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  1. hi again to all,not been here for a while, anyway here goes- I have two accounts with Blemaine Finance/ Together, both accounts are serviced up to date however i have had charges applied when i lost my job around 7 years ago, i have been chipping away at these over the years to stop the interest mounting up, i want to look at reclaiming the charges 'if that's possible' the charges are described as follows- Multiple letters at £35.00 Dishonoured receipt charge £35.00 Cancellation of building insurance £75 Building insurance block policy charge £30 Building insurance £30 Monthly arrears charge £33 Letter £35 Visit £100 These are not one offs except the visit, Total combined charges just about fall short of £3k. if anyone could point me in the right direction as regards to reclaiming it would be most appreciated thanks to you all
  2. 100% def on behalf of wonga
  3. thank you, i sent them a brief email just before you posted saying i dont recognise the debt and do not email/write/phone or text me, i have also removed their implied right to access of my property should they get brave and send a collector round, and to send the debt back to source or issue a county court summons where i will counter sue for inproper lending practises.
  4. The DCA letter is just one of the normal first time contact letters, ''we have been instructed by Wonga to collect etc ect''
  5. Hi again to all on the forum Going back around 4 years ago when i was at rock bottom 'well finacially' i stupidly borrowed £500 off Wonga, it was rolling loan over a period of months, i would borrow and pay back on time and re borrow almost the same day etc etc. This went on until i received a letter from Wonga saying that they had reviewed their lending criateria and i would not have qualified for a loan under their new regulations, I do believe that at the time they wrote off many loans however in my case and as many others they cancelled all the interest as a goodwill gesture which left the origianol loan to pay back. At the time i wrote a letter to Wonga saying they were reckless and broke the lending conduct that they should adhere to (i now it sounds a little silly but i was hoping for a letter back simply saying 'ok we will drop the lot and cancel out the loan) this didnt happen it went dead for 4 years untill yesterday when a letter hit the matt from BPO Collections. Can anyone assist with any form of advice here, Should i make an token offer of repayment with BPO Collections or should i continue with my complaint that they should not really have lent the money out (which they new full well at the time) and therefore are not receiving a penny back?
  6. many thanks for the replies guys, they must be collecting it on behalf of M&S, the account was opened around 2007, trouble is the default is within 12 months of dropping of her credit file so she obviously doesnt want a CCJ at this stage, probably better to send the letter asking to see the loan agreement ? but i would have thought M&S credit card services would have this on file anyway or am i missing somthing here?
  7. hi all i am writting this on behalf of my wife, she had a large debt with marks & spencer credit card just over £9000, she defaulted on payments and the debt was sold on to Moorcroft who aranged a repayment plan with her of £5 per month, all has been well for two years and now they want her to complete an expenditure form, i emailed them back saying they have no legal right to demand this and will not submit the inforation requested. the online payment facility keeps taking her to the expenditure form page and wont take the payment, their is no CCJ on the account,where does she go from here ? thanks in advance
  8. i was going to ask the other day but forgot- these secured loans, can anyone explain to me how they work, i mean the repayment shedule,,with Blemaine does the balance not really start to come down until half way through the term
  9. OK, tomorrow i am going to pay a lump sum into each account this will reduce the loan balance and put the loan back on course for ending in ten years,,i have printed out the SAR form and this will be posted tomorrow. is that all i need to do for now???
  10. I'm just at a complete loss now and i'm drained and feel that im in a corner. this is/was my intention, the two secured loans have no arrears as they are paid off all thats remaining is the charges which are picking up interest because of this the loan has been set back and wont finish when due to, so i was going to make a lump payment into each account at least this will bring the accounts back to order and then they will finish on time, i can then tackle the charges re claim and anything back is a bonus. is this not the best way to do it as without the lump payments going in from me im simply just clearing interest?
  11. but they cant send me a repossession letter as i'm not in arrears???? i only owe the charges i paid the arrears off
  12. TBH im getting so confused, on here people say send a SAR to Blemaine and the FOS have said no need to send a SAR because they can make Blemaine surrender all the charges information?
  13. i can only thank you so much for your advice you have been very helpful, ,,i simply want my two accounts back in order and to finish on the date they expire Blemain can never touch me or have any hold on me, and i was thinking of paying in 3k on each account ,this will bring them back in order then any charges i get back would be a bonus if you get my drift??
  14. these charges have had a knock on effect on the account, with the charges added im getting nowhere as its swallowed up in interest and im scarred my loan will run its time and not be paid off
  15. ok so i have x amount of charges added,would it be better if i made a large payment to blemaine to at least bring the account back to what it should be and continue persuing the charges
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