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Found 15 results

  1. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. But I felt it important to bring to the forums attention. I've just seen a grossly misleading advert in my Facebook News Feed from Wonga. Whilst this is absolutely true for Parking on Private Land, It is almost certainly not the case for Council Issued Penalty Charge Notices... But it gets better: "Especially when the charges seem extortionate" Pot kettle black there I think... Worth reporting to the ASA??
  2. Hi, I wish for some advice on my issue please. On the 24th of Oct this year I purchased a BMW from a second hand car dealer. The car is a 64 plate, just over 2 years old. I purchased this car on the premise that it had many options on the car. I paid for the car before picking it up some on cc, some by transfer and also a trade in under the assumption that I would be protected on my purchase. On the drive home (3 hour journey) I noticed that some of the options listed in the advert were not present on the car. I checked the car more thoroughly and noticed that the tyres were in a bad way (advert stated tyres in excellent condition) and that the car needs a service within 600 miles. I contacted the garage the following day, they basically hung up on me. This carried on for a few days. On the 27th of oct I put my complaint into my cc under section 75. The cc dispute department responded on the 21st Nov. After several emails back and forth, me proving the tyres are dangerous with a report from Kwik fit and pictures, scanning the original advert and forwarding the spec sheet for my car from bmw to them, the cc disputes department claim no responsibility as I accepted the car when I collected it? Is this correct? The advert claimed to have options that the car does not have: reversing camera Soft closing doors auto dimming and folding mirrors lane change warning system along with the car needing a service and the tyres needing replacement. Am I to accept my CC disputes judgement that the dealer has no liability because on their website (I saw the add on AT) their T&Cs state that cars may not be as advertised? Also that because I collected the car, I should of checked the car over first thus I have no claim? Thanks in advance for any advice given
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3580768/KATIE-HOPKINS-jobs-come-colour-want-long-s-not-white.html What price jobs to the most suitably experienced and qualified or even most promising, whatever their race, colour or creed?
  4. The UK's broadband providers have been told to expect tougher rules on how they advertise their services. The UK's Advertising Standards Authority said it was considering the step to ensure people "aren't misled by pricing claims". It follows a study that indicated most users could not correctly calculate bills based on the information given in a selection of broadband ads. The ASA said it would make a final decision before June. A lobby group representing the broadband industry has suggested more research is needed before any changes are imposed. But one of the internet service providers has already said it supports reform. "It's obvious that a single headline price is much clearer and better for customers, and we're actually already doing it on a pilot project up in York," said a spokesman for TalkTalk. "But until the whole market moves to single prices, any company that advertises its products like this will struggle to compete with what look like better deals from other providers." The announcement comes a month after the charity Citizens Advice called on the ASA to review its code of practice because it said consumers were being misled by attractive-sounding broadband offers. Full Article
  5. From todays rulings from the ASA http://tinyurl.com/q2cwmk7 Shucks
  6. DSG Retail Ltd Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share on google_plusone_share Share on email ASA Adjudication on DSG Retail Ltd DSG Retail Ltd t/a Currys PC World Agency: AMV BBDO Ltd Complaint Ref: A15-290696 Ad A press ad for Currys PC World stated "Save £200 on our colourful range of HP Pavilion laptops" and featured images of three laptops from the HP Pavilion range. Text underneath stated "Get everything you've always wanted in a laptop. Like a fast Intel® Core™ i5-4288U processor. Pin sharp Intel® Iris™ graphics for advanced video and image editing. And a huge 1.5TB hard drive to store all your music, films and photos. Come in store or go online to see the full colour range and pick one that suits you for just £399". Issue The complainant, who understood that some products in the HP Pavilion range were not discounted by £200, challenged whether the claim "Save £200 on our colourful range of HP Pavilion laptops" was misleading. CAP Code (Edition 12) 3.13.3 Response DSG Retail Ltd t/a Currys PC World said it seemed the complainant had focused on the claim "Save £200" rather than on the ad as a whole. They said the ad referred to their "colourful range of HP Pavilion laptops", and featured images of three differently coloured laptops which were all discounted by £200. They highlighted that text underneath the images referred to an Intel Core i5-4288U processor, Intel Iris graphics and a 1.5TB hard drive, stated that customers should check online or in store to see the full colour range (because a pink variant with