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  1. Thnx DX, I am not planning on going via a CRA approach, I am going to go with either the battery replacement, likely from eBay, your offer, which seems strangely attractive, or the service from Nextbase. As I say, I just thought I would ask, and after reading the first couple of responses I had decided the best route was one of those mentioned above... Best wishes. MB
  2. Hi Renegadeimp, nope, and nope, and nope again. You have made an incorrect assumption, aka you have the wrong person, wrong post, aka, nothing to do with me, I have not posted this anywhere else. I did contact the support at Nextbase who have said they will send me a battery for £10 and instructions to fix it, which is fine if folks feel capable enough to take on such a task and this may well be a way to go. Alternatively, they can do a fix for £31.20 which takes 7-10 working days, which is likely how I will go. As I say, this was via email, not Facebook, which I rarely. I was just wondering what other CAG members thoughts were on were trying to tackle the manufacturer with such issues, as it is clear this should not be happening and thought I would ask before deciding whether to take it on or just move on. Best wishes MB
  3. Hi, thanks to you both for the replies, I may have a go at replacing it myself, will watch the YT videos and have a think about whether I am that 'handy'... I don't really want to buy a new camera or mess about having another load of cabling fitted for another model, so I suppose a self-repair or a cheap replacement off eBay may be the sensible way to go... Just seems like a poor quality thing to me, I don't use my car a lot, I only do about 6K a year and sometimes don't use it for days, so its not like its been on and off excessively, and it should not have required recharging, to be honest, it was rarely off the car power. Still...it is what it is I suppose... Thanks again to you both. MB
  4. Hi Andy, it is 512GW and I have the rear cam too that partners with it. MB
  5. Hello everyone, apologies if this is in the wrong forum/section. I have an issue with my dashcam. I purchased a Nextbase 51GW from Halfords, 17th Dec 2017, so this about 15 months ago. I have had it hardwired in by a mechanic/auto electrician from new. It had worked without issue until about 6-8 weeks ago when the battery in the camera stopped working. The car has been off the road for some repairs, so I did not deal with it at the time, but since I have been running around in the car again, I have noticed that this is, in fact, quite a big problem. The issues being these, firstly no battery means that there is no parking available, not that I used it anyway, but I suppose that's not the point. It also means, and this is the critical part for me, that when the engine is disengaged, the last recording is corrupted, aka the one that is/was recording just as you are pulling up and turning off the engine and getting out of the car. This also means that every time you get back into the car or restart the engine, you have to manually 'OK' it before it will record anything, so any interruption in the power supply, even slight one, like an engine stall or cutout or you have just parked up but are sitting in the car, effectively sets the camera back to 'start', which is a PITA as well as being unreliable as it means that on every single trip out, there are files that are now corrupted and unreadable as they are susceptible to the power loss. Now on the surface, this may not seem like a big deal, but, imagine if I am in a smash-up! My camera is recording the road in front and at the rear, as it should, then suddenly, smash, and there is no engine on, no power feed to the camera. Thus the recording is corrupted as mentioned above. The result, I cannot show what has happened, or if my fate is worse and I am incapacitated either temporarily or permanently, the emergency services will also be unable to see what has happened on the road resulting in this crash and I may not even have footage for the minutes previous to such an event. Now I know these things have a 12-month warranty, but to be fair, it is only 15 months out of the box. I feel a little bit let down, to be honest, and feel the device should not be experiencing such issues at this age under normal and expected usage. It has been used in accordance to the manufacturer's recommendations, I remove the camera from the vehicle in hot/cold weather, and put it in the Nextbase camera bag, which I purchased at the same time. I have used the Nextbase cabling kits, I have used only Nextbase SD cards, which I clear/format usually once a month, and use only the Nextbase mounts, stands and stickers that came with the kit, all supplied by Halfords in official Nextbase packaging. Thus, I have paid £145, plus extras, for a dashcam, that is now effectively useless at the time I would need it the most, in a severe accident, and this battery fault makes it unreliable and makes my wired in kit pointless, and as I see it, the device is no longer fit for purpose as I cannot rely upon this camera to perform its regular duty and certainly not under such circumstances as you would may experience in a heavy crash or accident. I would be happy for NextBase to supply and fit a new battery, but I have read online that they are unwilling to perform such a service, even under warranty they have been reluctant, as mentioned by other folks on other forums, such as DashCamTalk, who have experienced the same issue. I have emailed Nextbase and asked about this, however, just in case they offer a cheap repair service, and to open up the communication. Also, with the warranty expired three months ago, I am highly unlikely to get a replacement of either the battery or the unit so thought I would ask some of the experts here. Thus, what I would like to know, and ask for, is any of the CAG members think this is something I could and should tackle? If so what angle should I push? What consumer laws should I be looking to utilise and throw at them? Thanks in advance to you all and I look forward to some thoughts on the matter. MB
  6. Hi all, well, it turns out that the item has now appeared from hidden corner of a van or warehouse and the status has now been changed to 'collected and delivered', so thats a result and hopefully no more having to chase them up. Regards all.
