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  1. Since you only received the pcn today, I'd wait until Monday to see if they put the video online. Otherwise reqiuest a copy, The video is vital, without it you don't know if you have grounds to challenge it or not.
  2. Is this a TfL pcn or local council? If TfL, they will put pcn on hold while they send you a copy ofthe video. The stills in the pcn are supposed to be the ones that show a contravention took place. I can't see either car in contravention, so you must get the video. It is the council's primary and only evidence
  3. Pic 4 shows from left to right: M/c bay: Mon -Sat 7am-7pm and between 8.30am - 6.30pm a P&D bay, but for m/c's only DYL's P&D bay : Mon-Sat 8.30am -6.30pm which then becomes a Taxis only bay 6.30pm-8.30am You were parked between the two bays on the DYL's which although not necessarily in the best condition were nevertheless clear. DYL's do not require signage.
  4. Nothing to do with overstaying, that would have been Code30:Parking for longer than permitted Two [possible scenarios: 1. The parking place is divided into 2 parts, one permit holders/P&D and one permitholderrs/2hr limit and you mistakenly parked in the wrong section 2. CEO mistakenly thought the restrictions opposite applied to your side of the road. But this is all guesswork until we know the exact location. Have you looked at the council pics on their website.
  5. The sign means permit holders can park there for as long as they want, whilst non-permit holders are limited to 2 hours. What is the contravention on the pcn and what's the exact location.
  6. Is the letter of threat of enforcement! headed Notice of Enforcement of Charge Certificate? If so it will explain how to make a Statutory Declaration on the grounds that the person appealing sent a representation to DfI but did not receive a Notice of Rejection
  7. No, there is a zig-zag along the opposite kerb, but a SYL where the OP parked. https://goo.gl/maps/onCcZztsimMsxwa17
  8. The truck was legitimately allowed to park there to unload at 14.59 Since you work there and have parked there many times, ie you are no stranger to the area, you can hardly claim that you were unaware of the waiting and loading restrictions. You could argue that because of the 'gap' caused by the resurfacing at the pedestrian croosing, that there are two separate lengths of single yellow line and each section requires it's own separate timeplate, which your section didn't have. Good luck with that!! I'd take the discount and find somewhere else to park in future
  9. There's a timeplate 20 yds from where you parked: https://goo.gl/maps/CkSjbwG44Zp8QcHZA
  10. What manxman is saying is that the claims management company might lease the vehicle and that the RK is a finance company and they would have received the original pcn. They would have transferred liability to the claims management company, who in turn have transferred liability to you. That would explain the extended timescale and the council would legitimatey be able to serve beyond the 28 day deadline.
  11. No. Where a hire car co. transfers liability to the hirer the council are allowed to serve a second pcn to the hirer beyond 28days, but there is no excuse for the council not to have served the original pcn to the hire co. within 28 days
  12. Wait for the pcn in your name, then make representations that the original pcn (enclosing copy) was served out of time.
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