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  1. yes DX the debts from around 3 years ago, it was child bennefit payments they still pay you while your child is attennding a course at college or if they dont go on to further education it ceases to be paid, my daughter had not been going unknown to us and the college marked her as not attending which in turn created the overpayment, its not the end of the world and it has to be paid back because i do owe the money, to my calculations from the letter they sent they will take 11% i estimate that at around £132 P/M, £50 is managable the £132 may see us in trouble with finances,i will SAR them today
  2. Yes there has been previous letters, one around two years back which was sent from a debt collection agency acting on behalf of the DWP, they asked for an ins/outs form to be completed so i could pay so much per month off, their reply was they were sending the account back to the DWP as the debt could not be managed as i was in negative income (more going out than coming in), it all went very quite so i let sleeping dogs lie last month out of the blue a letter came giving me a log in number for the site they have at gov.co.uk and i have not been able to log in with the details they have sent me, today the attachment letter came, im not burying my head in the sand here so it is what it is and if it has to be repaid then so be it but to my calculations they're going to take 11% P/M back which will be around £132 which will most certainly give us mortgage problems etc
  3. The DWP has sent a letter saying they're going for an attachment of earnings on a debt, amount owed is £1291, as my partner cant work and im the only one bringing income in then this is going to cause serious hardship, i cant seem to find anything online about having the amount reduced that they're going to recover P/M
  4. Hi all, the Mrs had a credit card debt i think it was at the time, she lost her job and defaulted, eventualy it ended up with Drydenfairfax solicitors who took her to court and the court said repay at £5 P/M and the CCJ was issued, this was around 7/8 years back and a payment has never been missed, the CCJ is now off her credit file along with all the defaults but Drydens are now demanding a financial audit on her ins and outs most likely to increase the payments, she has up to date refused to supply these details and carried on paying the £5 P/M but now Drydens are saying further action will be taken, what action? as its been to court and does she legally have to give this info to them? thanks in advance
  5. Hi folks, ive not been on for some time, hope the mods are all well Just a few thing if anyone can put some light on- Im 10 years now down the road with 2 loans taken out with Blemain Finance (now Together) , so not long left on them before they finish,, since taking the loans out i had a period when i struggled to pay and falling into arrears which resulted in the accounts being bombarded with charges this being around 3k, this was built up by fees for letters and a visit and interest etc, thankfully these are now paid off and the two secured loans are on track to finnish on time , i have recently received a letter advising i'm hitting retirement age and this could impact my repayment capacity as income generally drops and if i fail during these remaining years they could reposess, would anyone know if this could be regarded as irresponsible lending by B/F as they had sold the loan to me knowing i would enter into this retirement period?, also would i have any chance of reclaiming the charges back or part back?, if anyone can recommend a company who deals with this kind of stuff that would be appreciated thanks
  6. thank you DX, i have no scanner im affraid, if its a good idea i could pick one up tomo from ASDA or somewhere tomorrow ,is their any info you require that i can read off and post on this thread
  7. HI all just to update, it looks like the credit agreement has been found, today i have received a pack containing- (1) all staements (2) a default notice of which has no figures, example- This default notice is served on you relates to account number xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx You have not paid instalments due under your agreement. You are £xxxx.xx in arrears in order to remedy the breach ,you must pay the total arrears of £xxxx.xx (3) credit agreement which is a photo coppy of the card application, it appears to be true and dated and signed any further input from anyone would be most welcom,thank you
  8. thanks DX.. .i have dissected it over and over lol and refered back to other posts on other threads,, they have bought the debt, they are going back in the hope they may find it with the OC?, in your opinion what would you say are the chances are of it being found as its from 2004?
  9. just to update, i have received a letter this morning from Arrow Global- We thank you for your letter and acknowledge your request for documentation pursuant of the consumer credit act 1974. We do not accept that we are the creditor as envisaged by the above statute. However, we are willing to assist in obtaining that which has been requested.We will now process your request for documentation from the creditor and will respond in due course. We confirm that all collection activity will be suspended pending provision of the documents. So i assume Arrow have not bought the debt and are collecting for either another DCA or indeed the origianol creditor in this case would be Marks & Spencer. not sure to as if this is good news that they have not produced it or bad news they may be going back to M&S,Can anyone chuck some light on it for me Many Thanks to all
  10. just a brief update, i received a letter off Arrow Global Ltd however i don't think its related to the CCA request although it may have instigated them to fall in line with procedure, its a statement from 1st April 19-31st August 19, nothing like this has ever come before over the last 6/7 years, i was not sure of the original date of agreement but its on this statement as 2004 so the account is older than i thought
  11. is been getting on for 6 weeks now since the CCA request went off to Arrow Global, , they have not responded, Moorcroft who were collecting the debt have had their payments ceased on the 9th August and nothing from them either , i was wondering if this is normal, seems strange not receiving a letter from Arrow saying either were looking for it or we found it or we have not got it. i would assume after 6 weeks they cant find it so is that it nothing more happens unless in the unlikely event it pops up.. thanks in advance
  12. thank you DX they are due to be paid £5 next week sometime so i'm going cease making payment, as you say my move is not next its theirs, either put up or shut up i suppose
  13. hi all and thanks in advance for everything, The CCA request went off on the 9th and the 12+2 time has elapsed and not heard anything from Arrow Global, i was wondering what is my next step?
  14. thank you all.il follow up when/if the paperwork comes
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