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  1. Oh my dear !!! I have just received a county court claim form for a private parking company. They say I was parked in a car park for 28 minutes. However I was in the car all the time. This car park is a part of a B&B and I was waiting for a guest to come out of the guest house. I have asked for details of offence however the only details they have provided is the ANPR entrance and exit times no digital images of offence. I'm so worried. OSW
  2. Finally .... I am going through the 2 relaims I have yet to deal with I make that sound like I have done many but only the one I have compound calculator but has it changed to strictly 8%? If so I'll have to download another. What I'm looking for onsite is the second letter (the actual reclaim letter/where you have to detail why you think it was miss sold) as SAR requested already completed just waiting for me to sift through the statements. But can't find the link to this doc someone point me to the link please. HSBC business loan which was repaid from personal account This ones a little difficult because loan issued from an account that we closed so looks on statement as if I settled it but it was transferred to the new account when we move to a new branch and we were given a new account number. But I have most of the original bank statements. Second was 2 accounts with Egg CC do I have to submit them separately I don't think I have to - but just could do with clarification. had my SAR docs for at least 3 months but only just getting down to it. (Historically I've always done my paperwork between Christmas and New Year strange I know) Be great if you could paste the correct link here because for love nor money can I find it onsite. Seasons Greetings one and all hope you have a Fab Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year.
  3. DX Yes confused that seems to be a recurring event with me lately. All sorted now 8% to be paid - however I dread to think how many people got the original letter and signed it not realizing the interest rate was not applied correctly and lost money because of this
  4. Hi Husband restarted work 13th March informed ESA they did not acknowledge. So filled in Carers online form on 28th because, we could not get through on the phone. All was good and payments stopped on 16/04 as Esa still hadn't responded we were happy at least CA had completed to paperwork. CA sent a form to complete to see if my husband was still entitled however as self employed we had no info to put on form. so... Finally ESA after 3 recorded delivery letters updated the info and they were given earnings paperwork. We then had info to give to CA called them and explained ESA had only just completed paper work and now we can fill in the form and were able to send the information they required. They said don't worry about date to respond on letter just fill it in and send it back. So we sent payslips and all we had from the accountant earnings (the same paperwork given to ESA. Child tax credit was updated too with no change to entitlement too. Then received a letter 2 days ago from CA to say we did not inform the that my husband was no longer caring for me and why did we not tell them of the change in circumstances. ??? We did inform them of change in circumstances (my husband still cares for me and that's never going to change) the only thing we needed to confirm was earnings??? We have to respond to this letter but what can we tell them that we haven't already told them. I think we should just write "this is wrong we informed you on 28/03 and enclose the acknowledgement email received when we completed the online form" Any insight into this nonsense? Confused OSW
  5. Dx received an extremely prompt response from Zurich Which states they will pay the 8% however only simple interest not compound FOS ??
  6. In this instance the error was mine without a doubt - however it wasn't an intentional action - I'm just have no concept of time if I did I would have realized it wasn't 1:30 - If they reject the challenge I will pay as I have no grounds to take it to appeal - unless they take into considerations my cognitive difficulties?
  7. It does seem silly that they do not have a time limit if I hadn't paid their ticket for this length of time then they would have sent it to the baliffs by now. They did assure me that the account (ticket) was on hold and would not increase until they had considered it. Mind you I doubt they will accept the challenge as I was legally parked I just had set the time wrong on my badge due to a receipt obscuring the clock in the car I read 11:30 as 1:30 I have no sense of time so didn't realize until I saw the ticket. I did send them photos showing how the clock was obscured - but for them to accept the challenge they would have to view the circumstances with a human response not much chance of that hey.
  8. Hi Wondered - I recieved a parking ticket on 16th July and challenged it the same day. I had heard nothing from local authority so emailed them to check they had received it. I received a response 3 days later saying they had a backlog and challenge will nont be addressed for another 2/3 weeks. Is there a time limit for them to respond to a PCN challenge?
  9. Yes indeed DX I'm sure you realize what I'm like if I don't do things straight away it may take me years to do them In say that I have an encyclopedia at the front door response from SAR request to egg I will open that soon "honestly I will" On further reading it also infers my policy will end in 2021 (review) however my policy runs till I'm 56 so they are cutting short policy by 5 years, may be reading that wrong DX .... Is this OK? Further to your letter dated 21st August 2018, notifying us that you have overcharged us since 2004. During this time, you have deprived us of our money which has added to financial hardship, under FOS rules the interest that should be refunded should be at a rate of 8% for each individual overpayment from the date that it was charged. We are attaching a breakdown of charges and interest applicable to the same at a rate of 8% for your ease. We decline your interest rate and request that you recalculate your figures to reflect the correct amount of interest that has been accrued over the period that you have been over charging us, I rechecked spreadsheet and had duplicated 2 months entries now much nearer the figure they stated I now have £871.83 the have £871.74
  10. Also when I fill in the spreadsheet total charges read £881.85 and in their letter it says charges = £871.74 Miss calculation somewhere given they have over charged my by £5.01 every month since 03/04 then I am inclined to trust the spreadsheet. According to spreadsheet charges £881.75 interest £778.24 Total £1660.09
  11. This post yes? And don't understand this bit ..... and inc that in the reply to zenith with a refusal - Oh reply to Zurich Saying I refuse the interest rate they denote ? Because of above?
  12. I thought this was the case =- love how these people make up their own rules the notice of the amount of interest they are going to pay is in SMALL print. How many people will just fill this in and send it off So how do I proceed? do I contact FOS or send it back crossed through denoting 8% should be applied? Or both
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