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  1. Understood, thank you. Let's say I had written before the 11th, had pictures with the date, no proof of postage, but received no response. Would I have grounds? What would the next steps be?
  2. That's correct, the N9 form. I realised too late that I hadn't really with it, so just sent the form. I regret not going through the process you outlined, but it was difficult to say the time. I sent it on 18th March.
  3. I also filled and sent back the response form from the pack. Have pictures of this too, but received no response. Do I have any grounds?
  4. Appreciate you all, thank you. What if I sent my CPR request in time, but did not receive a response from the lawyer though? And have dated pictures of it and it being sent, but not proof of postage. I'm thinking to pay first then appeal based on the above - what do you think?
  5. If only there was a way to display one's illness to the court. Nevertheless, thank you so much for your help and forgive my delay. I aim to sort it out this week. And to be clear, is there a way that the amount payable can be lessened or is this full amount now non-negotiable?
  6. Hi everyone, thanks for your help again. I've messed up though. Due to personal circumstances, I did not sort this out in time and as of March 30th have been served a CCJ. Do I have any other options that will mitigate the damage, or I must now settle the full amount within a month?
  7. Greetings everyone, hope you're all well. Thanks for reopening. It seems they've now taken this to court and I'm not sure what to do. . (I have edited and compressed your pdf, and uploaded it its not wise to link to external document sites,, better to upload to the post( BN)) claimform.pdf
  8. Morning all, received the attached. Do I need to do anything? Also, can they actually send bailiffs to clamp my car? 2021-07-26 dcbl DCA letter.pdf
  9. Afternoon All, They followed up with the attached. I'm assuming this is another scare tactic and the collections company having bailiff in their name is reflective of this? Do I take or anticipate any action? DCBL letter.pdf
  10. That's exactly what I thought, but they went straight to a Notice to Owner?
  11. Thank you for your response. Won't it just go back to NTO and then come back to OR again? Should I include a note that explains that I received no rejection to my appeal or the chance of adjudication?
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