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  1. PCN No:XXXX I challenge the above PCN on the grounds that the contravention did not occur. The PCN alleges that my vehicle was parked on Chapel St, Whaley Bridge, whereas my vehicle was parked on Chapel St, Newtown, New Mills Street whilst I attended the New Bodies Gym. This can be verified by referring to the councils own photographic evidence and the CEO's notes Therefore the alleged contravention did not occur and I look forward to confirmation that the PCN has been cancelled.
  2. You're right Derbyshire doesn't seem to make them available on-line, unlike the vast majority of councils. Doesn't make any difference to your challenge. In addition to pics , the CEO's notebook will show what roads he was patrolling and at what time, so they only need to look at these to realise he wasn't aywhere near Whalley Bridge.
  3. Yes, wrong location is wrong location. When the CEO starts to enter the name on his PDA, it will give a list of possible streets to choose from and he inadvertently clicked on the wrong one. The council cannot re-issue a corrected pcn, but keep te pcn safe just in case they try
  4. Yes, wrong location is fatal for council pcn's. The CEO will have taken pics, which should be available to view on the council's website. Write to the council: PCN No:XXXX I challenge the above PCN on the grounds that the contravention did not occur. The PCN alleges that my vehicle was parked on AAAA Street, whereas my vehicle was parked on BBBB Street as can be ascertained by the councils own photographic evidence. Therefore the alleged contravention did not occur and I look forward to confirmation that the PCN has been cancelled.
  5. You are over-thinking this. No background check will produce any result for a parking contravention. There is no procedure to get the name changed to yours. Just pay it, otherwise it will eventually escalate to bailiffs resulting ina demand for sveral hundredpounds!!
  6. All London bus stops are 'No Stopping At Any Time', which means you have no grounds for appeal irrespective of who is the registered owner. Pay the discounted amount and the matter is closed. It's a civil not criminal offence. There will be no repercussions for your wife in any shape or form.
  7. Once the penalty is paid the case is closed. Unless the OP can show that payment was deducted from his account or a text from PbP confirming parking was extended until such and such a time, he has no grounds to appeal. Best option is to pay the discount and be more vigilant in future.
  8. You can easily check by logging onto moneyclaims and entering the claim no. and passcode
  9. He won't care whether you've got a clean licence or otherwise or even if you have a licence at all. They don't do payment plans, if you lose you have 28 days to pay
  10. Except that the location reference nosare te same in both the still of your reg no. and video. The reg no. is capture by a separate infra-red camera. The only grounds I can see is 'de minimis', in that you are only stationary at the very edge of the box for circa 7 seconds. The council won't agree and you would need to go to adjudication, at which point the full poenalty is payable if you lose. TBH 7 secs is at the edge of what an adjudicator might allow
  11. Excellent. Appeal on the basis that the contravention did not occur. You were unloading heavy pack-flat furniture (include photos or receipts if poss) and although you have a resident permit, all the permit bays near your house were full and this was the nearest available place to park and unload. The CEO only observed your car for 1 minute which was insufficient for him to be certain that unloading was not taking place. You were only parked there for as long as necessary and once you had finished unloading moved your car to a permit bay furter up the road. Since unloading on a single yellow line is an exemption, the contravention did not occur and you wold be grateful if the council confirm that the pcn has been cancelled. Look on the council website for their photos and see if they show the goods in your car. If so mention that in your challenge.
  12. Loading/unloading is an exemption. What were you unloading? Where were you unloading to, how far away, 1st/2nd floor? Why didn't you park in a resident bay? Did you move the car immediately after unloading.?
  13. Yes the contravention is for parking on a SYL. I'm not clear as to whether you are saying you parked on the SYL in your picture or whether that's your car in the photo in what appears to be a parking bay?
  14. The timeplate only relates to the parking bay. The SYL's are governed by the times on the entry signs to the Controlled Parking Zone. I've looked on Croydons website but can't find the restriction times for Zone W. The T-bar is no longer a requirement, but the SYL must be substantially compliant, which from your photo I would say it is. You need to get a resident permit or at least visitor permits ASAP or you're going to continue to get more pcn's
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