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  1. ok i have ticked box d again should i put ( i dispute the debt because planned and unplanned overdraft charges amount to £ 2760 and they are asking for £ 4100 ) goto section 4 i dont need any more documentation from them also should i just print my name and date it
  2. ok just recieved another letter of claim from Lester Aldridge solicitors same as the moon beaver responce pack . I do want to get this sorted out . should i just wait again for their next move.
  3. there is a lot of documentation all the fos letters to halifax from 2017 deed of assignment all transaction history for 7 years the sale from halifax to intrium an i/e form from intrium
  4. so should I make them an offer or wait for them , they said I have 30 days I could possibly afford 30 - 40 per month
  5. the balance there after is 4100.00 that is after halifax applied from march 2017 till 2018 refund of 1100
  6. ok had a reply from itnrum notice of assignment statements demonstrating how the debt has derived a screen print of the original creditors system demonstrating when the default notice was issued and a copy of the original creditors final response . it also mentions the complaint to the fos made back in 2017 and the outcome resulting in me receiving a refund of interest and charges at that time . In light of above we invite you to put forward an offer of repayment within the next 30 days . The refund i received from halifax against the balance w
  7. ok thank you . but the fos did get a responce from halifax over this matter .. and a settleform back in january 2017 if i was happy , cant remember agreeing to it
  8. in box d would you say irresponsible lending or od fees unlawful and interest occured over many years
  9. hi halifax said i need to wait till 14th april which will be over the 30 days boon and meever said from the letter i recieved on the 9th of march . shall i respond to their notice of claim , and also the post is up in the air with covid19 atm .
  10. i have sent a SAR to halifax but they have 30 days to respond , should i fill in the form i recieved from intrum and send it back to them because moon beever said i had 30 days from the date i received their letter .
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