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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I was coming back home today on the tube and I got stopped as I tapped out. The light flashed on the barrier and in front of me was an inspector who asked me to show the oyster and photo card. I was actually using somebody else's nominee pass and didn't have the photo card with me. I told the inspector that straight away. He took me to the side and pulled out his black notebook and started writing. He told me I wasn't getting prosecuted and he only wanted to ask a few questions. This is when I began to panic a bit. I told him that the nominee card was hardly being used and I picked it up this morning to use it. I also had the intention of transferring the card on to my name because I would make a lot more use out of it than by brother but I know the process takes a while so I just took the card today to use it. He asked me for my details and then called somebody up to verify that it wasn't fake. He asked why I was using it and I said to save money and that I knew I wasn't supposed to be using the card. admitting that I'm guilty. I signed the notebook. He told me that I should wait for a letter from TFL which will tell me how to proceed. I had no idea that I could be charged with a criminal offence!! I'm just sitting and wondering what on earth I should do.. Also - just to add, today was the first time I had used the card in a few weeks. Prior to today, I had used the card about 3 or 4 times for the same journey route as today. The inspector asked me which station I was coming from and noted it down. I need to settle outside of court because my job requires DBS clearance and there is absolutely no way I can afford to get a criminal record. Does offering more money than they want in court increase chances of getting OOC? Thanks in advance. I really really regret using it for the sake of saving like £10
  2. Hi everyone, I've been reading a few threads on here about trying to minimise/avoid court proceedings for my case... I didn't know the severity of what I've done until it was too late unfortunately. Some background on the case, I was caught a few days ago using a nominee's pass at Z1/2 border station. When the revenue inspector approached and asked to see my ticket, I naturally panicked and presented another oyster card with little value (mistake) on it as I recently used majority of the value over the weekend and didn't top up. He then asked to see the photocard which at that point I showed him He asked 'who does it belong to?", it was my partner's and asked "does she know you're using it?' which I replied 'No, I took it without her permission". He then asked a few more questions like what is my occupation and it lasted for about 30 minutes which at that point he didn't say I would be fined but a person from TFL will contact you. He read me the rights that I don't have to be here but anything I say or don't say may be used later in court. At that point I was panicking so I asked him if there was another way to settle this with him on the spot. The truth is that I have used it quite frequently but I have also used my standard blue oyster card on the odd day but not as the nominee pass. I have previously purchased annual travelcards on my card but since it expired I took the card to use instead. I have been issued a standard penalty fine before for not having a valid oyster card but that was settled immediately but I haven't had any court proceedings or records before, so like majority of people here I am a bit nervous about the situation. I really just want advice and ask, do you think I should openly admit that I have used it on more than one occasion and be totally transparent and apologise? Obviously I don't want to lie to them and say it wasn't my only time using it as it's clear they'll get the historical data if they really wanted to. I'm currently drafting the first paragraph to apologise but want to know if being transparent will only dig the hole deeper. Many thanks
  3. Hello. I had some loans with Wonga. I wrote formal complaint and after 7 weeks I get a letter from them. I'm due to refund. Now I live outside the UK and don't have bank anymore. I have sent them my nominee (friend) bank details and now they are saying that they can't transfer money to someone else. Is that correct? They are asking my bank account details in my country, but the thing is that I have some troubles with that. I had a small refund from them few months ago (technical problems as they called it) and it went to my friends account without any problems. I had the same situation with HMRC and it went well. Any thoughts?
  4. Hi All, Like all those before me, I'd like to say this site has been very useful. I was stopped/caught using an oyster nominee card I found - I have used it for a few weeks. To start off with, I know I am in the wrong - much like a few people here, my reasoning behind this was financial (or lack of finances) driven. To be more specific, I have been without an income for a couple of months and at the same time have been paying medical bills (Cancer) for my dad. I have started a new job, and getting a (criminal) record would not only be detrimental but actually stop me getting any future employment in my role (note I have just started a career/working life). Note also: this is my first mistake. I don't know what to do - and even though money is extremely tight - I am considering getting a (payday) loan so I can get/talk to a solicitor. I received the 1st letter giving me 10days to present my case/supporting comments etc. What should I do? In the worse case and I do get a record - is it a "full" criminal record or a "civil" record? (i seem to recall someone writing here there is a difference...) how long would this last/does it get erased? Many thanks for any help/advice
  5. I got caught using my mums nominee oyster on a bus. I told the inspector that i had forgotten my photo card that goes along with it. He asked for my details and i gave my mothers details, the only difference being the gender. He kept the oyster, and now a letter has come through saying I should produce a photocopy of her photocard, and tell them why i didnt have the photocard on me that day. They have given me 10 days to reply. Should i tell the truth now and take all the blame? or should i send a copy of her card and stick to the original story, of pretending to be my mum, and explaining that i forgot the photocard. I cant afford to go court and get a criminal record for something as small as this. Ive just graduated and dont want to harm my chances of getting a job. I also dont want to harm the chances of my dad facing any disciplinary actions (he is the bus driver) nor my mother to lose her free travel
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