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  1. Hello. I had some loans with Wonga. I wrote formal complaint and after 7 weeks I get a letter from them. I'm due to refund. Now I live outside the UK and don't have bank anymore. I have sent them my nominee (friend) bank details and now they are saying that they can't transfer money to someone else. Is that correct? They are asking my bank account details in my country, but the thing is that I have some troubles with that. I had a small refund from them few months ago (technical problems as they called it) and it went to my friends account without a
  2. Hello. I have been working in company for 4.5 years. All that time I was working threw the agency and I get a contract 1st of January this year. 22nd of september I decided to quit because of personal circumstances. I wasn't happy about my life. I text my manager, I have informed him that I quit. I wrote that it was nice to work with him, but it's time to move on for me and that I'm sorry if that will cause any problems. And I have switched off my phone, I didn't wanted to talk with anyone. After that I get a lot of messages from him, he wrote that I mu
  3. Already did it. Just had to make payment to three. Thanks anyway
  4. Don't want to create new thread,so I'll ask here. I had some financial problems I didn't pay for my three mobile contract about 3-4 months. Today I get a letter from Moorcroft : ''We are agents of ''Three'' Their records show that the above account has an outstanding balance. ..... Please contact us to confirm the position and so that we can make the appropriate arrangements.'' I was going to pay this debt this week to three mobile. But now I don't know who have my debt. Can I just pay to three mobile or I have to contact Moorcroft?
  5. After long conversation via live chat no result. I can afford to make first payment on 19.04, and support told me that they cant setup repayment plan untill they will get a payment from me. QQ: please be advised as we have not received any payment on the defaulted balance from 22/03/2013, we would need a good faith payment today to secure an arrangement. QQ:however we cannot skip paydates and secure an arrangement as our system will not allow it. That don't make any sense. I arranged plan with wonga and payed them first payment after one month. I have sent emails to support and
  6. Just I'm afraid that if I'll setup direct debit with them they will be able to strip my account.
  7. Trying to arrange repayment plan with QQ. Contacted them today via Live Chat. QQ accepting my plan, but asking for my bank details. Acc number,sort code,card number. Me: I dont have to give you any kind of my bank details QQ: My apologies but that is not accurate. The only way to cease collection activity and to secure a valid payment arrangement, we would need your banking details to do so. Is that correct? What should I answer?
  8. Today I had to pay QQ 259£. I have canceled direct debit on Wednesday and informed them at that day (email) . I also wrote that I have financial problems and would like to discuss repayment plan. Then I contacted QQ via live chat on thursday and support told me to contact them on friday. Today after midnight I contacted them via live chat and once again after 8 in the morning. I get same answers : me: I have to make payment today, but have financial problems ant cant make a payment me: I would like to discuss repayment plan QQ: I will be happy to assist you. QQ: Our recor
  9. Friday 15th of March I made my first payment of 100£ to Wonga as agreed. I made a transfer to them using internet banking. After that I have send them email. On saturday I get a message that I missed my payment. I know that it takes up to 3 days untill they will get the money, but I decide to call them. Man on the phone said to me that everithing is ok and that they will reset my repayment plan when they will get the money. Yesterday I get blank email from them and today 3 missed calls, so I decide to call again. Lady on phone told me that she will reset my repayment plan, but now I owe the
  10. Don't want to create new thread, so I'll ask here. I have a loan with QQ. Repayment date 22.03.13. I owe them 260£. Paying by direct debit. On that date I can pay them about 100£. When I should contact them to setup repayment plan? And main problem is that I'm paying by direct debit and 22.03.13 I'll get 200£ to my account. And I think that they will try to take all my money. If I'll stop direct debit to them using my internet banking it will help or not?
  11. Yesterday I was a bit busy and decide to write complaint today. But finally I get answer from Wonga. They are accepting my payment plan, but interest charges are frozen from this day, so I'll have to pay them about 55£ more. I'm going to pay them and that will the last time when I'm using payday loans . I didn't get bank details from them, so I'll write them about that.Don't wannna give them my new card details. I hope that this time I will not have to wait one week for the answer.
  12. How to write formal complaint to Wonga? Where can I get a template for that?
  13. 8 days no aswer from Wonga. Today i get message from Wonga : Hi, thanks for your email. Sorry, we are getting really high volumes and it is taking us longer than normal to reply. If it is urgent, please call number... They added 55£ to my debt.Now I owe 605£. What should I do?
  14. So that is good news for me. I'm sure that I didn't had direct debit with wonga Thanks a lot for answers,you guys doing great job! Will keep updating, I think other people will find usefull information here.
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