  7. Hi everyone, I have an issue I am a little confused with, as in what to do about it and who to tackle. I purchased an item from Amazon, a router, sold by Ebuyer, via Amazon, this was on the 24th June. The router as it was not really working as advertised, such as, WiFi dropping, wired clients dropping, phones and tablets not being able to connect to the WiFi unless rebooted, and generally it was a poor experience, I updated the firmware as recommended by Netgear and gave it another week but not much seemed to change, so I made a request with Amazon for a return on the 30th July. Amazon informed me that it was a 'seller return' and I would have to wait for Ebuyer to basically OK the return, which they did on the 31st July, and provided me with an RMA number. I called Ebuyer on the 1st Aug as they had requested that I provide a day/date I was available for the collection, and to confirm the collection address, and the collection was scheduled for the 2nd Aug. On the 2nd, sometime around 1:30 ish, I heard a knock at the door, I was in the back room, and my house is small, so it took me no more than 15-20 seconds to put down what I was doing and get to the front door, which by the way, was wide open due to the heat of the day, upon where I see a guy walking up my short drive, back to his van. So I called out to him and he came back to the door, I handed him the parcel, he put a sticker on the box and walked off, I asked about a receipt and he mumbled I did not need one and he just carried on and got in his van and left. I was a bit worried about not having proof of collection and on the 6th decided to email Ebuyer via the Amazon messae centre and also called them, and the lady on the phone said, OK I will arrange another collection for you, as this was has failed. At which point I said, it has already been collected as I have already told you and she said, ooohhh... and then said, OK you better leave it until Wednesday, just in case it turns up, which is today of course. Now Ebuyer is saying that Yodel is claiming that they never collected the parcel due no one being available at the premises and that the GPS shows this as probable too, I have no idea how they can tell this from GPS though. So my question(s), what should I do? I have checked on Amazon and I believe I can now request Amazon investigate this but am kind of worried that I am going to get stuck at the, 'well the item has not yet been returned for a refund' and I am still over £100 out of pocket. I have told Ebuyer I am more than happy to report this to the police as theft and make a formal statement/complaint to Yodel about the matter, partly because I am happy to do this and plan to if the package does not appear, and partly in the hope it may help to suddenly and mysteriously 'find' the package. Of course, I had no direct contact with Yodel other than handing the package over to the driver, and it was Ebuyer who arranged the collection and chose the company, so figure they are at fault and they should be making efforts to get this fixed, but kind of get the feeling they are going to sit on it and let it look like the item was never collected. I am now concerned that I am going to be left without the package and no refund and ultimatetly be over £100 down with no way to address it. Any thoughts? Ideas? Who to tackle? What to say? Any input is most welcome and most appreciated. Regards
  8. Hi troublemaker, it was a bit of a standoff at one point, but once I started to mention things like consumer rights act, product quality and durability, or lack thereof, and made it clear that I was in no mood for any more messing about or book passing and had no intention of letting them get away with quoting their TnCs at us, nailed home with a solid promise of a claim at court if they failed again to address the issues and perform their legal obligations, then, and only they, did they go, ooh, ok we will fix it and repair it etc... To be fair, the guy I dealt with in the last leg of the episode was actually a nice guy, he was the assistant store manager and was quite upset things had gone this distance and no one had brought it up to the attention of the store manager and himself, which I find really weird, he also says he has 're-trained' the bike section staff to be a bit more careful when deciding what should and should not be taken on warranty and if in doubt they need to refer to the management for guidance, wether or not this will make a difference, who knows. I did say again, that it was plain to see, even to the untrained eye, that this particular bike was barely used and their refusal to take it on was simply unacceptable and this is why I had to take to HQ and make mention of court action, and he agreed with me, it should never have been refused the work in the first instance. all fixed now, and my stepson has been using it for a couple of weeks, trouble free and very happy. Thanks all...