the same specifications was not featured in the ad), and that the price of the laptops in question was £399. The ad also showed the Intel i5 and Intel Iris Graphics logos. Currys PC World said the three laptops featured in the ad, together with the pink variant, were their only HP Pavilion laptops which included all the specifications featured in the ad and were priced at £399. They considered the ad therefore was not misleading. Assessment Upheld The ASA considered consumers would understand the headline claim "Save £200 on our colourful range of HP Pavilion laptops" to mean that all HP Pavilion laptops were discounted by £200, and that the three laptops featured in the ad were included as examples of the laptops in that range. Whilst we acknowledged that further claims provided information about specifications and referred to a price of £399, we considered it was not clear that those details specifically related to the three laptops featured in the ad plus one additional laptop rather than to the HP Pavilion range as a whole. We considered that text therefore did not provide clarification to the implication in the headline claim that the £200 saving applied to all laptops in the range. Furthermore, we considered that even if that text had made clear that the specifications and pricing related only to the three featured laptops and an additional pink version, that qualifying information would have contradicted, rather than clarified, the headline claim. Because the ad was likely to be understood to mean that all laptops in the HP Pavilion range were discounted by £200 when that was not the case, we concluded that it was misleading. The ad breached CAP Code (Edition 12) rules 3.1 and 3.3 (Misleading advertising). Action The ad must not appear again in its current form. We told Currys PC World not to make claims that discounts applied to entire ranges of products when only some products within the range carried that discount.
  7. help with legal issue of a company asking for further payment after initial contract date has expired .there is in small print on back of "non exclusive minimum 24 month agreement" about serving notice by recorded delivery six month before contract expires . i can post copy of contract if required any help will be gladly gladly appreciated mike
  8. Good morning, Is anyone being affected by a Tesco advert "Farm to Fork" appearing as a pop up regularly causing computer screen to flicker but stop when add is opened??
  9. Payday loan adverts could still be aired on children's TV despite a call from a committee of MPs for a ban. A report by the Business Select Committee said adverts could expose children to the idea that these short-term, high interest loans were "fun". But the government's response to December's report said adverts already faced "strict content rules", so a law change looks unlikely. The committee's chairman Adrian Bailey called the response "very weak". However, major lenders have always said that advertising on children's TV was against their code of practice. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-26719170 Here's the Government response to the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee report: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201314/cmselect/cmbis/1136/113604.htm
  10. -Do you think that the Advertising Standards Agency would be interested in clarks latest advert?? The advert states they have 94% customer satisfaction???? so why as many complaints? They also state 97% of customers would recommend them??? so why am I getting WEEKLY queries from disgruntled former customers, in response to my rear window sticker?? ARNOLD SHARK NEVER AGAIN
  11. Payday lender Peachy in dodgy radio plug When radio adverts for payday lender Peachy.co.uk stated the *representative annual interest, the voiceover didn't say 1,918% - it was instead read out as "nineteen eighteen per cent". Peachy is owned by Cash On Go Limited, which has two directors, Efim Frumkin from Russia and Kristjan Novitski from Estonia. The company said there was no intention to mislead. However, the Advertising Standards Authority has banned the "ambiguous" plug because it "could have been misheard or misunderstood". http://blogs.mirror.co.uk/investigations/2013/05/this-driving-licence-renewal-s.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+mirror%2Finvestigations+%28Mirror+-+Investigations%29
  12. It took a while but they got there in the end. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/10041767/Kerry-Katona-payday-loan-advert-banned.html
  13. We bought some of the magnetic door advert signs and they have left a mottled white square on the door. The firm were initially unhelpful and gave this advice We challenged this and they next asked us to send them a photo of the damage. Now they are asking us to send it to USA address (they never gave as email) real fob - off it seems... I have mentioned OFT and further advice if they don't pull their finger out. Any other organisations I can use herein?
  14. Just seen an advert on TV for a preloaded code from provident, get £200 for Christmas, then the APR came up....399.4%!!!!!! What planet are they on?
  15. This is great, type in your postcode and the advert will run, but on some scenes it will use Google street scenes and taxy past your house. http://taxi.ba.com/
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