 hours
  6. Bank name: HSBC Bank Sort code: 40-06-09 Account no: 21544926 dont know if jus sending them money without them giving you a ref to use is a good idea though
  7. hi, i just wanted to know if anyone has a good email address to use for payday uk to start a repayment plan? and if anyone has dealt with them before what are they like to deal with??
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