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  1. Drove past the road yesterday it's amazing that you drive for years and you don't notice these things yes it was downhill so reason for increased speed I've never noticed that before how bad is that me not knowing it was downhill there when I've been driving these roads for 30 years
  2. I will get my son to upload the video when he gets in. No down hill slope just a small gradient and from the turning he came out of its maybe 15 shops until the traffic lights. Maybe it didn't get faster but he feels like it did (not clear on the video) I'm picking him up from work tonight I'll pay attention to the gradient when I go back. He'd only changed up to 2nd so he wasn't driving fast Upside he knows now to always be prepared for ice
  3. So he has arranged to have repairs carried out by an approved repairer (his friends dad) rather than insurance fixing it so he gets paid out for it and he can keep it I mean what's the point of being fully comp if they try to get you not to claim for your vehicle
  4. If I could pload the video someone can really tell me before I take it into Audi Will it work in his favour to give his insurance the video ?
  5. Hammy I had no idea insurance excess was so large... my son was 17 when he took it out and he thought it was just the £500 although a great amount these young ones really have no choice. How do you insure your excess never heard of it but too late now. And by the looks of things he isn't going to have a car to insure for a long while
  6. Yes fully comp I'd say he'd was probably 25mph when in the slide he literally turned out of a road maybe 35' and hit the ice slid really sped the car up it was 3/4 secs till he hit the other car almost square on. I'm the most panicky mother when it comes to kids driving I wouldn't let the younger ones into the big kids cars till they've been driving a year but this boy he is a driver! Front grill - slam bar totally bent - lights misaligned and oh my the bonnet Radiator is all good so I need to check if it will reduce his next premium Although I didn't know it until yesterday his excess of £945 voluntary £500 If they take it in it will beyond economical repair (mot was due in January) but if he buys it back it will then be a CAT on the car? It was such a good buy £4500 2008 75,000 on the clock full service history has been really well maintained never gonna find another like it - but very juicy He was devastated I don't bloody know
  7. My son got a new car to replace the one that engine seized However on Wednesday we had freezing fog and when he put his foot on the brake the car did nothing but slide abs never kicked in and he hit the back of a car (all on dash cam) and airbags didn't got off so... He calls his insurance and they have asked does he want to claim for his car to be repaired or not. Checked and his car was on a recall for abs may 2006- may 2008 his first registered on 1st of September and on speaking to Audi they want it in to check it and fault find well there is definitely a problem with air bags ! Question 1. what does the insurance mean about him claiming for repairs or just paying out the third party? Question 2. Anyone know the procedure if car goes back to Audi? Children !
  8. I really should of done was written off this money and done what I wanted to do in the first place lol He had a skip outside his house I wanted to get my friend with a boom to lift the car into the skip at least there would have been a lot less paperwork I would have had great satisfaction and it would have cost him at least £500 to have it lifted out
  9. I know It is even more annoying these "demands" for parking charges are on an old companies name watermarked stamped on it Another company he shut down So wish I could get a print off of the review left by another customer and present it in my bundle for court
  10. Bazza He's done it as far as I know 3 companies (names) registered at same trading place over some time . That's why I wanted to put claim in his name personally. This Mediation lol no point mediating he's not going to agree to parting with money so it's off to court we go If we have to go to court can I add documentation to the list already detailed on the moneyclaim ? There's no way the court will enforce the haha parking charge is there ?
  11. DX I haven't got a clue This is beyond my comprehension Thats everything they have written on the portal I don't see how claim could be rejected? Paperwork is all correctly addressed and received by him Surely a claim can not be rejected it can only be counterclaimed? Love the deadline they gave me 5 days to respond New post on auto trader now from another customer he sold a mini to thats gear box blew up how are auto trader still allowing him to advertise Found this online wonder if its in relation to the same type of claim? Rejecting a Claim When rejecting a claim, you need to choose one of the three reasons below: Claim sent to wrong defendant (Well this is the right defendant the company) AskCUE PI reference not valid (Haven't a clue what this is) Mandatory fields incorrectly populated (All fields corrected) As expected the comments he's made are lies Where did I get his address haha that's what happens when your company's registered with companies house He has 2 houses both exactly the same decor found other address on his previous companies details On top of the fact he signed for our recorded delivery letter at his home address (and his names on POD) 2 Test drives that's 2 - 1 = 1 test drive Big discount yeah £50 off a piece of **** What he's written is all nonsense in his list of docs they are produced by his company all threating my son demanding money only 2 signed for the rest we refused. I don't know I seem to have far too much on my plate this squid of a man is driving me to drink Anyhow how can this change my son's position under CRA
  12. Honey Bee Was so angry at the email I had not logged on to see full response but here is his response 1.first of all they came on 25/07/2019 to purchase vauxall astra 2006 done over 100.000 miles .after full inspection and 2x test drive we agree the sale with out any warranty (after big discount ) we put on our invoice no warranty from **** LONDON we don't cover any mechanic and electric problem ,nonrefundable and he agree. 2.MR **** he took the car running perfect and ( he said carried repairs for it after that the engine seized) several possibilities for engine seized *he is new driver he don't have a big knowledge on driving may he put a wrong gear or he drive the car badly or high rpm ....... 3.took the car running we revived it not running we ask him for the key he said if you give me the full refund i will give you the key ,mr**** left the car on yard without our permission and he block the exit and the key with him like i said before he refuse to give the key if i don't give him the full amount 4.after that i send him a lot of letter warring him about the delay charges if he don't give me the keys ,he refuse most of them on 15/10/2019 i received a call from mr ***** THREATENED ME i have this conversation saved 5.mr ***** said he transferred the v5 back without our permission we don't received any new v5 for this car 6.he said he delivered the car keys to may home address how he know were i'm living first and second i didn't revive nothing and he should bring the key to my office by hand . 7. i was more than happy to help him if the car keys was with me to inspect the car 8.when he left the car on our yard we told him there is Daley charged of £17 and we paid a recovery £120 to remove it to the side 9.he said he call us and that not right i have all my calls record the only call i got from him when his dad threatened me 10.why he don't come to my office to spake face to face to sort the problem out This man is a ******* oooo.... wish I could swear on here Dear .... *.*. A*T** LONDON LTD has rejected your claim. They’ve suggested you both use the free mediation service. You need to respond to their suggestion before 4pm on 5 December 2019. Sign in to view their response: https://www.moneyclaims.service.gov.uk/dashboard This is an automated email – we can’t respond to replies. HM Courts & Tribunals Service Claim number: 101MC749 Telephone: 0300 123 7050 Hours: 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday Find out about call charges https://www.gov.uk/call-charges Email: moneyclaims@justice.gov.uk
  13. Well slightly confused here ???? The car dealer has responded and I have a message from Money claims Saying he has rejected the claim ? ? ? and is suggesting we use the free mediation service wtf I don't understand Andy
  14. DX I 've been in and out of hospital constantly for so long now cognitively I've gone to pot and my husband doesn't do any paperwork I honestly forgot about his egg I'm an idiot I know, I need to find someone who can handle my affairs I start things and then I'm too exhausted and I stop This is all my fault
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