  9. Hi All, just wanted to throw in an update to this thread. After sending out another email to the senior management/board indicating how unhappy we were, they prompted the store management team to get back in touch. They have now fitted a brand new, upgraded (apparently) bottom bracket, fixed the front wheel/disc brake rubbing, straightened the handlebars back to centre, and threw in some new pedals for my stepson which they fitted, and have touched up the paint where it was scratched. In the end, they did what they were supposed to do, albeit with a bit of encouragement required, but they got there in the end. So my stepson has had the bike back since Tuesday and has been going to and from work on it all week, and it all seems nice and working well. So thanks to everyone who chipped in with the comments and thoughts and a big thanks to DX100, as ever, for the continued support, and patience of a CAG Site Team member. ;-) The issue, at least for now, and hopefully for good, is resolved. Best wishes to everyone. MB
  10. Seems that the basic premise for the Cycle To Work is the the company buy the bike from the vendor, then rent it to the employee, so the contract is between employee and employer not employee and bike vendor...not that this makes much difference to the issues, only to who you approach depending on what you wish to achieve. So it would be his employer we need to approach if we want to go down the road of ceasing the payments and asking for any refunds etc... I have sent Halfords an email, to their senior management team, and have received a response today saying they are looking into the matter and will get back to me in the next couple of days. regards MB
  11. Hi dx, will try to get a letter/email drafted up today and also ask step son to look at the website for contact details regarding the scheme (his employer Mitchell and Butler) have their own website for the scheme, so he can then enquire about ceasing the payment if required. Thanks again MB
  12. Haha... Dx. you have been very helpful as always. I have no wish to upset you. I will stop posting now and let you be. MB
  13. Hi dx thanks for the great advice, I agree, I have already taken your hints about the 6 month thing, I undesrstand that this may be flogging a dead horse, and focused on the poor workmanship angle from day one which makes the bike barely useable and unsafe. I have also mentioned that I am less that confident in the customer services too and rather dissapointed with the fact they have basically palmed it off onto the bike shed kiddies. The issue/confusion I have with the CCA is how to apply it, and the issue with the payment is that it goes out before he gets paid into his bank, so I am not sure how to go about stopping this, I suppose we have to ask his employer? Do you have guidance on this one? I worry that if I 'threaten' to kill the cash, that we are able to actually do it. Thanks again for your pointing fingers! MB
  14. Hi dx, my thoughts are these. The bike was badly assembled in the first place. If my step son had not gone off sick, I have no doubt this would have become apparent within the first 3-6 months. Despite this issue not becoming apparent until month 7, the bike has had such little use, that there is no real way they can deny it is either poor workmanship or faulty parts. I do not feel they have a solid leg to stand on, from any angle, as it is apparent that despite it being past 6 months, the bike looks pretty much brand new, the tyres even have their vent spews still on them so I agree 100% it has nothing to do with W&T. My problem, what do I say, what do I ask for, who do I approach? I came here to throw a few thoughts into the air, as it were, see what other folks could throw at issue. What I want is a bike that works, a bike that has not been knocked about and damaged by them, I want a bike the lad can rely on and not worry whether it is going to break and if it does that he is going to have trouble getting them to deal with it. In respect of the above post and Halfords owning the bike, I agree, wholeheartedly, I am composing an email to the CEO and customer service reps, what I am going to ask for is a replacement, he keeps paying for the bike as per the agreement, cos, after all, he needs a bike but maybe they should give him one that works properly, if this is not forthcoming I will request they at least put right those issues they have created with the botched repairs and ask what they are going to do about the gouged frame. I would ask for a refund and for them to end the contract as I feel they have let him down, I am not sure how this would go down and how much effort and time would be involved to get to a resolution, he needs to get back on the road and not having a bike is costing us all extra, all the while he is still paying for this bike he has been unable to use for the last few weeks. I even hoped Halfords would offer him some form of goodwill to say sorry for the inconvenience, I have not heard a thing from them, they have not even asked us how the repairs went and if we are happy, they have said nothing. I will just write out the issues and problems as I see them, ask for a replacement, and let them respond as they see fit and deal with it from there. Thanks again MB
  15. Hi dx, thanks for the help and reality shock. I have no idea what you mean Halfords have told me 3 times, I have missed this. The bike has discs but rubbing is rubbing, it is more than a schoolboy error, the frame shows signs of damage from the repair, gouge and scuffs, the bike unrideable, has been for some time, its main purpose is to be ridden but I obviously have a different view on this than yourself. I was kind of thinking out lout, wont do it again and wont waffle anymore. Thanks again. MB
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