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  1. Would it not have a claim form in bundle? Also I'm a little confused because it says her insurance have paid her out but she is claiming the money again? Either way the court should have issued documents also no? So I'm a little dim hey won't have claim form until which time someone responds to say they are going to defend the claim
  2. DX / ANDY I was just about to email both insurance and solicitor but there are missing pages from this claim form the summons page the log in details and the place of hearing and date is missing ! The online system says there is no such case number? This is blarney isn't it ? Surely this in itself is illegal? If this was a summons then the court would have had to serve it wouldn't they ? When I have to do a money claim online to recoup my sons money after being sold a dud car they had to send it and I nearly had to pay twice as the first time i put the address down as 296A when it was meant to be 296B
  3. You hero Do you see how improbably their account is ? I'll send it to the Insurance company now and as advise send the first 2 paragraghs to the solicitors. Your amasing ! I'll let you know what happens .... HERO
  4. It doesn't contain sensitive info but way too much info - I have sent it through Very much appreciate your assistance
  5. Sorry didn't know if you would get notification of my message if i didn't quote you
  6. Andy Apologies You know my brain shuts off without notice hence the delay I wonder can I send you a DM as I have drafted a letter and would value your opinion !
  7. Andy I've had to pop out can we continue tomorrow I'm mindful I have to address this with haste
  8. 2. First class post, document exchange or other service which provides for delivery on the next business day Date of posting, or leaving with, delivering to or collection by the relevant service provider. Sent 2nd class What does court dispense of service of the claim form mean What counts as evidence? As the only thing I can think of is I tried to put her on the MARAC list and I have been talking to a member of the UK safe guarding team for advice 7.5 well sent 2nd class and she as not received it - by dates the final date is the 20th March am I correct ? Date of delivery here was 7th March
  9. It says date of claim 20th November 20 but the date stamp on this letter is 5th March 21
  10. Its on the claim form as second defendant This is all made up rubbish! Wis I could handle this for her !
  11. Andy - you don't understand I do not know where she is living I don't even know if she is in the country she is not allowed to contact me nor any of her friends
  12. Gick Thank you for your understanding! Coercive relationships are so horrible I miss and think of my daughter every minute of every day - I'm worried sick ! This solicitors letter says it's constitutes formal service of court proceedings - Date of RTA was Dec 2019
  13. I can't do that it's the other person's private name and addr as details But it's a London address
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